Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ants falling off my mango tree

I really don't want to hurt these poor ants, but since I put the magnesium sulphate/potash/NPK/Cu Sulph mix at the base of the tree (which is really the wrong place to put it, but there's cementing all around the drip-line) black ants have been dropping off of it.:/

Black ants aren't really hurting mango trees, I don't think, so I do feel sorry for them. Maybe I'm hurting the aphids on which the ants depend?

My tree doesn't look root-burned yet, even though I've put it so close to the trunk and the leaves have stopped falling off, so I'm still hopeful that when it drew Potassium and Magnesium through Reiki, it meant that it needed nutrients. I might have overdone it a bit.

The problem with supplimentation right there.

A transdermal bonanza of ingredients

I've been applying Magnesium Chloride on as many dogs as will allow me for the last 2.5 weeks and on myself as well. Kenchu hasn't reacted much, but I see an improvement in Gunda, Icy and Sweetie at home, and the Red Lady at the last bakery. Then, because Kenchu had such a negative reaction to full-strength oil, I put it in a bottle of aloe vera gel - got better absorption (no results yet though).

Recently I had a light-bulb moment of a-ha enlightenment. All dogs, especially young and middle aged, draw Copper in one form or the other continuously through Reiki and homeopathy. So I added a few grains of Copper Sulphate to the Mag mur-Aloe mix and I'm finding even less reaction and itching!

Why Copper?
Practically all of our research into severe skin problems pointed us toward a single direction: copper. Studies prove that copper is useful in increasing skin elasticity (increasing elastin), producing ideal skin thickness, and for stimulating collagen production. Copper seems to have miraculous properties upon human skin. Copper is to the skin what vitamin C is to the overall immune system. It is essentially a supplement for the skin. (from here).

So now I'm wondering why not give the sickest dogs transdermal micronutrients?? Their digestions are rarely up to it. Apparently nutrient rich food creates fermentation by hungry parasites (bacterial and yeast) - this I've seen is true. My dogs, esp. sick or dying, have painful fermentation in the bowels for a month or so before dying. If only I can prevent that!

I'm finding a lot of cagey sites giving half truths about ingredients like this but essentially agreeing with my idea. And I like the nutrient list from there: Magnesium 14 mg, Zinc 1.2 mgs, Iron 600 mcg,Boron 120 mcg, Iodine 60 mcg, Copper 40 mcg, Manganese 40 mcg, Molybdenum 8 mcg, Selenium 8 mcg, Chromium 8 mcg, Vitamin B12 200 mcg, and Vitamin D 200iu.

Some really naive and honest patents like this one about using thiamine ( vit B6) to repel insects.

This one is really clear though "Want to maximize suppliment absorption? Try transdermal ..." Even when the system is strong, only 10 - 20 percent of standard oral vitamins and minerals are metabolized. However, these same nutrients have a much higher rate (up to 60 percent) when applied to the skin."

60%?? Can't beat that!

I've gotten as far as putting Magnesium chloride and Copper sulphate together, now to add Iodine, Hammamelis, Vit C and D.

One of the comments brought up what looked like an important point about not taking copper without zinc since copper raises estrogen and zinc raises testosterone. But another website says that the body cannot properly use zinc without copper.

And not to mention the raging debate over oral consumption of iodine tincture here but where they don't object to the transdermal use. I have myself found that transdermal appears to suppress gangrene as in the case of Ancient (where I footpainted) who developed gangrene higher up (solar plexus) while the joints healed. The safest to injest she says is Kali iod, so I'll keep that in mind.

So there is some need for tweaking, no doubt. But it's when I hear these mad debates that I desperately want to only give it in homeopathic potencies! I'm sure I'll soon figure out how to make the same transdermal nutrients in homeopathic sprays or applications. That's all that keeps me sane as I read the net for nutrition.:)

Here are the ingredients from the Wyze site:
Distilled water, Colloidal copper and copper hydroxide*, Citric acid, Vitamin C, Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) [Guar gum, Xanthan Gum, Chalk - what for?]

Friday, February 13, 2015

Senility: Emotional thinness, insanity in Spring/LQ

We've just gotten past the Last Quarter and I want to use a couple of strange incidents to point to the crazy effect the moon or the season has on very sick (mentally or physically) people (and animals). I checked first for cyclones or storms in the nearest 6000 km radius, but there is none. So this is the moon working on the mind or the seasonal start of Spring.
There was an old policeman trying to clear a road for the CM to come by, and he was so hypertensive that I was taken aback. He was alternately screaming and then begging, "I've been here from 6 am (it was 8:00 pm in the evening then, poor man) and you're trying to make me lose my pension. Don't you want me to get a pension to live on?" That CM was not even close and this guy was running himself ragged trying to clear a road full of vehicles. It just looked mad. Not quite mentally balanced - that degree of emotion on a job (albeit a hopeless task) can only be a 'tell' of a deeper health problem. He might have been in his mid-60s.

Since it's New Moon coming up and not Full Moon, I can't figure out what the health problem could be. Mentally he was running himself ragged on emotion, losing more magnesium unnecessarily. What could it be?? Hypertension I would have thought would rise for FM, not NM.

I fed the one-eyed beauty in the park in V'ngr and a harmless looking old man in his late 60s, came up and wanted to know what I was doing since it was near his house. I told him that it was near the park, not his house, and got on my bike and that rascal swung at my face with his bag! I called him a bunch of abusive names as I drove off and he got someone to catch my bike and stop me. I was furious by this point and called the cops. Well, I finally saw someone I recognised so cooled down. Also, the darned cops didn't show up for a while and I had a couple of dogs to feed still and so I left. His wife was out of balance too, trying to grab my hand, but the son was normal - maybe magnesium levels in the young protect them from harm during this period. (Big bore to go to the cops really, they're so few (about 28), can do so little and doesn't really achieve anything. Better really to leave them for bigger problems.)

Again, this man seemed to be a little mad. Approaching a stranger, appearing friendly, attacking when he didn't get his way, throwing threatening words, lying to cover up. His moods swinging wildly. What could be the problem? Again it seemed to be hypertensive, a blood pressure problem, along with a razor-thin grasp on his sanity. It looked like a megalomania or some egomania. Weird. It was right near the end that I realised he wasn't quite sane and I'd egged him on a bit, so I cooled down. Isn't fair to tease the mentally-sick and if I'd realised it, I might have walked away sooner.

Right now I think it might be combination of moon and season. I know spring is very hard on the dogs, stressing the sick, so it might be hard on the people as well. Maybe these moon cycles in spring are very disorienting to people in their 60s?
I figured it out after a couple of hours: They're showing signs of Senility - that explains the common features in both cases. The emotional extremes of violence, rage, confusion of sequence of events/lying, begging. That's why it was in the 60+ age group that I found this weirdness. It's a bit like a learning disability because they aren't adapting.

Disease, the one we know as Senility and aging, advances every Spring (and Autumn?). I think it also creeps up on the 60+s after Midtide and after Last Quarter when the toxins aren't thrown out of the body. (it was about threefourths way to low tide when it happened).  Some inferences:

  • So, just from it's position in the cycle, the liver is mightily implicated in this mitochondrial problem then. Aging/senility must be related to the solar plexus ganglion, the 'animal brain' (what got gangrenised in Ancient, and malfunctions in distemper cases). If it gets overloaded with toxins - which the blood must clean out in the liver to eliminate into the lower chakras - the mind gets affected; the ego spikes, expressing rage, anger, hate, spite, suspicion, domination. It's also the emotional chakra.
  • Also, working backwards, Spring isn't the first season, it's the Last Quarter equivalent? With New Moon and the start of the season cycle being Summer?? Makes sense.
  • It is URGENT and imperative that I help my dogs eliminate toxins!! How how how... tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Preparing for New moon and worms

Today is Last Quarter. Our bodies stop absorbing after the Last Quarter and begin to clean up until the New Moon. That's the theory anyway. So I've been trying to figure out how to get them to expel best.

One of the main detoxifiers I plan to use is Mag Chloride of course. I intend to use it until I see some really radical changes (which ought to occur in 6 weeks after their deficiencies are met).
I've been putting minute doses of Copper Sulphate in the water drum (we don't have running water, the dogs and I) but I just read in a book about worms and jaundice, that they expel tapeworms (taenia)! What a blessing that would be. So cheap and so safe since all dogs draw Cuprum!
He also mentions Castor oil in small quantities and common salt for the expulsion of roundworms (ascarides) which I can definitely try - both again cheap and easy to add to the food. (I'm wondering though if Copper Sulphate and salt wouldn't be better used around Full Moon time since they both are drawn during that time, but I'm not going to break my head over it ... worms need to be expelled around New Moon, so that's that.)

He suggests Epsom Salt (Mag sulph) and sulphurous waters (Sanicula?) to improve digestion while cleansing the bowels as well. I could do that too. The rest, Spigelia, Chenopodium, Pomogranate root bark, Ferr mur (esp.), bitter salines, aloes, etc., will have to wait until  I know if these work or don't.

Grass tetany = Canine Distemper in Dogs. Use Mag Chlor.

I have a feeling that what's called Grass tetany or Spring tetany is the same as the annual spring outbreak of Canine Distemper in dogs. Because of the similarity in both season and symptom.

From here: "Grass tetany occurs most frequently in the spring, often following a cool period (temperatures between 45 and 60°F) when grass is growing rapidly, but also is seen in the fall with new growth of cool season grass or wheat pastures.
Typical signs of grass tetany begin with an uncoordinated gait and terminate with convulsions, coma, and death.  Animals on pasture are often found dead without illness having been observed.  Evidence of thrashing will usually be apparent around the cow if grass tetany is the cause of death."

We've seen these symptoms over and over again in our distemper cases. If it's just a magnesium deficiency, why don't we do something about it?? The similarity probably means that our vets simply haven't realised that supplimental magnesium might save dog lives.

I'm dreading this coming season of distemper. I've already told 4 shelters - Sarvodaya, Karuna, CUPA and CARE to use Mag Chlor and given them a contact number for the factory locally. (In Bangalore it's Ramesh at 9845162426 fyi).

I've been giving it to all the dogs over the last 16 days, in every direction, hoping to prevent cases in this region. I've applied it to a hell of a lot of street dogs as well. I know though, unfortunately, there will be a whole lot of owner dogs that will have dogs go through it that will be left on the street to suffer.:(

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Many theories, many inferences

The current trend is the apparent expansion of my fields of study into many theories and many conclusions. (I've had this happen before when I was doing my masters degree, so I'm not worried - it seems to be normal to all learning.:) The theories will eventually dovetail as will the conclusions and inferences. I haven't updated any of my pages or put together common theories in a semblance of order this year, and I will. Then they will coincide even more for the reader.

The power of blogging lies in this vague meandering through ideas and thinking 'aloud'. I'm not afraid of putting myself out there and falling on my face. So much of learning is failing and being wrong.  But the underlying logic or method in the madness is all from one mind and must perforce reconcile eventually.

I'll just list the theories I've got going:
  1. Mitochondria
  2. Magnesium chloride
  3. Diamagnetic
  4. Electrohomeopathy
  5. Bach flower remedies
  6. Plant hierarchy by family
  7. Moon theory
  8. Tidal theory
  9. Weather, storms, cyclones, wind, rain theory
  10. Periodic table theories
  11. Acid alkaline
  12. Brain spinal remedies
  13. Distemper theory
  14. Chakra and energy remedies
  15. Organ and tissue remedies

Is that it??!!:D As anyone can see they're all related. I just have to put them together to make them work better to heal animals. I'll get to that soon - right now I'm still working on how mag mur works and how I can get the diamagnetic elements to work best preventatively (in the moon cycle before weather conditions force their use).

Diamagnetic for weather?

These are the diamagnetic and neutral elements I tried yesterday: Gallium, Copper, Cadmium, Bromine, Arsen, Iod, Sulph. They were all less reactive and more peaceful. I guess I have to try this for a few weeks to see if they will improve radically during weather change. I didn't go by any other criteria, so that I might get clearer results. It appears (from the list below) that these can be quantified as well, so all the better for healing. More later.

Diamagnetic Paramagnetic
Bismuth -16.6 Iron oxide (FeO) 720
Mercury -2.9 Iron amonium alum 66
Silver -2.6 Uranium 40
Carbon (diamond) -2.1 Platinum 26
Lead -1.8 Tungsten 6.8
Carbon (graphite) -1.6 Cesium 5.1
Sodium chloride -1.4 Aluminum 2.2
Copper -1 Lithium 1.4
Water -0.91 Magnesium 1.2
Ammonia -0.26 Sodium 0.72

Oxygen gas 0.19

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Magnetic theory for storms

I've so far exhausted my brain on the possibility of wind, sun, cloud, wet, damp, electric, atmospheric pressure and temperature as being responsible for animals suffering during cyclones, storms and weather/season changes. None of them were fully right - the cloud, wind and electric were somewhat there, but not enough. Maybe this magnetism thing will give me a few answers.

I'm assuming now that wind generates a change of magnetic field as do electrical storms, clouding and the sun. Ionization happens in all of them, including during the moon cycle.

I'll just paraphrase the magnetic theory and details for our purposes - I'm sure it can't be accurate since I'm just thinking it through for the first time, but it should be somewhere to start. [The Pascal Constants are from here and the compounds from here and the image from here (I feel like footnoting all these credits but I figured I'm too lazy to start doing that - don't want to take on too many good habits!:].

Ok, this unclear image is here only to show one thing - that during storms we need to have more of the light blue than  the red or yellow or dark blue.

I'm sure it would apply to the moon cycle too, and the tides, since it is the ionization of the water that makes it heave into high tide. (Or so one is asked to believe by one website.:)

It's the same ionic plasma state of our liquid components that makes us react to these forces of nature. That is,
Rule: the reason we don't improve and grow worse during storms is because we've grown extremely magnetically susceptible to our environments.

I like this theory because it explains:
  •  why I've only had success with elements after the Cu/Arg/Aur point of the periodic table.
  •  why I so rarely needed the Nats, the Kalis, the Mags, the Nickels and Chromiums.
  • why they love all the Murs - the Chloride diamagnetic.
  • why they love Graphites in all potencies - the most diamagnetic of carbons (and why they barely draw Carbo veg except for dying/euthanasia);
  • why Ancient drew Bismuth so strongly - again, the most diamagnetic of elements. And Ammonia mur, Ant tart.
My main successes in the last 5 years have been with the right hand side of the periodic table, which often made me wonder if we are so acidic that the alkaline salts don't matter at all. Now I think it has very little to do with alkalinity and more to do with the ionic and electron properties of our structure. It makes sense that that is what homeopathy is trying to correct. Or else why such minute quantities in potency?:)

Mag mur (magnesium chloride) not for storms

What always surprises me about the net is that no matter how weird my theories are, there's someone out there who has thought the same or taken it to it's logical weirdest conclusion.:)

The older dogs were disturbed (confusion, runner dogs, itching and whining) over the last week, and the winds were high, so I looked around for a cyclone somewhere in the Indian ocean. Sure enough there was one below Madagscar (6100 km or 3800 km away!) 2 days later.

I was surprised when I developed severe lower back pain during the cyclone, more in the side muscles of the lower back and the abdomen. My abdominal muscles have been weaker each year for the last 8 - they are relaxed so don't support the spine like they used to in my youth, but my surprise was because I was still using Magnesium chloride.

I'd have expected it to protect me and the animals from the storm. It didn't.

I was reading on the net for pH of dog's skin (6.8), human skin (5.8) and Mag mur (5-6.8 in 5% sol)and it made me think of magnetism.

So I checked up the magnetic constants (Planck's constants) for magnesium and chloride and all the other elements. Sure enough, Mag mur was paramagnetic (changed by magnetic fields)! This would explain why Peppy died during a storm even though she was given and drawing mag mur. Mag mur can't protect against weather conditions that are electrical or magnetic to our bodies. We need diamagnetic elements for that.

I checked the list below against those remedies I've seen frequently used during storms and with success: Aurum, Argent, Boron, Chlorine, Carbon, Cuprum, Tellurium, Indium and Thallium. The rest are used by homeopaths frequently from all accounts. This magnetic theory might explain why Mag mur didn't continue to enhance during that cyclone, but actually worked against Peppy and me. (This doesn't explain why Mercury killed the CM old dog though, who reacted to Merc sol - Merc is diamagnetic too; and why Ars alb debilitated Vasanthi long ago ... so many questions still remain).

[Like I said, no matter how oddball my postulations are, there are those who've worked it further! See this machine that claims to stop aging with 10hz - it might have some basis in fact since healing hands are supposed to generate around 8 hz.:) Here's a neurosurgeon, Jack Kruse, who's off on a mitochondrial holy grail trail who's found magnetism to be at the core of the problem.]
The list of diamagnetic, para~, ferro~ and antiferromagnetic elements:

Antimony Diamagnetic Aluminum Paramagnetic Chromium Antiferromagnetic
Arsenic Diamagnetic Barium Paramagnetic Cobalt Ferromagnetic
Aurum Diamagnetic Calcium Paramagnetic Iron Ferromagnetic
Bismuth Diamagnetic Iridium Paramagnetic Nickel Ferromagnetic
Boron Diamagnetic Lithium Paramagnetic

Bromine Diamagnetic Magnesium Paramagnetic

Cadmium Diamagnetic Manganese Paramagnetic

Carbon Diamagnetic Molybdenum Paramagnetic

Chlorine Diamagnetic Osmium Paramagnetic

Copper Diamagnetic Oxygen Paramagnetic

Gallium Diamagnetic Palladium Paramagnetic

Hydrogen Diamagnetic Platinum Paramagnetic

Indium Diamagnetic Rhodium Paramagnetic

Mercury Diamagnetic Sodium Paramagnetic

Nitrogen Diamagnetic Stannum Paramagnetic

Phosphorus Diamagnetic Strontium Paramagnetic

Plumbum Diamagnetic Titanium Paramagnetic

Selenium Diamagnetic Tungsten Paramagnetic

Silicon Diamagnetic

Silver Diamagnetic

Sulfur Diamagnetic

Tellurium Diamagnetic

Thallium Diamagnetic

Zinc Diamagnetic

Anyway, I do think that magnetism had something to do with why they were drawing Cadmium Brom 30 for the last 3 days, Aur met 1m, Arg nit and Cupr ace over the last week. Perhaps it balances the Mag mur's Paramagneticity and allows it to continue to work as it should. (Didn't for me though - it pulled out the older back and stomach weakness for specific healing during a turbulent weather condition ... something I don't want the dogs to go through!:)