Saturday, January 24, 2015

Time and Stages in material doses of Mag mur

For the first time in a very long time, I'm taking material doses of anything! I did take Iodine tincture with Ancient but not much.:)

Taking it internally, I realise how bloody slowly material doses work when compared to homeopathic potency! But the stages are just the same, taking approximately the same time for aggravation and subsiding:

Today I applied magnesium oil on the skin (the mag chlor is very alkaline and slightly oily to the touch saturated in water); my skin around the neck where I applied it began to feel itchy for about 20 mins (aggravation from the ph?); then a pain began in my jaw muscles which lasted maybe 5 or 10 mins, and then the symptoms vanished and I began to feel cooler around the neck and shoulders.

The internal symptoms I recorded in the morning - a slight increase in gas, an easing of muscle tension almost everywhere, sweeter saliva. deeper sleep with no nightmares. I can add a few more today - I'm a little acidic at low tide (this evening especially acidic risings, 2 days to FQ) but it faded by midtide when it is usually high, my excessive 'startle reaction' to horns, traffic, etc. was markedly less than before, less urging to urinate than usual (strange that I can happily broadcast the last in the name of scientific research which I could never do for any other reason!:).

I've coughed up some deep phlegm - I mention this because I see some cats doing the same and Gunda threw up some yellowish water this morning as well (a lot of them do this when it clouds over and there are high winds, which there is today). There are great reviews of Mag chlor like Arziel's that give me hope that the kitten deaths will drop and I'll see much more health in the cats and less acidic vomiting in the dogs like here.

It's all so slow though. I read that 6 weeks for one lady's tumor to dissolve - well, homeopathy would take that long too, just with fewer side-effects, I guess. Parkinson's disease, polio, cancer there doesn't seem to be a limit to what magnesium chloride can do for my animals, it will probably just take a very long time.

From here:
For CHRONIC diseases the standard treatment is one dose morning and evening for a long period (several months at least, but it can be continued for years.
In ACUTE diseases the dose is administered every 6 hours (every 3 hours the first two doses if the case is serious); then space every 8 hours and then 12 hours as improvement goes on. After recovery it's better going on with a dose every 12 hours for some days.
As a PREVENTIVE measure, and as a magnesium supplement, one dose a day can be taken indefinitely. Magnesium Chloride, even if it's an inorganic salt, is very well absorbed and it's a very good supplemental magnesium source.

One thing I've noticed though is that it stops acting towards New Moon and starts again only 2 days before the First Qtr. I think this is consistent with the High Tide/Full Moon for Sea remedies that I've mentioned earlier, since Mag Mur is a sea salt/brine. Maybe this is a good time to start the Himalyan Pink salt for my dogs as well, and iodine. I've read that Mag mur is a good support for Iodine suppliment therapy - makes sense since they're both from the sea.

Another thing I've noticed is that the last article mentions specifically that Mag Mur isn't an antibiotic and has no effect on bacteria. This IMO is the best part -- I believe dying mitochondria communicate with bacteria and killing one is as good as killing the other. I see no good coming out of such microscopic violence in the long run.

As they say ... Ahistha, Ahistha (Slowly, slowly)!!:)

24 animals I knew died last year (2014)

I've only started recording seriously since 2014, but approx. 24 animals died around me last year, which is half or less than the numbers that I lost the previous year (which was even higher). Most were cats. And many of those that died were kittens who didn't make it through from childhood to adulthood with mitochondrial defects (or nutritional insufficiency).

5-8 rats died as well in quick succession just after the rains (I've recorded only 3-5 of those). They were horribly mutilated by their own kind and gangrene, but I suspect it was mitochondrial problems as well, just that they're tougher and survive until the very worst weather conditions flood their homes and drive them to their deaths. I've tried to shelter their homes from the rains, but I didn't quite manage to protect them from the worst towards the end.

I like to think I'm doing something right to have reduced the number of deaths. But the two factors that really made the difference is that there are fewer dogs on the street and there's a surge of animal caring that's unprecedented making them better fed and cared for all over Bangalore. The remedies I'm giving have reduced the disease symptoms and extended the life of the dogs, cats, birds and mice in my care, but I'll know more clearly if the disease deaths reduce even further in 2015.

Two things I've noticed this last year: The rats are not dying year-round like 2013. They're more careful and healthier, and surprisingly, reproducing less as they live longer lives. I've noticed the same thing in cats - the healthier they are the less they reproduce and produce fewer babies. I wouldn't be surprised if this is true across the board of living beings - longevity seems to go with fewer births. I think this too is connected with mitochondrial intelligence.

But to all the lovely friends I lost last year, a final farewell. It was a blessing to know you.

The two main Macronutrients for dogs in Magnesium Chloride

I've started taking Magnesium Chloride in my tea and giving it to the dogs in food (I never give the dogs anything without testing it on myself first - some human testing to balance world karma.:p).

The changes I've felt till now is a little pain in my chest muscles (which must be calcified from all my smoking:), no muscle pain in any of my limbs, but pain in my jaws (which are chronically stiff), a little coughing up of phlegm,  and a kind of coolness in my eyes (my eyes are usually hot and dry). I've also felt my eyes tearing during my morning walk for the dogs in a pleasant way, not the usual prickly photosensitive way. I'm sleeping better and not having any of the occasional numbness in my arms or legs (even when I give Reiki  which is unusual). I've also had a sweeter saliva since taking it making me convinced that it is helping my digestion in some way. I've got a bit of tingling in the tip of my tongue and I've been a bit gassy in the evening, but very mildly. Not so many nightmares about dog suffering that wake me and a little more energy than usual. It's only been 2 nights/1 day since I started, and I'm quite happy with it.

I'm not looking at transdermal magnesium yet - skin-painting or foot bathing, because
1. there are very few street dogs that will allow me to wet them and healing through food is more fair and uniform;
2. homeopathy has direction of cure: from inside out and top down. I found that foot-painting with Iodine tincture for Ancient healed the gangrene in the legs, but not the navel. Perhaps if I'd painted him from head down while giving internal doses as well, he might not have had to die of necrosis.

Apparently, Magnesium is required for enamel (which might explain the rapid loss of teeth in distemper dogs like Kenchu), for nerve endings (from an earlier post months ago), for decalcifying tissue/detox, to treat shock (esp Mag mur here), digestion (makes more hydrochloric acid in stomach) and for Iodine absorbtion/treatment. That's a lot!
Where to buy
I got the Magnesium Chloride crystals from Karnataka Fine Chem for Rs. 250/500gms and Rs. 188/500gms in two qualities (a bit expensive, but it isn't available anywhere else in Bangalore!)

Starting from basics: Macronutrients and Micronutrients

There are many macronutrients that mammals need of which two interest me from here: macrominerals are magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, chloride, and potassium. Wiki adds sulphur to the list and sensibly, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen as macroelements.

Mostly dogs draw Mag mur combining the two macrominerals of Magnesium and chloride, and they draw carbon, nitrogen and sulphur when they're out of balance as well. The Magnesium chloride (Mag mur) with protein and calcium in the meat and thiamine or vitamin D3 (the sun basically) makes for a good balanced diet.

The main micronutrients are  iron, cobalt, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc and molybdenum and vitamins.  Four of these (that I have) draw energy regularly. They are Cuprum (Cuprum acetate or met), Chromium (Kali bich), Manganese (Manganum acetate, don't have others) and Zinc (Zinc met) in that order. Iodine only occasionally, and now in winter - it is probably a winter remedy or a seasonal change remedy.

I've got to buy a bunch more to check them out - Cobalt met, Mang mur, Mang met, Mang carb, Zinc iod, mur, oxy, phos, picric, brom, cyan, ace, sulph, valerian. (!). Well, slowly.:) We don't have molybdenum in homeopathic doses, and iron, iodine (winter) and selenium aren't regularly drawn but only by dogs dying of organ failure or all-cause mortality (as they call mitochondrial death and system failure these days).

Boron, arsenic, silicon (and chromium here in Wiki)
Surprisingly, I've had cats and dogs draw one very trace element (boron in kittens) with gusto and had wild results from the others.
Borax 50m triggered the absolute recovery of Dollu from very severe muscular and respiratory problems as a kitten and the same Borax 50m set off Sonu's jaw cancer which eventually killed her. Material doses in these ultratrace elements don't help!
Arsen alb 1m reduced Vasanthi to a shadow of her old self from which weakened state she eventually died. And Silicea, so famous for healing scrofulous cases, but I've never seen it drawn until Ancient drew it in 10m and 200. Before him, even Sil 3x would bring up horrific skin alterations in the dogs. Maybe these two need to be given high, but I haven't the courage.
Rule: If any of the macronutrients are drawn strongly, they should be given in material doses.
Rule: If any of the remedies (macro, micro or plant tinctures) are drawn in all potencies, it should be given in tincture and material doses.
Rule: Ultratrace elements shouldn't be given in material doses or even homeopathic, esp if the macro- and micro-nutrients are imbalanced!

I've come full circle on the first rule - one of my pet peeves against Boericke that couldn't digest was his use of tinctures and material doses. I thought that to be a homeopath, using material doses was a failure.

1. I've rethought that since Ancient. I've had so many dogs die needing way too many doses of some single remedy in 6x or 3x (Ancient drew Iod 3x until a day before he died, and Mag mur in all potencies until the last breath! I could have prevented this with material doses probably). Pummi drawing Thuja in all potencies for example, might have been healed by material doses of Thuja Q? And Mag mur in all potencies, both her and Peppy ... perhaps material doses there as well? I am beginning to think so.
2. Blackie's black kitten that died with foaming in the mouth after eating? It's supposed to be a magnesium deficiency, maybe even from before birth. Now I know how to treat that.:(
3. And all those with Respiratory hardening and stomach cramping in so many distemper cases, I think material doses will boost their mitochondrial energy levels to a self-healing state.

A theory that acknowledges that Hahnemann and his colleagues were first of all Chemists and Druggists, shows the importance of material doses to their work. And if we work from nutrients up,  we can easily see that some are needed in large quantities and some in very minute doses. So balancing our homeopathic traces with larger components like material doses isn't a failure -- it is a deeper understanding of the work and origin of Hahnemann's understanding of Life.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Moon for Snake remedies, Full Moon for Sea remedies

I've figured out why finally!

[This morning Kenchu was almost inconsolable. He always has pain around his ears and jaw (both are full of pus and smelly mucus - his mitochondrial disease is around his head). I tried all the remedies from Lach 6 to cm, and then I remembered how much they love Crotalus. I only had the cm and he drew it more than the Lachesis. One dose and he's sleeping peacefully. I should get Crot in lower potencies as well. I wish I had thought of it when Ancient was suffering - but his intestines were the problem and he wouldn't draw any Lach 6 and I was overwhelmed by the number of remedies he was drawing. Oh well, it's always after that I wish I had had the time to do better.:/

The snake remedies are Lymphatic and help drain away bad lymph. Why it starts firing only after the New Moon is still a mystery to me, but the cycle the body works on seems to be the First Qtr to Last Qtr, rather than a true New Moon to Full Moon. Maybe lymphatic drainage is mild around Last Qtr - New Moon and then becomes more urgent and forceful after New Moon.

The sea remedies come just after the Full Moon probably because the water balance in our body is skewed. Being sea animals originally (and mitochondria being closer to sea bacteria) the effect of the full moon on the body is to increase acidity and inflammation like beached fish if not soothed by the water and sea remedies. The water elements and sea animal remedies kick in to reduce the scrofulous burn and prepare the body to drain off the lymph in the next cycle. That's my explanation so far.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dietary changes, my bruised ego, the secret universe

I've made a few changes and already I can see a vast improvement in my mitochondria and those of my dogs. These are the things I've done:
1. I've added coconut oil to increase the amount of saturated fat in their diet - just 1:10 coconut oil to rice bran oil onto the cooking rice. (NM)
2. A long time ago, I poured off my flaxseed oil into their food, because I consider it disgusting however healthy, and I remember how much Gunda loved it. So I bought flaxseed powder and am adding it to the food everyday while it's cooking. (NM)
3. I'm adding a bit of greens - sometimes edible weeds from the garden, cheap brocolli, leftover cabbage, etc. If nothing else, there's some outdated wheat grass powder from my mom's cupboard that I put a spoonful of and some spirulina. (NM but probably better in the FM cycle)
4. My best change though came from adding Iodine tincture during the latter half of the Full Moon cycle. I could instantly feel them improving. Nash says he's cured tumours with Iod cm in the waning moon.
5. They didn't seem to like the Himalayan Pink Salt as much though. (FM)
6. Sulphur, Mag sulph (epsom salts), Pottasium chloride all don't seem to make that much of a difference.

And the homeopathy is really kicking in as well. I have to change to the scrofulous cycle soon, but the NM cycle went off pretty well. Lathyrus, Podophyllum, Sabadilla Q were king, I think.
I've been so excited about the mitochondria thing, I want to shout it from the rooftops, change the blog entirely, etc. but again my guides are against it.:) The universe still wants this mitochondria thing to be a secret - just like homeopathy, reiki and other super methods of healing. I know this from the 'hiding in plain sight' effect that's constant - two examples:

There's the old female, Black Beauty, in Sadashivnagar that Rita is healing with the homeopathy I've given her. For years that dog's been declining in health. She even had an accident a month ago and someone took her to a vet hospital. She's recovered and back, but the amazing thing is that she looks years younger. Rita and I both think this is the slow but steady work of homeopathy, but everyone else have been praising another girl who dumps a lot of pharmaceuticals into that dog for the positive change. Somehow, allopathy seems to compound the cure of homeopathy and mask the latter. I certainly feel allopathy helped, but it was the underlying groundwork of homeopathy that made it happen so pervasively.

Maya's brown friend, Brownie, was severely constipated until 2 weeks ago she came running to eat meat after a gap of several months. I had given the temple watchman Ant Crud 6 to give both Maya and Brownie. When I spoke to Christina about it, she said,"Oh, she's improved because I gave her an enema a week ago!" ... Ok, maybe. But the change I saw was two weeks ago. But she said that two weeks ago, Brownie was worse. (This is perhaps the aggravation period of using the elements - so severe and prolonged that people resort to drastic measures to help the sufferer.:) She's still staying better, which is surely a sign of homeopathy's long lasting effect.

But I've been effectively silenced in both cases! This is how it was at home for years, and how it is today. Unacknowledged, unappreciated and definitely ignored - that's what a Reiki-homeopathy healer's ego will have to learn to live with!:D

I'd like to point out to them all how it's impossible for them to have wrested long-term healing with short term measures like antibiotics, bandages (Black Beauty) and an enema (Brownie). How they're doomed to do the wrong thing again, next time, and get no results as the mitochondria continue to damage the body.

But my sense of humour kicks in and I'm like, "what the hell, let them do what they will, I'll just do my bit" and it keeps me quiet. The other thing that prevents me from yelling in outrage is that the universe probably wants it this way - to preserve the illusions - so that only the dogs and I know what is really working to extend life. Though I hate keeping secrets, I think this is the secret of life that doesn't want itself shared - it wants to be found. Found through sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, the heart silences, through honest-to-life-through-living-beings experience.

These dominating, forcing methods of allopathy are used mindlessly by these animal lovers who really don't deserve to learn something so precious. Like so many vets, they only want to repeat the wrong thing, justify the violence, repeatedly - the universe closes itself, the healing, off from them.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mitochondria and the Acid-Alkali connection

From here:
"Thus anything that moves us from overall acid conditions toward alkaline that recover the neutral zone is going to enhance cell metabolism via mitochondrial optimization. If cancer is a mitochondrial disease it can be treated directly with a cocktail of magnesium bicarbonate, sulfur and selenium and it would probably be a good idea to supplement strongly with iodine as well. All of these basic cellular substances will work together to repair damaged cells and their mitochondria and fire them up for full activity."

All this is good and ties in with my Acid-Alkali studies of the past, but I know that dogs don't draw Selenium, Mag carb or Soda bicarb (Nat Carb) and Iodine.

What they draw virtually exclusively and extensively is Mag Mur (Mag Chloride) and Chlorine, which had always puzzled me. They draw Sulphur occasionally and in all potencies and Iodine 3 of recent times (I have forced Iodine on them when Ancient began to draw it, though I suspect Iodine is just for very old/sick dogs while Chlorine is required more universally across age groups).

The idea of making them more alkaline is great, but can't be done easily or safely - I have tried clumsily in the past. I think if we work it into the moon cycle and increase the plant remedies, it is possible after a few cycles, but I have not yet succeeded.
Mag mur mistakes ... trying to avoid cramps::)

Last week I read up about 'tying up' in horses, or cramping (this article too mentions the use of Selenium and vit E). I remember Icy's major decline a year ago happened after a long walk when he trembled for almost a month and would only draw Ruta 3x. I didn't know of Magnesium and mitochondria then. So ...

Just this morning, after an extra-long walk, I wanted to avoid muscle cramping in Icy and the others, so I gave all the dogs Mag Mur 30. All the dogs instantly looked uncomfortable and Icy especially looked like he was in pain. He started out of the house and I realised to my horror that he had an erection that he couldn't get rid of! One of Clarke's symptoms for using Mag Mur is "frequent erections early in the morning with burning in penis."

It lasted 3 uncomfortable hours, poor chap. At over 12 years, most of those monogamous to Naina and never looking at another female since, he was horrified.:)

I think that Mag mur shouldn't be given in the morning and probably not at New Moon. High tide, Full Moon and evenings/nights might be the right moments of high acidity when Mag mur would have the most positive impact. There are no lasting effects though, so thank heavens for homeopathy's mildness!