Saturday, January 10, 2015

R.I.P., Ancient and notes about his treatment

Ancient finally died at 3:30 am. Yesterday the maggots had cleaned out most o the surface necrosis around the navel and it had begun to close up by morning (but I wonder how it would have been inside! I would occasionally see one or two maggots coming out but for the most part the majority had moved deeper). I really couldn't see how he was surviving on a couple of biscuits and maggots in his peritonial cavity. The decay must have been so extensive around his intestines. I was relieved for him to be free of his struggle and it was an easy end. He'd been having mild waterbrash for the last two nights at high tide (full moon), and today he spasmed with reflux but couldn't relax the same muscles again to breathe.

High tide is a difficult time for those with malfunctioning livers.

Since I picked him up in August last year, 5 months ago, I have thought that he was on the verge of dying. Every day of the first 3 weeks when he was in a coma-like state, I thought his respiration would stop. Then when he began having his epileptic fits 3 - 5 times a day, I thought that would kill him, so violent they were.

Then those stopped and he would just cry unbearably long and loud for hours on end, the cri encephalique(high pitched shrill cries), for the last 4 and a half months, a really difficult time for my family and neighbours since time didn't exist for the screamer. With this yelling and his constant urination, OCD need for dry bedding, restless wanderings to get stuck in corners or under beds, he hasn't been the easiest dog to look after. But he was adorable on and off when he could connect mentally, a few mins a day. Life literally came to a halt though and my workload tripled with the attention he needed, the laundry, losing sleep and cleaning up after him.

He and the other scrofulous dogs I've brought in to die have been my greatest teachers.

It was because of his toughness and the disease's consistency that I was able to narrow down the remedies to the tides and the moon cycle more accurately. It's also because of him I looked at Bach's flower remedies, Electro Homeopathy, it's connection to mitochondria and scrofula including the use of elements again in treating them.

In hanging in there, improving and then having relapses, living as long as he did, licking up the remedies eagerly he paid back a hundred times over for any inconvenience his condition caused me. And the wonder I felt at the way he ate and drank right until the very end.

Most of the remedies I gave him either helped or didn't hurt him - even if it didn't hold and cure. Electro homeopathy's yellow and blue electrals helped the most. The one mistake I made was probably giving the Psorinum - still not sure about it. Psorinum seems to have exposed tissue that was necrosing and processed them to completion - but it completely weakened him. I should have given it in autumn rather than the beginning of winter, if at all. Boericke says that it is the chronic of Bacillinum, but I think it is too harsh on the sick - Bacillinum is enough and plenty especially if the dog is constipated or has a poor nervous system.

He is not the only one who died this storm - the dark grey and white sweeper's dog has gone, my little dancing girl has been missing for 3 days now, the little white-black-eared Bakery puppy is missing and so is the cancer dog at Loop road. The start of Spring has wiped out a lot of dogs with hidden weakenesses.

So, R.I.P., tough guy! See you on the other side.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Only heal the head?

I have been thinking along the lines of another oddball theory: That we must focus on only healing the head and forget the body.

First of all, my theory developed from having to heal Ancient in an awkward way over the last few weeks. He sleeps with his head towards me so that my hands only reach as far as his neck. If I reach further he really sets up a yowl to wake up the dead.

So I got into a habit of only checking remedies on his head to preserve the peace. This is how I found out that Iodium works brilliantly on the head - forehead, crown and back of the head - and that he needed so much of it. They all do! It works in with my "homeopathy works with mitochondria" of a few weeks ago.:)

My original intention was to heal the head chakras and then move down the spine to the rest of the body. I remember my guides telling me a while ago that I should heal dogs using the Reiki method (which is to heal top down) rather than the bottom up or my usual panicked haphazard focus on chakras around weak areas.

Imagine my frustrated astonishment when, for over a month, I haven't been able to leave healing of the head area!

It was only this morning when I was again trying to heal past his head it struck me that since the mind controls the whole, we probably only need to heal the head region and the rest of the body would follow! An aha moment.

After all, if the eyes are connected to the intestines, the ears to the brain, the nose to the kidneys, the tonsils to the immune system, the thyroid to the liver, etc. (not sure what exactly yet!) we only need to do an acupressure kind of shorthand for healing as well.:)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Goullon's 32 curative Scrofulous remedies

Goullon has this list for what he considers the best scrofulous remedies that I thought I'd share - I feel so grateful to him for this work. His book is a real gem! I've divided it as usual into mineral, plant and animal remedies. (He mentions dozens more but he doesn't regard them as curative probably, so they're not in the list.)

Many of these remedies I've covered in this blog in actual cases where they've healed that I return to over and over again in a kind of confused wonder that they healed at all.:) If I've failed, it might be because I've changed them so often, got distracted by a new theory, etc. You'll notice most of the plant remedies are in Electro homeopathy and in Bach's flower remedies. Many of the mineral remedies are in Schussler's Biochemic set.

So you see, we really should look around for what's working for others and their theories to be better healers. Being closed-minded is counterproductive to healing (exception: pharma-crazed allopathy!:))

Nitric acid
Baryta mur
Calc carb
Carbo veg
Carbo ani
Hepar sulph
Iodium, Ferrum iod, Calc iod
Kali carb
Kali chlor
Nat mur

Folia Juglandis (walnut leaves)
Rhus tox
Viola tricolor

Spongia tosta

More maggots in the belly button.

Again I panicked today. Ancient has a new mass of maggots in his belly button. So I read over what I'd written the last time he had maggots:
"the way to stop the process is to catch the disease early - when the nervous system is getting overloaded building up to a storm with Asterias, Hcot and Cicuta (maybe even Mags, Calcs and Kalis); then when the body breaks down and necrosis sets in during the storms, start with Cu Met/Ace, Arg Nit and Aur mur; then you go with the elements like Ph acid, Ars met and Bismuth after the storm passes to rebuild the wrecked nervous system support." from here

He's drawing Phosphorus 6 this time - he's much weaker than before. I was wrong about it being connected to the storm only, back then - it is connected to the Full moon too, (and a mild rainstorm), just like the last time.

But this time I can say I've done most of those remedies at least once building up to the full moon and it didn't stop the flesh from decaying. Maybe more doses (I've given plenty of Cup met 200 but none of the others repeatedly).

The thing I've done differently this time is worth noting: I started with Ledum 10m, Cupr met 200, Iod 3x, Lathyrus 1m, Agaricus 30. It hasn't stopped the maggots, but seems to help him in other ways. Phos 6, Hekla 30, Calc calc 200 have quietened him now, but the maggots are still there. I've added gunpowder 1m to keep the area from getting infected and am using Iodine tincture to keep it clean.
I'm off to buy him hydrogen peroxide and some ivermectin for a just in case - I don't plan to kill the maggots. Not unless I have to.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Iodium 3 for Ancient

The great pity is that even when we have all this material available so easily these days, we spend so little time reading it. Guollon's book has been bookmarked by me a few days now, but I'm only reading it more thoroughly now that Ancient is desperately drawing Iod 3, it's full moon and the weather change that might kill him is imminent.I guess information overload can be an excuse ...but, really, shame on me.

 How to tell Scrofula, Syphilis, Psora and Gonorrhoea apart:  
The fact that Acid. nitr. cured one case, Iodium another, Sulphur a third, the nature of the disease manifests itself.  Thus we should at once have proven the existence of a scrofulous diathesis where Iodium has effected the cure of any morbid process whatsoever. For, among other affections, lodium cures the indolent infiltrations of the lymphatic glands pathognomonic of scrofula (v. Grauvogl, ii, 210). In this way the riddle is solved, why an obstinate gonorrhcea is suddenly cured by the aid of antipsoric remedies; why, vice versa, Iodium and Fer. jodat. are frequently given in vain [for the diagnosis of scrofulosis was a wrong one); Then it requires no heroic treatment ... the evil combated so long in vain takes a turn under the influence of the specific remedy. Scrofulosis is less fixed than in syphilis, the stability and successive outbreaks of which can be stated more easily and almost predicted.

This return of maggots has me looking through Guollon again, desperately. In the early morning hours after the Full moon, at low tide, Ancient drew Iod 3 like he's never drawn anything before - on his forehead.

I've always struggled to identify the disease because the dogs will draw remedies of syphilis, sycosis and psora on and off throughout the year. They draw Tubercular remedies but not often and don't react to them as well as I would like. I didn't know what to look for.

To my relief, calling it 'Scrofula' has limited it to a particular tubercular variation and this text is exhaustive, so that gives me hope. I really need to understand scrofula to hope to cure this poor Ancient, even if I'm starting too late.

The maggot-hole or caries:
The scrofulous caries exhibits a combination of ulceration and suppuration, which appears in a threefold form: 1. Simple caries. The bony tissue is infiltrated with blood and atrophies, but the membrana medullaris hypertrophies. The purulent infiltration immediately follows the bloody. From this results a spongious condition of the bone, which softens, ulcerates, and discharges a sanious blackish pus with fragments of bone. 2. Caries with sequestrum, s. pseudo-necrosis, is distinguished from the former by the dying off of a considerable piece of bone, and thus exhibits a transition-form between caries and necrosis. 3. If we find well-marked deposits of tubercle in the bony tissue, we have a third form before us, tuberculous caries. 

Pus, blood and indurated gland constituents:
the pus of scrofulous individuals, is different from the non-scrofulous by a larger percentage of soda, and chloride of sodium. Preuss ascribes to it caseine such as belongs to the tubercle. Finally it is asserted, that the urine shows oxalic and uro-benzoic acids in considerable quantities. In persons who have died of scrofulosis, we find the indurated glands changed into a whitish-gray, more or less fatty, and often almost cartilaginous mass; in some cases they have changed into the caseous mass which also appears in the pulmonary tubercle, the caseous substance being frequently softened in the centre and transformed into pus. 

Phew! How do I heal this kind of bone decay and this degree of tissue degeneration? I'm really daunted! And to boot, we have a severe anaemia to deal with as well. More from his text next to try to figure out how to heal this baby.

Ancient is sinking

It would be more correct to say he has sunk. The maggots in his abdominal area, the belly button, are still at work. He hasn't eaten all night. I guess he doesn't have the energy to live anymore.

The old problem is back - he's now drawing too many remedies for me to figure out what to give him - esp the elements. I'm just blindly searching among them, reading up for some similarity and giving them.

The necrosis is in an obviously painful area - the region around the navel. Having stuck to a few remedies for a while now (Cupr met 200, Lathyrus 1m, Ledum in many potencies - these three for a couple of days before I discovered the maggots), I know I'm now going beserk with  giving too many. I find it impossible to stop myself and let things work when I'm at this stage of terror for an animal's life. My bad.:(

I'm trying to stick to Iod 3 which he's drawing, but I put some Gunpowder 1m in aloe vera gel and applied it to his wound along with a nasal dose just now. I can't bear his cries. Poor guy he's been fighting so hard to live.

More later when I'm out of this crazy frenzy and resigned to his death.

This setting up of the two monsoons, the advancing and retreating, has killed another dog

Monday, January 5, 2015

Maggots in the Navel (Belly button): Full Moon

Ancient has been going down for a while now, ever since the Psorinum, eating less and only drinking water. Sitting folded up and in a stupor. I've continued to treat him, but I thought he was close to the end. I didn't want to force him to live on, so gave him space - just changing his sheet a few times a day. Also, the blue flies (maggot/necrosis) flies were around, and they usually come by a few days before something dies.

The main remedies he's been drawing are Cuprum met 200, Plumb met cm (one dose and a constipation of 14 days ended!), Lathyrus 1m and Ledum pal 3-1m. But it looked hopeless.

This morning he started eating well - 4 biscuits and milk and a few gulps of water - and I was surprised. Today is full moon day - the worst day of his month usually. So I decided to clean him up. The minute I reached for his stomach I knew something was wrong. There were dead maggots in his damp belly region.

I took out 5 dead maggots and 5 live ones. The necrosed tissue was in his belly button! I've never seen this before. Anyway, I checked the net and the only helpful site was one that was selling those 'secret' homeopathic formula meds for pets at $14.95 (lol! they always crack me up ... what would it hurt to put an ingredient set out there? At the most people would agree or disagree with the combo.:) But fortunately it had a telling name - Staphyal or some such. I immediately checked him for Staphyloccocin which he drew at 10m and gave him a sniff. He's sleeping now. Fingers crossed that it works!

I know that the dogs that need Bacillinum or Psorinum often need Staphylococcin or Streptococcin after - I just don't know when. I hope this is a good time to give it. Praying he finds the strength to live! The pus in the joints of his ankle is still there though, so not much hope.