Saturday, October 17, 2015

From 10/17/2015

secale rains Overcast skies and rains again.:/ I think the dogs that suffer the weather  most are anemic - they respond to Secale.
cancer nm-fq All the animals are drawing cancer remedies - from New Moon to First Qtr is a lymphatic drainage peak time.
bach nm Last night all the animals drew Rock Rose of the Bach Remedies. So that's  the Root Chakra remedy I've been looking for. The other was Bufo.
bach nm+3 What would you give a #streetdog that's always hungry (prob pain/pangs)? Heather in #BachFlowerRemedy #homeopathy cures in a dose.
bach first qtr #BachFlowerRemedy Pine for First Qtr of the Moon for dogs. Pine is for taking the blame, being hard on oneself - itching until bleeding, etc
staphylococcin fm The challenge during the Full Moon is to heal staphyloccocus multiplication/proliferation in dogs. In #homeopathy Staphylococcin 10m drawn.
bach fm Full Moon #BachFlowerRemedy and #homeopathy for immune-compromised dogs. #streetdogs displaced by fireworks, etc.
bach rains Cubbon pk's sick, black dog drawing #BachFlowerRemedy combo of Sw Chnut, Vine, Scler, Olive, Star, Rck rose. Bach before rains for chronics.
staphylococcin, bacillinum fm It isn't just Staphylococcin drawn durning Full Moon, but Bacillinum as well for dogs. #homeopathy post:
But healing in animals should happen backwards: yeast first, bacteria second, etc esp worms last. Deworming 1st is a disaster for the body.

Healing w #homeopathy, deworming seemed key fr dogs. Bt worms, bacteria, yeast r in a complex, useful relation w body. U kill 1, u kill all.
fluoric ac fm+3 Many bacterial & fungal probs can be overcome with halogens after full moon - fluoric acid 6, muriatic acid 6, iods & broms. #homeopathy
bach full moon After struggling w rem. for the full moon w/ weather changes, Bach flower remedies are best - they protect the nerves probably. #homeopathy
crotalus, apis, dros last Qtr+1 One day after Last Qtr, animals are drawing Crotalus, Apis and Drosera. Probably for clearing the immune system. #Homeopathy
psorinum last qtr+2 Psorinum 10m 2 days after Last Qtr seems a better time than New Moon for the body. (After NM brought out really itchy rash.) #homeopathy

I finally figured out that antisporics in #homeopathy are the anti-fungals. Fungi reproduce through spores. duh me.
bach periodic Fungi alter behaviour - through nerves? Got to look into it further. Time-based hunger, anxiety, anger; Bach flowers, secale, bufo?
bach 3-NM Dogs drawing the #Bachflowerremedy Mimulus and Aspen, the fear remedies. And Spongia 1m in #homeopathy heading towards New Moon.
bach new moon #Bachflowerremedy Gorse (Despair) and Wild Rose (apathy) for the New Moon. Pbly dogs carry -ve emotion fwd which block healing. #homeopathy
chestnut bud nm New Moon yesterday, dogs  tht binge & puke drew Chestnut Bud (assimilation) #Bachflowerremedy #homeopathy defective absorption creating pica
psorinum Last Qtr Mild itching frm Psor 10m given on Lst Qtr was right (should resemble gentle case of measles). Giving dose today, NM+3 hoping to clear lymph

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Twitter takes over me

I have to confess that tweeting has overcome my urge to blog! It serves a similar purpose - I just want to remember what I do so that I can heal again in a similar situation. But twitter is faster, because I have to form less words!

The one downside is that you have a lot of interrupting anti-homeopathy comments, but even that isn't so bad since you needn't respond. I do since I'm a chatty person, but perhaps only for a while because I'm new to twitter and it is a novelty still.:)

The other downside is that I'm not recording enough impressions about the remedies which could help me later. Blogging and finding a thousand words has helped me put a whole range of impressions down. At a later point I've always been able to go back over these notes and come out with a new insight.

But for now, I think I'll tweet and then collect them to post here every month. Lets see how that goes.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bacillinum for Full Moon, Secale for New Moon

Last week, I was surprised to see the Cubbon Park dog draw Staphylococcin 10m (which was in the med box by mistake). I haven't given it to all that drew it, but it helped 3 of the younger dogs who have skin problems. But it didn't help Icy who's 13+, and has flaky skin but also bone ulcers and that got me thinking.

I tried Bacillinum, Carcinosin, Tuberculinum and Psorinum on Full Moon day (this being an historic Blood Moon might have enhanced my reiki sensitivities;). And sure enough, they're drawing Bacillinum 50m and Psorinum 10m (much less) but not any of the others.

I haven't tried Streptococcin, but they rarely draw it, except when they're dying and the body is overwhelmed by mixed bacilli and terminal pneumonia sets in (long before this I already don't know how to heal the cascading system collapse).

I thought this was interesting - if we have a time for Bacillinum, then so many of the disease stages can be controlled and hopefully cured. I had already noticed Secale worked in the New Moon and I've been giving it to the dogs on and off for about 3 moons.

I think they're sequential - when the body is weakened enough the bacilli overwhelm it, multiply in golden colonies which is food for the yeasts. Got to break this cycle of dying.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

2 days to Full Moon: Staphylococcin 10m

Yesterday I went to Cubbon Park looking for the black, exhausted dog (whose hair is completely red now though it was black and skin is totally black). She'd come up in a dream the previous night as if reminding me that if I don't help her, she won't have long left. I'd promised in my mind to help her if I could, but completely forgot over the week.

I couldn't find her initially, so I went out for a walkabout and found the old dog with completely black skin (but yellow fur patches otherwise) that I'd fed once about a year ago! I was sure he would have died by now, so I was thrilled.

I sat down and checked remedies on him and was surprised that he drew Staphyloccocin 10m, along with Argent nit 1m, Hamamelis 1m, Ichthy 6, Artem 3 and Ledum cm. I gave the Staphy separately and put the rest into a bottle to give him again, along with the other black-red dog, if she showed up. He remembered me, which was wonderful!

Anyway, by the time I was done with him, I'd run out of food, but ran into the black-red dog as I was leaving. I gave her the remedies on biscuits which she ate. I didn't give her Staphy, I was afraid to, she looked quite stressed. She did draw the Bach combo of Beech, Rock rose, Wild Rose, Heather, Vine, S. Chestnut very strongly, so I gave it to her as well.
Today I ran across a dog howling away near the Indian express building. I went to look at him, and was surprised to see it was the Police Quarters White 3-legged dog who'd gotten lost (the fireworks during the Ganesha are beastly for dogs)! He was so exhausted he could barely walk, but he latched on to me and wouldn't wait around.  So I put him in an auto and dropped him off before I picked up my bike again and went off to finish my work. He was so happy to be home he was jumping up and down in the auto! So satisfying to be able to do something right, something simple, for a dog which is stress-free for me.:)

I went this evening to feed him and he was proudly sitting on a policeman's doorstep - he's much loved in that area, the little baby!

The problems of migration accelerate from Ganesha festival to New Years when the fireworks are constant and panic the dogs into it.:/ This is going to be a long, stressful 4 months for me and my street dogs.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Aug-Sept tweets on healing

As is obvious, twitter simply doesn't encourage thinking too much about anything.:) But you can put a few important things as reminders on it, short and sweet. Here's the months Aug and Sept insights:
  • Pine for First Qtr of the Moon for dogs. Pine is for taking the blame, being hard on oneself - itching until bleeding, etc.
  • Heather for hunger pangs
  • Rockrose and Bufo for the Root Chakra
  • All the animals are drawing cancer remedies - from New Moon to First Qtr is a lymphatic drainage peak time.
  • Overcast skies and rains  - maybe the dogs that suffer the weather most are anemic because they respond to Secale.

Distracted by competng Twitter!

It's so easy to tweet one liners and comment on the weird and wonderful distractions of the world that I've been neglecting blogging! It isn't really thinking at all, I'm aware of that, but laziness takes precedence.

I'll post a little more often from here on - at least put my observations from my own tweets in a post once a week here!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

So disturbed by the refugee crisis!

When I backpacked across the Middle east, I got a bus from Ankhara, Turkey to Damascus, Syria. I landed there at 9 pm, Friday and realised that every ATM was closed until Monday morning. I had no syrian money, no banks open, nothing to get from the bus station and 15 km to Damascus. A Syrian walked up and asked me if I needed help, and when I explained my problem, he gave me cash an equivalent of 50 USD to help out! When I called him on Monday to return the money, he told me to give it to the needy.

Then I took a boat from Syria to Egypt. I thought it was a 3 hour journey when it was actually 3 days, since I didn't understand the language. I had neither food nor water on the boat. Every passenger invited and shared a meal with me for those 3 days.

There were so many such moments - in no land - America, the British Isles, Europe or the rest of the Middle east did I experience so many random acts of kindness as I did in Syria!

I think of all these generous Syrians reaching out to me - a strange Indian woman with a backpack - and I wonder if they're among the refugees, if they're on a boat, on foot or hungry or exhausted somewhere. And I worry for them.

I'm doing the extreme of  'Think globally, act locally' with 'Worry globally'. This refugee situation has really touched me. I can't stop following their treks across nations, the coverage, the photos, the general hopelessness of it ... as if I was one of them!! I worry for their future, for the kids' emotional survival, for the cruelty they might encounter (like the tripping hun photographer). I'm crossing my fingers for a magic solution, greedily looking out for a welcoming country, a loving gesture by a policeman to a child or an old person, for a kind macedonian girl, for anything good.

I'm looking for signs that people are treating my generous Syrians as well as they'd treated me.I'm looking for hope that they are going to survive.

I guess I'm looking for hope too that people are kind to each other, or else what hope would I have that they'd be kind to animals? That one day animals will be fully free of the human yoke, spoon and fork?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Disease, war and refugees

I've found so many things about humans disgusting that I've turned away my mind from them at a very young age. Violence and war represented men at their lowest, torture and experimentation their worst. It was inexplicable to me, and unforgivable. I'd been abused as a child by men I'd trusted, so I knew well how it took no provocation or reason.

I assumed it was an evil in every man, just waiting for an opportunity to show itself. In contrast, I thought women were intrinsically good, since I've rarely seen anything but kindness from them. American women in Abu Ghraib, Israel and Elizabeth Bathory redefined this to a narrower population.

But in the last couple of years, I've begun to see all evil as disease. I think much of the violence and war is a consequence of and the expression of miasm - especially the scrofula with its sycotic-cancer- tubercular cruelties. The affected mind is the last stage of the disease and grows more emotional and imaginative.

I remember my abuser had crumbling, blackened teeth and smelled of paan masala (don't recall too much of it - I was too young to understand and blanked it out for about 15 yrs). These premature signs are typical, and I've read about how British soldiers in WW1 had such poor teeth that they couldn't eat meat unless it was ground (leading to modern dentistry). All this talk about PTSD is just the next stage of mental degeneration of scrofula, where it imitates syphilis, in men after acting on the impulses and commands alone.

The social crisis is just the disease called Scrofula by homeopaths spreading, the violence and rape and torture its manifestations. At the other end of the spectrum are the victims, like myself as a child, and the refugees of war today. There's a wonderful article on the net about cancer and how it can create both victims and aggressors, slaves and masters.

The victims are unable to find the energy to escape the crisis created by the aggressors, nor the mental clarity to understand it enough to fight it from strength. And if they escape, it is a stumble from one nightmare into the next, as they migrate. I've seen this in dogs as well. The dogs that run, that set off to change territory, are the weakest, the sick, the hopeless and the young. As they invade healthier dogs' territories (as syrian refugees are invading europe), they're least likely to survive without aid. Many run until they drop dead.

But underlying all this disease, there's one factor that makes it manifest so violently - it's the weather and earth changes. So many of my dogs have changed territory for years, though most dogs only move about 3/4ths of kilometre a year, it's only this year that I've seen the strongest desire to migrate in them. I've been able to counter it with homeopathy and reiki for animals, but I can see the crisis exploding in the human populations of the world.

Until the earth calms down, the refugee crises will continue to spread, because the disease, scrofula, becomes active with it.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Little kitten missing after storm - spigelia for storms or LQ

2 am - Kitten still alive. Saw her active.
I haven't posted in a long time since I've been so stressed by the weather and animals missing or sick or stressed as well. There are some 5 distant cyclones, past Japan, but it's pulling in the winds at such an angle across southern India that it's bringing rain and stripping the surface of electrons and immunity. A double whammy. (Insat pic below)

It's been a nightmare for the free cats who've all had kittens. The very young are all dying of a variety of inflammations - the little white one who had very severe inflammation of the orbits around the eyes. I gave her Euphr 30, Verat v 30 and Teucr 6 hoping to help her past this storm, but she's been missing since last night, so I'm assuming she didn't make it, poor thing.

 This black and white (below) female, Kalli, has had kittens just a few weeks ago, but has inflamed mammary glands - I don't know how she'll feed them, poor thing. She's lost every set but one (tollu and dollu). I hope they survive and that this storm will pass quickly.
I've found out that Spigelia is a remedy for this Last Quarter (or storms!). Like Ignatia, it's a remedy that they all seem to draw. It's too late for the little white kitten, but apparently it prevent that kind of inflammation around the eyes.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Park dogs not migrating!

The day before yesterday I saw the Indira Gandhi Park dogs, 8 of them!, going away down a road 1 km away from their territory. I was terrified that they were migrating, which would mean they enter hostile residential areas around, indicate that the weather would get rougher and/or the earth tremors might worsen. I was worried for them too, because 3 of them had a lame leg each and were poorly.

After a 48 hours they've returned, thank goodness. They won't find food anywhere in that direction - it's a zero garbage area - and I won't be able to feed them either. They're in the best possible area for such a large pack - 2 morning walkers give them biscuits, there are 2 street food vendors who do spanking business around the corner. If they just wait out this unusually rainy season, they'll be able to keep the territory for many years to come.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm failing in the feeding

I'm growing really confused about what I do.

Dogs don't eat rice during the monsoon rains, cyclones and storms - probably because it putrifies in the stomach or the wrong bacteria and fungi enjoy it more. Either way the amount of rice I need to cook has been diminishing dramatically over the last few months of endless rains and storms.

Just giving meat means that I barely feed 20-50 dogs. Since the meds are in the meat, I try to cover as wide a territory as possible. This means that each dog just gets 2-3 pieces of meat ... which obviously isn't enough to fill it, so they follow me around like crazy. I can't give them more if I want to get the meds to more dogs.

This last week has been a "what the hell am I doing?" time. I go out and give them less than they need and come away feeling unsatisfied. If I give a few dogs more, then I'm neglecting so many that the homeopathy could heal.

I haven't had this problem before because I've been so sick through every monsoon of my life that I've barely been able to go out and feed dogs. My body used to be exhausted all the time. This time I'm healthy enough to encounter this problem, so that's at least heartening.:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eyelid swelling

M3, Aug, clear sky, monsoon (I've decided to do this so that the next set of notes I need to compile will have the mooncycle embedded)

Two days ago I noticed a huge swelling in the left under eyelid of Sweetie. In two hours it had grown to cover the eye and it's still as it was without reducing. She's drawing Acon cm, 10m, Teucr 30, Tellurium 12 ... a bit of Arn cm and Bell 30. No change and I don't know what to call it - tarsal tumor, eyelid swelling, bleeding orbital growth, or polyp so it's really hard to search for remedies in the homeopathic literature.


Pulling out the essentials wasn't as hard as I thought for this whole blog, it took a month, but it's done. The hard part is putting it together in a meaningful way! I originally meant to post it raw, the way I've rough edited it down, but over a period of time I've grown to want it in some order.

This putting it in order is an ordeal! I'll do the best I can until September and then give up I think and dump it as-is in the Essentials blog.:)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just started a Twitter acct ... again!

I really don't follow how people find Twitter interesting. That being said, I've had the same suspicious start to both Blogger and Facebook way back when and later loved being on, Blogger especially, so much! (I quit facebook when I got addicted to playing farmville ... it really took up all my time and I didn't do anything else!)

Not sure what I'll be tweeting or if it will appeal to me this time around, but it's there and I'm @HomeoReikiDogs if you're into it too.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Chakras and the Full Moon Caduceus Cycle

I got so turned around in my head putting this together, that I set it aside for a while. I'm still not sure I've got the whole thing right - but I'll put the idea out there so that someone with firing brain synapses can mull it over.

This is the rising energy cycle:

Energy enters as white light and then each chakra absorbs it in different frequencies - red for the root, orange for the sacral chakra, etc.

On the front chakras, the energy is drawn in, while at the back chakras, energy is pushed out in those colour frequencies.

The rising energy of a Full Moon cycle and the New Moon cycle are both RISING in this model.

In an alternate model, the energy is rising up during the Full Moon cycle and falling down in the New Moon cycle.

I can only hope with observation, I'll figure out which is the correct model.

Another new direction in thinking is that ALTERNATE chakras get energized and cleared out by one of the two cycles and the other cycle cleanses and energizes different chakras.

The other possibility is that all the chakras get energized and cleansed at the same time. Again, we have to wait for observation to show us which is truer.

In the jpg, the 'back energy' would be the Full Moon Cycle, and the 'front energy' the New Moon Cycle. More later.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Moon Anemia

I didn't realise how anemic dogs with gonorrheal or sycotic miasm get until I went to the shelter and Dr. Akshay pointed out a bunch of dogs with tumors that were also anemic. But now it makes sense. The tumor indicates that the life-giving energy is perverted. The tumor can't grow if the body is oxygenated - this can only be if the major oxygen carrier, blood, is starved out. Therefore tumors can only grow in an environment of oxygen-depravation. This is where Secale makes a big difference, I think.

Even tubercular dogs must be so anemic - if the bones are affected, so will it's marrow's blood-making ability. Don't know yet what can improve marrow quality.

Return of the sparrows

One mating pair of sparrows have returned to my street! This after they declined to zero around 1976. May they prosper and thrive!

The best possible result we could expect from buses switching to LPG is the return of the bird population to former dead areas.

There must be other reasons though I can't think of any - even though dog numbers are severely declining, the cat populations have exploded (though they're now stabilizing as well), as have the rat, kite and crow populations. Those are rising still, so it's not like there are fewer predators around.

But I've seen similar brave sparrows all over Vasanthnagar, leaving the residential areas and edging on to the main roads. It must be the improvement in the air quality that's reversed the decline.

Friday, August 14, 2015

New Moon, Chlorides (Murs) and Iodides


Two days ago Domehead couldn't eat but tried. His jaws were cracking and he managed a piece or two, but yesterday he couldn't even eat that much. I know he's dying but I didn't understand what was going on.

This morning I had magnesium chloride in my tea, and ate well the rest of the day. This evening, I noticed how dry my mouth was. That's when I realised what work the mag chlor was doing - it was allowing my stomach acids to function better! It wasn't the magnesium part so much as the chloride part doing the work during the new moon.

We need chlorides to form hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which also encourages the salivary glands to do their work. Iodides probably do the same work in the thyroid gland. Without these two, I think New Moon is very harsh on the body because the acids which are formed by the body aren't soft but hard - thick bile, thick saliva, thick pus. Acids probably allow fluidity.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Working on details

It's surprising how much time decays emotion and thought. I've been blogging from 2012 or so ... can't recall exactly... that's when the first post is here! ... (I've blogged before that and then condensed it into this blog.:)

I find I want to keep the essentials that I've grasped on one blog - details that I like about the moon cycle, weather, remedies, etc. so that it can be a quick reference guide. I realise as I work on it that I have written a whole lot of words and there's so little information that can be useful out of it.

Mostly it is confusion (esp emotional confusion which I seem to need to express desperately), and theories that didn't pan out (which I feel is necessary to clear out the myths and unchecked notions in my head). This post, for instance, I'd leave out entirely in my Essentials blog.

No wonder the Indian sages called all knowledge smruthi and shruthi. Smruthi is forgettable, connected to time and place and relevant only then. Shruthi is eternal and useful across time and space. I guess my 'Essentials' blog will be for the Shruthi of this blog - stuff that will help me to heal over all time and space.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Earthquake and runner dogs

There's been an earthquake in the andaman and nicobar islands 2 days ago. And a fierce rainstorm that followed. So many dogs lost on the roads - the Devdas petrol bunk black female vanished on the 2nd, the same day a female teen came into our street and vanished on the 4th, and for 3 days a pom with a brown patch on its back has been lost around the Windsor bridge (hopefully the family I informed who are currently looking for their dog will find that it is theirs).

If the earth will settle down, it might bring back the black female and restore order to my world.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

End of the honeymoon with nutrients

I think I'm reaching the end of my micronutient craze.
  •  I've used them for over 6 weeks (more like 6 months) in reasonable dietary quantities, and I've seen vast improvement initially but it peters off over a period of time.
  • Cats have had the worst of it. Initially they ate less and looked healthier, but over a period of 6 months, I've noticed they've all grown considerably thinner, especially the older males. I think that it could be due to either Iodine, Potassium Iodate or Magnesium. I read in Obligate Carnivore that magnesium creates crystals in some male's urinary system/bladder, making it harder for them to pee. Cats being desert-creatures, this could possibly explain the loss of weight. The more obvious explanation would be the iodine-potassium iodate, since it increases thyroid function and might explain weight-loss. Anyway, it wasn't too positive.
  • In the dogs there's general improvement, and they've mostly all weathered the storms that have hit us continuously pretty well. But they've all given up eating rice! Maybe a more balanced nutritional meal for them is just an increase in protein and fat! The rice consumption is down by almost half and I don't know if that's a good thing at all. I depend on the rice to increase the number of animals I feed - if I gave them all just meat, I'd barely feed 20 dogs, let alone 60-100.
The changes I've made:
I've reduced the nutrients I add from 2 spoons to about a half a spoon for the entire lot, and then only during the full moon cycle.
I've increased the fiber and oil a bit and plan to increase it more. I also plan to add a few nutrient absorption-enhancing spices - ginger, garlic, jeera, turmeric instead of more nutrients.

I plan to use more Schussler biochemic combos and homeopathic nutrients than the actual chemical versions in the future. I figure that they'd do the enhancing of absorption better that way and be less dangerous than more nutrients.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Double helix caduceus moon cycle

Ok, sounds complicated. But perhaps it is. Perhaps that's why it's been so long and so difficult to figure out what should have been easy.

All I wanted to do was place the remedies according to the moon cycle into the correct order for use, and the chakras that they'd work on. All that I wanted to do for 5 years. I thought all the plant remedies would go in the front and all the elements in the back. I thought the new moon cycle would be down the front and the full moon cycle up the back.

Since I haven't been able to make it so simple, maybe it is really quite complicated.
Most of the sites have the chakra-caduceus wrong, as I did.

They're treating it as a flat twining, but I think it's more like a double helix. So in 2 dimensions it looks quite flat, but the red string never touches the blue string in this example, just as the two snakes never actually make contact with each other.

In one instance they do realise that they've got something wrong, so they make a third to compensate! I doubt if they'll ever experiment enough to realise they have that image wrong too.:)

It doesn't need a third energy line, it just needs to be redrawn to show a double helix around the chakra line, not in it and through it.

I can't find any image of a double helix that I can use so I'll have to draw one myself to understand which set of chakras, and front or back, I need to work with at any given time in the moon cycle.

The last moon cycle has been better than most in that a majority of the animals handled the rains well. I must look at the remedies I used again more carefully. If I remember right they were: Naja, Scutellaria, Scrofularia, Nitric acid, Zinc mur, Secale, Bovista and Graphites that were outstanding.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Black dizzy dog and One Eye cat are both alive!

Saw them yesterday - both alive, though the black one is really not well.

More moon confusion and the caduceus

I doubt if anyone since ancient Indian and egyptian times has scratched their heads so much about where the moon cycle starts! It's so much a chicken and egg problem that I'm tempted to let it be and say,"what does it matter where it starts?" ... but I'd be wrong to do that. It matters so that we know which chakras are connected to which part of the cycle. I've struggled with this in the markets too.

First I assumed it began at the New Moon. Later at 1st Quarter.

But yesterday was 1st Quarter, and for 3 days now I've had so much difficulty around my Solar Plexus.

Three key assumptions could be wrong. A few possibilities come to mind:
1. If FQ is connected to the start, then the energy rushing up the spine is throwing my solar plexus out of whack. Draining it of energy or there's a big block. So, possible.
2. If FQ isn't the start, it could be connected to the Solar plexus because it really is the middle of the cycle as I originally thought - but the midpoint should connect to the Heart Chakra rather than the Solar Plexus. So, wrong.
3. If the start of the moon cycle is from the solar plexus and not the root ... then those who talk of the chakras are wrong in placing their base at the root chakra.:)
4. If the moon energy weaves in and out of the chakras more like a caduceus of Hippocrates, so there's no clear back and front, then the way energy we assumed to move is wrong. Until now I've assumed the energy moves up the back and spine on rising, and down the front and organs on falling. Taught it too when I taught Reiki, since that was how I was taught.  What if instead it twined up the front and back chakras going up and twined its way down again? Then we'd be wrong in many ways and in our basic assumptions. One was we'd be wrong is assuming that the start of the moon cycle means only spinal remedies or only soft tissue remedies.
5. I've always assumed the wand in the caduceus is our spine. But what if it's just a chi route that's a heaven-earth connection through us like Laura Brennan sees it? And a constant, which snaps at the point of death.
6. Then in the caduceus there are the two 'snakes' which are both rising - there's no falling cycle at all! What if that's how it is with the moon cycle? What if it's always upwards? Then the start of each cycle will be useful only once we know which snake we're on.
7. As a helix never really touches, it would be a twining like:
  • back root to front solar plexus to back throat chakra (1st qtr - last qtr)
  • front root to back sacral to front heart to back forehead chakra (last qtr - 1st qtr)
There's more to it as you can see in the caduceus, but I'm too sleepy now. I'll work it out tomorrow. Makes sense that the solar plexus is hit so early in me. And that it's the front solar plexus that is so hard hit by the new energy. More later.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Low potencies for first Qtr

What a difference it makes to start a week later. I used to put the low potencies all over the place, but now I find it actually bunches around the first quarter of the moon, when the body is healing soft parts at the lowest chakra.

Rains continue

The rains are endless, and really stressing me out. It hasn't actually stopped raining since January! I wish it would stop so that the dogs have time to recover - as it is, their immune systems are shot. El nino effect or just earth changes, I don't know.

Icy has this huge hardened thing in his abdomen (tumor? bladder hardened?) that's drawing a lot of Agaricus 6x. I'm still using the distance healing method for most of the day and night - I don't want to lose all my strength and fall sick going out too often in this changeable weather. That won't help any dog!

But avoidance is a major part of why I'm doing distance reiki - seeing the suffering is more than draining of all my energy than the weather. I feel my heart and solar plexus sink even at the thought of going to see the dogs  are they alive? worse? better? in pain?

It makes me put off going as much as not having enough meat to give each a full meal. There's so little to give now that the cat numbers are so high. The cats eat more meat per animal than any of my dogs and they come throughout the day and night begging like they're starved.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A method change and a miracle

While I've been adding remedies to the food, I've been overwhelmed by the number of sick dogs on the street. We have a new weather front. One that usually bogs down Ramzan and especially the Id. Well, this has been a nightmare for another bunch of old dogs. The two petrol bunk dogs, the old Imperial-Millers Rd dog and the one old Domehead further down on Millers Road. The black dizzy dog near Popular Garage on the same road has disappeared and is probably dead, poor guy.

 The day before yesterday, a car ran over the stomach of the black and white male in the petrol bunk! Apparently the dog didn't move when he honked (the dog is both deaf and blind) so he coolly ran his car over it, the bastard.

I was there to fill petrol and give the two a piece of meat early, and it was my fault that he came out and ran around was because I was there! I was horrified, since I expected him to die in the next few days of internal bleeding or gangrene. I sat down immediately and gave him pure Reiki - I had no remedies with me. His breath started hitching like he would die immediately, but then it stopped and in a few minutes he relaxed. I covered him with my jacket and then gave him more reiki.

I put the dog in their oil room and gave him a ton of water and then some more reiki. I warned everyone that his insides would putrify in a couple of days so to leave him to die there.

The same day, Impy's dog could no longer walk, the tumor dog with him vanished and my old Domehead was trembling on his feet as well.

I was overwhelmed. I still am, but my guides stepped in as I sat paralyzed by anxiety and hopelessness and reminded me of distance healing, something I did 4 years ago when I had a similar large number of sick dogs on the street. 4 years ago, I remember having a wildly successful session with distant Reiki.

I was healing one dog from home then before I slept, holding a remedy, and about 40 dogs improved! It was so amazing, I tried to repeat the feat, but didn't have that happen again. So I gave up on it.

So with renewed hope, I began healing from my bed, just visiting the sick and injured dogs twice a day. I used Zinc 12, Rhus tox 10m, Scut 12, Agar 6, etc. They were drawing them all all night so I had to go on faith that the healing was reaching some of them.

The petrol bunk dogs are improving in leaps and bounds. The black female is more steady on her feet now and eating well. The black and grey was actually walking around and getting wet in his usual place today! I don't see much change in the Millers Rd dogs yet, but this miracle method is what I'll use from today! This gives me time to sleep and lie down and rest instead of racing around the place on my bike. Also, it is so much less distracting than doing it on the dog. I can focus on the healing (which is rare) instead of the sickness (which is common) - something like Sherlock's fabulous "crime is common, reason is rare" statement.:)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Two dogs really sick

The two petrol bunk dogs are really sick. It appears to be a nervous problem - an extension or return of the distemper I didn't completely cure but pushed back in February. I'm terrified.

The black dog has eyes that are jumping around in the head and the grey one has movements in his hindlegs and crying out in pain.

Getting into a cleaning mode

I've made many erroneous assumptios, drawn poor inferences and not put together all the empirical data I've worked on over the last few years on the blog. I'm going to clean it up. I don't want to change this blog, so I'll start another one so that I can periodically review and correct my conclusions without disturbing this ... journal.

Maybe I'll just rename this blog to reflect its role as a journal or diary.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Slow shift to Hepar after Full Moon

I think I'm seeing the shift to Hepar sulph after the full moon. It's all been plant remedies until now ... totally confusing me - did the weather change disrupt the influential minerals of the full moon period making them less necessary than the nerve related plant and animal remedies?

Even the bone remedy triggered is Hepar, which is cleansing rather than building up.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deadliest Heat Wave! That's what it was.

Ok from Wunderblog weather, Jeff Masters says:
"We've already seen two of the planet's top ten deadliest heat waves in history over the past two months; the Pakistani government announced on Wednesday that the death toll from the brutal June heat wave in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, had hit 1,250. According to statistics from EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, this makes the 2015 heat wave in Pakistan the 8th deadliest in world history. The heat wave that hit India in May, claiming approximately 2,500 lives, ranks as the 5th deadliest."

Well, they've counted the toll on humans, but if they count my street dogs, it would probably rank among the top 3 deadliest seasons for my city in world history. It has really been a miserable year beginning.

In retrospect, it was quite hopeless to try and save them. My rats have disappeared too - hopefully into the street-gutters rather than all dead. But this week two were very sick, one died and the other is still around but dying. I've put zinc on it's back and ergot, scrof, scut, bapt, etc. but it's still breathing with difficulty so it might be a matter of days before it succumbs.

My friend and I were speculating that the heat we were feeling was from inside the earth, which I mentioned in previous posts. I still feel that the earth is responding as a whole to some internal crisis - the earthquakes, the heat waves, the ocean cyclones are all related to each other.

I feel the energy I used to feel in early spring, Jan-Feb, as late as in July this year. My physical energy level and my Reiki energy level seems to be returning, if rather slowly. I'm just grateful that it isn't aging or some degenerative process taking away my ability to heal. Perhaps I'll be up to healing better in a few months, enough to save lives again.

In remedies: Ergot was the best; Naja, Baptisia, scutellaria and scrofularia next. In the nutrients transdermally, Zinc sulphate and Magnesium chloride have helped a few through, esp the zinc.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eugenics, Darwinisms and India's ABC Program

I was watching the BBC serial "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" esp episode 2 about eugenics. It was the search for the fittest humans, which lead to countless sterilizations of humans declared 'unfit for reproductive purposes' in the US and Europe.

So similar to the eugenics that is active now in India as Animal Birth Control of our own local dogs (since it doesn't apply to foreign breeds). Unfair and ridiculous much?

I realised that I had been sucked into the rhetoric as well. I was fortunate in my growing disgust over sterilizations that I left this evil and did something better with my life. Generations of caste system thinking and our own unconscious eugenic beliefs, and egotism (which young person doesn't feel superior to everyone else?:), Indians are easily sucked into blindly supporting the ABC program imposed our free dogs on the street. Perhaps it is a measure of collective self-hatred and low self-esteem that we allow sterilization of indian dogs and encourage the breeding of foreign ones!

So I did the 'Bad science combining with Bad politics' as much as any Nazi racist. Most 'animal welfarists' admitted in 2004 that we were doing human welfare and politics and it was of no benefit, and actual harm, to the animals sterilized. No insight for them yet, since they've continued 11 more years since that admission!

So yes, I did Darwinism myself, but I'm ashamed of all the unnecessary suffering I caused my beloved animals. A great deal of it was from ignorance, because of which I can't condemn people still doing it today. Morons, unevolved robots but finally just well-meaning idiots who're carried away by a bad idea and don't know how to stop.:(

I recently read an article on China's dwindling population and how their sterilization program was just a complete waste and unnecessary cruelty. Populations rise and fall in all species at their own pace (13.4 yrs for frogs, I read). Forcing it down or up doesn't change the cycle - the animals in our case just die of post-surgical complications which reduce population - in China's forced abortions and single-child rule it just increased isolation.
I have a different view of Life on maturity. I hope. Though it's also scatty enough and judgemental enough to be irresponsible in its own right :p, so not looking for a higher ground, just a different, kinder one.

  • It isn't genetic as much as a belief in karma, living out the karma we inherit from our own actions and rebirth for animals and humans. (I doubt if breeding controls can apply any influence there.:) Just so that there are no leftover darwinisms creeping in:
  • I don't believe in sterilization. 9 out of 10 animals born die anyway within 1 year in nature without nurture. If you are nurturing, even a foreign breed pet, you should sterilize your dog (not the one on the street!).
  • I don't believe in the 'perpetual struggle' and competition. I've seen that it is a weather-related nervous response. Homeopathy can alter that, and Bach flower remedies like Cherry Plum remove that fight/flight/fright drive almost entirely. If the weather is even, all the animals live harmonously with each other.
  • I also believe in helping the weakest survive, and thrive, since that is the only way to improve life in living beings. The 'survival of the fittest' is something I totally reject as dumb. When the weakest survive, they seem to develop an immunity to deep disease and aging, while those stronger animals succumb easily to disease later in life. So Darwinism has got that completely topsy-turvy - it's the weak who survive who develop the capacity to adapt, change and grow.
  • Finally, I truly believe there's an entirely different mechanism at work in the life energy in living beings which absolutely changes the material body to its needs. This is where energy medicines like Homeopathy and energy healing methods like Reiki are so much in tune.

Full moon and full ears: Lachesis

I've been avoiding the animal remedies for vegan reasons (I think that cruelty like the snakes being 'milked' for poison is criminal as much as crushing live ants and bees and starfish is evil even for homeopathic doses) as well as because I am still trying to work my way through plant and mineral remedies in the natural world.

But I still have a bunch of them that I've bought when dogs were dying and I was desperate in the past.

The surest cure for ears full of smelly fluid that I've seen in the past is Lachesis 200 and higher (brown dog in Broadway Police Qtrs). A couple of doses seems to be all it needs during the full moon cycle (3 days before full moon).

All the higher animal remedies work well during this period of the full moon cycle - Lachesis, Crotalus, Naja, Apis, Formica, etc. because the nerve poisons are similar to the nerve toxins our body is fighting and trying to throw out of the spine, brain and nerves.

I'm sure I'll find remedies in plants or minerals that do the same work more compassionately one of these days. But until then, I think that this is like a trace non-vegan element of homeopathy. (It shouldn't bother me as much as it does ... but it does! Like one ingredient in a package of mostly vegan foodstuff, it's annoyingly at the forefront of my mind. I might be drowning in non-vegan stuff in a restaurant, but that often doesn't bother me as much as a tiny hidden ingredient.:)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God complex ... sometimes.

Some of the time I feel that I am on the edge of understanding Life. Sometimes I feel like I'm saving lives - when all the animals are healthy around me. Some of the time I feel that I can only help the healthy, especially when there are sick animals lingering on the edge of dying.

But most of the time I'm filled with doubts about everything I do - from the homeopathy and reiki being adequate to the task, to the remedies I give, to the nutrients, to my energy and capacity.

I mean, how arrogant to think that I'd be able to cope not only with feeding 50 - 100 animals daily and take care and give energy to a dying one? When I was younger, I thought I could do much more than even this!:)

I'm probably growing old just from the fact that I know a few more limits of what can be done in 24 hours. And I'm slowing down. I don't get half the things done that I used to. So my god complex is fading with age - I remember thinking I would be able to save the whole world's animals as a teen if I just put my mind to it. Now I doubt my ability to save even one!:)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gangrene from wounds in cats - Baptisia-Naja-Scut-Scrof works!!

Gangrene is a killer in cats, after cat-fights, dog bites, rat bites, etc. especially during the monsoon. I think lost One-Ear to gangrene a week ago since he's been missing. He'd lost his balance and the ear had rotted away in the week before.

It's such a pity, since the fights themselves are from nervous irritation of the spine and brain from the weather change. [They become jumpy, irritable, suspicious and excitable. The males attack even the females like psychopaths. The females are as bad, getting territorial and flirting madly inciting the fights. Messy season that I dread yearly, ending in the horrible Diwali city-wide fireworks which displaces so many animals ... I hate the whole world by this point!]

Seven days ago, I realised that One-Ear wasn't coming back even though I'd tried Gunpowder cm, 10m (which is Mataji's favorites), Hypericum, Arnica, Echinacea, Ergot, etc. for the two days he was around. He drank all of it, but the gangrene was unchanged and even growing. He gave me that 'last look' that animals often give when they know it's the last time they'll see you - a mixture of exhaustion, sadness, defiance, resignation and courage to bear the end is what it looks like to me (I always think that must have been how Jesus looked on the cross).

Five days ago, I saw Sammy the kitten beginning to get that same look - I was in terror of losing him too. I'd been looking around for One-Ear with no luck. Sammy was sleeping all the time, the rat-bitten paw was swelling up, his respiration was hitched. These are usually the symptoms of worsening sepsis or blood-poisoning before the pain makes them writh in pain. Unlike dogs, cats and kittens die more quickly which is a mercy, but also too rapid to prevent.

Still, I wasn't going to give in - Sammy was well-fed and strong like his brothers, stronger than the average kitten. His eyes began to leak reddish blood-like mucus, his paw was bleeding dark blood and watery, bloody pus a day later. I read up Henrietta's site for gangrene - Echinacea, Calendula, Hypericum, Baptisia, ergot, Secale, etc. again. The only two I hadn't tried were Bapt and Calend. and Sammy was drawing on Hyper 6 of that lot. He drew Bapt at 30 and surprisingly he was drawing Naja 30 and Scrof 3 and Scut 3.

I thought what was there to lose and put a drop of Bapt, Hyper and Naja with the other 2 on his foot. Within the hour he was breathing more easily. He slept better and the improvement began.

Now, 5 days after I thought he was die, he's much more active and his blood is redder than it was before! (He's still not fully recovered - he was coughing this evening, which is a heart-respiratory nerve symptom and I gave him Reiki with Bapt  3and Scut 3, which were on hand, and he's better again.)

I think it's a long way from fully clearing the blood, but this is the way to go for wounds, sepsis and gangrene in weather change. Lachesis would probably be a good follow-up after Naja clears the heart chakra region.

I think this is the combo:
Scutellaria - for the nerves during weather change and full moon
Scrofularia - for glandular hardening
Naja - for the arrested breathing and respiratory struggle of blood poisoning. Probably Lach next.
Baptisia - for the progressive blood poisoning from the wound. And poor blood to start with - one thing I noticed for months now is a blackening on the nose - I think in cats that's a sign of poor blood quality.

I regret not having been able to do this for my big baby, One-Ear. RIP, you.

Unusual earth heat

A friend and I were discussing how unusual weather has been taking lives. As usual we had nothing but our personal impressions to go by - so this is very subjective and not backed by any authority. She knew of 6 people who'd been hospitalized over the last month, 4 of those died. I knew of a number of animals - cats, dogs and rats that had died in the same period of time.

But other than the frequent storms, cyclones and the crazy amount of rain since Jan, we were both discussing the unusual heat. I told her that I must be starting on some kind of perimenopause because I feel the heat from inside me, sometimes to the point of feeling giddy with it boiling up. She said she had the same! And then she said that it might be from the core of the earth rather than inside us, because that seemed to be how her dog was reacting too.

This made us discuss the earthquakes and how they must have some connection to the deeper hot earth-core releasing some kind of inherent heat or radiation that we're feeling from the bones up.

This roiling energy is probably hitting our blocked up energy and pushing people and animals into crises of health which otherwise had settled into chronic conditions long ago. We're simply unable to adapt to these earth changes.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case someone has a similar experience!:)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nothing to say

One big weather front - a cyclone on the Arabian Sea - seems to have passed and taken a few animals lives with it. The grey tabby in Mamta Hotel injured it's lower jaw (broke it clean off the front of the face) and was euthanized. The sick old dogs either died (brown miller's road dog) or were most likely euthanized (shivananda petrol bunk dog). One rat that's been on the edge of life for a month now, finally died last night.

But I know of a number of old people who died during that period unexpectedly too, so even though it took a while for humans to start succumbing to the weather drain, the chronically ill and weakened did.
It's like an evil wind that blows the life force of living creatures away. All the energy methods - reiki and homeopathy - are too weak for the force of this earth change.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Brown dog with gangrene died - remedies that worked

I got a confirmation today after 6 days of searching for the brown dog with gangrene on Millers Rd that he is dead. A watchman of the next compound told me that he saw it 3 days ago dead on the street - probably the 18th or 17th even. My last feeding of him on the 15th was probably the last meal he had.

The turpentine and iodine I'd applied to the exposed bone was too late by then or useless. As was the ergot cm - I might have saved him with a lower potency perhaps?? I've always given the highest they draw at so that they're relieved of the pain and symptoms - maybe that's the wrong approach. Lower would heal the body more aggressively. The Nitric acid 12x I poured on his leg right at the start did seem to heal best - I just didn't have the remedy or he was sleeping on the leg every other time that I saw him. I did add it in different potencies in his food though. He drew a lot of Zinc sulphate and Iodine that I would apply on his back and once Magnesium chloride, but if they helped or not it's hard to say since he had so little time left.
The gangrene was very aggressive eating up a half inch or more of flesh each day on his tail and leg. He might have been diabetic, just like Maya and so many older dogs, for that kind of fast spreading gangrene. Mostly he sat there for glucose biscuits that an animal lover would give him every morning without fail. They need that sugar, but it hurts them in the long run - they draw so much magnesium because it leeches right out of them in the urine. He also drew Rhus vens 50m - here they suggest Rhus aromatica (which I don't have) is good for diabetic ulcers along with Nitric acid 3d, so maybe that also explains the start of the brown dog's gangrene.
I don't feel sad but a kind of relief that he is not suffering and starving somewhere just out of reach. I've been searching quite hopelessly, but doggedly for the last week, and I'm glad that part is over as well. Now I can concentrate on the living who are sick. He's out of it all now I hope he's at peace and running like the wolf he was as a younger dog on some energy level!

Bad news mostly, a little good thrown in

The petrol bunk dog with the mumps and my gangrene brownie from miller's road have been missing. I managed to trace the former to a pick-up by 'a doctor' (probably one of these animal welfare groups who promise the earth and deliver the dog to its death in a shelter. The rascals). My gangrene dog is just not around - so either dead or hiding until the end of this cyclonic weather. I hope it's the latter, but last I saw his leg was eaten to the bone by the lack of circulation.:(

Though I'm sad and frustrated by their disappearance, esp if it was to a killing organisation, I'm equally frustrated that my own homeopathy and reiki are not healing them enough to avoid death, to recover. How can I fuss when I've reached a kind of limit with what I can do with my meds? At least let veterinary medicine try it's damnedest. This isn't the first time gangrene has beaten me, though this is the first time the mumps has been so very stubborn. The weather and earth changes make all the simple remedy solutions of the past too weak to do any work at all. What worked before in 2 doses or so now hasn't worked over even 3 weeks of giving it.

I heard of 6 people sick or dying that have had chronic problems - so the weather is beginning to pick off the weakest among us as well. It's activating the acute stage in so many who dragged along for so long.

All kinds of inflammatory and septic problems showing up in the cats too. One of my cats whose ear was chewed off, came after a week with gangrene-like wasting around his ear down to the skull. Sammy, a kitten who used to get dragged down by the weather, is now showing a swollen, probably a broken leg or bone inflammation. Wits end about it.:/ Given gunpwder 200, echin 200, arn 1m, hepar 200 to Sammy and One-ear, but nothing positive to show it has worked yet.

The good news is quite minor: I am usually too sick to feed the dogs so regularly during the rainy season. I have sore throats, fevers, colds and general weakness that saps me so much that the street feeding suffers. I also smoke about double my usual quota during the monsoon. This year I'm surprisingly healthy. If I am anything to go by, my animals are all collectively, in the majority, better off than they were last year.

For all my dogs and cats, and the few sick and dying, I hope they can also recover and thrive like I'm doing.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Many doubts

Turpentine oil remains a big problem to me - they draw Terebinth in homeopathy, but all the sites on turpentine oil say it is toxic to dogs in quite small quantities. There was this very thoughtful article which said that Vitamin C could do what turpentine does much more safely.

Another thing that worried me is that when I gave a few drops in milk to the dogs, they rejected it. They've never objected to its use on their skin and even in cooking it with castor oil into the meat and rice. So what could the matter be? Well, I'm setting it aside for now.

The second worrier is Iodine. Do the cats react to it or not? If they do, from Tollu's response when his throat got paralyzed before a storm, I can't add it to the meat, only the rice. But the dogs don't draw it much through Reiki - not as much as the muriaticums or chlorides - so what do I do? They react well to it on the skin and diluted in the ears - should I stick to that?

The third big worry is the vitamins. I add them, but I can't seem to make out how much they need. They simply aren't similar to any of the homeopathic acids, so I can't figure out how to add them to the diet. I know they can be harmful given in the wrong quantity.

Most homeopathic combinations are necessary for only about 3 days of a moon cycle. Though I've grown confident enough that I'm not doing harm by giving dogs combos unlike in the past, this constant cyling of remedies is still something I haven't got down right yet - even after 2 years of keeping track! Part of the problem is that I realised at long last that the moon cycle begins at the Last Quarter rather than at the New Moon.:)

Also, I have to sit down and work on the plant remedies for the moon cycle to coincide with the mineral and elemental remedies one of these days. It worries me that I'm so slow at putting it all together as my street dogs are aging very fast. I don't want to lose them because I've not got my shit together.:/ I've told so many dying dogs to 'wait, I'm still figuring it out' even up to the point that they die.

My guides assure me that I can heal them all but, they've said that for years. What I'm doing is so inadequate to sustaining life in the sick, I really wonder about their confidence. The only interpretation of their assurance that I can come up with is that I'm not imposing my will on the sick as much (as medical science does and veterinary docs do) and doing as little as is required by nature to aid the process of healing or maybe just that they're dying with dignity without too much intervention? The other explanations might be that I'm giving them Reiki to the end which eases the transition or that my caring is in itself is a kind of healing?

I hate death - I've never been able to deal with it, even in old and very sick animals. Even when it is a relief to them and me when it's over and we can both move on and re-energize. I reject old age and dying as natural progressions - if our mitochondria can be kept healthy, why should we have to sicken and die at all? But how to do it remains a struggle with homeopathy and reiki, even with gross nutrients added.

Like I said, many doubts.*big sigh*

Pleasant surprise!

I was happily surprised to find that Domehead, the red and white female and almost all her 3 generations of kids are still alive! Weaker, but still ... the force is strong in these ones!

I've been giving the brown oldie, all of them actually, Ergot cm (among others like Echinacea, Nitric acid, etc.) since the weakening is in the lower half of the body. The dogs at home are showing the most improvement with less irritation of the skin and ... can't really tell, in truth. They just seem slightly better.

I've been agonizing over moving the oldie home. I doubt if he'll appreciate the change; Gunda here is a real problem dog; my family is so hateful when I have a new dog in.:/

His foot has slowly begun to heal and so has his tail, but he's in poor shape. I put betadine iodine on the two wounds this morning, nitric acid last night, but I'm not even cautiously hopeful. He's a tough guy, and tough guys die hard.

I've been giving him milk in the morning and rice and chicken at night for 2 days now. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gangrene: Ergot and other remedies

I am an egocentric fool. Really. My guides had been showing me Ergot and Secale for about 3 years now as a remedy for all these animals, and I just kept avoiding it. From my reading of it, it has a powerful action on the uterus and because a cat is invariably pregnant and I was afraid she would abort. (I never thought I could just give it to the dogs in the rice which the cats don't touch, duh.)

Apparently, to the eclectics, it is a remedy for diabetic gangrene. My mysterious 'darkening disease' is probably the dreaded gangrene, superficial across the skin and deeper in the lower spine and lower half of the body - the thing killing so many dogs.:(

My guides have repeatedly shown me Ammonia Mur as well, but since through my reading it was for respiratory diseases, I completely missed its role in gangrene, especially superficial gangrene that skates across the skin.

Nitric acid too, I could have used it a thousand times by now if I would have just seen the gangrene forming and not avoided the thought. The dizziness at weather change, why didn't I just see it for what it was - a worsening of the septic condition of the blood??

Today I was looking through Henrietta's natural healing blog doing a search for gangrene for the old brown dog who's tail is just crumbling off, and now has a deep gangrenous leg ulcer. He drew Nitric acid 12 and 1m which I was carrying, and when I read it, the gangrene connection was unavoidable. Actually, it stared me in the face this morning when I fed him.

I doubt if he'll survive, seeing as I'm starting so late in the disease. Why am I so slow to understand homeopathy and healing??! It's as bad as me and trading - I seem to repeat the mistakes I make over and over again with a few variations. Maya's also doing badly, I heard from Charlotte.:/

It was the brief cyclone over the last 3 days near Pakistan's coast that seems to have precipitated the next level of disease.

These are the remedies I should focus on for the coming New Moon, to try and save dogs:
  • Secale cornatum, Ergot - muscular weakness is followed by gangrene of the limbs or superficial parts, which become blackened, shriveled and hard—a dry gangrene, generally ending fatally.
  • Echinacea - superficial gangene that converts to peritonitis; gangrene from unattended injuries; blood poisoning, septic conditions. More to read here about the chronic form which is similar to how my dogs waste away. Maybe eating garbage makes them victims of chronic ergotism or a similar toxic build-up? Here's the link to the homeopathic ref on the same site.
  • Beech - arrests tendency to gangrene
  • Baptisia - retards gangrenous tendency
  • Ammonia Chloride -use with Phytolacca for same glandular conditions; senile gangrene, for circulation; colitis.
  • Salix nigra, Abies can., Terebinth,
  • Nitric acid - on gangrenous wounds;

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vitamin B2 or DHA to the mitochondria

I've been very unkind to most nutrients by saying they haven't done much - I've seen Magnesium being great for my animals, Zinc too has been awesome and Iodine is also very definitely helpful. Manganese, turpentine, castor oil and activated charcoal and kaolin are more subtle but they've been good too. Copper is one that I can't make out, and Flaxseed oil is too subtle as well. Silver nitrate and nanosilver are both good but I am too afraid to use it often.

So nutrients have definitely done their bit in improving their diet and preventing the development of disease. But not curing them. This is where I understand why it isn't an integral part of medicine - once a disease begins, just balanced nutrition doesn't seem to do much.

But when I was reading about nutrients, I read somewhere that instead of using dangerous levels of minerals (can't recall the mineral mentioned), a great deal can be done with using Vitamin B.

My trials with it were not very clear, so I put it aside (also because of the debate about Vit B use for animals). Just yesterday I read about Vitamin B2 or DHA (Dihydroascorbic acid) and an easy way to make it. This is more easily absorbed directly into the mitochondria by the glucose receptors, and improve immunity more directly - it may even have protective effects on the brain. This is the combination I'm looking for - mito, immunity and brain-spine-nerve remedies.

Here's how to make it from earthclinic:
"First add 1/4 tspn of ascorbic acid(1 gram) to the water. Then add 6 drops of Lugol's Iodine. You will notice that the iodine in the water turns from brown to clear and that's because the ascorbic acid is oxidized and converted to DHA while the molecular iodine is reduced to clear iodide. The last thing you add is the baking soda -- add this until the fizzing stops. Now you have an oral solution of sodium ascorbate + iodide + DHA in ascorbate form. Cheaper, convenient and effective."

I've given this to my dogs 3 times and it does seem to be reducing their itching at night - which is amazing. I'll add to this post when I have more about it. I'm giving it to the dog near Shivananda circle petrol bunk (but Maya was taken to Charlotte's house yesterday, so I can no longer treat him except with distant reiki).

Friday, June 5, 2015

Turpentine in use

Maya is drawing turpentine oil on and off. I applied it on the skin twice, today the second time, but I'm terrified of it because the web literature is so horrifying. All advice against it for dogs and cats, like here and here (Periera, 1854))claim that Turpentine will kill the dog or at least leave it staggering, sluggish and sick. It should leave skin ulcered according to one account - god forbid.

This is the one site that actually says something positive about it in actual use - and it's for farm animals in Australia (to save them from paralysing ticks). The other positive indicator for its use is when it has been used as a wound healer in some sprays for animals with castor oil and an explanation here (turpentine healer).

I've found the homeopathic Terebinth to be universally drawn by dogs and cats when they're sick, in shock or with kidney and worm issues. 6x and 10m is what they usually draw it at.

I'm more uncertain about using the actual turpentine, but they do draw it. I've been putting a few drops in their food with no ill effects on either dogs or cats. The toxic dose is supposed to be about 818 mg according to one site.

The problem is that even though there are no ill-effects, I can't see any positive effects either - nothing obvious at least, among all the new things I've been trying all at once.:/

With most of the nutrients this seems to be the problem - I can't see obvious good effects, though there are no real ill-effects. The one exception might be Magnesium Chloride - they all did improve considerably with it in both food and transdermal therapy as did I.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Maya: Paralysis and incontinence

Maya, from the Sampangi Ram temple on Cunningham Rd, got paralysed yesterday. Or at least, the paralysis that has been at bay for years now has finally caught up with him and he's unable to use his hindlegs. About 3 weeks ago, he became incontinent, couldn't stop his urine from flowing. I thought at that time that the end was near, but now I'm fairly sure of it.:(

He wouldn't eat yesterday, but this morning he had a little milk. The remedies he's drawing are: Arg nit 10m, 1m, Cherry plum (bach - afraid to let go, losing control), Arnica 30, 1m, Rhus tox 30, Gunpowder 6, Causticum 10m, 50m, Hepar 200, 1m, Merc i r 30, Teucr 6, 30, Calc p 6, Ricin 30.

I'm painfully aware that while I've been able to hold animals at this point indefinitely (until gangrene sets in), I've never been able to cure one to date.:( It even scares me to try and fail.

One thing I noticed though was this. Today is full moon day - virtually everything I've applied on the skin remains - nothing is drawn through the skin during the full moon cycle!
Rule: The only remaining option in this case is that this period is used by the skin to eliminate. So this might be the time to apply eliminative substances on the skin to clear it.
Rule: The new moon cycle is the opposite - The skin functions to draw in nutrients during the new moon cycle. Every oil and iodine, magnesium, etc. I've applied on my dogs during that cycle has been absorbed.

So today I've applied activated charcoal on Icy and Kenchu to see if it will heal their skins. If it works, then I'll try it on Maya. The job is quite messy though - my hands are black and the dogs (Icy is white) look a dirty grey. Might this be a good time to apply castor oil and turpentine too? I hope so - both are eliminative. I have to work my way through what works and what doesn't.
Charcoal doesn't clean well at all from fur! Especially not with a damp cloth.:/ So I've probably got to nix that idea. I won't shampoo them, so charcoal is out.
Graphites 3x is the one Maya's drawing the most along with Rhus 6. I'm only worried about aggravation since they're so low in potency. Still, it might be in low potency because it's the full moon, so I'll wait and see if he'll draw it higher soon.

7 Jun - Maya was taken to Charlotte's house last night, so I can no longer treat him. I'm giving him distant reiki all night though and he's drawing Cherry plum and Physostigma cm. Spinal remedies.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kitten, Dogs sickening and dying again :(

This has been a horrible start of the monsoon. Actually, all the way from winter, we've had terrible, unpredictable weather - it seems to be an earth change with the earthquake thrown in. It just feels worse than the previous years. I know my Reiki's been weaker than ever, and the homeopathy barely works. The earth energy changes are too strong for these delicate energy corrections, probably.

Today the watchman at the Rama temple on Cunningham Rd told me that Maya, who's lost control of his urine for two months now, is being taken to a vet I don't much like much, for treatment by Charlotte, after which she would take him to her home until he dies because the priests there are trying to get rid of him. This is probably the last I'll see of him, the sweet guy. But my homeopathy didn't help him even a little with that problem. Five years ago we became friends when one dose of Psorinum 30 made his problem improve greatly.:(

The tough red guy near Canara Bank, past Cant Vet Hospital has been having a failing liver for about 8 months now, longer, but I haven't been by to feed him in almost as long. (My guides are right that I've wasted a lot of my life being self-indulgently exchausted when I could have been healing dogs.) I was shocked to see how thin and gaunt he'd become two weeks ago. I've fed him for about 10 days now alternate days at least. His liver looks almost fully sclerosed. Anyway, since the rain 2 days ago, he's disappeared. Probably dead.:/

The fertile mother and two of her kids, the tall brown and the red and white, on the same road are other  dogs I haven't seen. I saw her black male, her youngest brown, her tall red and white on last friday. I'm hoping they're only missing and not dead.

My cancer black and white of the same road, Corporation building, is gone and most likely dead.

The white old male, Basha, with the glandular problem, who was with the wheelchair beggar, has died. Probably a month ago, but he claims it just vanished - really bad attitude I'm getting from that guy, like he didn't care. When I offered him magnesium chloride a month or so ago to apply on the dog he said, "I can't touch him."

The white limping dog in front of the bus stand has been missing for 3 weeks and probably dead.

And to top this list of missing and dead, Sundari's kitten, the one we 'rescued' from the empty house next door was playing happily around the sofas until the day before the rain and vanished - midday 2 days ago was the last we saw of her.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vitamin A Palmitate problems

28 May - I've found a report that is positive for Vit A as retinyl palmitate here which answers a lot of questions and cleared up my doubts ... thank you, SuperNutrition for putting it together!

In reality too, I've found (over the last two days only:) that adding Vit A as a tablet to the food seems to help the animals cope with the weather change. Kenchu especially who I gave the 50,000 IU tablet before I read the scare-pages seemed to handle the rains last night better than ever before!

The four symptoms mentioned -- vision, breathing & skin problems, bone loss and immunity weakness -- are all related and I have dogs that progress from one to the other rapidly.

Icy developed a swollen joint, following skin problems which followed immune weakness and has finally developed cataract. Kenchu's progress was different - he developed bone weakness (jaw), followed by weakened immunity, followed by a total loss of hair and oedema. Cats develop them in a different order starting with respiratory and breathing and progressing rapidly to oedema.

Maybe this is the one thing I'd been missing in their diets - fingers crossed that it continues to prove the solution to the weather problems dogs have and helps with the whole complex of disease symptoms! What are the chances that vitamin A was all they needed?:) So excited about the possibility!
I finally found a good and cheap source of Vitamin A to supplement with - and I immediately find out all the horrible effects of using it as a supplement and isolate!:) Here you can read about all the good things vitamin A can do for the body and all that's wrong about getting it from pharma instead of natural food sources. Read it and weep!

[Still, I'm just going to include it with some fruit and vegetables and hope for the best, the same as every other fortification I'm attempting. If I see terrible effects, of course, I will stop. Small amounts are supposed to be less toxic, so I should be able to do it without harming any animal.]

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animals, weather and other problems

I've been struggling, as you all know, to help dogs resist weather, moon cycle and season change - that's what this blog has been about.

I was confident I'd find the solution in homeopathy with the help of Reiki, but along the way I recently realised that my homemade diet was inadequate in many ways, so I got into fortifying with nutrients. I'm hoping that with that base covered, I'd be able to pinpoint what they need in homeopathy to heal completely.

The moon cycle has been by far the easiest to understand. It's simply regular enough to pin down.:) Also, I've spent a lot of time on it. The nutrients too fall quite easily into the cycle - the electrolytes around the peaks of full and new moon, the nutrients building around the full moon cycle and the detox stuff around the new moon cycle.

Seasonal change too can be slightly overcome with magnesium and a bunch of plant remedies, at least, the fall to winter, winter to spring changes so far.

The weather has been the hardest.
Zinc and Copper certainly have a role in alleviating their suffering - Magnesium seems to increase it (paramagnetic!:).

Surprisingly, or maybe not, I think the AgNPs I used has helped them. Yesterday I used a bit of a splash rather than a teaspoon, and the slightly larger quantity seems to have helped them. I need to see if AgNO3 is even better since that's what they actually draw in Reiki rather than Arg met. The Castor oil might also have helped as I've used it, mixed with turpentine oil, flaxseed oil and rice bran oil. Iodine might have helped too. But I can't make out, since I've done it all in one go.

I really have to take it one at a time and not pile solution on solution. I just get too worried about them to take it slow - I want them all better all at once asap. Unscientific and also not very helpful to the greater number in the long run.

Castor oil again

I'm understanding a bit more about how castor oil works. Apparently this Ricinoleic acid is a rare fatty acid, omega 9 and unsaturated, that works on the lymphatic system. Maybe it is toxic in large doses internally, but externally supposed to cure all.

There are three convincing things for me to like this remedy - 1. I read that this is the same fatty acid in ergot (secale) which the dogs draw a lot of (but I don't give since my cats are always pregnant); 2. They draw Ricinus as well, so there is an energy need for this oil. 3. I particularly like a couple of explanations of how it works on payer's patches and therefore digestion and what could happen if you didn't use it (edema), especially combined with this lymphatic diagram.

I've watched one dog, Kenchu, through many stages of the disease before his skin went black and his hair fell off - all the way from the time he was a puppy. I knew it was edema, but I didn't know that the lymphatics were the cause of edema. Now it seems almost obvious that the fluid must be lymph, but at that time I used to think ... plasma, water, etc.

I also saw how much it hurt him to digest food, now because I understand vaguely about the payer's patches, I understand why those two went together.

The diagram itself gave me great hope - Kenchu's body first thickened and blistered between his shoulderblades, an area of lymphatic drainage and nodes (collateral subcapsular?). Icy's began from around his lower back and spread down the sides of his abdomen (he nuzzles his stomach and cries). Again the diagram accurately records these areas as lymphatic regions. I've seen many dogs have a hard lump in front of the hip which connects to the spinal cord. I used to think it was a toughened muscle - now I'm thinking it might be lymph nodes. Icy used to have it, and he'd have a peculiar walk where the leg wouldn't move smoothly - it must have been from the spinal fluid not transmitting signals right.

You can see in this manual with directions how the spinal cord is somehow involved in the lymph system as is the abdomen for the final drainage.

"When castor oil is absorbed through the skin, several extraordinary events take place. The lymphocyte count of the blood increases. This is a result of a positive influence on the thymus gland and/or lymphatic tissue. The flow of lymph increases throughout the body. This speeds up the removal of toxins surrounding the cells and reduces the size of swollen lymph nodes.

As toxicity is reduced, the pH of the saliva becomes less acidic, indicating improved health. The Peyer's patches in the small intestine become more efficient in their absorption of fatty acids, which are essential for the formation of hormones and other components necessary for growth and repair." from here.

I've half-heartedly tried it before (on Sonu, when she was dying of cancer), but this is the first time I'm giving it a serious shot. At first I applied it with turpentine, which reduced its stickiness a bit, but now I'm mixing that combo with rice bran oil and flaxseed oil to thin it further. This seems to be a better combo to apply - more free flowing, and the dogs don't seem to mind it. (They didn't mind the castor oil in all its sticky glory either, for that matter, but this makes me less reluctant to apply it.:) Also it brings the omegas -3, -6 and -9 to the body.

More later.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Moon transdermal

There's no real research on adding Magnesium chloride to Lugol's or Potassium Iodide, so I went ahead and addied a bit anyway -- at worst it should halogen exchange and become magnesium iodide.:)

I added maybe 1/50th of the Lugol's to the Magnesium Chloride. I also added a bit of Cupric chloride and Zinc Sulphate to the solution (about a 1/20th). Yes, a sulphate ... but I haven't opened the Zinc Chloride as yet. Still, the mixture didn't react, so fingers crossed. Waiting to finish one before I start on the other. So this could be a cupric iodide or a zinc iodide also.

It's interesting and worth writing a note about because this combination is the softest on the skin that I've ever used. Perhaps I've hit upon something here.

I've tried it on myself and Icy, and none of the usual itching or burning.

This could also be because I've noticed that the transdermal absorption is better during the Last Qtr-NM-First Qtr period. Maybe we ingest our nutrients during the Full Moon cycle, and absorb it during the New Moon one, since it is more closely allied to rising water in our bodies. Even the castor oil + turpentine mix seems to get absorbed during this period.

My silver nano experiments update

I had made three green synthesis experiments with my Argent nitricum. The thing that amuses me is that it is no different than our homeopathy - we have nano particles from vibration and shaking or crushing, silver NPs are trying to do the same.

The first of my experiments was on Garlic extract by a process of chopping the garlic, letting it age in water for 2 hours and then adding AgNO3 and setting it aside for 48 hours. Smelt awful and after 1 week in the cupboard - the darned thing developed mold!! So garlic, at least by that method, is out!:) It obviously can't withstand fungal intrusions.

The second was KrishnaTulsi. It still smells good after a week. The leaves were boiled and then filtered and AgNO3 added and kept aside. It changed colour and I'm giving it to the dogs today after drinking it myself for 2 days a tablespoon at each time. Got to see how the dogs and cats and birds take to it.

The best and sweetest smelling was the one I made with lemongrass! Again chopped, boiled, filtered and cooled before adding AgNO3. It looks good and smells better than both the others. This one I plan to repeat often.

I've used it for laundry and it seems to make that smell great too!

I've made very weak solutions since I wanted weak AgNPs, small nanos. My silver nitrate solution is also 1/50 mol since I planned to add it direct to the food, so that's not too concentrated either.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Elimination-1b: Castor oil - Turpentine oil New Moon cycle

[Unblocked] I've been experimenting with castor oil and turpentine for this New Moon cycle. I add a teaspoonful in their food and they don't seem to object to it at all. I'm hoping it will prevent putrefaction and gangrene and help chelate some of the toxins by speeding up the passage of stool.

One of the problems that dogs and cats die from seems to be inertia of the intestinal canal from ... a lack of mucus? worms leaving wounds that then become gangrenous? Something like that. Stools become hard and dry and white. The sweet Kempi from the Rama temple died of constipation after 2 months of showing everyone how bad she was. Charlotte even gave her an enema hoping that would be the end of that, but I knew it was a deeper condition and yet didn't do enough to save the poor creature (I carry guilt like this for almost every dog that dies, but the homeopathy and reiki I give just stops short of being enough). Kempi improved with ... Ant tart or Ant crud ... can't recall now, and then died just when I relaxed and stopped giving it.

And this gangrene and toxic build-up in the intestines and worms and poor gut flora and putrefaction seems to be more between Last Qtr to New Moon and First Qtr. This is the time they draw Ricinus, Terebinth and many anti-putrefaction remedies along with dewormers like Sabina, Sabadilla, etc.

From reading on the net, turpentine oil and castor oil are usually given together. A very small amount seems to even keep the food fresh, so they act as a preservative as well.

One surprising thing for me was to learn that even as I gave these to them, the first two days without the added nutrients, I realised that the nutrients are necessary. They didn't eat the food as well without nutrients and just with castor oil and turp. So then I figured out that maybe the nutrients are a must, since they'll be losing out on so much of it when the gut pushes food out faster without absorbing as much.

I've increased the fiber as well, but added ginger and turmeric in it, both of which are gut-related, to the food. They love this entire package and gobble up their meals.

I don't know how Ricinus works (since allopathy claims that it is toxic) since it isn't absorbed in the gut, so maybe it just lubricates. Terebinth oil should heal the gangrenous internal parts according to homeopathy and the eclectics, as well as expel tapeworms and pinworms internally.

Edgar Cayce used to use Castor oil as packs around the abdomen and the lymph glands, so I've tried to apply it to the skin of the dogs at home around the time of the weather change (before and after the 2nd Nepal earthquake) and it did seem to help their overly active immune system calm down somewhat. Packs are really impossible - and even applying on the skin might be a waste to try since it won't help my street dogs. But the dogs itched a bit less and took the change more in their stride. Anyway, one or two applications isn't definitive, but a start. The astonishing thing for me was that everything I applied was absorbed! How weird is that??! If it's really toxic, it shouldn't be so readily absorbed, should it? Allopaths may have it wrong.

They draw a lot of other stuff as well, but only way to find out is to try one or two at a time.:) That's the update on the week for now.

Argent Nitricum and NanoSilver

Even though the dogs draw a lot of Argent Nit in homeopathy through Reiki, my courage to try it ran out as soon as I bought it. I drank it once, applied it on Kenchu's back  in a spurt of enthusiasm, and then read about silver toxicity - esp exposed to UV - and saw the famous blue man in the US and lost my courage.:)

It is a very reactive salt. So I hunted around to find a way to make it less reactive and finally ran across the amazing nanoparticle green synthesis research going on around the world, but especially in India. This green synthesis is remarkably simple - make a decoction of any leaf, preferably a useful one, pour in the silver nitrate, wait a while until it changes colour and you've got the nanoparticles. The less concentrated solutions give you smaller NPs, the more ambient temperature gives you better shapes and stability.

Anyway, last week I made some from 1. Lemongrass, 2. Tulsi leaf and 3. Garlic from three studies I'd read about their synthesis.

I kept it aside until I found a way to impregnate fabric with it. Most of the techniques need boiling or glucose to set it or shaking. I decided against all of them and instead used it in my washing cycle for the dogs sheets and my clothes. I've put it out to dry in the sun, so lets see how sterile they make them tomorrow.

I used just a cupful - and my mixture was very weak on the silver, so not expecting much.

This nanosolution of tulsi smells amazing! I was tempted and took a sip - I'm feeling surprisingly good after it.
But from all I read, one study found that gut microorganisms actually increased when given a very small dose of nanosilver! Larger doses killed them, as did silver nitrate, but this kind of contradictory finding makes me leery of trying it on my animals just yet. Not only does silver accumulate in the tissues being a heavy metal, it can't be applied to the skin because of its UV propensity. So I need to learn to chelate heavy metals first before I go there.

But as an active disinfectant, it would be superb for me. I can wash all the animals clothes in it, I can put it on all the furniture and walls and floor to keep them free of bacteria and some fungi (there are some that aren't affected by silver NPs) and prevent them from infecting each other to the best of my ability.

I haven't figured out how to put it on the furniture yet, though, without getting my hands exposed to it and possibly have them go blue over time! All my gloves leak when I use them.:( Maybe I should spray it on and not touch it?

So ... it's just laundry for now, which is good enough. But very excited by this project so far!:)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Elimination -1: Turpentine and Castor oil

I had a lot to say, but I overthought it and now I'm blocked!

Turpentine oil seems to be the remedy for weather change, but I read so many objections to its use (most sites say it blisters the skin and adversely affects health) that I'm trying to use it as little as possible.

That's when I added it to the castor oil.

The castor oil is interesting because of Edgar Cayce, who links it to elimination, lymphatic drainage and the digestive. But again the many cautions on the net seem to prohibit regular or extensive use (death by ingestion of the oil, incessant diarrhoea, dehydration) so it has scared me off a bit too.

The combination seems to work well - the little I've used it. I add it to the food and have applied it on Icy' and Kenchu's stomach and groin area, instead of packs. I've decided to do it a few times, once a day only, to see if there's any long term gain.

That's it for now.

Friday, May 8, 2015

So far and what's next

So far ...
This journey from Homeopathy and Reiki to Nutrients has been a crazy one - one that I would never have seen coming. If not for Magnesium Chloride and the rage in the west for it, and the months that I had puzzled over Peppy's deep drawing of Mag mur, and my accidental foray into Mitochondria and the nutrients they need - I might never have taken this journey.

I'm close to the end of it. I've premixed the nutrients. I could add a few others - sea kelp (natural iodine), brewer's yeast (natural B complex)/probiotics, alfafa powder (natural chlorophyll), choline (well, eggs might do it), fish oil (natural omega-3), etc. to make it more potent, but I've put the main ones in.

I'd like to use the DMSO as well, and a few others I've bought, but no rush. I'm almost there.:)

What's next:
Now that I'm sure I'll not be messing up with the main nutrients, I can go back to figuring out the homeopathic remedies they need. So far I've been finishing off a lot of the tinctures I've bought over 5 years, the remedies that are down to a few drops, and those I rarely use, etc. to clear my shelves for those that I'm sure about. I've been adding them almost 8-9 at a time to the food, depending on how much is drawn in general that particular day.

So far I've come to believe that homeopathy probably does the same work as these nutrients, but in a more exact and subtle way, with fewer side effects.

Still, I know that mag mur didn't cure Peppy, so some of these macronutrients need to be given in large enough quantities early enough to prevent death. The quantities they require are so large, the deficiency so deep and the body struggling so much, that homeopathy can be too little too late at that point. At least, the way I've been using it - maybe there's a better way.

But I think in the plant remedies and the detox remedies might play a key role in how healing can proceed at times when the body is not absorbing nutrients, but trying to dispose of waste material. That's got to be key - half the moon cycle is eliminative, and a period when the body needs to rid itself of toxic substances.

Remedies like Terebinth, which the dogs draw desperately, can be given during the cycle and turpentine oil can be used with castor oil as well to help throw off waste. Iodine too should do a great deal to help in elimination, as would soda bicarbonate. 'Chelating' waste and toxins can be done with activated charcoal as well - I just have to figure out how. Silver nitrate or Arg nit, another remedy they love - have to figure out when it will work best and if the homeopathic or material doses will do the best job. Tellurium is another remedy that seems to work as a trace element.

In 3 days I will have to try and do this, since the elimination cycle begins. Prevent gangrene, waste disposal, gut cleansing, kidney cleanse.

More when I know what works!