Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rachetic bones in dogs - Hekla lava 1st Qtr - Full Moon

Ok, so tuberculosis transforms to scrofula, which is connected to rachitis in puppyhood, and most street dogs are rachetic or had been. In fact, I think distemper is rachitis when the body can't make the necessary changes from childhood to adulthood.

I've just realised that Hekla lava, my old favorite that have haven't returned to in 2 years, may be the key to curing this disease.

I've had one unforgettable cure of a stunted street-dog from the Cantonment slum. I saw it being bullied by a bunch of larger dogs, shooed them off and chased it down (ruthlessly:) to feed it. The only remedies I had on me were Hekla 200 and 30, so I dumped a lot of it on two pieces of meat and threw it to the victim. He had twisted, short tough limbs and large head so figured it would be right for him.

I didn't see him for 6 months though I searched and thought he was either chased off or dead. But I lo and behold!ed when I did see him!;p He had a fresh and shiny coat and was busy in courtship with a very elegant female looking sparkly and new and tough. I've tried it several times since with no visible success so gave up on it.

But today I think giving up was a mistake - the problem must be when we give the remedy, not to whom.

I've seen several dogs die of apparent 'cancer' of the penis, with bulbous growths on the penile bone that I think might have been helped by this remedy (especially the brown Loop Road darling who disappeared). Most of the males have problems that look like urinary infections which are probably just ulceration of the penile bone. I always thought it was syphilitic but now that I read about scrofula and rachitis, I'm making a new connection to what the problem might be.

I gave Hekla after Ancient drew it like crazy during the night. I had picked it up by chance to check against other remedies. So I gave it to all the dogs in milk this morning. Seems to have helped them all through the unexpected storm. (Ancient needed Cuprum met as well, so I'll include it in the food for this evening, he was drawing both at 1m wh).

So as a Rule: Bone remedies 3 days after the First Quarter to the Full Moon.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The point in using the Moon and Tides in healing

... Other than the fact that they're there, of course.:)

The dream for me has always been to be able to heal a whole bunch of street dogs to the point where they can live long, be strong and and be well respected in their communities. In a way, I have found it happening slowly. (more here**)

But the slowness of healing has left out the sicker, more desperate cases. Those have died simply because they aren't getting healed as fast as they are breaking down.

My dream is to heal in a single moon cycle all the cases in one area and move on to the next. This is so tantalizingly close that I can almost taste it!

My newer dream is to heal dogs through the tidal charts and heal in a few days what would otherwise take longer than the time they have left. This way I can bring very sick dogs home and heal them and release them. Right now they stay until they die, poor things. Ancient is my first attempt at this kind of healing.

He's been with me 4 months and is definitely weaker (can't walk), but the fits have stopped, he's more responsive to affection and reacts less violently to storms and the moon cycle. I'm hoping I can build up his strength again and see him go back to thriving through the tidal charts.
**People are kind to well-behaved, patient, sweet and smart street dogs. That only comes with health and trust. Homeopathy in healing them and the regular feeding makes them very attractive to people on the street. And these beggars don't miss an opportunity!:p

My dogs really don't need my feeding so much anymore - they have dozens of food sources - college girls that they pander to, truck-drivers, morning walkers, Jain ritual feeders, construction workers, rag-pickers, a few softhearted pet owners and most especially cops.

Just 6 months ago a wild, crazed, hungry beast of a male showed up opposite the CM's office. I fed him but he was so used to acting the cavedog that he'd ignore me and forcibly take the food from all the dogs around. (Attacking these totally tame babies was so unnecessary - they pick at their food and would have given it away!:) This went on for about a week, and then he calmed down and put on some weight, losing that starved concave look. I yelled at him a few times and he paid attention, so I knew he could heal from whatever hell he'd come out of.

A month or so ago he stopped coming to eat regularly. I was worried and went looking for him. To my astonishment, that guy was in a tight relationship with the barracade cops - they feed him and he guards the barracade and patrols the area with them.:) Made me so happy to see him settled and appreciated! Now he comes by to eat occasionally, once or twice a week, but he's polite, waits for me to put the food for the others first and is all-slick and cool dudish.:D

I find my area's cops are the best animal lovers around, for the most part. The CM's office crowd (about 40+ at one entrance and 12 at the other) take care of 4 dogs, the Windsor Square cops take care of 1 dog, the traffic inspector alone takes care of 1 small dog. The Highgrounds police station has 2 dogs, the BWSSB circle cops have one white. The cops in Shivajinagar Broadway have over 6-10 dogs in their care, at each station. Those in Vasanthnagar and Palace orchards are all kind to these local, fellow guardians of the street.

I think they're all cops reborn! I must take pics of these really karmic cop-dogs for the blog.:)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Silicea inadvertently

 Silicea is a remedy I dread like so many other (mercurious, calc carb, etc.) but since Guillion swears by it, I tried it on Ancient. I had only 3x and 10m, relics of a time when I was more mineral-remedy confident.

He drew it very strongly in 10m. So I decided to give him reiki  with it instead of a dose (like, reiki might protect him from the aggravation. I hoped.:). Well, that dog moves around so much and yowls for help to turn that I accidentally spilled almost all of the bottle on his bed.:(

So far no adverse effects. But I know it is a slow acting remedy and I'm dreading the next few days. So many consider it a follow-up remedy to Thuja that it might do good. But I've seen a few dogs die from it high and have over-reactions to it low, that I would have avoided it if I could what's done is done.

Ancient actually began recovering from the day I gave him Bac 30 (2 days before the Quarter moon). I wish Id done it sooner, but his body dipped so low on life force during the New Moon that I didn't have the confidence to give a nosode then.

Nowadays everything I'm giving him I give thinking, "better to try than to regret waiting until he dies." His vitality is wavering so much.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Using minerals to heal

I've almost got it down to a T.:) The time to start using minerals is about 3 moon days after New Moon, between 2.7 and 3.7 in the moon cycle.

I've started with the two nitogen-based remedies - Nitric ac 6 and Ammonia mur 6. This appeared to be the exact combination that all the dogs needed, because they barely reacted at all and all of them were at peace.

But the very next day they weren't drawing those anymore. So I looked around for other remedies they might draw and settled on the metals. The dogs don't have enough alkalinity to start further up the periodic table. All dogs love the set with Cuprum Ace, Arg Nit (most of all!) and Aur met so I've given it to them in 6x - I could have gone higher but thought I'd stay on the safe side. I could have also done them one at a time starting with Arg nit, but I'm trying to speed up their healing, so took a risk. This set did bring up an aggravation (being less acidic) but it was shortish (about 20 mins). Maybe 4 moon days is too soon to switch from the more acidic to less. I put Ant crud in because ancient was drawing it.

Ancient is also drawing Acetic acid which is strange. Not sure why. Milder acid because he is weaker than the rest? Is it a nerve acid? Got to check that one out.

The big surprise is how he drew Teucrium m. 200 (I mistook it for Tellurium which I was checking in 3x, which he was drawing) at low tide. I read up on it and it is a tubercular remedy for tuberculosis of organs, glands and bone! So at low tide we can presumably still use plant remedies, but probably from the higher plant families.

I also checked out Silicea which he is drawing at 10m - I'm too afraid to give it to him. It is what Guollon recommends for scrofulous above all things. I'm just giving him reiki with it for now. That's the update.