Friday, December 26, 2014

A new system

I've just started a new system hoping to be able to locate remedies that I need faster. My earlier system was clunky, so this is a big improvement (though it doesn't cover my other problem of trying to locate the general plant family group - but one problem at a time).

I stopped posting the monthly moon cycle chart because it was clunky and really not much use to me as it was. This I hope will make a good reference even into the future. (I might even redo the last few months to fit it if it survives and thrives.:)

The advantage of this is that I have to put it in a form that connects it to chakra. And more, the front and back chakras, which is visually very quick to review.

I'm no longer going, "Now why did I give that??" I have a place for notes on the side but those are not all that useful from what I've seen in the past. I need to know which remedy connects  to the animal's disease and where it helps. There are very few remedies that work all over - Bach remedies do that, they're not very chakra related, and immunity remedies like Asterias come close - but the only ones that work all over are those that they're completely lacking in their system.

The other advantage is that I have room for 14 different remedies. I always felt it was excessive when I used the other system, but in this it might just make sense to use many remedies to cover/activate many chakras.

More on it later.
I've already seen a problem I'm creating - just putting remedies in without any checking on chakras. This happened today - the dogs were just drawing a bunch of remedies without even getting near the chakras, they were that hungry for elements. One thing I can do is just white out the background, remove the fill, for those remedies.

Dogs eating mud and Muddy dogs = Seratonin

I recently read in a gardener's book that playing in the dirt increases the Seratonin in the body. Bacteria in the soil produce it.

Seratonin is valuable to the gut for digestion and the brain for producing Melatonin, the sleep cicadian hormone.

So don't get into a shampooing craze when your dog rolls in dirt or eats dirt, it will try to use it to regulate it's intestines.

I always knew eating dirt was associated with worms, but didn't see the bacterial connection or the Seratonin angle.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ledum and Kalmia analysis (and Rhododendron, of course)

You know how crazy I got over Rhododendron for it's healing effect on dogs that reacted to windy conditions. And then got scared to use it after Kitpit had epiliform fits when I gave her Reiki with the remedy at 6x. I've avoided all Ericaceae since then, even when it seemed really desperately needed.

Around that initial honeymoon period I unsuccessfully tried Ledum and Kalmia (though in very limited potencies - I had only 1m in Ledum and 3x in Kalmia) and didn't get a strong enough reaction.

I tried the Ericaceaes only because the smallest breeze would set Ancient screaming, even when he was warmly wrapped and deep inside where there was no draft - his nerves were so attuned to the environment. Ancient devoured Ledum 1m through Reiki! He doesn't draw Rhod as much.

This is my thinking now:

Rhododendron for High and Midlevel Winds (I mean high as above the ground in in km weather terms - MLW:) and effects the brain and upper spine.
Ledum for Low Level Winds - shooting pains down the nerves and extremities
Kalmia for Low Level Winds - shooting pains upwards and centered around the heart (like angina)

In the moon cycle
This is just a premise about how it should be used (I still only have those few potencies!). I think Kalmia should be used in the cycle.
Rhod is safest used in high potency at the New Moon and at the bottom of the tide valley, because of its major influence on the brain;
Kalmia is to correct that as energy begins to work its way up towards the heart, so maybe better to give at the crest of a wave and at the Full moon in higher potencies or very low potencies in the rest of the time.
Ledum seems to work at high potencies at the New Moon because the "shooting down" period as passed by, even at the low tide

Street threats

I was feeding all the dogs down the road on the railway parallel road towards Cantonment this morning at about 5:30 am when the dog in the temple (Ram temple?) next to the playground was on the street. A priest had just thrown a bun at the dog when it ignored it completely and raced to take the two pieces of chicken heads that I threw in passing. He began by gently telling me not to throw meat near the temple, and when I said my usual inarticulate and defiant and inciteful, "nothing will happen if I throw this outside, surely crows shit nonveg into the temple", he grew increasingly abusive. Then I said those shastras were created centuries ago to prevent disease and that I was a brahmin too.

That earned me a bunch of threats from that priest for throwing meat outside the temple and he says that he'd get the "public" to beat me up! lol. I yelled back that he was mad and he had the job he did because he was so ignorant.:)

I seriously lack social pr skills ... but seriously, someone give these lugs a truth pill about their importance in the Universe.

I find that I get threatened with all kinds of male egos getting dented for street feeding - whatever their verbal justification of their imagined domination.:) I get threatened by muslims for feeding dogs outside their houses (their Allah doesn't allow them to be near dogs - so wrong!); by house-proud owners who want even the pavements on the street outside their home with no sign of dog occupation; by Jains for giving the street dogs they feed bread and biscuits, meat. I get threatened by Guttahalli rowdies for feeding dogs on the main road near their car (! haha!); I get threatened by Vasanthnagar rowdies (Raj or some such) if their dog runs up and tries to eat what I put!!

I get threatened almost 3 - 4 times a week ... though it's down from 3 - 4 times a day 5- 8 years ago. Gratitude to other dog feeders for that - I no longer appear unique.

Dogs eat what is tasty, what they've tasted before and feel better after. The homeopathy remedies in the food makes what I give unforgettable - especially as the lame dogs begin to walk on all fours again or those with cancer or respiratory disorder. These remedies reduce their suffering - that is indisputable.

The humans around who want to tell me how to do the things I do can go to hell. They won't do, but they won't let anyone else do for the dogs either. This is why I'll never heal humans - they really don't deserve it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Himalayan Pink (Sea) Salt

I've been adding a whole bunch of other things into their food and I keep thinking ... why not salt? I eat so much salt in my daily diet and I deprive them of it!

I've found out about the best salt there is for rehydration and health is the Himalayan one. Check it out here. Apparently it has all 84 minerals that are needed for health. I'm going out shopping for it today! Super solution to a problem that has bothered me for a long time - I've always felt it was unfair to keep salt out of their diet.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why I love Clarke: what works for animals, works for all animals.

For a long time I was stuck with Boericke. Clarke's books (some 4 fat, tall and heavy books with small type) were hard to take to bed or read even in ordinary light - the type was small, the book heavy and the material very detailed.

Along came the mobile and Manohar's android app and it totally set me free to pick who I read! Much gratitude to inventors and app makers.:) I loved Clarke and Nash! Finally homeopathy came together as a science for me even though I'd been doggedly reading and learning every remedy for over 5 years.

But why I am repeatedly drawn to Clarke is because he mentions animals. And what's more, whenever he mentions animals, you can be sure the remedy is good for your dog or cat!

If it says "Ledum was given to animals who draw their leg up tight", then whether it is a cow, deer or horse, it will be a good remedy for when your dog draws it's leg up tight and hops around in pain. That's how great it is for veterinary purposes!:)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Scrofula again: a review of the book

 Let me do this right this time.:) The book is "Scrofulous affections and the advantages of their treatment according to the principles and experiences of homeopathy : described and demonstrated by numerous examples of successful cures" Goullon, H. (Heinrich), 1836-1906., Tietze, Emil.

(Gosh they really DID titles once upon a time! If I did that now for my blog posts, my readership will once again drop to 1 view a week.:)

The first and most important point of the book for me is that Scrofula is a Tubercular transformation (which I'd already noticed in the dogs).

I played around with the idea that it was connected to Syphilis (around the time Nuttu died), but the remedies for syphilis hardly ever get drawn while Tubercular and Sycotic remedies are drawn in abundance.

Bacillinum remains a major Reiki draw most of the year, with Psorinum taking up as winter comes along. Carcinosin is a major draw as well, but not year round. Syphilinum transformed a suffering, stunted puppy into a handsome tall guy once (but too tall, which is scrofulous as one author put it), but Psorinum does that transformation routinely and better. Medorrhinum I've never had success with to date, though dogs draw it on and off especially those whose kidneys are failing and are paraplegic - doesn't save them though.

This author vetos the idea that Scrofula is syphilitic, for which he has my respect, because despite the similarities in the attack-sites, the energy of the disease isn't syphilitic. It is repetitive and recurring destruction, virtually unstoppable. Aurum was what led me to follow up the syphilitic path, and he mentions it as a major distraction as well.

The second major point is that it is a product of the Lymphatic malfunction (which I'd already realised:). The root cause is a digestive malfunction - the body being unable to produce the right body elements in their natural perfection. This Count Mattei had already articulated in his electro homeopathic theory, which was why I was reading the book in the first place. He believed that the scrofulous and lymphatic are the only two states for electro-homeopaths to cure. I didn't understand either, so here I am.:)

What's new to me in the book is that both Cancer and Tuberculosis are alternate or developmental states of the same digestive malfunction - which makes so much sense!

Unfortunately for me, the book lists remedies that are heavily on the element and animal side, rather than plant. But some anti-scrofulous picks are wonderful - he chooses Carbo animalis over Carbo veg which is something I've noticed with Reiki too. Clematis over other Ranunculae. Cicuta for the nervous system. I find interesting connections to electro-homeopathy in Euphrasia, Dulcamara and Teucrinum. The Baryta mur instead of the Carb is my pick too, and Hepar out of all the Calcs. Aurum is another I love and It makes me realise that we each have a piece of the puzzle and unless we put them all together, we're never going to save lives.

The remedies I have trouble with are many as well. I haven't had much use for Silicea which he swears by. Calc carb too, the dogs don't draw (except in cm, which I'm afraid to give!).I haven't found Conium drawn at all, I would put Hydrocotyle in its place instead. Dulcamara is a remedy I'm afraid of since it brought up an aggravation that killed Lassie in 200x, and didn't cure the others.Lycopodium (moss) rarely gets drawn, the animals' energy prefers Bovista and Secale (both fungi that rot seeds).
Again, I see the mitochondrial connection in everything we do homeopathically. They are literally starved to death. Mitochondria are from the sea - they need sea elements. All his elements are sea remedies: Hepar (oyster shell), Spongia (sea sponge), the Chroms and Bichroms, Calc carb (sea shells?), the Kalis, the Nats, the Bromine and Iodine.

Scrofula must be like scurvy in reverse! lol.
I haven't read through enough of the case studies or the remedy-by-remedy analysis as yet, but he appears to use them in grain doses (gross medicine). Here are three lists (the same in 3 forms): first, the short list, then the general list  and last the case list of scrofulous remedies he uses.

Short List:
  • Plant: Lycopodium, Rhus, Teucrium, Viola tricolor, Conium, Dulcamara, Euphrasia,
  • Animal: Apis, Spongia,
  • Sea Element: Ferr iod, Acid nitr., Arsen,  Aurum, Baryta mur, Bromine, Calc carb, Carbo ani, Carbo veg, Ferr Iod, Hepar, Iodium, Kali bichrom, Kali chrom, Kali hydriod, Mercurius, Nat carb, Phos, Silicea, Sulphur,

General list:
  • SKIN    Calc carb, Dulcamara, Hep sulph, Ferr iod, Kali chrom, Lycopodium, Merc, Silicea, Sulphur, Viola tricolor
  • EYES    Acid nitr., Apis, Arsen, Baryta mur, Calc carb, Hepar, Merc, Rhus, Aurum, Euphrasia, Silicia, Sulphur
  • EARS    Calc carb, merc sol, sulph
  • NOSE    Aurum, Calc carb, Teucrium, Kali bichrom, Nat carb
  • MOUTH    Merc sol
  • GLANDS    Bromium, Conium, Hepar, Kali chrom, Lycopodium, Merc sol, Apis, Calc carb, Iodium, Kali hydriod, Carbo ani
  • BONES AND JOINTS    Calc carb, Carbo veg, Mercurius, Rhus, Silicea
  • LARYNX    Bromine, Hepar, Iodium, Kali chromicum, Phos, Spongia
  • CRANIAL (Hydrocephalus)    Ferr Iod
  • PECTORAL CAVITY    Carbo veg, Kali chrom, Phos
  • ABDOMINAL CAVITY    Arsen. Baryt. mur.
By disease name:
SKIN    Impetigo figurata     Cal. carb.
    . Pemphigus     Dulcamara.
    . Eczema capitis     Hep. sulph. cal.
    . Eczema rubruin     Ferrum jodat.
    . Eczema capitis et faciei     Kali chrom.
    . Verruce     Lycopodium.
    . Eczema impetiginodes     Mercur.
    . Eruption on the face     Silicea.
    . Impetigo capitis     Sulphur.
    . Impetigo larvata     Sulphur.
    . Crusta lactea     Viola tricolor.
    . Abscess on the lower leg     Silicea.
    . Abscess     Silicea.
EYES    . Blepharitis phlegmonosa     Acid. nitr.
    . Ophthalmia scrofulosa     Apis. Acid nitr, Arsen, Baryta mur, calc carb, Hepar, Merc, Rhus
    . Keratitis chronica     Aurum.
    . Ophthalm. rheumatico-scrof.     Aurum.
     . Blepharoblennorrhea     Cale. carb.
     Spots on the cornea,     Euphrasia
     Opacities of the cornea,     Euphrasia
    Ophthalm scroful     Hepar
     Ophthalm neonat    Sulphur, Hepar
     Ulcus cornesa perforans,     Silicea
     Cataract after suppressed tinea,     sulph
     Ophthalm scroful     Sulphur
EARS     Otorrhea,    Calc carb, merc sol, sulph
NOSE     Ozoena,    Aurum
     Polypus,    Calc carb, Teucrium
     Fibrous polypus,    Calc carb
     Coryza chronica,     Kali bichrom, Nat Carb
MOUTH     Aphthe,    Merc sol
GLANDS     Mesenterial glands,    Bromium
     Hypertrophical gland,    Conium
     Axillary gland,    Hep sulph
     Hypertrophia of the tonsil,    Kali Chrom
     Cervical glands,    Lycopodium
     Angina tonsillaris,    Merc sol
     Struma,    Apis, Calc carb, Iodium, Kali hydriod.
BONES AND JOINTS     Gonarthrocace,    Calc carb, Carbo veg
     Periostitis,     Mercurius
     Luxatio spontanea,     Rhus
     Caries of the right metatarsal bones,     Silicea
     Luxatio spontanea,     Silicea
LARYNX    XXI. Croup    ..... Bromium. Hep. sulph. calc.
    LXI. Asthma laryngeum    ... Iodium.
    LXII. Croup    ....Kali chromicum.Phosphorus. Spongia.
CRANIAL    LXIX. Hydrocephalus acutus    .. Ferrum jod.
PECTORAL CAVITY    XLIX. Broncho-Pneumonia    ... Carb. veg.
    LXXVI. Catarrh with hoarseness    .. Kal. chrom.
    XCI. Bronchitis capillaris    ... Phosphor.
ABDOMINAL CAVITY    XI. Atrophia infant.    .... Arsen. Baryt. mur.
    XIX. Atrophia     Calc. carb.
     " femoris,     Dulcamara
     Scarlatina scrof     Phosphor
     General scrofulosis,   
     Convulsions of scrof     Silicea
     General scrofulosis,     Sulphur