Saturday, December 20, 2014

Diet notes: A peculiar observation on super-feeding

I've had a strange but consistently strange experience with feeding my dogs.

The basic diet:
I've been adding a few drops of homeopathic liquid remedies (in alcohol) in the food that I cook - around 5 - 10 kgs chicken waste (heads, legs) and 3-5 kgs rice after in the soupy water. To this I add a little cooking oil and sometimes wheat grass powder, spirulina, biochem, calcium pills, epsom salts, tinctures, iodine, ayurvedic digestive meds, etc. Some days I add carrots, basil, spinach (basale), grass, whatever I can cut fresh. One thing a day, if I have it.

Dogs love it! (They gobble up the food with much gusto, wait all night to have a few morsels and, poor things, often go hungry as I don't have enough for the 100+ who wait all over. I go twice - once in the evening and once at night or in the early morning and that's all my limited energy can do. I wish I could do more, but hey, I'm only one and I'm glad when I see two or three others on the road doing the same but it's beyond me how to go further.)

Ok, so that's the setup. Now for the super-feeding bit.
The peculiar thing that I've noticed is that the dogs I feed last seem to heal fastest. This has always puzzled me - it's the same food, it's even less in quantity than I give the dogs at home and close to home. But I've noticed this for over 5 years and put it down to them being stronger to have survived on the streets for so long.

But this can't be true - some of them are visibly weaker than the dogs at home.

Now I have a new theory: perhaps the food, which decays somewhat by the time I reach the 3 am - 5 am set, is not the key, nor is it the remedies or tonics. I think maybe the bacteria that decay the food are altered by the remedies and nourish the food further. When THEY are consumed, they offer a kind of fermented super-processed product of the remedies. The remedies have altered these bacteria and are easier to absorb for the distant dogs, healing them faster than the ones who get the food first!

Just putting it out there.:) I need to try and resist feeding my dogs and cats at home first and keep them waiting until much later to test out this theory of healing!
Update 24/12:
It does seem to be more processed - either by the decay time or by time and bringing up less of a reaction in the dogs at home. I give them 2 pieces at the usual time but, and immediately dish out the rice and then feed them at 4:30-5 am just before I go out a second time to the street dogs.

I've thought of giving elements to the plants and then feeding dogs those plants for a similar processing in a previous post. This must be a non-veg version of the same.

Friday, December 19, 2014

More clarity from Scrofula: Wunderlich's description

I'm reading this and putting some of the fascinating and horrifying details of the theory of scrofula here from the same text as the previous. I've never really read a description like this before - I've never quite understood Gravogyl's types - most authors have just stuck to the superficial (blue eyes, etc.) and personality traits which are useless to me to heal animals.

It fits really well into the mitochondrial theory - that areas rich in mitochondria are the last to lose their function - so the brain and spine are the last to go, but the most devastating of all. Wunderlich has this terrifying step-by-step description of how the disease spreads:

" the processes upon the skin, then those of the mucous membrane, then those of the lymphatic glands; fourthly, the affections of the bones and joints; and, finally, those of the fatal termination of scrofula,-appearance of tubercles in the brain, the lungs, and other internal parts" 

This direction is so true for dogs that I'm astonished (yeah, like healing started with me, and no one else has eyes to see!:) So if we look at each step this disease deepens (in my words - they're all so articulate and unsuccinct, you can read the original there):
  • Skin: Starts from wounds healing defectively and slowly, skin loses hair, grows thick and especially smelly pus in the ears. This lasts till the end and is actually a safety valve.
  • Mucus membranes: eyes, nose have chronic mucus, stomach and intestinal catarrh (vomiting whitish bile) with semi-paralysis (paresis) of the intestinal musculature (constipation, whitish-greenish stools, little balls); bronchial catarrhs.
  • Lymphatic Glands: Most common; throat, neck, axillary and inguinal, bronchial and mesenterial glands have a hypertrophica thickening, and firm infiltrations with a diminution of their functional capacity. Even thyroid, kidneys, ovaries, testes, etc.
  • Joints: malignant development starts with swelling and pains.Frequent relapses become chronic and the synovial membrane becomes affected, and it may end in firm deposits beneath the latter, or in puriform exudations in the cavity of the joints. Fistulae, necrosis, and morbidity.
  • Brain and nerves: Tuberculosis may become general; or tuberculous deposits in the mesenterial glands take place; next in the brain and its membranes, in the bronchial glands and lungs. Finally, ulceration of the bone, congestive abscesses, morbus Brightii, and the development of stearosis, may occasion death. Even in case of a cure there is inclination to relapses.
At each of these stages, I know a dog today struggling with  scrofula. But what most breaks my heart is to hear that before the brain is affected, the mesenteric glands develop deposits. THIS was the swelling I felt in Kitpit's intestines -- not that the intestines were full! This is why she could barely move and she kept drawing Hydrocotyle and the Umbelliferae - to reduce the thickening, hardening and blocking of the lymphatic drainage!! I could feel the little veins.

Ahhh, how this knowledge hurts! And I took her to the vet and they anally violated her. How I hate the ignorance of veterinary medince - and for so many years I've depended on them to tell me tales!:((

I need to console myself that I couldn't have saved her anyway. And if she was made to suffer unnecessarily by the vet visit, it was done in a desperate bid to save her life, not to make her end painful.

Anyway, worth knowing these stages, so we can figure out how to prevent them or if not (like in the cases of my dogs) how to heal them back from here.

Connection between the Lymphatic and Scrofula constitutions

This has always been my problem with separating the parts into healable portions. As we heal the lymphatic elements, the scrofulous comes forth rapidly and takes over the case, leaving you with a dead animal.

Those struggling with distemper and it's manifestations (cholera, etc) will agree with me. That's why they say there are three forms of these diseases: respiratory, digestive, nervous and in dry (chronic) and wet (acute) forms.

Inflammations follow changes in the immune system which follow mucus membrane problems - and the other way around.

Good to see the connection more clearly. From here:
  • Enlarged glands (the maxillary glands, especially) are frequently considered as being identical with "scrofula." These turgescent glands serve, no doubt, as receptacles of the scrofulous elements and products which are directed against and inimical to the normal composition of the blood. 
  •  From this now results forthwith a localized, new, scrofulous inflammation, with all the terminations possible. 
  •  On account of the evident connection of scrofula with the lymphatic vessels ... The lymnphatic system is an appendix of the venous. The main trunks of the lymphatics run into venous trunks, and smaller lymphatics even are said to open out into veins. The structure of the larger lymphatics agrees with that of the veins in many points. 
  • The lymphatics originate in certain membranes (e.g., the serous [mucus]) from closed nets of a much larger diameter than that of the capillary nets of the bloodvessels; while in the connective tissue, on the contrary, they begin with free openings in the interstices of the tissue.
  • The lymphatic system, and especially the lymphatic glands, are the principal, and, as it seems, primary seat of the scrofula.
So we can't go with just healing one and not the other - the problem is to figure out which one is uppermost at any point.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

More discoveries about Electro-Homeopathy, Lymphatic and Scrofulous Constitutions

Ok, I came across this website and loved the whole point of view - and the way it adds more clarity to the theory. How I wish more electro homeos would write!! They seem to suffer from no writing skills at all and too much self-praise. I wonder if all of them are male.;D

The great charm of Homeopathy, Bach and Biochem is how inviting they are for every layperson to try them. I tried my first homeopathic remedy on a dog when I was 12 yrs old, maybe even younger, with my mother's help! AND she let me put the same in my mouth to see how it would feel!

Enter electro homeopathy and they're as secretive and dark and obscure as witchcraft! There's no invitation, just huge warning signs, "Do not try this without a qualified EH!!" while at the same time assuring us that all their remedies are safe, harmless and gentle. I'm like ... what? If it's safe, harmless and gentle why not let everyone try it on their own???!!

Still, a great deal more clarity from reading this (in my own words from the article):We are made of Lymph and Blood and the malfunction of either or both creates disease. They are altered (beginning in the child) as in miasms.

Ask two questions:
1st, is the presence of the disease in the lymph, or in the blood?
2nd, what organ does the disease affect? (not necessary to ask, since it would require tests:)

Blood diseases:
Scrofulous constitution.
The diseases springing from Psoric virus will be cured by S series (scrofulous), assisted if necessary, by A series (blood vessels), by the P series (respiratory) or by the C Series (for completely diseased - chronic, cancer).

Lymph diseases:
Lymphatic constitution.
(He doesn't elaborate further. The author gets distracted at this point with warnings to continue the remedies for a long time.:)

So I return to Hahnemann and his followers for the two types - Lymphatic and Scrofulous:
Pure Lymphatic – Re-activity of the lymphatic system (adenoid and tonsil irritations; splenitis; swollen lymph nodes; irritated appendix; catarrh with exudations; eczema; acne; flakey, dry skin; dandruff; asthma;coughs; bronchitis; sinusitis; diarrhoea; arthritis; vaginal discharge; eye irritations; fluid retention).

Healed with remedies like:  
  • The carbon group include Am-carb., Calc-carb., Carbo-v., Graphites, Kali carb., Natrum carb, etc.. 
  • The Natrums also have a tendency to phlegmatic states Nat-c., Nat-chlr, Nat-m., Nat-s. 
  • The Ammoniums, and Antimoniums also are similar as demonstrated by Am-c., Am-m., and Ant-c., Ant-t., Animal remedies include Asterias Rubens, Calcarea, Sepia (water creatures) and Apis. 
  • Many anti-sycotic remedies also are similar as there is a connection between phlegmatic states and sycosis : Agnus Cast., Thuja, Asterias rubens, Natrum sulph., Calc carb., etc.. 
  • Plant remedies include Aloe, Dulcamara, Pulsatilla, Cyclamen, Thuja, etc. 
 The Scrofulous from this article:
The scrofulous diathesis is a constitutional state favoring the development of inflammations of all kinds. He may develop tuberculosis of the lungs when construction favors it, and the eating and other habits develop the necessary toxin poisoning.
The cure is to build up lost resistance by rest, and to correct the sensuality.
It is obvious that the state of resistance--the state of enervation--must range from one nearly normal to one of almost no resistance at all. The question of cure, then, must be a question of determining to which class the patient belongs. If to that of lowest resistance, the possibilities of recovery are nil. A perfect treatment will secure the most comfort and the longest life possible, but no cure. Those with full resistance can be cured when in the first stages of almost any disease, by simply correcting their daily habits.
Scrofulous subjects should be in the open air and sunshine as much as possible; and, if they desire comfort and a reasonably long life, they must be moderate in all things.
From here: scrofulosis is that dyscrasia which always aims at the formation of purulent exudations.

More later, but interesting so far, yes?:)

Something new on healing Ancient

I just found this article connecting Rickets, Epilepsy and the Lymphatic constitution unfortunately not from homeopathy.

But this is so interesting because Ancient has a rickety frame, probably infantile rickets, and he has a kind of puffing breath at times which is apparently from a thymus enlargement according to the article. It's also supposed to be connected to an enlarged spleen. Epilepsy develops from a combination of the three.

I could try to do something with this knowledge. He's stagnated, with no strength to walk and falls at every attempt.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I got up this morning with this A-ha feeling that I was this close to finding the way to healing animals! I had the turning of the tides, the earth's movement around the sun (seasons), the moon's movements around the earth (moon cycle) all fitting into a cycle that made perfect sense in terms of our chakras and reactions to remedies.

I wrote it down fortunately because as the day wore on my sceptical side kicked in and doubts began to fade that utter confidence a bit.:)

It is almost as hard to write as anything, because it is simple and yet complex to describe. The seasons are related to the chakras in a larger cycle similar to the moon cycle and the tides are just a smaller version of the same. I only need to fix remedies or at least families of remedies to each and I'll be done.

By chakra and Reiki:
The front chakras are different from the back ones - this is where I've been making a mistake for a few years now.
The front chakras are all organ, fluid and tissue remedy related. 
The back chakras are all nervous, brain, spine and probably muscular related.

Here's another area I would constantly confuse - The higher chakras are healed best by the older plant families and the lower by the higher plant groups.
Higher potencies of the lower plant families at New Moon, and lower at FM, lower potencies of higher plant groups at the NM and higher potencies of the same at the FM.

By season
Another area that I didn't really get was what to focus on in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Those four roughly corrospond to the root, front solar plexus/heart?, crown and back solar plexus/heart?. We also should use the lower plant groups in the winter more than the upper ones, so there's a bias downwards in healing.

I guess it's all just a bit hazy now but a gif or two should clear it up for all of us. Soon, soon!:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Changing tracks

I've been distracted from Bach remedies by using Electro-homeopathy, but I like something about both. Both allow you to mix and match remedies which makes it much easier than Homeopathy's compatible, inimical and antidote schema.

In fact, the 'antidote' set is completely confusing from author to author with Boericke using it to denote antidotes to the remedy you're reading and Clarke emphasising the remedies you antidote with the remedy you're reading! Weird that - always made me feel butterflies inside trying to figure out what to use. If you ask me, when you read a remedy, you only want to know what to give if it doesn't suit the patient - that's what we look for in the literature. Who cares what else it can antidote if you have to seach in hundreds to find what will negate the aggravation in your patient after using some remedy? Bah. And nothing more gut-wrenching than to read it was 'inimical' to the previous after you give a remedy! It's enough to want to quit healing!

I'm much more comfortable with these methods that say all of them can be used with each other. How very supportive of a healer and her efforts!! Kudos to Bach and Mattaei and Schussler!

But changing tracks isn't really permanent for me - I'll get back to Bach when the weather changes settle. Bach simply isn't upto healing the violence of the effect of weather change on animals. It is great for healing along the moon cycle lines and that's what I'll use when I have a bit of a break from these constant temperature, pressure and seasonal fluctuations. This winter has been especially hard on the animals - it's been the warmest winter in over a hundred years, but windy, changeable and uncomfortable for the animals.

Monday, December 15, 2014

LQ or Changeable Weather?

This is the Last Quarter. I've found that Ancient is drawing the whole gamut of remedies from Thuja cm, Allium Sat 30 to Echinacea cm, Ascelepias 30 to Aesculus Hippo. 30. I only checked the category remedies from Electrohomeopathy, but I was surprised.

The reason I think this is so vast is because:
1. It's the balance of the Quarter Moons - the extremes of full and new moon don't offer such an opportunity.
2. They're each covering one category of the body's functioning: Metabolism, Lymph function, Constitution, Tissues and Elimination (Intestinal). Perhaps they'll always be drawn together so that the healing is wholistic.
3. It could just be pre-weather change is so taxing on the system that they needed all the remedies together. It's like all those times that I've been unable to heal because the dogs drew so many remedies I didn't know where to start or which ones to give (nowadays I believe we should give all the remedies that are drawn, not one at a time).