Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mitochondrial diet for the Dying: dogs and cats

The most terrifying sign of dying for me is the 'sinking'. The skull gets more defined, you can feel the edges of the bones and the dog either loses memory and sticks to a few familiar habits or loses other capabilities (sight, hearing, consciousness, urinary control, muscular control, spasms, yowling, etc).

The progression is fast in distemper, and slow in old age but they're both related to mitochondrial death in the spine and the brain, the same as in multiple sclerosis (as explained by Terry Wohls - previous post).

I was very much hoping a 'mitochondrial diet' would be possible for the dogs, especially Ancient and Kenchu who've both lost brain-mass to disease. In Ancient's pic, I can easily show the 3 areas that are sunken - his pose is typical of those losing brain-matter and spine-matter.

The question is how we reverse this, or if it is even possible to reverse it with diet or homeopathy or Reiki.

The diet would be simple: Sulphur, Magnesium, Iodine, leafy greens, some veggies and a bit of sun (for vit Bs, Es and Ds, about 20 mins).

But the complexity is in the doing: getting them sunned is a nightmare of finding a safe place; they don't draw Sulphur all the time and Magnesium is very alkaline, Iodine they don't draw at all but instead draw the Murs (Chlorine) and Florides.

Dogs don't have all the veggies and cats even less - carrots they like and occasionally will eat cabbage and cucumber - but no onions, peppers, beans, peas, etc. I need to remember to buy them the veggies regularly as well.

The leafy veggies is the easiest for me - I can just pluck grasses and greens from our terrace garden. Many kinds of spinach, clover, etc are easily available there - just the weeds alone are all very edible and healthy since I make them into a massappu once in a while myself. Moreover, my mom has bought a whole lot of spirulina and wheat-grass powder a few years ago (so expired!) that I've taken to giving the dogs of late.

I've been putting a capsule of Spirulina in water in his bottle for Ancient for the last two days and he does seem better for it. He's remembering to lick-swallow correctly and to eat-chew after when I give him food. [Yes, he's as bad as that - he can't always recall how to do anything except yowl and scream in primordial terror of spasms].