Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saved from Gangrene: Ancient's eating solids again!

I'm super-thrilled. I thought he would die but he's still alive, though not walking. His feet still look blackish and are peeling and tucked up, but he's just eaten a little solid food with gusto. This would be my very first gangrene case saved ... if he lives and thrives.

The remedies that brought this about is Phos Acid 3, Ars Met 6 and Bismuth 30. All thanks to my mother, since Ars Alb and Phosphorus are on my "afraid to use" list! She insisted that it would help him and it did. I'm so afraid they will euthanize the dog or cat that I rarely reach for it.

Today he drew Cicuta 3 and Hcot 3 as well, so all of them got those. I used Rescue Cream on his feet which seemed to give him much relief (Resuce+Crab Apple + Aloe vera gel.

I think in cases of gangrene, the problem is that the intestines don't work, then the food putrifies and the toxins get stuck in the body. That's why they smell so bad. Like dominoes, everything knocks off everything else: the liver stops producing bile and the immune system literally goes haywire, overloading the kidneys until they stop functioning and then the white blood cell production reaches a peak and then the joints start leaking with pus. The bone marrow can't do anything else, so the blood lacks the red blood cells and those that are already in circulation start breaking down and become black and unclean from a lack of liver function.

Well, I guess the way to stop the process is to catch the disease early - when the nervous system is getting overloaded with Asterias, Hcot and Cicuta; then when the body breaks down and necrosis sets in between new moon and full moon, around first quarter, start with Cu Met/Ace, Arg Nit and Aur mur then you go with the elements like Ph acid, Ars met and Bismuth towards full moon.  

On second thoughts, this probably has more to do with cloudy, stormy weather and change of season than the moon so read as:
"the way to stop the process is to catch the disease early - when the nervous system is getting overloaded building up to a storm with Asterias, Hcot and Cicuta (maybe even Mags, Calcs and Kalis); then when the body breaks down and necrosis sets in during the storms, start with Cu Met/Ace, Arg Nit and Aur mur; then you go with the elements like Ph acid, Ars met and Bismuth after the storm passes to rebuild the wrecked nervous system support."

I made the above change when I was thinking about it - flower remedies were simply too gentle for the cyclone's effects, Asterias, the plant remedies were just too strongly drawn to help (except for Cicuta unusually), the sea-animal remedy coped until very close to the storm, but the elements really shone through the weather effects, esp after.

This is probably because they loose material quantities of phosphates, etc. under stress. Or because they don't need alkaloids so much as acids. Or maybe because the earth elements link them closer to the electrical nature of the problem. The nerves are the primary tissue affected.

Got to figure out why, but for now my weather/storm ideas circle around the elements, my moon cycle around the Bach flower remedies and the animal and plant remedies somewhere in between.:)

More on this later as and when he recovers, if.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miss a beat, lose the rhythm

I've just realised something important. Probably.

Ancient was drawing Argent Nit in the Quarter Moon and I didn't give it - since I'd sworn off using the elements until I understood them better. I shouldn't have tested Arg Nit at all except I was desperate with his ear-splitting howls. Now he's drawing Aur Met which is the next on the periodic table.

This morning he was drawing Phosphoric Acid 3x. Just out of curiosity I tried Bismuth which is in the same line on the periodic table (sharing the same characteristics) and yes, he drew it in 30 potency! Bismuth Subnit even has this under Extremities: "paralytic weakness especially right arm. Itching erosion near tibia and back of feed near joints. Cold limbs." That's his picture now - the excoriation of his ankles is dead-on.

He was probably a Phosphoric Acid puppy who grew too fast, developed nervous exhaustion, then the fits and seizures began and in the healing of which it went into the Bismuth state.

Rule: The childhood needs develop down the periodic table as the animal ages. The young can be healed with the basic B, C, N, O, F and the infancy stages of chronic diseases as well. But if you miss that time, you'll need to go down the periodic table to catch the disease in it's later stages and arrest it.

And anoher possible Rule:
  • Left to right from New Moon to Full Moon because it's Alkaline to Acid,  and 
  • Top/New Moon to Bottom/Full Moon; though I'm not sure about this - though the Arg nit in the Last Qtr and Aur in the FM for Ancient does seem to point to it. 
  • At Full Moon, higher potencies for the higher element (lower on the table) and lower potencies for the top row of B, C, N, O, F, etc.
 Somehow the Bach Remedies followed by the plant remedies, interrupted by two animal remedies (Crotalus and Asterias especially) brought on the use of these element remedies and their fullest expression. So maybe this should be a rule too, to clear the picture on a case:

Rule: Start with Bach Flower Remedies, followed by plant remedies, then animal remedies and finally element remedies.

My blog can be RSSed

I finally made my blog available for subscription by RSSing it. My main motivation came from Google's Newstand where there are not many blogs on homeopathy, reiki or dogs, let alone the combination. I wanted "Homeopathy, Reiki and Dogs" available on it.
At first I was writing this more as a memory-aid to learn how to heal dogs, not repeat my mistakes with one on the next sick dog. But over the last year there's been a lot of visitors - up to 50 a day (not just blogger recording my own visits - darn thing can't remember my setting for "don't count my own pageviews" - it even records my posting as a visit some days! I've given up on google doing anything about it.)

So if there are any readers who are in my niche of cross-healing, looking for something to read in the morning, please do subscribe. I probably won't make it any more stylish - not many pics (my animals don't pose for me and I'm a horrible photographer and I don't want to photograph their suffering), but I'm considering doing some stuff to make the blog more readable for newstanders. Clean it up a bit, put a few face-shots of the animals, put a quick remedy-a-day learning snippet, etc. In a while!:)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Two sick kittens hog Reiki attention

A week of purging and vomiting unleashed by this last depression in the Indian Ocean in the kittens (stripes' babies) has come to an end. The two kittens with watering eyes and depressed appetites, amblyopia are both drawing Sil 3 and Aur met/mur 200, 1m. Fingers crossed that they'll survive.

They've both taken to ambushing me on my way into and out of the house hoping I'll sit and give them Reiki from this evening when they had the first dose.:) Looking much better, hopefully they survive.

Deep hole down to the bone under the paw

Poor Ancient, he's now got a deep hole down to the bone on the left of his sole. With maggots in them. (I've been trying to recall when it could have happened - and it was possibly between 25-27th Oct last week when I had the OldLady and two very sick kittens to take care of, that I neglected him. These flies are quick to smell necrosis.)

His bones are so degraded but he's such a tough guy - usually in distemper dogs they're dying at this bone-decay stage. Hopefully he continues to hang in there giving me enough time to try to heal him.

When the cyclone was bad around the 25-28th, I gave him reiki with Asterias 10m around the hip-joint and then a dose of Hepar Sulph cm hoping to help his intense restlessness. It did help. But it must have been the Hepar (or the combination with Asterias) that brought out a furuncle or deep bore discharge.

But I was oblivious to it. I noticed that 3-5 days ago he couldn't walk, kept drawing up his right leg and struggled on his left as well. I thought it was paralysis. I was actually glad, because he tends to hurt himself by crashing into things with his whirling walk. The day before yesterday I noticed some chapping of his heels, but I left it alone. Yesterday I washed and bound his legs up to his ankles in aloe vera gel with Rescue and Crab Apple and he seemed to be better. This morning when I removed the dressing, I noticed it was all bloody in the right paw. I washed it out and a whole bunch of maggots fell out!

I washed a bunch of them out, but there were two or three deep inside where there was necrosis - the flesh grey around them - that I left behind. I'll check it again tomorrow, when I can remove them if they're eating healthy flesh. For now they're doing a natural job of cleansing the dead tissue, 'debraiding' I think it's called (unless it goes all the way through his skeletal structure - when it would be impossible to prevent him from dying of blood loss).

I washed the hole with Clematis (necrosis)+Crab Apple (cleanse)+Hornbeam (weakness), hoped I hadn't hurt the maggots and swarthed the legs again in Rescue cream (Rescue+Crab Apple+Aloe vera gel), dusted the surface with Calendula, wrapped it up and left it.But I was in a state of panic.

In an hour I realised that he wouldn't stop yowling unless I did more for him. Bach again was insufficient for his urgent need (I gave him Elm (pain) and Vervain (inflammation) but he'd just yowl louder). I gathered up my courage saying this was the first tough dog going through these distemper symptoms slow enough that I can understand how to heal it. That it was an opportunity rather than a disaster, for both the dog and me. There's as much room for success as failure, so I needed to go for it.

 So I searched the words "necrosis" and "bone" and began trying out all the hard-core element-remedies that he drew (which I usually avoid). Somehow Bach remedies have given me a kind of courage to reach for these elementals again.

Hepar Sulph cm was the one I hoped to repeat, but it drew less than Sil 3 which wasn't as necessary as  Hekla 30, and then when he didn't stop yowling after Hekla, I gave him Merc cor 6, and still yelling so I found Aur Met 1m to give him a sniff. His yowling stopped, so I'm guessing I've done something right - at last!

He finally had a bowl of soup and ate rice, so he's better somewhat. I know I have to work my way back through Asterias and then the plant remedies when he begins to show more improvement. This cessation of ear-splitting yells might just be temporary, so here's hoping!

If it works out as I hope it will, I might actually be able to heal distemper pups and cats travelling the same road more deliberately!