Saturday, November 1, 2014

Why Asterias and Cicuta work

Ancient's better. I think.

I've been very nervously giving the Asterias 10m, Cicuta 10m and Cup Ace 6 as a combo, but by the evening I'd developed a headache from that combo making me very light-sensitive, and the dogs, especially Ancient seem to be better. Hopefully I'm doing enough right that he'll pull through this developing Indian Ocean depression. Endless, this monsoon!

His legs are literally peeling off from above the ankle to just below it. Weird and scary - I've seen joints leak pus before the distemper dogs die, but this is the first time I've seen a joint and the bone around it heal by redoing it's layers all the way up to the skin.

This is why I think the Asterias and Cicuta work:
Asterias, an animal remedy, and more importantly a sea animal remedy, has a deep bone influence on the upper part of the body of all the homeopathic remedies. I've noticed that the animal remedies all influence higher than plants, probably because they're closer to our evolutionary development. But land animals are more related to higher tissue which sea animals on primitive tissue (probably because of the area of the brain they influence?)
The elements have a deeper influence on the lower part of the body.
The plants fall in between and range across the body.

Now, Cicuta of all the Umbells works on the intestines. The intestines are needed to throw out the toxins from the lymphatic system which washes out there.

That's probably why they work together. Cup acetate 6 works because it is the quarter moon and it is a solar plexus related remedy.

Connecting Paralysis and Epilepsy

Epilepsy as I've mentioned before seems to be nature's outlet for electrical buildup connected to the weather. Not all that bad except that it scares the dog to bits. Ok, so not that great for the sufferer.:) But it can be neutralized with Asterias and Cicuta (adding Cup Met or Cup Ace, Belladonna and Passiflora - would make it Mataji's Soham Epilepsy mix).

I stumbled along somewhat with a few more remedies which he was drawing - Hepar Sulph cm, Hypericum 6, Lathyrus 1m and Hydrocotyle especially.

But if you succeed in that, and you will within 2 months, you will find the dog develops paralysis in the hindlegs, as Ancient has. At least I now know how all the dogs that I've had with paralysis, Blackie, Naina, etc. came to be that way.

He sleeps with his legs drawn up and can't straighten them, or has no strength in them. The paralysis is partial (he stumbles around a few steps on one leg), and resembles polio in humans. I've seen polio survivors who can't straighten their legs out either. His appetite has reduced a little, he's more responsive to my voice (still has that cataract in both eyes) and there's less frequent howling.

I don't know if I can heal him completely, so I'm almost too terrified to try. I know I should repeat the Hepar Sulph, Lathyrus (which is for polio-like drawing up of legs), Hcot and the others but I'm still persisting with the Asterias 10m and Cicuta 10m for now. He's also drawing Cup Ace 6 and tends to crunch mud outside so I'm adding it. Fingers crossed!
Strangely, all the animals are drawing the same combination - the dogs, the cats, the birds, the rats. Is it a pre-winter combo, a resistance to disease, or something all animals need generally? Asterias has something to do with bone-immunity and Cicuta with the spinal-brain connection.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Yet another kitten death and a realization

The last one of the balcony kittens died today. Barely opened it's eyes a week ago. The two kittens born with it died somewhere else.

There's a cat, let me call her Cleo, who keeps her kittens on a neighbour's balcony. The house is empty, but there are regular visits by the servants of the house. Kitpit was one of her kittens.

She had 3 kittens a week before Diwali and the two cyclones hit the subcontinent. Poor thing, she bravely sheltered the kittens with her body through all that trauma - the fireworks, the rain, the thunder and lightning. This went on a whole week.

The exposure and cold killed one the first week. I didn't try to help because she was so stressed and hissing if I even looked their way. Then the servants came to clean and I went to check on the kittens and found she had moved them. She barely came to eat for a week, and now I know why. She came with only one surviving kitten last night and kept it in one of my brother's cars.

I knew that the mother brought this kitten back hoping I'd be able to help it, but she's so feral, I thought I'd give it a night. I ignored it's cries all night and when I checked in the morning, the mother hadn't gone near it. The kitten came to me happily and calmed down with Rescue and a hot water bottle. After 3 doses, it slept into its death.

At the same time, Ancient inadvertently stepped on a very sick rat and it died as well a half hour after the kitten. Ancient himself is very sick hardly able to stand up. The muscles of his hindlegs have knots in them - I've treated it in some dogs in the past but I can't recall the remedy ... physostigma or lathyrus or something else?

The post-cyclone/storm weakness in their systems is very hard to understand or treat. It is electrical - or very similar to the weakness that follows an electric shock. How ... I don't know.

I've come to the conclusion that if I can learn to heal them in this lifetime, it will have to come by serendipity or sheer luck. I'm no closer to clear guidelines to healing than I was 2 years ago. All the same problems plague me without a clear idea of what will move it to the next level. Really disheartening.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another kitten died this morning.:(

Another of Stripes' kittens died this morning. Again, female on the threshold of puberty like Kitpit, Beauty, and all the others. The diarrhoea was white, and the same elongation and dehydration.

She drew Graphites (liver?), Sweet Chestnut (anguish), Scleranthus (cyclicity) and Cerato (uncertainty?) and Asterias (immunity).

This combination actually gave me a lot of hope that she could be saved because it pointed to:
1. a delay in puberty - a hormonal insufficiency which would explain all the pre-teen female deaths in our animals. In fact, it would explain the preteen death syndrome we call "distemper".
2. Sweet Chestnut which she drew more strongly than the others is from the Forehead/Sacral set which would explain the pituitary connection of delayed growth hormones.These animals have very narrow, delicate paws and a delicate skeletal structure hanging in a balance of uncertainty.
3. Scleranthus and Cerato are from the lower sacral/forehead connection - so again connected to the ovaries and testes. Scleranthus has a cyclicity connection which is both weather-related and periodic like menses. It's part of Homedes formula for epilepsy for its periodic repetition.

The homeopathic equivalent for Sweet Chestnut is Castanea Vesca (whooping cough, diarrhoea, thick urine, weak back: Boericke; abdominal walls sensitive, rumbling pain: Clarke) with others like Rumex crispus, Ostrya, Stellaria, Rheum in the family; Cerato and Scleranthus have no equivalents but share the family with Kreosotum, Quercus and Fagus. (She drew Quercus and Rumex, but too late. RIP, kitten. I wish I could have helped you.)

Poor things. I wish I could figure it out soon enough to heal them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Epilepsy and the heart chakra

I've seen how epilepsy can actually be a protective shield in sick animals with Ancient. It allows energy to circumvent blocks to discharge enormous build-up. And it's also a sign of high vitality, even if the diseased body can't utilize it correctly. It is the epitome of the "when there's life, there's hope" philosophy - a tensile, pressure cooker valve in nature.

Ancient is still alive despite the two cyclones that have killed dogs without this outlet. I'm no longer going to treat epilepsy as a problem. I think the problem is in the blocks that need to be found and dissolved.

All this is good in theory, but I'm terrified to think how I'd do it in reality. Ancient's block seems to be at the heart chakra. That's one chakra I'm terrified to work on, in healing and in homeopathy - it stores and lets loose enormous jolts of bioenergy in ways I don't understand.

Monday, October 27, 2014

RIP, OldLady

Well, the old girl I picked up three days ago died. She turned out not to be so old by today her sunken eyes freshened up and she was more responsive, but the blood in her stool (this morning is the first time she did anything) and her bloody vomit ensured she died.

Her main Bach remedies were Clematis - She was a very quiet, shy girl, totally bent over with malnutrition but self-reliant; somehow the Ranunculae and the intestines are very related; they also seem to prepare animals for death.
Red Chestnut - maybe this remedy weans them off of Life itself, she drew a heck of a lot in the last two days after she'd stopped drawing Clem.
Olive - this she drew on and off for 2 days, more around Red Chestnut. According to Homedes it prepares animals for death.

I was convinced the Asterias 12- Clem 12 combo will save her from the weather effects, but I was wrong. She initially drew a lot of Physostigma cm and Lahyrus 1m, but I misplaced the Physo bottle and didn't have it to give her in the end - maybe it would have saved her from the respiratory failure that she expired from.:(

In the very end she drew a lot of Cicuta 3 and Hydrocotyle 10m. Cicuta closer to the head at first and Hcot closer to the tail, but by the afternoon, she was drawing Hcot uniformly all along the spine. She slept a bit and then drank some water and died a dozen useless gasps (mouth working but no air being drawn in) later at 3:30 pm. Not that peaceful a death, but her eyes were clear in the end, which makes me hope that I could have prevented it by starting the Hcot earlier. And I was by her side - she didn't die alone on the street, in the rain, ignored by all.

Unfortunately I can't do this for more old dogs since my family and especially my mother sulk and nag for days when I pick up a dog, even if it is dying. I ignore them the best I can when I can't bear to leave a dog suffering, but it doesn't make life easy.

At the time of death, she just looked malnourished rather than old. Poor thing. She died of the same thing Pummi died of and Ancient almost died of (though he's younger, stronger and survived through Hcot 12 and Cicuta ... and those epileptic fits, I think). The two cyclones so close together, one from the Bay of Bengal and the other in the Arabian Sea was just too much for her to survive. Rip, OldLady.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Floundering in epileptic waters

Even though Ancient hasn't had a fit since a week, he's really struggling with his mesntal energies surging whenever it clouds over until around 30 mins after it starts to rain. It's like clockwork. He howls repeatedly, endlessly until he's hoarse and goes round and round anticlockwise until he hits and hurts himself to exhaustion.

It looks like a panic attack. He responds to Rescue remedy, so resembles it on an energy level. Cicuta and Asterias are the main remedies that help him. Rescue doesn't work past a point in the panic state, in fact, none of the Bach remedies work when he's worked himself into a frenzy (or rather, the weather change has).

The other things that keep him quiet for a while are from Compositae - Absinth 30, 1m, Arn 1m - but I wonder if he draws those only because he's hurt himself so often with his desperate rotation.

I've been trying Heather for seeking attention, and it helps him somewhat, but nothing to write home about. But it is from an ancient plant group, the Graminaceae, so maybe a permanent cure comes from a very primitive plant family.

I've just tried Rhododendron, which I loved so much a while ago, and he's quiet at 10m. I'm hoping electro-homeopathy was wrong about it's stimulating qualities! I couldn't handle more of his screaming day and night.
I wish I could cure it completely, but if it's supressed eruptions, it should take a while if ever to come all out. He's such a pain in the butt with his rising cries that can reach earth-shattering volume. I'm so glad no one has yet gone mad from his constant attention seeking, wo/man or dogs.:)

Another old dog

I picked up another even older female yesterday, even sicker than Ancient. I couldn't leave her to die on the streets, especially wet and exhausted, with Diwali firecrackers going off all around. She's barely able to stand up, has a huge boil that's burst on her throat (pus mixed with blood) and is about as dehydrated as Ancient was. I'll call her Eve.

She's responding to:
Bach: Vervain (inflammation),Vine (pus), Olive (exhaustion), Clematis (quietly suffering)
Homeopathy: Asterias 12, Cicuta 12, Lathyrus 1m, Hcot 30, Absinth 1m (all three storm/nervous system remedies).

Need to try Hepar sulph. She isn't eating though she drinks milk and water. I don't hold out much hope for her - she's given up, poor thing.
Just as an aside, Ancient is so jealous of her that when I put them in the same part of the room, he would trample all over her and twice was lying on top of her! I've had to divide up the room so that she won't be suffocated and smothered by this crazy, juvenile epileptic! lol.