Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some confirmation

I am quite a perfectionist in terms of Reiki and energy medicine. If the two don't signal something right, I'm usually unable to act.

As I'm painstakingly dividing all the remedies into families, I've also been puzzled by Stripes' kittens drawing a set of remedies that seemed not to have been a set: Chestnut Bud, White Chestnut (both from Hippocastanaceae) but Red Chestnut too (which I thought was a Fagaceae). Those Bach sites which have the plant families puts it into Fagaceae, and most Bachists seem to put all the Chestnuts together! That is so wrong.

Thanks to Wikipedia's fabulous taxonomic bits, I know now that Red Chestnut belongs to the same family as Chestnut Bud and White Chestnut, that is Aesculus of Hippocastanaceae. Sweet Chestnut (Castanea) belongs to Fagaceae, like Oak (Quercus) and Beech (Fagus).

This makes sense to me - since I've put the Sapindales at the top of the healing ladder - that the kittens would draw it first along with Chestnut Bud and White Chestnut. And wouldn't draw Sweet C. until these have done their work.

I have to upload the correct table again and change its position in all my work. Phew, endless and thankless labour just to confirm a theory! Anyway, thanks to the little ones for helping me out.:)
Another confirmation of my partiality to Umbelliferae today when there's been a huge build up for a storm over 3 days. My Ancient was drawing Hydrocotyle 12 from across the room. I gave it to all the animals in the food and the whole lot look better for it.

I had given my eyes a lot of Reiki holding Olive convinced that I'll lose them doing so much work in the laptop's glare, and had a headache from it being a Fagaceae and lower down on the totem pole - the eye-pain was from the storm buildup, not from the glare specifically. I know this because Hydrocotyle 12x that I sniffed while putting it in the animals food healed it for me.

I'm still working on the fear remedies, so on Aspen, but I realise Red Chestnut should have been the one I started with, especially to cure them of this electrical build-up. Now I can, since it all adds up.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

One way I can combine Bach with Homeopathy

I've been toying with the idea that Edward Bach might have defined the emotions for an entire plant family. Just as Umbelliferae share the characteristics of softening hardened glands and working bottom-up and especially on the crown, perhaps the emotions attached to Clematis reflect the entire Ranunculae family.

Just thinking along the lines of using the remedies as if I'm healing emotions rather than by the physical symptoms.

Health made healthier

Those that are healthy get healthier and those that are sick die. I've come to the bitter reflection that kittens and puppies born with an inherited disease, call it miasm if you will - are virtually impossible to heal. Now there's an adorable black kitten born to Stripes, one of 6, who seems to carry every miasm in the book. He's underdeveloped and hasn't developed proper bones or body. How the hell can he be saved when I thought Kitpit was all healed (well, maybe Kitpit would have lived if it hadn't fallen and injured its spine ... so that isn't the best example).

Homeopathy gave me great hope (and still does, actually) because it shakes up that initial handicap - that 'born to die'ness that so many are crippled by. But it is very difficult to change it to perfect health -- either I don't have the sensitivity or the skill to change it, transform it, to glorious health.

Well, I've got to try again, and my nerves are already frazzled.:(
Ok, enough of this depressing stuff. I'm going to develop a positive plan to get the same results from homeopathy as I do with Bach. I've got an idea...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How Bach improves on Homeopathy

As disloyal as this sounds, I do believe Bach improves on homeopathy. As do all things that come after the original, it takes off at the different point and doesn't need to rock the establishment, so it had an advantage in its position.

But Bach Flower remedies improves even more than that. First, it covers remedies that aren't even in Homeopathy - 12 out of the 38 don't have a proving in homeopathy and nearly 24 are only partially proven and slightly different plants from those in Bach. Only 7 plants correspond, and even those have only physical symptoms to show.

Second, by covering just the emotional states, he improves on our capacity to heal with them. Healing keeping the 'mind' in mind as homeopaths often suggest we do, is almost crazy-making. For eg., I have found epilepsy under several names: seizures, chorea, epiliform, convulsions, etc. as the author tries to explain it, it only gets more confusing. They all sound the same, so unless you've seen what they're trying to say, you don't know if you're talking about the same thing.

In Bach, there are only 5 kinds of fears, only 6 kinds of uncertainty, only 7 ways to be inattentive to the present, only 3 ways to see loneliness and 4 kinds of oversensitivity and 8 types of despair and 5 forms of over-protectiveness.

How hard is it to figure out something to give when compared to the 3500+ multi-symptom repertorizing madness of homeopathy?:)

So healing keeping the emotions in mind is far easier than healing keeping the 'mind' foremost, or god-forbid, the physical.

The physical parts, thanks to our crazy evolution, has left us with millions of parts that only partially work or rarely fit together. Combine that with the physical detailing of homeopathy's precision-healing, and you'd have to be a genius to get the remedy right.

What's more, you're warned not to use more than 1 remedy at a time, so finding the right remedy could take absolutely years, by which time the dog or cat or rat or human is long dead!

Bach on the other hand allows mixtures, so you've got at least 5 to 7 going at a time and some possibility of healing in the present when your patient is still alive.:)

Third, doing away with potencies makes our lives so much easier! I've spent literally tens of thousands on keeping potencies around without actually healing enough living beings to justify the expense. It's all based on hope and not results.

With Bach, I need to keep just 38 bottles around - finis. If each is twice as expensive (25/dram), so be it. It still costs me less than 9 bottles of the same in homeopathy (3, 6, 12, 30, 200, 1m, 10m, 50m, cm = 350-400/remedy vs 225 for as many drams in Bach)..The uncertainty of using the right potency in homeopathy is an added stress. I do believe the right potency heals fastest, but hey, if you've got no idea which remedy to use from a large number, and you're using the wrong remedy, then the potency is immaterial.

Fourth: Add to this the fact that you're using just one part of the plant - the flower - and therefore reducing it's influence to a finer frequency, so that one can almost claim that it is harmless.

Then fifth, healing using the mind and emotions is (even Hahneman agrees) far superior to healing just the body. It's just that he and his followers didn't have the sensitive intuition that Bach possessed or the words to describe emotion. For eg., I don't know what homeopathy's 'despondent' is (which pulls up 56 remedies), but 'despair' and 'fear' are so easy for me to identify with - I've felt those emotions. So Bach used language we can feel and empathise with, and uses primitive emotive words.

Also, animals are simple creatures. They have fears, indifference, overcare and despair - simple emotions. But despondent is hard to identify.

I'm sure I can come up with more giving this a few hours, but overall I'm just saying ... I think Schussler and Bach did improve homeopathy for the practitioner. They're all germanic in their detailing, but they've tried to take away the nightmare of too much information and replace it with sense or sensibility.:)

I think of it like religion: Christianity improved on Judaism, Islam improved on Christianity in the middle eastern religions, just as Buddhism and Jainism improved on Hinduism, clarifying it to its essentials in Ahimsa.

(I've never had much luck with Schussler's tissue remedies, maybe Bach will pave the way for those some day. All this is only relevant if I can actually heal fully with Bach better than I did with homeopathy - if not I might just have to give up on energy medicines as illusory.:)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bach Fears - from the highest to the lowest

The five Fear remedies in order (my interpretation):
Highest - Cherry Plum, Aspen - Cherry Plum is the highest fear, the fear that leads to losing control, madness; Aspen is a universal fear of the unknown.
Middle - Red Chestnut - would be the projected fears for our loved ones that result from our own, more debilitating for being outside our control.
Deepest - Mimulus, Rock Rose - Mimulus is the fear of known things, the usual illness, death, etc that is a part of life which is still capable of limiting life. The darkest and deepest fear is Rock Rose which overwhelms the mind and body to paralysis and suicide.

I believe our fears are connected to the Root Chakra - our fight, flight and fright response, our adrenals, our kidneys, legs, urinary, anus, large intestines, etc. But there are degrees by which our fears get worse, so we need to start with the most surface and work our way down to the deepest.
This is just a theory I've been thinking through, and now trying out. Since Ancient reacted so badly (having a 10 min aggravation) from Rock Rose last evening, I decided to check out remedies in plant family order. When I was feeding dogs on the street this morning and having a chai, I tested Agrimony and Rock Rose on the two most frightened-sensitive and aggressive dogs sitting with me. I think my theory is good - they drew Agrimony before Rock Rose and when I gave them Agrimony, it calmed them down within minutes.

I haven't tried the fear remedies against each other yet - Cherry Plum, Aspen, etc. But I can see how this can work through the dogs energy field and lead to healing them of the paralysis that often lames street dogs. I just have to use them in order. Maybe.

[On an aside, I'm so  tempted to turn plant taxonomy around, I can't tell you.:) It would be so convenient to have these Bach flower remedies at the top of the plant tree so that I can heal with these first and then go down to the homeopathic. Even in the homeopathic remedies, I'd have liked Loganaceae and Leguminaceae to be higher than they are.  Haha! So many illogical, self-deluding things run through the mind, wanting to fit a square peg in a round hole, it's no wonder we're so far away from knowing how to heal.

I'm not at all surprised to see Allopathy take off running on a completely wrong track with the invention of the microscope ... just seeing a microbe must have inspired millions to discover a new one every day!! As they have for years now, lol.

I'm tempted to do a dozen or more illogical things, I should list them one day just so that I know how many ways I could have gone wrong.]

Intuition's role in Bach combos

For some godforsaken reason, so many Bach flower remedy users like to think they're 'intuitive'.:) I've seen so many combos invented in the spur of the moment, in real life and on the net that it makes me wonder how they'd work with homeopathy given the same assurances ("it's harmless", "combine any 7", etc.) that Bach left them with.

I've seen aggravations with Bach Flower Remedies - the same as with any of the energy medicines. Angry dogs get angrier, even if for 15 mins; frightened dogs get more frightened with Rock Rose for about 10 mins and Clematis from Bach works very similarly to Clematis from Homeopathy (though slightly better -- with finer energy - like a higher potency; probably from being a flower and not the whole plant.)

Edward Bach himself created very few combinations or formulas in his lifetime. He made Rescue Remedy. ... and that's it? That's how intuition works. If it's really good, it is usually rare.

(I don't want to make a big deal of this, though it's amusing to me. My best friend has this same 'intuitive' approach to Bach remedies and a stubborn denial of order or scientifying and analysing it. All women like these things because of the freedom from both censure and responsibility, so it's alright.:)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rock Rose for paralysis following Trauma

If only I had checked out Bach before Kitpit fell.:(

I read Homedes' cases where he heals so many kinds of partial paralysis (bladder, intestinal, limb, etc) with Rock Rose for post-trauma paralysis. She need not have necrosed and got paralysed in her bowels and kidney. I must keep this in mind when I'm trying to heal another cat that falls.

I must say though that Rock Rose euthanized Kitpit in the end - it probably paralysed the heart or lungs in the aggravation (even Ancient had an aggravation when I gave him Rock Rose just now - all Bach Remedies have aggravations, I don't understand why nobody seems to notice it in them). But it was a good thing - Kitpit was struggling to let go.

I've noticed that 2ce a day suffices for most remedies and combos (except for Epilepsy combo which they draw like crazy during this monsoon - 4 - 6 times a day at least for Ancient and Kenchu). And they don't draw it for over a week.

I must say though that his recomendation to give the remedy 4- 6 times a day seems really hard on the healer! I wonder how he did it, especially in a shelter situation. I find it really hard to heal one or two at a time, let alone a shelter of 20-50 animals, giving 6 doses a day. He'd probably have to start at one end and then come back to the start and repeat the process 6 times! Naw. I'm sure he just does one or two animals at a time - or he isn't writing about his failures - the dogs he's missed, the ones that died and those that didn't heal

A Comparative analysis of the Bach Flower Remedies

I was surprised when I checked for analysis of Bach Remedies, that nothing had been done at all. Just reading through Homedes, I was tempted to put together a few tables just to check for patterns in the remedy grouping. Here are three of them, unfinished but something I'd have thought the Bach enthusiasts would have done by now.

The first one is just placing the remedies into their correct plant family by taxonomy. The first thing you'll see is that the largest number of remedies is from the newer angiosperms and dicot plants which have the newest developed defenses (which is what I've been so thrilled about with Umbelliferae).

The categories themselves are 7 in number - either by design by Bach or by chance. It easily lends itself to a connection with the 7 chakras and the 7 layers of aura. Which brings me to the next chart.

 This one is a bit larger, but I've tried to fit the remedies into categories that have chakras to go with the emotional state:

You can see that the higher the plant family the wider its effect on living beings, having a greater influence on our energy field. So evolution is bringing plants more into alignment or adaptation to the exploding population of living, moving beings as we take over the planet ... to it's detriment.:)

The third table is a comparison of Rescue Remedy and Homedes 'Quick Formulas' for chakras and category. His epilepsy combination is superb - all the dogs draw it especially in this changing weather. I haven't tried the others so much yet. But you can see a pattern to the combos that is unmistakable - Rescue Remedy covers alternate chakras that are responsible for command. The other remedies in combination too have influence on the specific chakras that affect the body. Most of the work is done at the Crown/Root chakras with the least effort being spent on the more balanced Heart Chakra. It could also be because messing with the Heart Chakra can be dangerous on the physical level, but I think it's for the former reason - the Heart Chakra is the least out of balance area of our bodies. If the bottom and top chakras can come into balance, the heart just adjusts to share more of it's energy outward, due to its giving nature.

 These combos are good to know anyway, but with a table it is easy to see where Homedes and his colleagues have found the best effect. He's always clear and sure due to his work with shelter animals, so I'm really glad to see it has a basis in terms of energy balance!

More when I study it in greater detail ...