Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kitpit has Inflammatory Colitis! IBD!

Omg, I just felt Kitpit's abdomen, and it's one hard line of colon from epigastium to hip! I am terrified for him.

The persistence of energy medicines

Just as with Homeopathy, I've found that dogs don't draw the same remedy in Bach flowers two days in a row. I used to be surprised when Homeopaths would say TDS (three times daily) but the Bachists say 'at least 6 times daily' which is worse!:).

The only animal who's drawn the same remedy over 2 days has been Kitpit, and that is Honeysuckle (nostalgia, yearning for the past) and it is understandable since she was abandoned by her mother and is probably now dying of some wasting disease, unable to play and have fun like she used to, avoided by other cats.

The thing is that these remedies act powerfully (at least for over 24 hours) but there are layers to the problem, and there's always another remedy that is needed. So it's like a rotation. That's how I see homeopathy doing as well, and I'm clumsily attempting to follow.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Partial Healer Review: Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis (Oschman,2000)

I have, of course, a pirated version which I hope you'll all download. I wish I could hate books and authors so that I don't have to finish them (hours and hours of reading them in a too-bright screen dismays me) but I honestly loved this book. So many things that I've felt and understood in my healing work, he puts into a scientific context. I'll review the book in a more detailed fashion, but here's a part that spurred me to get on Blogger:

He talks about Schumann resonances: energy from lightning that bounces around like radio waves (FM) or from solar flares or some other cosmic radiation. I've always felt like there's a 'cosmic ping' that enhances my healing when all goes right. Then he goes on to say that healers shouldn't really blame themselves when healing varies because it might be linked to astro- or geophysical events that are larger than we are. Such a relief! I've been in the habit of blaming my smoking or laziness to meditate for my varying energies.:) I guess the moon cycle and weather are two such times of lowered healing powers - just when they are needed the most! Which is because sick animals get sicker when these resonances are down. Explains a great deal about my obsession with immunizing them to these influences, doesn't it?

But the most interesting part is when he talks about the healers who resonate with the Schumann rhythm being the best healers. He calls this Entrainment. This brought up a few memories!
I've healed 2 or 3 dogs between '94-'98 in what appeared to be 'miraculous' episodes when I did the first degree in Reiki (lol, it seemed to me for a long time that the later degrees until Mastership were a waste ... after that my healing work has only been adequate.:). I used to have energy gushing out of my hands like rivers at all times day and night; I could feel trees and plants from 15-20 feet away, feel them drawing on my energy or giving energy; and I could see auras so easily, so effortlessly! I realise now that growth involves these periods when you try something new and higher and the bar goes up and slips out of reach for years and years.

Anyway, general nostalgia aside, these dogs I healed had the beginnings of distemper or some deep, wasting disease. They were all young and I sat with them for hours in the typical enthusiasm of a new healer. At some point, around the half-hour to one hour mark, I got past the drowsiness (that now overtakes me when I heal) and felt drawn into a vortex and 'stuck' in some kind of thick endless energy glue with the dog, me and the universe locked in place. We stayed stuck until it unglues and the dog and I spring back into the present. Those dogs were completely healed in that space of time! (Also, I was not drained, as I am these days when I try to heal too much - I came out of it feeling normal or slightly energized). The dog usually gets spooked and runs away - even though it could barely stand up before the healing - and resumes normal dog-life as if the sickening never happened.

Oschman has an explanation for this: he says that good healers get 'entrained' by the oscillations when all the molecules of the healer, the healee and the geophysical energies fall into a rhythm. This allows for accelerated healing in tune with the cosmic body.

So very good to know that other healers have had the same experience, and not just that, but that science is finding ways to explain it that will make finding it less scary for the next gen of healers! I know that I've pulled back many times from falling into that state (after the involuntary the first few times) because I was afraid that I was being 'possessed' by some other entity!! Haha, I've been so idiotic in retrospect because it makes no sense to mourn imperfect healings if I can't allow myself to resonate with the healing frequencies.:D

Now thanks to Oschman's book, I might have the courage to fall into that state and not fear it. This also makes me realise how I can heal larger numbers by doing the Reiki part more seriously to get into the resonance and reach out to all the animals.

More later.

Aspen (Bach) before Rain, Storm: for Itching, Whining

I'm cross-referencing homeopathy and reiki most of the time but now with the Bach remedies giving me such terrific results, I've got a real handle on some insoluble problems I used to have!

Kenchu and Icy have always itched, whined (mhmm-mhmm-mhmm) and moaned before a storm or even the start of a rain - in fact, there was a time after I gave Psorinum (before I began blogging) that my 14 dogs would whine and itch at their ribs before a storm - I began to dread rain, the monsoon and the build-up from about 2 years ago because there wasn't a remedy in Homeopathy that truly dealt with it (Rhod, Puls and Aranea, now Melilotus, Hcot, etc. do seem to alter it, but not truly bring it to an end).

How I love Bach Remedies! Kenchu drew Aspen and Rescue, Icy drew Aspen. So I gave Ancient, Icy and Kenchu Aspen and just Kenchu got Rescue as well. They itched a little more for 5 minutes and then voila! They're asleep!!

Don't know how long it will last, but it's been 15 mins and I've never had them stop itching dead like they just did with any other remedy. Aspen is for fear (negative: fear of the unknown, anxiety, apprehension; positive: courage to face the unknown) with physical symptoms like restlessness, unexplained catastrophic expectations.

I totally understand now why my guides wanted me to learn about Bach remedies. It's a whole different world that it covers. If I ever get good enough, I think I can use it with Homeopathy and Reiki to get some spectacular healings.

This Diwali I'm determined to use so many Bach remedies that no dog on my watch will run in terror of the pataki or fireworks. I've promised my animals when I was a child of 14 that one day I will make them free of that horror but activism didn't do a thing to change people, welfare work was a disaster for them, but this time I may have the key in healing them from inside. External environments like where they live is really out of their contro (and mine - I can't bear humans enough to communicate rightl, but inside I can help them through this difficult festival time - I hope!

Rock Rose (Bach) for Solar Plexus (or Last Qtr moon)

 Icy drew Rock Rose in the most peculiar needy fashion in the epigastric area. It's a remedy for terror and fright in the fear set with it's positive aspect as Heroism and negative as Fear, panic, shock, nightmares, suicidal thoughts. He's been drawing Mataji's Shock pills for a week now and I've finally run out of the liquid. (Unfortunately because of some politics, the Mataji Narayani mixtures are no longer available in liquid form in any of the homeo pharmas.)

Maybe full moon is a time to heal old shocks and frights.

I've been thrown into a loop by Kitpit's sudden weakness and fistula in ano - I'm blaming myself for not taking his fall seriously enough. If I could only force them to stay alive and healthy ... :p (I've been taking Red Chestnut for overcare for the welfare of others to keep my worries down as well as Mimulus for fear of known things - both of which I draw strongly.:)

4 rats have died this last week of rains - none of the on their own (they were killed by my dogs), which is why I haven't mentioned it. They've been sick and have come out of their holes, wandering around vaguely looking for food on auto-pilot. I haven't seen the dogs killing them, but I find their bodies after the fact on their beds. This year they are all less physically devastated - that much credit goes to the homeopathy I've added in the food - no ulcers, no mutilated faces, exploded glands or joints filled with pus. But the vagueness tells me that the basic brain-spine problem hasn't been addressed enough. I'm going to up the Hydrocotyle in potency that I give - even Ancient is walking around looking vague before a storm.
Update: Ok, I've changed the title because Kitpit drew Honeysuckle (negative: living in the past, not present, indifference; positive: overcoming) in the solar plexus so it could just be the coming Last Qtr Moon which is tomorrow connected to that chakra. I'll leave it open to read again when I know more.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nerve death (gangrene) after trauma and spinal injury

My Kitpit had her fall from the terrace 25 days ago. 4 days ago he was smelling bad and having trouble moving his bowels. I figured it might be the weather and ignored it. But this is the big mistake -- it is actually nerve-death from the trauma to the spine.

I've seen this 'Dying after 21 days' in other trauma cases (see posts about Rocky and Karia). The area of flesh the spinal nerve controls and carries information to dies or rots away and becomes putrified leaving a fistula. This is the worst effect of trauma to the spine -- the area that maggots inhabit. Unless we can get the nerves to regenerate (and how can that be done??) from the spine, those gangrenous fistulae will end up poisoning the blood.

I know Melilotus brought this up - it might have stayed a hidden condition not sure how to heal from this point though. she's drawing Cicuta, Hcot, Conium and other 'spinal irritation' remedies, Shock and Symphytum. I've got my fingers crossed that this can be healed - doesn't look good though. Gangrene is something I dread and have never been able to heal.

Update 15/9 - She's not worse - the smelling dripping shit is a tad less smelly, but that's all.  Berberis 3x is helping. The spreading inflamed skin around the anus has reduced a little. She's able to lick it up now ... still isn't coming out of the right hole. I wonder if I should try something stronger like a tissue salt ... though I've never had success with elements. Fingers crossed!