Thursday, September 4, 2014

Melilotus 6 for "Worse, Approach of a Storm"

Either my Bach Flower remedies are not working, or they're working too slow. After all, the mental and emotional auras are older energy and far away from the body. If it takes time, I need something to help Gunda now.

I read up a bit and decided to try Melilotus which is for congestions, rage, "desire to kill, hurt", fear of the police, being taken away and epilepsy which is worse with the approach of a storm, just before a storm breaks, any weather change, rainy, changeable weather. It's from Leguminosae, which they really draw from towards Full Moon.

That seems to be my best bet right now.

It has a very interesting characteristic of "haemorrhage from every organ" which I feel could have saved a few lives - esp Pummi. Most of my dogs look like they could use it - Ancient's epileptic spasms precede a storm, Kenchu's chorea is worse before a storm; Icy has that huge haemotoma which started before a storm and Howly has the nervous excitement that precedes a storm. Gunda, of course, has a lot of the mental symptoms of Melilotus preceding a storm that resemble the early stages of canine insanity - today's fight happened just 3 minutes before it drizzled. As close as that. That gives me hope that I'm not starting too late.

God I hope I can save him! I'd hate for him to die/be put down/put away for life... which will surely happen if I can't find a cure for this state he's in.:/

Bite: Third Theory

 This afternoon Gunda, the incorrigible delinquent, (who, if you recall, had my sympathy after I read Homere's poor imprinting explanation:), attacked a sleeping Ancient and then jumped into the empty house next door and attacked one of the servants who was entering through the gate, then attacked Howly and they fought to the finish even though I tried the useless bucket of water idea - I would not put my hands on him again, too afraid. He is now isolated in the empty house opposite. I hope he stays in.

I'm thoroughly sick of the guy. He's taking too much time, causing too much worry and isn't getting better. The owners of aggressive dogs have my deepest sympathies world-wide!

My friend came up with an interesting possibility: she said this kind of fighting/aggression increases when we have our periods. I have my period right now, but I must confess that this is the first time I've noticed this kind of aggression around this time. But it's a good theory - even though I wouldn't really have a remedy for it except to wait at least 3 days for it to end or ... menopause!:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Understanding the bite! Ty, Homedes!!

Here's a MUST-DOWNLOAD from Homedes "The handbook of Bach flower remedis for Animals"

I screwed up my courage (as usual, I'm so afraid of my energy not flowing or not finding the remedy that it takes me a lot of courage to make the attempt ... I should probably find the flower remedy for that kind of starting trouble!:) and went with the few remedies I have to try on Gunda.

These are the remedies he drew: Vine (strongly), Cherry Plum (very strongly), Crab Apple, Rescue Remedy, Eucalyptus 6 and Shock (Mataji Narayani's combo). There was an immediate aggravation of aggression within 15 mins, but later he seemed to love what I did for him. So, Bach healers, it isn't true that there is no aggravation in flower remedies. There is.:)

I downloaded and read the book above for why. I can tell you I was cut to the core by the truth of it, the sadness especially with Cherry Plum. It is given to puppies that are taken away too young from their moms (below 4 months). My poor Gunda was only about 2 weeks old, he'd barely opened his eyes when I found him by the roadside. How very appropriate that he learnt no imprinting from his parent, and what I teach him has so little impact and confuses him.:( I'm the only parent he knows and now I'm not letting him into the gate which is probably confusing him further.

I need to add Chestnut bud (Aesculus) to the mix -- apparently it helps them to learn new things and goes well with the inappropriately aggressive and dominant ones. I felt a well of compassion for this poor orphaned Gunda.

Fascinating too is that Aesculus is from the set next to the Umbells. More on the coincidence later.

Crab Apple is for stuffed anal glands (he rubs his butt often on the ground ... used to think it was worms, but read somewhere it can be anal glands as well).

Vine, of course, because he is alpha, the first born (I saw his siblings 2 months after, 3 in pretty bad shape after having survived on their own (all locally adopted but probably didn't survive); the mother had probably died or was picked up for spaying by a dog van leaving these to fend for themselves, not returned to the same area).

Rescue for the trauma, past and present because he can't understand why he's locked out.

Eucalyptus 6 and mataji's Shock ... infection the former and maybe trauma again for the latter.

Do read!! So many insights for an animal lover! And it does work - the cats are really not brawling from the last two days and Gunda's handling his abandonment by me so much better in the last 4 doses.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More to do

I've been thinking - if Rhod worked only when the trade winds were blowing the rains in, and Aranea I should have started a bit earlier but works when the wetness covers the earth, there must be other similar weather related remedy corrections that I need to make for the coming winter and the spring to follow. I really have to work on this to keep ahead of the seasonal troubles that affect my dogs.

Even with a wet-weather remedy, Ancient made me think that maybe I need to give them remedies that are for 'sitting on cold pavements' or some such to protect them further. There are so many things that I should be doing that I don't know where to start.

I've got to really sit with Gunda and find the remedies he needs to make him happier and content. He's been really difficult to isolate - tearing away wires, jumping over gates ... the last 3 days have been nothing but trying to get him to stay in that empty house compound. Today with wire and wood and an old chair, I might have managed to defeat his stubborn ingenuity. I almost got bitten again for the trouble when someone let him out into my house again! These alpha males are really dangerous when they are out of control especially if the weather and the moon factors in.

He's moaned and howled himself hoarse though, and even the most dangerous dog has something sweet and innocent under it. I can't endanger anyone else and especially any of my other dogs though - and I don't want him destroyed. I still hope I can heal him, the poor thing. It's just a badly wired brain, and haywire emotions, attacking those he should protect, is all. I've never had success before with dogs like this though - Raja ended his crazy life with a stroke and grand mal seizures till his heart gave out. I've got my fingers crossed that poor Gunda won't come to that.

Really, I have so little energy at the end of the day that my Reiki doesn't always flow right. I should meditate or do tai chi or muay chaya or something that will steady the energy flow to keep up through the day. After a sleep is when I get my most acute impressions from the Reiki, which tells me that I'm in a chronic state of exhaustion trying to do too much.

Ahista, ahista! (Slowly, slowly ... :) I have to make haste slower.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Not sure but could be Bach Flower remedies working

The cats have stopped spatting and fighting since 3 in the afternoon. Is it Bach flower remedies or Aranea? lol, this is probably the reason why healers from each branch of vibrational healing don't use the other.:)

If it's Bach FR I'm really impressed - I was despairing at how Gunda showed no change in his dominant behavior - still growling at the others, still barking in his loud high-pressure way. But the cats give me hope, since their quarrels are endless and high drama around our house. They're always the first to feel the effects of the remedies, so this might be a good indication.

On a high note of hope, I found two more remedies to add to the combo - I've put Crab apple and Honey suckle and Rescue (which is a combo itself!) and put them in the mix with Vine, Holly, Cherryplum and Beech. If I'm giving it to every dog, I might as well give all that I have.

I'm also thinking of doing this Bach Flower remedy thing by itself for a couple of days to see if it is really responsible for the change I see around.

Wet weather aggravations

I'm afraid to give Hydrocotyle just now since I believe it has a strong influence on the Hypothalamus and may have caused the aggression-aggravation in Gunda. Better to give remedies that will tone down his nerves right now - and for all of them.

I tried the snake and Spider poisons on my ravaged hand and was pleasantly surprised to see Spider being drawn. Lactrodectus 30 especially was drawn by both my hand and Kenchu. Aranea too, but not as much. I'll get back to Lactro. soon, but I read up the more frequently used Aranea for the dogs.

Because of it, I've settled on wet weather aggravation neural remedies. No need to work on the brain-spine so much just yet. I'm also continuing with the flower essence combo of Holly, Vine, Beech and Cherry Plum. I see no change in his behaviour to the other dogs.

Nash mentions wet weather list -- Aranea, Nat Sulph, Dulc, Nux mos, Rhus tox, Rhod.

From my experience, Rhod is wonderful before the wet season begins but Rhod increases the fits given late in the wet season.

Dogs don't draw Rhus often - I hardly know when to use that remedy because it is so rarely in tune with them. I like what I read about Nux mos but they don't draw it either. Dulc led to a massive aggravation in a previous set of dogs and I'm wary of it - never used it since.

Nat sulph I have had success with on and off but no cure. They draw it very high, 10m - cm but I can't see any positive changes when I've given it. Maybe I'll keep it in mind to try later - it could be useful in a specific period of the wet season.

I've only never tried Aranea. I've given it to them in 30 and I've seen a short aggravation (30 mins or so) in all of them including Gunda - an increase of irritability before they settle down. Fingers crossed that I get good results from this change!

I've had two aggravations from the Aranea - one is a kind of pain around my heart, the second is a frequent desire to pee. The dogs are all sleeping well.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dog bite

Being a dog lover usually includes a few bites along the way. But usually it's by mistake - inattention on my part or a hungry dog taking my hand for food. I have at least a bite a month. I've rarely been attacked by an angry dog - just once when I was 12 by an alsatian and another the same year. I tend to avoid that breed.:)

But my first real experience of a dog attack came yesterday in my own home, from one of my own dogs. Gunda, who was a barely-opened-eyes puppy that I had rescued off an intersection a year or so ago, hand-fed ... chewed my right hand, bit my stomach and and upper arm in a relentless go-for-the-throat attack of domination when he was growling at Kenchu and I intervened. So shocking. I managed to push him out of the gate and wash my hands in Savlon before I tried homeopathy.
Remedies that worked:
I've always been curious about the remedies that work for 'angry dog bite' -- since Arnica takes care of every other kind of dog bite in 50m potency. I didn't touch Arnica because of the caution in Clarke's work - figured maybe we don't want the poisons to travel through the entire system (maybe the reason it's inimical).

I dumped a bit of Calendula and Hypericum tinctures immediately on the savaged hand, with a little relief. Tried Apis 6 and 3 as it started swelling - didn't work; Lach cm drew a little but didn't really help.

What really worked was Eryngium 6, Crotalus 200 and Bell 10m.

Surprisingly, Hydrocotyle worked on the wound at 12x, which makes me think that I got the bite in the first place because I'd lowered the potency to 3x in the food. So many remedies are inadequately proved , Eryngium too - we really don't know the effect of Brahmi on the brain if it's anti- tb/cancer/aids/syphilis/gonnorrhea. Surely my dog was having an aggression-aggravation not unlike my nervous aggravation before with 1m. But ... why?

Gunda is now isolated in an empty house and hating it, but I can't protect my other dogs or myself with one hand. I've also started him on some Bach Flower remedies - Vine, Holly, Cherry plum, Beech - for his emotions and persona, described perfectly here. lol! ("alpha pets who show 'out of balance', tyrant, bullying, hostile, rigid, dictatorial, even dangerous style leadership." etc ... read it, it describes a lot of dogs and men I know.:)