Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zizia 6 for Chorea

My darling Kenchu, probably the most irritating dog in the world, has survived distemper but ended up with a bunch of nervous, brain and intestinal problems. He has chorea (jaw movements, foreleg, and constant itching of his abdomen with his hindlegs), delirium (when asleep it is almost as bad as an epileptic fit), and drops tapeworm segments regularly. He also has thickened skin, hairless all over, scaling, and the worst is a screaming fit that he won't stop for hours on end.

Hyscamus 3, 6 and then 1m, reduced the screaming and some of the delirium, but the skin condition and his persistent chorea haven't altered a bit. The tapeworm segments show up on and off and I'm not sure if the remdies have helped or if it's a part of the cycle. He rejects Reiki most of the time drawing only Bacillinum and Thuja at uncertain intervals.

Some of the symptoms mentioned by Clarke for Zizia match him exactly.
  • "Face pale and puffy - boring pain in cheekbones - painful tenderness in lower jawbone, an inch below root of ear." - I've seen Kenchu itching at that very spot and crying painfully.
  • "inflamed pharynx" - Kenchu had a huge swollen throat for the longest time before some remedies paliated.
  • "lameness in muscles of both arms - steadily diminished sensiblilty" - he moves as if he can't get a full stretch in his forelegs, taking only small mincing steps.
  • "Odema of face" "Spasms of face and extremities"
  • "Whole body white and puffy"
  • "During sleep spasmodic twitches, talking, unpleasant dreams"
He's drawing the remedy, so I gave him a dose morning and now in the evening. I'm waiting to see if Hydrocotyle or Zizia is his present remedy - will know tomorrow when I get more potencies of each.

If this is a good post-distemper remedy, I'll be so happy because I've lost two lovely dogs to it (one, the old white one in V'ngr recently and one last year on Cunningham Rd). That chorea wears away all the teeth and they literally starve to death, if the fevers and chilliness doesn't kill them first.
-------update 11/8
He's drawing Zizia 30 - I probably should go even higher since it made him quite unhappy when I was giving him reiki with it - the aggravation was continuous. Higher potencies should solve that problem.

Hydrocotyle (Umbel) for Full Moon, Immunity

The dogs are drawing Hydrocotyle 6 (which is the only potency I have) for Day 13 (one day before the full moon). It's the remedy for leprosy, which means it has a great deal to do with immunity. It's also an Indian remedy - I always feel that the connection of plants to the earth makes this more important than other remedies for the locals.

The one thing from Boericke that I can see in the dogs is "great thickening of epidemoid layer and exfoliation of scales". This is so true for all dogs with skin troubles, and expecially for Kenchu. The other is "circular spots with scaly edges" which Icy has a few of - I gave him a lot of remedies for ringworm a few months ago! - and now recently, Howly has 4 or 5 of the same circular patches around his shoulders under the fur.

Clarke says he treated a sickly girl with swollen glands - so a glandular remedy.

There's one improvement I can see within 6 hours of giving the food with the remedy - the build-up to the rains usually has them itching like crazy but they're itchy, but much less frantic today.

I should be going to a homeopathic pharma tomorrow to buy more of it and in different potencies since I had just a drop or two left today. They drew it over and above all other remedies in this weather, so I think it bolsters immunity.
-----update 11/8
That immunity thing is true about Hydrocotyle. The first evening I had itching in my armpits and the axillary glands of the groin (Kenchu did too), the early morning hours I had a very watery diarrhoea (intestines are very connected to immunity?); the next day, next dose had the same itching but deeper (full moon). The dogs itch in aggravation for an hour or two after they get the dose, but then they're free of itching the rest of the 24 hours. It cleared my sinuses which I didn't know were blocked!:)

Umbelliferae for the Full Moon

I've started on the new theory where I'm going to go one plant family at a time and see how they work across the moon cycle. I've hypothesized that the Umbels should go with the Full Moon, so now is a time to see if it's true. Yesterday I gave the dogs Cicuta 12, Hydrocotyle 6 and Asaf 1m. Later when I checked with Reiki, 3 of them didn't need the Cicuta and they only drew Hydrocotyle 6 and Asaf 6. So that's what I'm giving them tomorrow.

Increased rice consumption on the street

I suspected Pummi of having an insulin or pancreatic problem when she drew insulin 3, but it was just one time (maybe because of the excess of adrenal and lack of thyroid function that it did some balancing). When she improved suddenly 8 months ago, the first thing I noticed was how she loved rice (which she hadn't touched for over 5 years).

I was reading up about it, I understood something new about my street dogs and why they crave meat as they do. Many of the older street dogs would only take the meat and ignore the rice.

Because of their uncertain diet, and irregular food sources, street dogs will always have a thyroid and pancreatic imbalance. Most of the Vasanthnagar dogs are fed exclusively on a biscuit and garbage diet. The  insulin imbalance kept them from eating the rice I put for them - carbohydrate digestion shuts down over time (or limits itself to simple sugars like in biscuits). Digesting meat is easier for dogs with solar plexus affectations, especially when they are older.

It was only when they ate more and more of the rice over the last two months that I began to notice that the remedies I was using was somehow allowing them to digest the white rice better than ever before. It probably means that their pancreatic function improved to allow more carbohydrates in their diet.

I've noticed at least 4 lame dogs (one withered hindleg) begin to use all four legs in the last 3 months. Probably part of the same problem - when the middle malfunction is cleared, the adrenal/sacral and lower chakras seem to improve as well.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cancer = absorption; Tuberculosis = rejection

Cancer is a really difficult for both Reiki, Homeopathy, and both combined to heal. It's in the nature of those diseases to be difficult.

In Reiki the aura or energy field is like a black hole, absorbing all vibrations, all remedies. When that happens I know that animal has cancer or tuberculosis. Both are impossible to heal because either they don't react to any of the remedies when given (absorption) or they react strongly to all (rejection). I need to treat both in my street dogs. I think they're related - two opposite end developments of the same disease; Cancer is a soft tissue malfunction and tuberculosis is a hard tissue malfunction.

Pummi was one who absorbed all. All remedies were fine at all potencies with her - she'd occasionally improve with one or the other, but it was hard to identify which remedy or combination or sequence prompted the healing. Like a black hole that only occasionally slows down. Almost all the remedies will hit the malignancy and sometimes strengthen it. Typical of cancer.

Kenchu and Icy react to all except the most exact remedy and potency applied at the most exact chakra or point. Any other remedy you give will prompt a strong and negative reaction where you'll feel that the dog won't recover from it - but it only just throws it all off (perhaps with a loss of some vital force in the process) and you have to start again. Like a frozen fountain or a duck shaking off water, the bones and primary chi lines are blocked. The mild movement of the energy travelling in or out is almost subsensory and ultra-sensitive. Typical of tuberculosis.

Both have growths and worms. Both react to the moon cycle and weather changes. Both hate water, even stepping on it. Both are chilly and have skin problems (though from different causes). Both can have constipation or diarrhea in reaction to all the above problems.

The good news
The one good thing I've noticed is that both can be reached primarily through their Solar Plexus chakra, spine and brain (lower brain where it joins the spine) and 3 bones down the tail. This ought to reduce the range of remedies we need to worry about. Just thinking about it - I really need to know how to heal these two problems to truly help the sick dogs (the healthy ones are thriving).
Update 13/8
Here's one possible explanation for why cancer is so absorptive of energy from the book "Energy Medicine - the Scientific Basis by Oschman. Re: Burr's work: "viral and bacterial infections, as well as cancer, affect the ionic and water content and pH. ... Direct measurements [in tumors] show 6-7.5 times higher conductance compared to normal tissue." This makes sense to me. Animals with infections and cancer beyond my healing capacity draw virtually every remedy and every potency ... and still don't heal like the healthy do. TB ought to be treated as the opposite where conductivity drops to nil as the bones are damaged.

Two deaths in my family, one at the shelter

Today is a really sad day despite it being Varalaxmi.

Pummi died this morning at 7 am after vomiting, a black bloody diarrhea followed by vomiting blood. But the end was relatively peaceful without a struggle. She vomited for the blood for the fourth time and didn't breath in again. RIP, baby.

Tragically, Dollu, my favorite companion cat who I thought would outlive me, was found in a gutter by two men who called me to see if I knew the cat. It had been run over by a car probably 4 days ago when he didn't come home. He was busy with mating season, and I was so involved in taking care of Pummi that I didn't even notice he was missing until 3 days ago and then didn't go looking for him.:( Both his legs were cut off to the bone until the knees and one front paw and an eye. I took him to Sarvodaya and they said his tissue was already necrosed and that euthanasia was best. I agreed with them - I couldn't see what life he'd have with neither legs nor eye - for a vital, energetic cat like him it would be a living death. I cried buckets when I agreed to let him go. He died in my arms looking in my eyes as they put the sodium pentathol into him. RIP, my sweet, sweet man.

At the shelter I heard that James, the old dog from Vasanthnagar, had died on Saturday. RIP to that tenacious guy as well.

The monsoon is usually hard on the animal population. This day has been especially hard on me.

The two dogs deaths were expected since they were deeply diseased, but this beautiful cat's accident is a tragic waste of life. I don't blame the driver - grey cats are hard to see and accidents are just that - accidents. But I'll miss these two loves at home and seeing James' eager face at night on the streets. It's been too much today.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eucalyptus 30 and Caulophyllum 1m - Lymphatics for monsoon

I thought Pummi would die last night but she is slightly better. We carried her to where she usually pees and she got up, peed, drank water (which she hasn't done in 4 days now) and came down the stairs all by herself.

The remedies she most drew are:
  • Eucalyptus glob. 30 - this is the one that probably saved her life from the respiratory weakness in general and the generalized low level of infection. She drew this over and over again day and night; 
  •  Caulophyllum 10m (just once), 1m, 200 (3 times at night) - This stopped the vomiting from the spasms (of the uterus??) Her swollen paw has burst and it is now covered in pus because of this remedy. It has begun a healing that is amazing to me. She reacted to the 10m all the way to the 200 immediately over the spleen drawing in painful amounts of energy from me. So I thought that she needed spleen remedies, but it seems to have healed the paw cracks which were related to the defective lymphatic system.
  • Conium 1m, 10m, 50m, cm which she drew for the last 3 days probably began the healing though I have no idea what it does for her. I see no visible change except that her thymus lymphatic nodes are a little flatter. 
  • She drew a little of Ricinus 3, Berberis 1m, Croton tig 30 and just once each of Ars Alb 30, Merc Sol 50m, Spongia cm, Asterias 1m, Scilla 30. I know the last 3 are important for the immune system.
  • I also must thank Donna Eden for her neurolymphatic draining and the other expert village instructor on Youtube. I saw the improvement from the time of the massage.
She still may die (I hope not though), but now I know what I can do to help her if she keeps improving. I know how to heal the lymphatic system somewhat. Eucalyptus is key for animals during the monsoon - why didn't I see that before?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I don't know of any weather change as miserable as the monsoon, one of the main agents of aging and death in India. For dogs and cats. This is the season the kittens and puppies have to survive to live on. This is the season the older dogs have to survive without spinal nerve and brain damage, to survive lameness and paralysis, intestinal and respiratory malfunction, to survive blood poisoning and non-healing, hardening and ulceration.

The stress of weather alone is the more extreme than the moon cycle, but the monsoon is a layering of weather stress on moon cycles making the peaks more painful and the troughs deeper.

That, that and that

The thing to understand is that all my previously abandoned theories, and there were many, were all good but just not enough. I've deadended  on many - lymphatic, acid-alkali, worms, miasms, etc. I've stuck to Reiki (though I've lost hope often and felt it wasn't enough to save life, hence the homeopathy too) and homeopathy (which I'd completely abandoned for 5 years in disgust at my inability to heal with it) as the best systems of all available. I've stuck to the moon cycle, the weather and the chakras as the best areas to focus for the healing of animals.

But even using only the plant remedies, unless we use a hierarchy, the choices are too great and they go too deep, too suddenly, pulling out too many uncontrollable reactions (I did use Baryta mur and Calc fluor, etc. so maybe the blame can be laid at the elements door again:). The hierarchy most easily available is the plant taxonomical. I'm working on using it to place the remedies closest related to the surface of the problem in the animal, and working down to the root and lower species. This would be the overarching theory for healing now.

Pummi has gone down so fast and so badly that I've been desperately seeking remedies again. She draws Eucalyptus 10m, Granatum 50m, Conium 50m, Ricinus 3x, Cajuput 3x, Physostigma 30, but her symptoms haven't alleviated. She hasn't eaten in 3 days nor does she drink water voluntarily (on account of the nausea and belching). There's bubbling around the navel, the forelegs are swollen and chapped and she struggles to move.

I suddenly figured out what was causing the oedema and the glandular swelling around her chest. I was watching a vid from "The Energy Medicine Kit" by Donna Eden (do download it - it's a 'must watch' for healers)about kinestesiology and muscle-testing for blocks and she spoke about the blocking of neurolymphatic systems and how to clear it.

I suddenly got it - the dogs were blocked up in their lymph nodes and its what is missing from my brain spinal set. I set about clumsily clearing her respiratory points and her intestinal points (which is why their legs get so weak) and thumping her chest glands. She actually looked a little better for it.

Then I went to Youtube and watched a vid (expert village) about lymphatic drainage for her and she said to massage in the arm and leg pits, came back and tried that. Thank god these dogs are so tolerant of our nonsense  I have no doubt that both these deep massages were painful for her, poor thing.

But the second massage did something amazing for her. The lymph node beneath her r. leg became hot like a furnace the more rhythmic my movements were. I realised that it was the healthiest gland of the lot and that Reiki could flow to it easily. I think that's the key - keep massaging until the area gets hot on its own rhythmically rather than forcefully.

Maybe I should stick to that one and not hurt her with where it doesn't do good. But that was the only node that worked, only her. I tried it on 3 other dogs.

I infer from this that deep plant healing is as dangerous as using the elements without a hierarchy. I should find a remedy and stick to the nearby plant groups and heal between them until it leads in one direction or the other. My next thing to try is Croton tig from the Euphrobiaceae which lies between to the Physostigma (Leguminosae) and the Eucalyptus, Cajuput (Myrtaceae). Fingers crossed - she must live.
Caulophylum  and Eucalyptus did work to improve her. More updates if she heals.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Theory: Using Plant Remedies by Classification

Here's a chart I've been wanting to share - I've hesitated because it's huge and I couldn't see the point in putting it here if no one could see what's in it. I guess you can expand the image and see it.

These are the plant groups in which I have collected homeopathy remedies. Until now (before Pummi's aggravation) I've been giving the remedies across the groups following symptoms and occasionally hitting a few good ones. Those good ones I combined into a set and that was my last Brain-spinal remedy set experiment. The remedies were from all over the plant world randomly selected.

Pummi's illness made me realise that this was not good enough. I needed to understand and classify the homeopathy more - just symptom following isn't good practice.

So I put a few hours in it and divided it as if all plants matched a chakra and a few moon days. I left out the crown chakra as it would be presumptious to decide what it needs.:) Instead the remedies can be considered as high up on the totem pole of life.

It looks pretty good as a starting point (image on right) but I was still missing a way to work it.

Now I've figured out how I should work the list, as I'll explain in the next post.