Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Insight ... perhaps!!

I'm really excited about this thought and I hope it isn't too simplistic to be true!! (I love what's simple and real in theory rather than a complex mental construct that you then have to struggle to fit.:)

Plants developed really slowly and have defenses against infections like we don't have as yet. Older plants have fewer defenses, and more primitive ones. Newer plants have more complex defenses against disease. This hierarchy should be used by us to treat animals.

Here it is:

  • Plant remedies have a hierarchy in their plant groups.
  • The plants that are higher in complexity have to be used first to heal before you can move down to those that are simpler in form and older.
  • The same hierarchy matches the moon cycle - the lower orders towards New Moon and the higher towards Full Moon.
  • The same hierarchy is matched by chakras - lower chakras need lower complexity and higher chakras higher.
  • The same hierarchy works on the body - mental and emotional need higher complexity and physical organs the lower orders.
  • The tissues, muscles and nerves have the same divisions - the nerves, respiration, intestinal digestion (solar plexus) and bones have to be healed towards the New Moon with lower orders; the brain, muscles, complex organs (kidney, liver, pancreas), reproductive and hormonal thingies have to be healed towards Full Moon and by higher plant groups.
So plants like Compositae and Ranunculae which are dicotyledons are complex work towards the Full Moon and on higher chakras. The Coniferae and Fungi are lower, older forms that work on lower chakras and towards the New Moon.

Electro Homeopathy's use of Rhododendron

First time I've heard about this Electro homeopathy that was introduced by a Count Mattei-- and it's fascinating because
  1. they're avoiding aggravations just like me (no poisons, no elements, no nosodes)
  2. They concentrate on the energy body and removing root causes especially of dropsy and nerve damage.
  3. they work with Rhododendron which has been a breakthrough for me: There are five Fluids, which are made as colourless mixtures of essences in a weak alcoholic solution.  Rhododendron cp. (Red Fluid) and Capsella cp. (Blue Fluid) are used as stimulants.
    Populus cp. (Green Fluid) and Sambucus cp (yellow Fluid) as a mitigating remedy
    Viscum album cp. (White Fluid) chiefly serves for general invigoration.
    I haven't worked with any of the others, but Rhododendron is a winner so I'd like to try the others at some point. But they say Rhod is a stimulant, so maybe that's why dogs draw it so much towards the New moon when their system is depressed.
  4. Here and JAMNA and here are exhaustive articles though I liked the first best because it mentions 6 plants. 
  5. Many indian roots to it, but these people are really secretive about the remedies, the preparation, etc. so I'm not really going there. What's the harm in listing a bunch of plant names? Seriously. Knowledge which is not shared freely ought not do well, and this branch of medicine isn't doing very well. Serves it right.;)
I'd like the dogs to respond to so many remedies - esp the more developed elements like Calcium, etc. but they're just not ready as yet. But last night, Pummi responded to Agaricus in many potencies, and even exhibited some chorea, so I'll start with that in 3x. Unfortunately or fortunately, they respond better to every other remedy I've given this week more than to Agaricus. I can't get them to need Lyco or Agar!:) They do respond to Secale and Ergot but I don't give it because the cats are invariably pregnant, one or the other. More later.

Friday, August 1, 2014

About the Brain and Nervous system

From an abstract here:
"Peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and brain of healthy adult dogs were analysed biochemically for sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, aluminium, silicon, total chloride, total tissue water and total lipid content.

Cerebrum and spinal cord had similar values for all parameters measured. Total sodium values were higher in nerves compared to central nervous system (CNS) (brain and spinal cord), while respective values for potassium were lower. Tissue levels of calcium, iron and silicon were comparable in brain, spinal cord and nerves. However, magnesium concentrations were two to three times higher in CNS than in nerves; and the reverse was true for aluminium levels. Tissue concentrations of zinc and copper were marginally higher in CNS than in nerves."

This is what our unhealthy dogs need:
Spine and brain (CNS)- more magnesium, more potassium, marginally more zinc and copper
Nerves - more sodium, more aluminium
Calcium, Iron, Silicon - equal

Here's a wonderful article about how our bodies use all the elements: There are 92 Naturally occurring elements and from them 20 could be seen in Living matter.
In Animals 
Macro – C H O N P S K Ca Mg Na Fe Cl
Trace – B Mn Zn Co Mo Al Si V

In Plants
Macro – C H O N P S K Ca Mg
Trace – B Mn Zn Co Mo Al Si V Na Fe Cl

Macro Elements
Oxygen – 65% * Aerobic Respiration / Component Of Organic Molecules
Carbon – 18.5% * Component Of Organic Molecules
Hydrogen – 9.5% * Component Of Organic Molecules
Nitrogen – 3.3% * Component Of Amino Acids ( proteins ) / Chlorophyll, Co-Enzymes & Enzymes
Phosphorous – 1% * Component of ATP ADP nucleic acid base, Phospholipid & Co-Enzymes
Calcium -1.5% * Animals – ( Bones/Teeth/Nervous Transmission/Muscular Contraction)
* Plants – ( Component of Cell Walls/Maintenance of membrane structure & Permeability/Enzyme Activator )
Potassium – 0.4% * Protein Synthesis/Enzyme activator, Stomata operation in Plants
Sulphur – 0.3% * Component of Amino acids/Proteins and Co-enzyme A
Chlorine – 0.2% * Functioning of Nerves/ Constituent of the Vacuolar sap and regulates * ionic balance & osmosis
Iron * Chlorophyll Synthesis in plants, present in Cytochrome and Nitrogenase
Sodium * Present in Tissue Fluid / Nervous Transmission
Trace Elements
Manganese * Enzyme activator
Zinc * Enzyme activator
Boron * Nucleic acid synthesis
Copper * Enzyme activator / Enzyme Component
Molybdenum * Nitrogen Fixation

Damaged nerve endings = skin 'disease'

The skin 'diseases' I've seen have all been linked to the spinal column. People talk about skin diseases as if it is from parasites. I think the parasites come after to feast on the waste produced by the body.

The body's electrical/nervous system is damaged and it shows up on the skin, not from parasites but from an inherited gene or some tendency which worsens its condition with age - like senility or pre-senility - the skin is just the location of the ends of those nerves degenerating. The darkened patches are the areas of influence of those dead nerves. See my "darkening" disease posts.:)

That's why these brain-spinal remedies are helping the animals. As their nervous system goes down, they grow more sensitive to the moon and to the weather, among other stresses. Fortunately homeopathy has remedies for most of these stresses, so I'm hopeful of reversing the problem for my babies across the species.

I really need to look into remedies specifically for nerve damage - something to heal nerves. Hypericum? Let me check.Kali phos 6 did some good in the dying Rocky who had huge patches of dead nerves, but it also brought out an aggravation. I need something that will do that kind of work but not aggravate too much.

Pummi's better - phew!

3 days ago with Kreosotum 6x, Pummi got better, thank the universe. She's not out of the woods yet, but she'll get there if I get the remedies right, I think. I'm going slow and using low potencies for the new moon - first quarter, but I think I don't need to stress out so much.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A mistake? Changes I need to make

I have to look at what's happening to Pummi as a part of the whole. The tumors she had in her breasts for almost 7 years disappeared in the last moon cycle. Probably around the time I gave the Calc fl 6 (though probably not because of it ... but before it). I wasn't tracking it past the swelling that developed and then I was distracted by Kitpit and keeping him alive. And healing the mango tree.

Pummi stopped eating voraciously around the Last Quarter (so I thought she was better) and started vomiting around New Moon +1 and stopped in 2 days (today). Hopefully.

Is there something missing in my set? Is the problem the set itself - maybe too hard on those with growths? Time? Season?

Since so many are better, I am assuming that the set was strictly for a short period (so that I don't have to start over for the 18-28 moon days or maybe 14-28 which would be an FM-NM cycle).

These are the changes I'm planning:
1. I've forgotten Kreos which has helped her stop vomiting and was probably what she needed 3 days ago.
2. I'd forgotten that the root chakra needs low potencies
3. I think my set has too many different potencies - maybe I should stick to some potency for all like Mataji's Soham remedies? Not sure what I should do. I need to think about it. It doesn't sound totally right to do that though, since they do draw Bufo in 6x and Puls in 10m ... but I haven't tried Bufo 10m so I need to invest in getting all the remedies in the same potency and giving it a shot in uniform potency.
4.I need to make a set for NM-FM or at least NM-FQ. Starting with Kreos 6 today. I'll build up from there.
5. Maybe the change needs to be only for the two extremes - FM and NM and the 3 days before and after them.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Is this how we die?

I'm watching these babies suffer from the shifting weather and moon cycle. On the road I hear the increasing number of ambulances racing to the hospitals with the sick. And I'm wondering if this is how and why we die.

Our energy should actually slow down and turn around around the Quarter Moons. And at the Full and New Moon, the peak of the wave is reached.

At the Full Moon, the energy of transcendence should burst out of our crown chakras filling us with new purpose and guidance (probably why Buddha Poornima - the day Buddha attained enlightenment - and so many of our growth festivals are at the full moon). Our energy rises from the earth, up the root chakra to the crown if all goes well. If there are blocks, we suffer. We suffer until 'enlightenment' which is nothing but a clear channel from root to crown.

Then the energy turns down. Around the First Quarter it gathers speed and power from the Solar Plexus, and shoots to the root chakra. All that  energy reaches the root chakra and cleanses us at full force and at its peak around the New Moon (probably why all our fasts center around the New Moon or Amavase, to help the cleansing process by not adding any new toxin into our system). If there are blocks on the way down, again we suffer. Maybe even more viceral suffering because of the greater identification with the corporeal and the earth.

It is probably more holy and less painful to die towards the Full Moon than the New Moon because of the rising energy (if we must die at all.:).

Sick animals have chakras that are blocked - for eg., Pummi's body is probably not doing the turning of the energy well because her kidneys and intestines haven't thrown out the toxins well or can't. The vomiting probably indicates that the block is higher up - liver or spleen? The cold skin maybe means that the root chakra isn't functioning at all even though it was New Moon yesterday? She's always had a wonky root chakra, and now that it should be at peak performance, it probably can't rotate fast enough to keep up with the building energy load from the upper chakras.

So ... how can I help - how do I correct this suffering course she's on. I'll try giving her reiki to the root chakra. Maybe with Bac, since Car did nothing for her. Maybe solar to root - I wonder which remedies I had down for root chakra? I've refered to the past posts and here are some:
Here about Apocyn and using only 3 and 6x.
Here about Car 30 (so I should try that or even 6x)
Here about Kenchu drawing Carduus Mar 10m at his root.
Here about Dumi drawing Actea s and r at the root (but a sideways jerking which I couldn't understand)
Here about Bacillinum for the root chakra. Bingo!
Here about Seratonin for this sun effect when it peeps in and out of clouds.

I'll give these a shot now and get back to talk about its effects on Pummi.
Yes, I think I made a mistake giving the Car today - she's drawing Bac cm (none of the lower ones) and Actea r 3 (couldn't find the other potencies), Nat mur 12, Carduus 10m and very little Serat 30. Didn't check for different potencies - she's still looking awful after a sniff of Bac cm, Actea 3 so I gave her a sniff of Carduus just now. No vomiting as yet this evening, but if she gulps water or eats, she most likely will.:(

Severe weather shifts = indescribable suffering

Ah, this weather change of the monsoon is indescribable suffering for my sicker dogs. I don't know how to describe how the change from sunny to windy to cloudy to showers to downpours then back again churns the dogs' insides when they're sick.

Pummi and Icy and maybe Kenchu are suffering the worst. Pummi is puking (thrice since last night). I thought at first it was Helleborus, but now I know it is just the sudden shifts in weather, especially the sun peeping in and out brightly between the dull dark clouds. The nights are chilly and damp. This is what Blackie died from and James is suffering from. Their skin goes icy cold and clammy - I've had this happen myself when I was sick, so it isn't unusual in the subcontinent or even limited to dogs. When the sun breaks out, I used to get prickling all over my body like an adrenal rush.

I still don't know the solution to this - I think those affected in the kidneys and intestines have the worst of it, so maybe it is a sacral or root chakra problem, or very related to this New Moon time.

Icy is drawing Carcinosin 10m, and Bac 1m, 50 and cm (just a smidgeon less). I gave them the Carc in the food today - fingers crossed. If it doesn't do enough then Bac tomorrow and I pray. Pummi is drawing Ran Sc 30 (like the sick puppies did at the shelter the last time the weather was like this a few months ago) so I put it in the food as well.

The Bac drawn also makes me think it is a tubercular problem - but I don't have the courage to put it in with the Carc on the same day. These animals also have swollen glands around the neck - maybe that means it has something to do with immunity and the lymphatic system as well. Only trial and error available to me, unfortunately - there are no vets that I can talk to about my ideas and no homeopaths who are on the same wavelength about these diseases. I look at them all and wonder when they'll catch up - if at all. At other times I wonder if I'm completely on the wrong track (I feel like Spielberg did when he saw 'The Godfather' and lost confidence, he felt that no one could top that.:).

I'm really hoping not to lose any animal to this change this year, so fingers crossed!
This drawing of Carc and Bac makes a lot of sense to me in terms of the moon cycle - from the New Moon the energy starts moving up the body. Its only that the last month they drew it later in the cycle. Maybe this is the normal and they're trying to reach it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Never enough but there's good news!:)

I find that there's never enough time and energy to do all that could be done for street dogs. Time is something I can't change, and energy is limited as I go through the seasons and age - another 'can't change' unless homeopathy kicks in and pushes it up a notch.

I used to feed about a 100 dogs at night with about 7 kgs of uncooked rice and 10-12 kgs of meat until 2 years ago. Then the dog numbers dipped significantly (about 20 died along my route), I was sick, my home dogs were sick (Sonu developed the jaw tumor that worsened over the next year), the neighbours were calling the dog vans, my family was trying to get me to leave and the street dogs were eating so variably, that it all got too much and I lost heart. I didn't stop, of course, but I cut down my route to about 25 dogs that I gave the raw meat on my way back from Shivajinagar and fed about 30-40 at night. But going out at night got very stressful after I got assaulted a couple of times and my bike smashed and it would take me hours before I could get myself on the bike and leave. I reduced the cooking down to 5 kgs uncooked and hoped the dogs would survive anyway, which they did.

As with all things the difficult times passed, as did my Sonu and Peppy and I recovered from the prolonged care-giving. I continued with feeding began to have small victories over disease with homeopathy, which heartened me again.

Now what I'm giving the street dogs is always not enough, there's a huge cat and kite population growth in my area, but I have grown older and not quite as strong as I used to be - the weather affects me significantly and I've had to divide the routes out quite a bit to keep pace with my energy levels. I feed one set of 5 dogs as I bring in the raw meat, then about 20 (incl my home dogs) in the evening, then about 30-40 at night (who really don't get enough). I do 6 different routes so the average dog just gets a meal once in 3 days unfortunately (though they do have other feeders so I don't feel so terrible)!
1: (evening) Mt.C route and (night) Can Bk dogs
2: (evening) Sadashivngr and (night) Millers/Cantonment
3: (evening) Millers Rd and (night)Vngr Railway Parallel

I have dogs waiting for me every night in all three routes that go hungry, but I run out of food long before I finish. But here's the good news: They've all improved significantly since I started this new set!!!

All the dogs that do get to eat are fresher, healthier and more mobile than ever before. They're eating more steadily across the moon cycle and more food individually (which is why there's not enough food to go around). Those that couldn't eat rice have improved digestion, better coats and more energy. The older dogs are stronger and more assertive, better able to bear the cold. The dogs that usually go lame in this weather have got use of their bum legs again. There's less fighting and larger groups (which is dangerous with dog vans plying the city surreptitiously killing dogs) with more tolerance of the weak. This is true for the cats too. I think I've nailed it with this bunch of remedies that took so long to find!

The only weaknesses in this set that I've seen so far is that those with respiratory problems have begun to have breathing difficulty from 3 days before the new moon along with anal itching and I have no remedy covering these - I should include a sea remedy like Spongia or Squilla and see if that will cover their problems. Or maybe just putting in a Compositae like Absinth or Artem will do the needful for both issues. I'll give that a try first before I bring another remedy into play.