Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 2014 Moon remedies

Here's the set I used this month from Moon day 21 on. You can see how it expands to include 14 remedies and becomes a complex mixture by the end.:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Plumb better than Calc Fluor for New Moon

I am feeling the lack of energy as this new moon approaches (tomorrow, so not as bad as 6 months ago) - it must be a combination/cumulative effect of the weather change to monsoon and the new moon.

I started this new post because I wanted to say Plumb met 30 is drawing more strongly than Calc Fluor 6 - it must be a very valuable remedy for this new moon funk. Icy drew it in a prickling, waving, diffused draw across his neck, heart and solar, but his knee drew a great deal and almost instantly, I developed a shadow-pain in the side of my left knee that lasted for 3 hours. It was either Icy's weak left leg that I mirrored or my own knees are weak and drew the energy.

update on my set

Remarkably the set hasn't stopped drawing energy since the Moon day 19. I'm very hopeful that this is a complete FM-NM set!!

Not only is this set drawing energy, but it is drawing MORE energy as it moves from the Quarter moons to the extremes of the NM! This is exactly how it should be - from my theoretical point of view, of vibrations. Energy should be drawn less at the quarter moon, rendering it less effective, and more durin the full and new moons, making the remedy heal faster. So that's one for the rules.:)

Rule: Remedies should be drawn more towards the full and new moons than towards the quarter moons.

Today though I replaced Gelsemium 3 (there are two other Loganaceae, Upas and Ign) with Rhododendron 1m and the dogs are better for it. Hepar 30 continues to draw more than Calc Fluor 6 - so I'm guessing the latter is a FM remedy rather than a new moon one like Hepar. Or maybe it doesn't matter as long as the Calc element is there in the mix? I've often seen this - remedies are quite indiscriminate in terms of energy if they contain the element needed.

Today though they've drawn Plumb Met 30 and Calc fluor 6 again more than hepar. I'm going with that, Rhod 1m and Hyscamus 30. I'll add more when I'm less tired and sleepy tomorrow.

I'm hoping to replace Pulsatilla with Helleborus (same group, Ranunculae) one of these days, which the dogs draw so much of to keep the numbers down to 15 while giving them the full benefit of multiple plant groups in this set. And Compositae has to come into the group somewhere, so maybe eliminating one of the Loganaceae or the elements will be the best way to do it (and I'll probably go with Arnica if there isn't a brain/spine favorite already from that group). Oh, I forgot ... Absinthinum is the animals' favorite and seems to be a brain-spine related remedy - there's also Carduus, Tarax, Mille. Cina which this little Kitpit draws so much. Ok, starting with Absinth though, if I have any of it.

Girlie in the Park

I thought this dog was dead - one of her eyes went completely white 2 years ago. Yesterday I met a man, Madhusudan, from Vasanthnagar who said that sweet girl was hit on the head with a bottle by a muslim boy because she sniffed his leg! [Who he kicked in outrage, so the dog is avenged. The injury is however irreversible.] I heard that she's been hiding in the park and cared for by M's brother, so thank the universe for these good people.

I went and saw her yesterday with eye-injury remedies and that eye has begun to rot. She's eating only the rice (I think they give her a lot of meat), but drawing Symphytum cm over the injured eye and Staph 30. I gave her a dose of the Symphytum. I'll try to see her at least 2ce a week and give her a remedy, hopefully the rot will stop and the eye will dry up and heal better.

Two years too late, though. I neglected her because I thought it was cataract and didn't know how to heal that. :(

Monday, July 21, 2014

Staggering the Calc Fluor

The Calc Fluor aggravation ended in 12 hours (even the kitten) so by morning they were drawing it again at 6x and I repeated it. But today they're drawing Hepar Sulph 30 more than Calc Fluor 6 so I'm going with it - figured I'd repeat Calc F only once in 3 days or a week, go easy with it. They all need Calc F and draw it more than any of the other Calcs except for Hepar (which I consider a sea remedy since it is oyster shell calcium).

They're drawing Nat mur at 6x but not strongly, so I'm not going to follow it up yet - they've never reacted well to nat mur or ferr phos, the two anemic remedies - I guess anemia isn't their problem, indurations, calcification and hardening is.