Saturday, July 19, 2014

Calc fluor aggravation

This is why I hate the Calcs. Calc fluor 6, which they all drew because I checked carefully, has created an aggravation in the kitten, Kitpit, and Icy, the two that needed it the most. And at a time when they should least aggravate, the Last Quarter. So maybe I got the moon phase wrong. Maybe it should be like this ...

First Qtr to Full Moon--> Full Moon to Last Qtr--> Last Qtr to New Moon--> New Moon to First Qtr
(Inflammation)  --------------->(Induration)-----------> (Suppuration) ----------> ?
(to prevent induration)------>(to prevent Suppuration) ---> (to prevent inflammation) -----> ?
Calc Fluor --------------->(Bufo, Caps, Echin, Hep?) ---> (Hysc, Phytolacca, Rhod, Rumex, Thuja?) ---?

That's my new experiment.
I hate aggravations. Right now the bones of Kitpit's face are all swollen and Icy is itching along his legs madly. This one came on 6 hours after the remedy, I hope it doesn't last longer than a day. No wonder they say Calc fluor shouldn't be repeated too often! More later.
Staggering the Calc Fluor
The Calc Fluor aggravation ended in 12 hours (even the kitten) so by morning they were drawing it again at 6x and I repeated it. But today they're drawing Hepar Sulph 30 more than Calc Fluor 6 so I'm going with it - figured I'd repeat Calc F only once in 3 days or a week, go easy with it. They all need Calc F and draw it more than any of the other Calcs except for Hepar (which I consider a sea remedy since it is oyster shell calcium).

They're drawing Nat mur at 6x but not strongly, so I'm not going to follow it up yet - they've never reacted well to nat mur or ferr phos, the two anemic remedies - I guess anemia isn't their problem, indurations, calcification and hardening is.

Calc fluor for indurations goes with Rhod 6,12

I found what Icy needs by chance (I hope this is it) - Calc fluor 6x. He's got these wounds that have started all over his limbs. He's got swellings around his joints - and something that I think James could have used (I heard he'd been picked up by some van yesterday -- I hope they haven't killed him or that he hasn't died!).

Icy itches along the bones with a 'hunh, hunh, hunh' cry - I've heard that before from Laxmi but didn't know what to give her until she died - asafoetida, calc carb 3, lach, nothing can stop it. It's worse with the rains and weather change. All dogs that need Bacillinum need this remedy, so therefore, all dogs need it! I have to remember for the next dog! In fact, I should have given it to everyone when I gave it to Stripes a month ago!!!

It goes with Rhododendron and I'll write more about what it heals in animals later.
 I just read that Nat mur is similar to Calc fluor and that it is the chronic of Ignatia. I should check it out on all the cats and dogs.
  • My checklist for Calc Fluor:
  • Malnutrition of bones (swelling around joints, paws angled from dislocation, walks slowly from dislocation)
  • Induration threatening suppuration ('hunh, hunh, hunh' cries during rains and cold weather)
  • Cataract (foggy or hard)
  • Ulcerated throat (hangs down), smelly, whitish pus in saliva (entire thoat area has a looseness to it - skin in folds with one patch stuck to thyroid region, mapped skin, throat swollen and can hardly swallow)
  • wounds around bony areas (just patches around legs, joints, etc. thin wounds as if from biting)
  • hardpad - fissures and cracks in paws (I'm assuming that this can be cured - my Kitpit had hardening paws which it would constantly lick which has lessened after 2 doses)
  • Hardening arteries and veins (visible in the legs of dogs as thickened)
  • Grey-white skin
  • Chronic suppuration of middle ear (sloshing in ear)
  • Hard swelling in cheek or face (bones of face swollen)
  • Flatulence (my first indication - like bubbles in the lower abdomen when pressed, grumbling colic)
  • Tubercular dogs and cats (heart problems, worms and tumors/growth - complex)
  • Most obvious need is visible during a monsoon (suffers excessively during the build-up to this)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Still the same set

Moon days 17- 20: No change yet in the 14 remedy picks. I expect something to change soon though since the Quarter moon is coming up when the new cycle begins. Right now the remedies are just changing in potency for all but the cicuta and ignatia. (I can't find the rest of my physostigmas or baryta mur or hyscamus so I haven't checked those).

The cats are more human-friendly - especially Stripes' 3+1 who are usually jumpy and suspicious. They all absorb ignatia like they're black-holes, so that might be it.
The little Kitpit is racing around on his rickety legs and more active and stubborn than ever (esp about sitting on the laptop keyboard which is warm - drives me nuts though as he runs through a bunch of keys and opens obscure programs). His liver isn't smaller though, but except for Cina 1m, he isn't drawing any other remedies on checking. So maybe the Cina will play a role in the future?
Icy is the only one who is drawing Calc Carb 6 and Rhododendron 12 though he's quieter, he still has something wrong with his bones (tubercular most likely - wounds coming up all over). He's drawing hepar sulph too. There must be a bone remedy missing.
Kenchu is sleeping better but draws Rhod 200 - so it should probably come up soon.
The rest of the dogs are all better - so obedient that it's amusing. They're loving this spinal and brain combo.

I'm expecting Helleborus, Cina, Hepar, Rhododendron to get included in the First Quarter set and some to get eliminated. I'm surprised actually that a set has lasted this long - 4 days (3 days has been the limit so far). Still looking for big improvements from this combo!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My mango tree

I finally worked up the energy to check on a very sick mango tree in my house.

(Plants don't take to me very well. It's probably because I don't stop the animals from hurting them. My rats are super-destructive to plant life (destroy the roots) but I don't have the heart to stop them. Anyway, not much grows if I plant it. My brother has a green thumb but is a traditioal gardener - he'll spray and chop and change their place and still the darned plant will survive and thrive.:)

This mango tree is in its teens and began to fruit enormous mangoes about 3 yrs ago. Each mango was about 6 inches long and 5 wide! And tasty! And in plenty - 300 or so mangoes twice a year. It was a boon to the squirrel population and visiting monkey bands.

But last year it developed a peculiar infection. New leaves would curl up and die and the dead ends were used by fire ants to build colonies. They'd web them together and the buds inside would shrivel up, so there was no flowering and no fruiting. The fire ants reached an enormous number, in the thousands, and my brother finally got impatient and sprayed the leaves killing a whole lot of fire ants. It probably killed the fungus that was in the buds as well. It revived the tree somewhat, but I didn't believe such a surface treatment would do any good (in fact, the karma of killing ants can't be good at all!).

Sure enough, the next season the mango tree bloomed a full 2 months before. The mangoes would grow to half their size and fall off immature (still quite large and edible, but not like before). The mangoes also developed with a whole lot of maggots in them, so about 50% was just for the squirrels and compost.

Yesterday I went armed with my mineral/element remedies, since I consider them useless for the animals where they create too strong an aggravation, I thought plant life is the best place to use them.

Within 10 mins the mango tree drew energy from the Sn/Pb/Bi set!! Yesterday and today I gave it some Stannum 6 and this morning it drew the Plumb met cm. Yay! Hopefully the small mug of homeopathic water will reach the roots and the tree with thrive.

More later.:)
-------update 26/7
Two days after Stannum 6x the young leaves stopped falling. I've given the tree 5 more doses because it is still drawing the remedy - but nothing that I've noticed particularly except that the young leaves are growing to greener mature leaves than in the past.

But more than anything else I've noticed the crows in the tree are squabbling less. It struck me how terrific it is to give plants homeopathy (if I can find the right remedy) and have them share it with the bird/animal life that lives on them. They probably radiate the aura of health, the potency of the remedy, and that is absorbed by the crows.
----- update 9/8
The leaves have stopped falling. I gave 2 more doses, though I know I should give more, I've been busy with the dogs, cats, etc. I just read about my "fire ants" - they're called Weaver ants and are indigenous and protective of the trees they inhabit, keeping away parasites. So there's no call for anyone to kill these beautiful creatures with their painful bites.:)

Homeopathy's beginning in Saqqara with Seraphis

Check this out! Homeopathy began in Saqqara and had a link to something like Reiki! I have a special reason for bringing this up (though I'm really quite secretive about it - I'm putting it down in case I go senile one day.:)

Healers in Saqqara used the 'like heals like idea' (similia similibus) to heal, revived by Hahneman in the 18th century.

I was given homeopathy as a 6 yr old by a homeopath called Hanumanth Rao, and I could feel the medicine humming in my mouth, so I always had a respect for it. My mother became a Shivananda healer about 20 yrs later, and all the mixtures were my playground for treating animals. But I never really connected it to anything.

Back in 1992-4, when I first learnt Reiki and realised I had some amazing energy pouring out of my hands I had to give up my 'scientific' schoolgirl beliefs about the world. Ayn Rand and every rational philosopher went out the window and I began a painful journey into understanding energy.

In  1996, an angel-reader in Cincinnati told me I had an egyptian angel/guardian/guide who protected me. In 1998, I was travelling around the world when I learnt automatic writing and my egyptian guardian called himself 'Ceref' and told me to visit Saqqara.  He wanted me to look for the entrance, the 'secret chambers' and it was way, way too scary to do at dusk with crazy Egyptians all around, and so I left.:) He said we were both healers from Saqqara and had been worshiped as gods.

I didn't  take the automatic writing seriously, or Ceref, and over time I forgot about it. It was only last year when I was healing animals with some success that I wondered which guides helped so much in my healing efforts and remembered Ceref's urging to heal animals.

I found that the roman 'Seraf' or angel stemmed from the cult of Serapis, a worship of healers who were turned gods (Imhotep and Merit-Ptah). The ancient world is scattered with Serapeums dedicated to healing. My angel or guide had been right over 15 years before ... probably about a lot of other things as well (he said that the pyramids were built with energy, not slaves ... what a weight off the world's conscience if that were true!)

"One finds," said the geographer Strabo (1st century AD), "a temple to Serapis in such a sandy place that the wind heaps up the sand dunes beneath which we saw sphinxes, some half buried, some buried up to the head, from which one can suppose that the way to this temple could not be without danger if one were caught in a sudden wind storm." Did it not seem that Strabo had written this sentence to help us rediscover, after over eighteen centuries, the famous temple dedicated to Serapis?" wrote Mariette, who finally uncovered a bunch of animal sarcophagii.

"To the west of this cemetery, a gallery of tombs for the sacred bulls of Apis, and known today by its Greek name Serapeum,  was constructed from the 19th Dynasty on. It would continue to be used until well into the Roman Period." from here.

The rest of the stuff I read is condescending and typical westernized assumptions about the naivety of ancient thoughts on medicine. The stuff on worship of animals and why they're mummified is even more disgusting a read!

You know what I think? I think that the worship of animals was really a love of animals, not much different than my love for them today. I see their shining spirit like I can't see in any human. If you've seen an animal healing another, you know what I mean.

Whatever the 'religion' became later, mummifying living animals as offerings, was an abomination of Ceref's love for animals, the reason he heals them even today. He saw their nature, their power, their strength, which is why he's guiding my choices in homeopathy today - there's no true healing with any other system. I do believe, now, that we were once together in our love and healing of animals, just as he said a decade and a half ago. Thought I'd put it out there in the akashic records or something - Ceref has been silent for the last decade or so.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My best set yet from theory (and practice:)

I was thinking about this FIP that I've seen for the first time (I've treated it as everything from dropsy to worms, organ by organ, paralysis, hydrocephalus, you name it! ... from dog to rat to cat to bird no less!:) and comparing it with a bunch of childhood diseases in all the creatures I know including humans and suddenly a commonality struck me -- they're all like polio and tuberculosis.

And then I thought of how they both involved the brain and the spine and were irritants. The abdominal troubles, the neurological symptoms and the pneumonias are probably all related to the degeneration of tissue in the hypothalamus and the spine - the areas they draw the energy the most.

And bingo! the list that came up in a "brain spinal irritation" search was very close to what I use and have had success with in the last few months.

Augustura v Agaricus silicea Ambra grisea
Gelsemium Apis zinc met Kali brom
Ignatia Cocculus nat mur Kali carb
Ipecac Hamamelis phosphorus Lac can
Physostigma Rhus tox Hypericum Lactuca vir
Phytolacca Sulphur Lil tig Laurocerasus
Thuja tellurium Lobelia Mag phos
Upas tieut Tarantula Lycopodium Medorrhinum
Verat vir Nux vom Petroleum Melilotus off
Actea racemosa Belladonna Picric acid Menyanthes
Baryta mur Mang ace Scutellaria Morphinum
Cicuta vir Nat sulph Strychninum Naja
Hyoscamus Sepia Theridion Onanthe
Pulsatilla China off Viscum alb Paris quad

China sulph Stramonium Populus candicans

Cuprum met




Kali phos
The ones I've bolded have been fantastic for the animals in the last few months. The rest I've used on and off and had success with one or the other at some level or in some other form (like the Cup met, I've used Cup ace and the Mag phos has worked better as Mag mur or Mag sulph, etc.)

Now the question is how to use it.
I've put all of them together for now, at various potencies as they came to hand ... not very scientific, I know... but I need time to work on the best combinations, and there are dogs and cats suffering today who don't have that kind of time. (I gave the three white baker's cats' remedy already - I've got one ready for the temple dogs and one for the petrol bunk owner's paralysed koramangala dog).

The guides tell me that it's fine - I think they're relieved that I got this far.:)

I noticed a bunch of my favorite remedies that are missing though - Rhododendron, Helleborus, Carduus, Tarax, Hepar Sulph so I'm guessing these need following up or preceding stuff. So a ways to go. (It's a long, long road ... but he ain't heavy, he's my brother.;)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitten is starting to play again

This Kitpit is beginning to play again. He still has an enormously distended abdomen, can't focus his eyes and his hearing is impaired (can't judge the location of sounds) but he's eating well and attempted to play on his own today. Skin is still grey, and he walks like he has rickets with a massive abdomen.

The thing is, I can still see the areas that are affected along the spine and brain - the frontal brain and the solar plexus region are the areas the infected tissue has still not been altered by the Homeopathy or Reiki. It looks like darker fur or reddish-yellow fur on along the spinal line. It fades when the energy has touched it and the cat gets a more evenly marked and coloured fur.

Cina, which no other animal has drawn before, has triggered upto 1m (I don't have it higher, but Artem 10m which I have, has been drawn too). I'm really grateful they've reached this point, esp Kitpit, who looked as bad as Lovely for a while there. I'll put in a pic now that he looks like he'll survive.

Yesterday I saw Kitpit's two siblings with its mother on the back wall (two have probably died after the move). They're both fat and healthier than Kitpit though one had the same swollen abdomen. I hope the remedies in the meat that the mother carries religiously to them all night means that they'll get healed too. She's lost 6 sets so far to this disease, most of them growing to teenage before their digestive system comes to a complete halt. The last one was terrible with an abdomen as hard as a stone - god, it was terrible to feel (the dogs had chased it under a car when I found it). I realised something was wrong 3 days after the rescue when she came out of hiding and sat so still on the litter tray that I picked her up and checked. It was too late, she died the next day.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boger's moon remedies or Duncan's acid-alkali

One would think that I'd read and be excited by Boger's work on moon phases first before all but ... so not!

Boger's moon remedies and mine have too much difference. His use of Phosphorus, which I can't use at all in any useful way (maybe it works better in the northern countries?) bombs his list for me. I'm glad he made the attempt as I am doing. But my thinking is more aligned with Thomas Duncan.

Thomas Duncan has worked his way from the periodic table of elements which makes sense to me. Except that his acid and alkaline set is not much use for our sick animals - they're almost always alkaline puppies and kittens turning acid in an unhealthy way. Attempting to grade the acid remedies and alkaline remedies to treat in my mass feeding way is very difficult. In individual cases too it is hard work to find the extent of acidity and change it to a neutrality. I've had a little success with Blackie's kitten but I couldn't keep it up or find follow-up remedies and the kitten died.

The one great use I've found for Duncan's work is his set of "acid and alkaline" -- Cina, Cicuta, Tellurium, etc are fabulous to give at Full Moon and New Moon for their neutrality during an extreme time in energy shift.

His Coffea Tosta 12 which slowly changes an acid stomach to an alkaline one does that more harmlessly is a better (being of the same family as China off which so many are using to treat FIP, I think makes it more relevant).

Protective remedies for post-distemper and survivors of FIP

Ran bulb, Ran Sc
Ignatia cm
Artemisia 30 - for kittens with swollen epigastrium (high up) (Cina too, since it is an artemisa of a different variety?)
Absinth 10m

Physostigma cm
Millefolium 10m
Hepar Sulph

NM and FM depending on if they are hot or cold on those days:
Veratrum viride 10m
Camphor - not sure about potency yet, but in the wet form brings out a sweat.

Homeopathy's self-destructive blame-games

I think Homeopathy has been pretty self-destructive in its past, and I've contributed my bit to this immaturity. I've no doubt Hahnemann and Burnett had a fight to convince people of the improvement that Homeopathy was over every other system which led naturally to the kind of comparisons we make.

The idea of vaccination being a horror of injecting one species with the diseases of the other species is disgusting in its own right. But not stopping there Homeopaths went a step further to blame it for awakening a number of dormant diseases. It is only after taking care of cats and rats that I began to back off from my own accusing, angry exclamations of the same. In India, dogs are widely vaccinated, but cats and rats - never. Yet the disease progresses at the same rate, in the same season and the same way. Vaccination has nothing to do with it - the weather does and inheritance.

This statement "The next complication was the discovery that the neoprene collar is toxic, and could explain the hair loss around the collar area." from Irene's article bothered me all night. My Kitpit has the same loss of hair in that region (probably from congruent scabs that I combed away - Cicuta) and I've never collared this kitten or any other. He carries fleas which I deliberately don't remove to see how his blood improves. There's no need to blame chemicals in flea collars - the eruptions come up as the disease leaves the spine and brain in the same region.

Looking around to blame something is self-destructive in real life and in healing. I think I'll stop doing this (maybe I'll never vaccinate my dogs with a sheep-borne virus, but that's because I don't want either sheep or dogs to be forced to suffer for a preventable brain disease.:).