Friday, July 4, 2014

First Qtr to Full Moon: Energy Rising and Indurations

I had an insight from the guides and my kitten, Kitpit, two nights ago when I was close to despair. My kitten suddenly developed fits, epileform convulsions or seizures, every 15 or 20 mins after Reiki with Rhododendron 12x. From that point on, if I touched her (with Reiki obviously, since it flows from my hands), she'd have a convulsion.

I couldn't figure out what to do except to stay away from her. Then I recalled that I was giving her Reiki at her abdomen when her convulsions began in the head. Suddenly I realised that it was First Quarter and that it began the cycle for energy to move up the body until and a little beyond the Full Moon.

Rhododendron aggravated the nerves of the spine in some way creating a congestion in the brain. So I have a Rule from this:
Rule: No Rhododrendron past the First Quarter (-2 days). In fact, no remedy that sends energy upwards from that point. 

The one remedy I remembered that healed downwards was Carcinosin. I checked for it and it drew at 12x. I gave it yesterday.

Today I had Car 30 which I used. But when I was healing another sick kitten, Ladybug (I hate naming sick animals - they die before I can figure out how to help them), I noticed something I had in Kitpit too -- when I was running my finger down the side of the abdomen, there are lines of indurated or hardened glands. It's there to see -- there are indurations that narrow the intestines down and weaken the body. This is closely related to cancer, I think. Like Kent says, "what is scirrhus [cancer] but a peculiar form of induration?"

So now I've collected a bunch of remedies for the combination of inflammation, induration and ulceration -- the problem that goes with the flaming up of the Full Moon on the living system, and the list looks quite right. Meaning, I've used a number of these remedies before with good results:

I'm going to work on potency and getting the list right, and hopefully in time to save my little kittens and the dogs a lot of suffering this full moon. [The Bufo, Rumex, Cataria and Hekla are my additions -- they work wonders in a general way upto full moon but not sure why yet.]

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Allium sativum 3 (FM-LQ) opened up the animals for Helleborus (LQ-NM) which paved the way for Ignatia cm (NM) and that cleared the path for Bryonia 50m (NM-FQ) and now Baptisia 50m has triggered (3 days from FQ). How complicated homeopathy is! If you don't get the remedies in a sequence, you could be stuck trying to heal your poor animal.

I've been worried  for the last two weeks that what I'm doing might not be enough to heal them, but this kind of opening out of the case reassures me that all is well in my world. I included a line for animal and element remedies during that worrisome time. I'll keep it, although I'm now up to 9 remedies a day. The success of the mixtures are there for me to see - I hope I'll know when I've gone too far.

Rule: The thing to look out for are remedies related to suppressed eruptions and cerebro-spinal stuff. Rule: And between the two extreme moon phases of New Moon and Full Moon, to heal the throat, bronchial tubes, lungs, liver, stomach and spleen, intestines, etc.

Still working on the order. But it looks like the Last Qtr to New Moon phase should have the intestines and lower half from the epigastrium, hypogastrium, etc. and the First Qtr to Full Moon should have the throat, lungs down to the epigastrium. Full Moon to Last Qtr and New Moon to First Qtr has the brain and mind remedies.

I'm also now finding that dogs have swollen glands in chains below their throat just before their legs. They're now standing out in clear contrast to what I always considered 'fat'. What's with that and how do I heal it? Maybe those glands are tubercular or cancerous, related to the immune system?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Remedies that are better than others for animals

In each plant family I'm beginning to notice remedies that animals take to better than others. I've started this post once before, but I can't find it now. I'll make a note when I haven't tried promising remedies enough. Either way these remedies will open out the others in the group so starting with these is a good idea.

Cicuta in the Umbelliferae group (Conium, Zizia, Petroselinum, Hydrocotyle, Asafoetida, Aethusa). I haven't tried Aethusa enough.

Ignatia in the Loganaceae (Nux vom, Spigelia, Curare, Gelsemium)

Rhododendron will open Ericaceae for Uva Usi and others to work.

Ranunculaeceae has Helleborus which works wonders but needs Aconite, Puls, Staph and esp. Ran b, Ran Sc for months to open up the case for it.

Compositae has the same problem - all the remedies work but they need Absinth, Arnica and Echinacea for months to open up the case for Taraxicum and Carduus Mar to work.