Friday, June 27, 2014

Similarities in a plant group are confusing

Here I'll explain a problem I've frequently experienced with homeopathy: If you get the plant group right but not the remedy, it will often heal partially at high or low potencies

Gelsemium from the same Loganaceae group cured one cat (Stripes) entirely but it took over a year after a single 50m dose. She sat curled up on her stomach for months. I simply didn't know what to give her after that - she took to nothing.

Stripes was separated by her mother as a plump kitten from her litter to protect the others from the infection (though that compassionate cat went everyday to this lonely kitten and fed her for a month!). I waited hoping the mother would take her back, but all her other kittens died and she got pregnant again, so I picked this hissing terrified kitten (whose eyes moved continually sideways - the reason I picked Gels) and kept her in an empty cupboard. She couldn't see well enough to climb or run from danger - she just kept hissing and spitting to protect herself the best she could.

That's then. After that, no kitten or puppy drew Gelsemium again in any potency for any significant period of time (never more than 10 mins or more). It was very puzzling.

Now I think it was because I didn't try it around the New Moon, or a weather change or maybe changed to another remedy in the same plant group.

This time I tried Nux vom 30 around Last Qtr and all the animals were severely distressed even though they drew it. Again, I was puzzled. Then I tried Ignatia 6 and they reacted well (even though Nux and Ignatia are supposed to be inimical!). I went up in potency to cm with better results everyday. Today I gave them a combination of Ignatia 200, Upas 30 and Spigelia 6 (Spig. only draws when Upas or Ign are also used, strange remedy that it is). Now there's healing in both kittens.

So, Rule: Give plant remedies that are compatible in a group together for better effect.

Bowel disorders in kittens - Success!

For the first time I've been able to identify, generally, a safe way to save kittens with bowel disorders. I've grieved over this - in puppies and kittens that finally just get too weak to survive. I've just lost a tough little kitten to frothy vomit and hardened abdomen who kept going as long as he could and another sweet one in May.

New Moon and weather change are two times they usually die, when the problem grows to overwhelm their system. The remedies are Helleborus niger 200, 1m; Rhododendron 12x, 1m, 10m; Ignatia 6, 200, cm; Physostigma cm (and maybe China 12, Angustura 1m, Upas 30, Spigelia 6, Bufo 30 which probably supported the previous).*

These are the symptoms that I've seen which can be corrected by the previous remedies:
  • Rumbling in the bowels
  • Fermented bubbly greyish diarrhoea
  • Bubbling fermentation in the stomach and intestines
  • Throbbing abdomen
  • Unfocussed eyes turned slightly upwards - with strabismus in one case, sideways motion of the eyeballs in another case
  • Bloated abdomen, spindly legs (which later gets drawn inwards as the animal dehydrates)
  • Pitious mewing, itching all over, whining puppies and dogs.
  • Kittens sitting on their abdomen because they feel better by pressure and being still
  • Licking paws (pain in soles)
  • Hard pimply skin patches around the neck and back
  • Eye-glue, greyish-green mucus in and around the eyes, photophobia, dilated fixed pupils, greyish-greenish cataract (?) of the lens or fluid in the eye (vitrious?)
  • Vomiting as food is swallowed, digested and diarrhoea soon after eating.
  • Ears sloshing with fluid
  • Grey skin
  • Reaction to the weather
That's all I can think of now. Two kittens have healed in two days who could barely move. I've just found very tiny threadlike worms (oh joy!:)  in partially-formed, yellow shit for a kitten who was shitting grey just two days ago (and reddish streaked black, hard shit a week ago). Their abdomens are flatter without being sunken.
Fingers crossed that it lasts!

[Much as I'd like to heal with a single remedy, it has become clear to me that different phases of the moon cycle draw multiple remedies which are compatible. Maybe one day I'll go back to single remedies (probably with elements and animal remedies, nosodes and isodes too) but the plant remedies work well together.]

* Why these remedies? 
What I think works together in these remedies is:
  • Helleborus niger 200, 1m - eruptions suppressed internally in the abdomen (Kenchu draws it there; little one drew it in a sharp line below the last right rib over the liver); dirty pores around nostrils (black patches on nose). Solar plexus, epigastric nerve.
  • Rhododendron 12x, 1m, 10m - reaction to weather, worms
  • Ignatia 6, 200, cm - grief, tonsillitis, abdomenal fermentation (amoebiosis, etc), jerking of limbs in sleep, excoriated skin around the tail.
  • Physostigma cm - autonomous muscular paralysis (peristalysis, eg., of the bowels)
Maybe these helped too:
  • China 12 - food lies undigested, slow digestion, vomiting of undigested food; flatulent colic, jaundice, gastro-deuodenal catarrh; stool frothy, yellow, difficult.
  • Angustura 1m - bone pains, cramplike colic and fermentation in the abdomen.
  • Upas 30 - acidity, liver stitches, rumbling, spinal pain opp stomach.
  • Spigelia 6 - gastric catarrh, worms, borborygmus, griping pains, threadworms and roundworms
  • Bufo 30 - lapping motion before attacks; solar plexus nerve centered.

Bringing in the elements - 2

 27 jun - Bad idea. My weakest kitten and dog died after the elements. I don't know if they're creating bad aggravations or just circumstance, but my plant remedies in any potency don't have animals dying.

I think once the plant remedies stop being effective is when I should start on the elements. Yeah, as late as that. I know others heal with them but I can't see how when the elements are drawn in the highest potencies but also carry aggravations in weak animals. I do believe that the plant remedies prepare the body better for healing in animals.
4 jun - Ok, I've decided to use an element or two as an "intercurrent" (hehe, homeopaths have devised so many words to bypass the "single remedy, minimal dose, max time" insistence of Hahneman. The truth is that they've all, even the greats like Burnett, Kent and Clarke, given multiple remedies, to heal piecemeal, and with TDS or three times a day as the homeopathic mean - nothing  for them to knock from Mataji's mixtures.:) and my intercurrent will be around the full moon to counter the greater acidity then.

The stars of my show right now are Pulsatilla, Thuja, Phytolacca and Rhododendron (or maybe I should say Ranunculae, Coniferae, Phytolacaceae, Ericaceae). I'll pick an element from their compatibles or "follows well" list. I'll also ensure that it is acidic.

I know the dogs are extremely open to Mag mur and Chlorine or Mur acid, Cuprum ace, Argent nitricum, Aur met, Merc, Sulphur, Sulph acid and Tellurium. I'll try and pick a remedy from that lot.
Pulsatilla: Sul, Sulp Ac. (complimentary), Merc.
Thuja: Merc, Sulph, Nitr ac.
Phytolacca: (inimical-Merc.)
Rhododendron: Merc, Sul.

So Merc is definitely out. Can't use inimicals. Sulphur and Sulphuric acid seem to be the best choices. I'll start with those.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Moon fermentation

This time around the animals have started drawing higher potencies two days before the New Moon. The last three moon cycles they were not as healthy and it took until 5 days after the new moon. Before that it took even longer upto the First Qtr. So this is a sign of returning health - the dips and troughs of the New Moons should be shallower.

And I use 'returning health' relatively.:) Those that had worms the previous moon cycles have fewer or none. The ear sloshing is less as is Kenchu's groaning and itching. Very few fleas have hatched and are hopping around rather than settling on all the dogs.

But removing worms is a mixed blessing. The worms actually seemed to serve a purpose in the body containing the problem of poor digestion.

Now the full force of the abdominal weakness is apparent. The fermentation in the intestines from poor flora is highlighted. They've been gassy, with borborygami (rumbling in the tummy) and bubbling fermentation. This is in all the dogs - the cats I can even see the bloating and hear the bubbling in the kittens. One kitten (abandoned by the mother last week) has grey loose stools with little bubbles in it.

The one clue I've had in healing it has been that they all sit pressing down on their stomach. Obviously they are all better by pressure. I've used Ignatia 6 and cm to good effect after 5 yrs of keeping it and wondering what to do with the remedies. The kittens are drawing it strongly and repeatedly. It's the fermentation that killed the kitten  (5th Mar - 5 days after the New Moon) whose stomach was a hard ball in this page.

Today they've drawn Berberis 10m, Augustura 1m, Carduus Mar 50m, Opium 50m - so the conclusion I've drawn about 'low potencies for New Moon' is wrongish -- the fermentation remedies are drawn in full strength and at their height of effectiveness during this period.

Rule: Fermentation remedies before deworming towards the New Moon.
I'm also feeling a bit down about Blackie's kitten and the mottled black chorea dog that both died around 22-23 Jun. I had used Cuprum Ace cm during that period (because so many drew it) but I think the elemental remedies are too harsh on the sick. I've felt this often and I feel this way again - I wish I hadn't used any of them. Even losing one sick animal to carelessness is wrong and I think using the elements is careless with the sick. Going to stick to the plant remedies for a few months until the sick come up to speed.