Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tubercular time

I've gone through this 7 years ago - wondering if it was the tubercular miasm, giving dogs Tuberculinum and having to deal with the terrible fallout. I'm  never going to go down that same road again.:)

This time I think that there are times when the miasm is most conducive to healing or going to get worse. And now is a tubercular time probably. My first suspicions came with Rumex which I gave it the last moon cycle and they drew it so strongly. Then the Staphyloccocin which they improved without any particular symptom - I knew it to be used with Tuberculinum. And the regular drawing of Spongia tosta every full moon and Hepar Sulph. Lately the Mags and the Mang ace have been drawn. Agaricus since yesterday.

All these are tubercular remedies. I'm beginning to see a pattern to the healing that covers this miasm over the last few months (Feb/Mar - July).

Jan to Jun Moon Remedy Chart

I've put together a general chart of 8 remedy groups that work for different days of the moon cycle. I'm going to try and follow it this coming cycle. They seem to work well together but you can also pick the closest one to your animal's needs and give it.

The thing that struck me was that so many of them were tubercular. More on that later.