Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bacillinum teste for kittens: Monsoon remedy

I checked out Bacillinum and Bacillinum Teste for kittens this full moon and it's amazing how many of them are drawing Bac T 30! It appears to be an essential that I've overlooked so far.

The one that I wanted to help didn't draw it though - he's got green gum around the eyes, a swollen belly and rickets. That was disappointing - his remedies have been: Calc phos 6 the day before yesterday, Mag phos 6 yesterday, Agaricus 12 for now, but he draws in small pips and a trembling  current unlike the others who draw a booming quantity of energy. He's drawing Syphillinum, Carcinosin, Maladrinum and occasionally Psorinum but nothing clearly and strongly. His entire spine and its energy is like wading through molasses. The sea remedies perhaps - Asterias? Let me try.

Kenchu and the other dogs are drawing Bac T 30 too, so I'm going to give it today. I hope it helps and doesn't harm the little kitten who isn't well.
The elements and salts went down well I think.  They need to be balanced, acid vs. alkaline and I've done it blind this time. Maybe I'll figure it out more clearly which balances which the next month. They were drawing a few of the plant remedies from the previous full moon too.