Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dying dog remedy: Taraxicum and Aconite

The old blind dog that died today at the shelter (Weather related, season change: used to spin around in agony; Seemed to improve slightly with Rhus tox 200 but not enough to cure. Didn't draw Rhod. Finally died of vomiting, dehydration and exhaustion today) drew only Taraxicum and Aconite towards the end. Liver and kidney failure? I wish I had started it early, checked more carefully and I wish I knew how to cure them ... everything I did was too little too late again. He was such a baby. RIP, you poor lonely soul.

The puppy that was paralysed in the forelegs could stand after a dose of Ran B 30 yesterday. Today none of them drew that remedy, and he was back to crawling. But he and the other puppies (all with joint problems, photophobia, distended stomachs, tremors) drew Absinth 10m and Chamomilla 10m that I had with me. I hope giving them nose doses do no harm.


My new thoughts on Potency based on experience:
This is specific to working with plant remedies (see *):
Potencies work the opposite of what I used to think: The higher potencies work more generally and the lower potencies work specifically. That's why lower potencies create so much aggravation when given wrong.

Following popular convention in homeopathy, I used to give low potencies as general remedies and high potencies for specific deep healing (with great trepidation). Despite all evidence to the contrary, I persisted in explaining away what I could plainly see before my eyes - that higher potencies didn't create aggravations like the lower potencies did.

* With animal-insect remedies, elements, nosodes and isodes, my experience is so mixed that I can't draw any conclusions at all. I don't even know if they work to improve the dogs and cats' health. I've shelved them entirely for the last few months since Peppy died.

Reiki is really adding another dimension of understanding to my healing.  

This is probably why it's safer to give high potencies to animals when they're healthy.  Weak animals draw energy in a  thin stream or in a muffled or stuttering way and lower potencies are better. Sometimes their chakras are oval or spinning in erratic patterns (like Pummi's root chakra) and they'll draw high potencies in some remedies and very low in others, but its always very difficult to maintain or improve healing in them.
How energy is drawn through potency:
in the aura,
*apocy. 200 heals a small area near the nose (end of the nasal bone, sinuses) but no lower or higher on the body. It's also hovering from about 6 - 8 inches above the body.
 * 30th potency healed the jumping muscle in her head from about 4 -5 inches above. Its range is till the solar plexus from around the forehead, but at a height.

in the chakras,
* the root chakra draws the lowest potencies very well, so 3x, 6x. Drawing energy from the root seems to be the way to prolong life (and the chance to heal).
*the solar plexus often is the most responsive chakra and can turn around the health of an animal powerfully.
*the throat, back of the head and forehead chakras take energy in very high potencies and seems to heal the animal in a very different way -- from a brain-neural-will top-down way maybe?