Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arnica, Rhododendron: Exhausted Black Kite (Milvus migrans) recovers

We had a black kite fall from the coconut tree in a state of exhaustion around the 22nd last month. I thought it was an avian flu of some sort because 3 black kites died on the main road the same week. But since 2 dogs went missing around the same time, I did think it could be cured as a seasonal or weather-related issue.

At least, no visible injury, and just very shy and confused without a sense of direction while flying, misjudging distance and crashing into things. She was slightly undersized (which is why I'm assuming female), moulting greyish fluff, so we put her in a large room with many shelves and I started her off on homeopathy. My brother fixed her some wooden bars to sit on and I kept all the windows open and the door to the outside during the daylight hours.

Yesterday she flew away after exactly one moon cycle. I just wanted to record the remedies that healed so I'd know for the next one.

Since she wouldn't let me close, I gave her distance reiki to figure out what remedies she needed. It was remarkably easy (for all I thought that it was an avian flu of some sort). She first drew Arnica 1m and Actea R. (Cimicifuga) 30 and Chlor 6. I'd just drop the remedy in alcohol into the room and hope she'd breathe it initially. Later I put it in an earthenware pot of water and kept it high for her to drink from.

She started eating meat pieces in 2 days and flying better in a week. But the real improvement began with Rhododendron 200 and 6x. She perked up best after those and flew away two days later.

I hope she lives well. I'm only worried because she was so fussy about her food.:)