Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vaguely, why these remedies...

First Quarter to Full Moon    -                           Full Moon  -                      FM to Last Qtr       -
assimilation, growth, inflammation, healing       balance, ripening, maturing       repair of tissue, blood, bone  Ranunculae, Solanaceae? Coniferae                    Sea remedies, minerals                    minerals, Ericaceae

 Last Qtr to New Moon         --                          NewMoon               -----          NM to First Qtr
elimination, circulation, prep to clear            waste elimination                repair of organs of elimination
Compositae, Apcynacea              Coniferae, Phytolaccacae, Myrtaceae             Compositae?

Still a work in progress.
Ranunculae seem to help proper assimilation, Compositae to work in elimination. But right now they've been working one way and then the other on alternate months. I haven't got a long enough time period to know more clearly.
Just an idea:
Maybe Compositae remedies (Arnica, echinacea) work internally for immunity and to develop inner strength and Ranunculae (Puls, Staph, etc.) work to help the body resist the environment and develop outer strength. That would explain its presence in different periods of the moon cycle.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pacing the Remedy to the Disease

Blackie's death has made me realise that I'm taking too long to figure out the moon remedies when I've so many other things like change of weather, miasm, animal remedies, etc. to pay attention to. I'm just going to make boxes for each moon month, because that would limit my experiments with the moon cycle and get me moving to figure out how to deal with weather change, seasonal, when to give animal remedies which miasm to treat when, etc.

I'm also not pacing the remedies to the disease. Maybe that's why I'm failing in individual cases - trauma, acute attacks, metastasis, etc - and doing so good with the larger population - in the chronic, everyday remedy for miasm and moon healing. Or I should just say no and send acute cases to vets - something I'm still not prepared to do.

Here's a list I thought up:
  • When the disease speeds up, I should have used remedies that are more acute than chronic - after all, homeopathic remedies do have a pace at which they work;
  • When the weather changes, more acute remedies than the slow chronic ones;
  • When the season changes, more acute;
  • When it's Full Moon and New Moon more acute remedies than at the Quarter Moon;
  •  Maybe I'll have to alter potency or give more doses or keep a list of acute, emergency remedies that I can use when a '4-5 days to death' is at hand. work on a protocol or standard procedure like doctors do for emergency medicine.
  • Listing out acutes for each part of the moon cycle from the plant remedies
  • If the single remedy healing is too slow, giving combinations in mixtures - even though that's against Hahnemann's method. Compatible remedies should work better together.

Also, I'll have to ask the vets how they deal with poisoning cases - what do they give to antidote it and what procedure they follow. I greatly doubt  if it was poisoning though, I've begun to see it all as related to disease -  acute attacks of rheumatism of soft tissue, toxic gastritis/parotitis, gangrene, etc.  The poison explanation is more to give someone a way out of taking responsibility - and all my loved ones have suggested things like rat poison or cockroach poison in the garbage she loved to search through. [I talked to Sarojamma, our street sweeper and she says no one is now using rat poison in the street - I hope that's true, for my poor rats and to discard this notion.]

Maybe, but I could see signs - grey spots all over her joints and nasal bones, more debilitating attacks of allergy (hard, bellowing breath almost suffocative attacks), consuming less food and fewer types of food, more nervous, etc.I should have responded with something - even just Aconite - each time I saw her or another dog alter behaviour, without trying to figure it out.:(

Dying dog remedy: Rhododendron and Lycopersicum

Blackie died! I am so shocked and grieved because the end was so sudden.

She stopped eating 5 days ago, didn't join us on the walk for 2 days. That's it.

Poisoning or acute gastritis from rheumatism, I don't know.

She started it all by vomiting up first yellow bile and then green frothy bile. She couldn't keep down even water. The weather change must have been the cause, and that I hadn't really prepared. She initially drew Mag Sulph 3x and Puls 6x. I gave her every medicine I could think of through reiki and a few by mouth dose, but nothing changed the course of the disease. I gave her Rhod 200 yesterday and this morning at 4:30 am. She seemed relieved by it and by Lycopersicum 30. But it was probably too little too late.

 She crawled into her favorite gutter after the 4:30 am medicine and I couldn't find her until it was time to go and buy the food for the dogs. When I was there I felt something strongly drawing my energy. She was probably dying at that time, around 11:30 pm. At 3:00 pm I got worried that she wasn't moving and went into the gutter to check - she was already cold and hard.

She first came to me from the same stretch of gutter, lame in one leg, so shy that it took her 6 months to come out and meet the other dogs, such a love. I used to feed her and give her water in the gutter every day. Her leg grew strong and she had such a way of climbing onto every car on the road and teasing the other dogs who couldn't.

What tears me up is that I had no remedy or reiki for that kind of virulent vomiting of water and bile, the quiet preparation to die. I couldn't feel the weather change though all the animals seemed to see it coming. I gave Ran Sc 30 for 4 days, but it couldn't save Blackie - if I'd seen the change developing, I would have given Rhododendron 200 which might have worked better (it has the green bile vomiting up of water which Ran Sc doesn't).

I was so distracted by James, and trying to feed more street dogs that I neglected her - but she was an independent sort of dogs' dog and didn't want me around so that doesn't hurt so much. I only wish I had thought of Hyscamus or one of the Solanaceae right at the full moon to prevent this degree of dehydration and suffering in the end. I wish I could have taken her to a vet, but I know she would have hated that, so that part I'm at peace with - street dogs would rather just die than the go through the terror of a hospital to be on IV fluids and antibiotics.

She was the most cheerful and undemanding dog friend I've had, even upto the way she died, quietly without any help. I loved the way she made Howl and Gundu feel alpha to her beta, and ... Ah, life. I thought healing by the moon cycle will make them live longer.:(

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dec 2011 - Moon Cycle with Remedies

moon days remedy plant group other possible remedies
LST QTR 21 aconite cm ranunculaceae staphisagria, rananculus bulb, pulsatilla, aconite, actea, clematis, helleorus, hydrastis
24 terebinth 1m coniferaceae thuja, sabina, abies nig, pinus sylv, terebinth, cupressus, juniperus, taxus
27 ipecac 50m rubinceae ipecac, coffea, china, viola
NEW  28
29 - 0 eucalyptus 50m myrtaceae cajuput, eucalyptus, eugenia, sygygium
1 compositeae abrotinum, taraxicum, eup perf, cina, chamomilla, calendula, carduus mar, cineraria, echinacea, hellianthus, wyethia,
2 echinacea cm
3  gnaphalium, tussilago, solidago, guaco, arimesia, parthenium, helianth, grindella, absinth
6 millefolium 50m compositeae arnica, bellis per, millefolium
8 merc sol 50m p block merc, cadmium, zinc
9 lachesis, crotalus
11 mag mur 10m d block mag, calc, stront, baryta, radium
13 p block
FULL 14 argent nitr  10m argent, aur, cupr
15 stannum
16 sulphur/tellurium s block suphur, tellurium
19 rhododendron cm ericaceae rhododendron, uva usi, chimaphilia, kalmia, gaulteria, epigea, oxydendron, ledum pal

Weather: The problem areas

I'm struggling with a few things still. But I no longer believe that Homeopathy is causing animals to die (like I did when I started this blog) ... the problem isn't homeopathy at all, it is getting to the disease before the weather, environment and moon does damage. The aggravations come when we give the (imperfect?) remedy before the peak, while the symptoms are building up. It really is too little, too late to change the course of the disease.

My change of attitude came in hindsight: this weather front, which I was totally blindsided by, took James' constitution by storm and hurt Blackie's digestion so badly she's still vomiting 3 days after the rain. The white-collar male is still missing.

One problem area is that it's taking me time to find the exact remedy, even 3 months down the line. Cicuta and Squilla were total surprises, so I started low and may have got the disease at the wrong point - during the build-up, with a low potency, as the weather-front moved in, before the full moon, etc.

Weather changes are a major bummer problem area. I can't find a barometric chart that I can use to predict a change, but when I do I might be able to tell when there is going to be a change. Right now, I'm reacting too late for the worst cases.

Another problem area is that healing by the moon is what I do best. I find giving the remedies en masse is helping a lot more than healing one case at a time. I am checking the moon remedies in a general way and that works in the food. But when I try to individually treat an animal I can't see the same degree of improvement. Maybe the problem is too many doses or too large a dose (even olfactory is too much). I'm losing confidence in my ability to treat individual, acute cases.

Here's a fourth problem area using Blackie as my example:
All the remedies she's reacting to point to breathing difficulty and ulceration today: She took to Phytolacca in very high potency (10m) and 6x, then to Chlorum 6 which is usually given for spasms of the glottis and asthma, then to Eucalyptus 50m which is usually given for breathing difficulty and gangrene of the stomach.
 .... But when she vomited this evening, I found a lot of pus dried in her left ear. I'm wondering if it was a boil in the ear all along, which would have made her vomit from the disorientation in the middle ear! Phytolacca probably brought it to an end.

This is the healing problem: the body is healing deeper issues before the current, acute one. I had the same problem with Rocky after he had his accident. He'd draw worm remedies all the way until the end, and not much of accident and acute remedies. So this leads to healing around the issue (which the universe seems convinced isn't so bad!) and makes us look foolish to modern medicine.:)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Common symptoms

 The problem seems to center around the solar plexus. The spleen is somehow involved in processing the eruptions of childhood and if it doesn't finish the job, it keeps mutating the life force to react to the environment. That's my take on it presently.

The viral nature of the disease is a form of measles (like rubella, german measles) and the suppression of which explains the early development of cataract in street dogs, the bone and liver problems.

The key common symptoms to look for in the materia medicas are: moon, worms, measles, suppressed eruptions, spleen,  reaction to external conditions (worse weather change), nervous system, neuritis, bronchitis, cerebro-spinal meningitis, indigestion (various), skin irritation (various).

As you can see, it would have been impossible to find these remedies by just studying the books as I did for years.:) The only way I'm finding what I need is through Reiki.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cicuta, Squilla and Ranunculus: Weather changes around the Full Moon

 Barometric pressure, April showers and the Full Moon

The animals, especially the old, seem to suffer the most when there's a combination of weather change (a drop in the Barometric pressure?) with the extremes of the moon cycle: Full or New Moon.

We've had this weather front building for two weeks (which probably prompted the breakdown in James and the other missing cancer dogs) but the visible rains began just a couple of days ago.

I've been as oblivious to the weather conditions as most people, but I did have Ranunculaceae on my list for this period of First Quarter to Full Moon which saved me a few worries about the animals (and a lot of suffering for them).

The cats drew Cicuta from Umbellifera from about a week ago - perhaps they're more sensitive to weather than the other animals. The dogs are still drawing it all the way to cm potency. It has a great effect on the abdomen and solar plexus (which seems to be the region that reacts to the weather change). They seem to have avoided the abdominal rumbling and indigestion this time because of it.

The old dog, James, drew Liliaceae which prompted my use of Squilla Maritima for all of them. It seems to be helping all the dogs except Blackie who has vomitted frothy bile for the last 2 days (it is an aggravation from either from Squilla or Ranunculus being given too low for her degree of disease.)

This combination of Ranunculaceae, Umbelliferaceae and Liliaceae seems to help most of the dogs and cats during these weather changes around the full moon.
 Scilla Maritima: - Moon Remedy Day 10 (FQ - FM)
This is a remedy I have never used before I divided plants by families - so grateful for that brilliant organising idea. It may save James' life. His mouth was being eaten by maggots and he overreacted to Arnica 1M after being given Hepar Sulph 200-Gunpowder cm. I was at the end of my rope since he was reacting to virtually everything when I finally pleaded with the guides to do something to save his life. He got picked up as a complaint call by Sarvodaya, my favorite a-w group, and the maggots were removed under anaesthetic, he was given drips and he's in recovery (they did manage to save his life!).

Today I checked him with half my plant remedies by family in Sarvodaya's shelter. I was beginning to despair (he drew none of the familiar ones strongly) when he took to Liliaceae and drew energy through it like a gushing stream! Happiness!:)

I checked around and it appears to be common to a lot of dogs, so I''m guessing it's a moon remedy for all! I came home and checked among the Liliaceae remedies (Sabadilla, Allium Cepa, Allium Sativa, Crocus, Lil Tig, Veratrums, Colch, Sarsaparilla and Squilla). It is the sea remedy - Squilla or Scilla - that they draw the most.

Day 10 after New Moon, second half of the First Quarter probably till the Full Moon.

Symptoms (in James):
  • Maggots in his left cheek/jaw (next to ear)
  • Continuous bleeding of dark maroon blood
  • Face swollen like with hives or angio-oedema
  • Coughing up large quantities of loose mucus
  • Twitching of his tail with a peculiar shivering stretch of his hindlegs
  • Loss of balance, stretching out hindlegs and leaning forward
  • Can't endure touch, flinching and cowering with head low
  • Continuous change of place, pacing.

I will be giving it to him overnight and tomorrow (not a mouth dose, but as a reiki distance healing) and I'll write if it helps.