Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Patterns of healing

Pattern of healing:

Miasm remedies

Psorinum ---> Carcinosin  |---> Syphilinum             |
                                                                               |------> Psorinum           |----> Carcinosin again?
                                                                               |----------> Bacillinum    |

The pattern of healing: Sequentials by Season

Townsend's Sequential Therapy : matching the miasm to the season, i.e. giving psorinum in the fall, tuberculinum in winter, medorrhinum in spring and luesinum in summer.")

Heal Cancer miasm first (with Carcinosin, Hekla lava), then Syphilitic miasm (with Syphilinum), then Tubercular miasm (only Baccillinum nosode draws energy), then Sycotic and Psoric'

Pattern of healing: Psora Sycosis Tubercle Syphilis.

Using lower potencies for a more defused and general healing and higher for specific, deep spot/issue healing. Also lower potencies when the chakras are congested and there is little energy movement between them.

Weather: Carcinosin 30, Dogs, Cats and Thunderstorms

All animals react about 3 days before rain - probably a protective instinct, an atmospheric change or a reaction to low pressure, humidity or ions. In animals they can have either depressed appetites, fights or exhilarated behaviour (cats and puppies usually). There are more mucus secretions - so vomiting up food and water, coughing and sneezing. One kitten who had a gum boil started leaking pus from its eye during this time, playing madly between sneezes and cleaning up the gummy eyelid.

A family history of diabetes, tuberculosis and cancer. A life of abuse, guilt, rage, an inability to retaliate, bottled up emotions that come out in an orgy of shopping, partying or (in the case of street dogs) accusing barks and howls and ineffectual attacks. Worse before a thunderstorm.Worms (the dog will drop worms in a flood).

So if you know an abused dog, or you have street dogs that are righteously indignant, cats that get rewired by rain, try healing with Carcinosin 30 for a few days.

Thuja after Carcinosin
Thuja seems to be the remedy for dogs after Carcinosin.

1.In Carcinosin, all four miasmic states are present (psoric, syphilitic, sycotic and pseudo-psoric). 
2.Carcinosin seems to have an effect on the chakra that is responsible for bones.
3. Repetition through Reiki seems to improve the previous results, even daily - something I could never have done in mouth doses for fear of harming the dogs.
4. Carcinosin affects the root and sacral chakras strongly. This remedy makes me believe that the primary link to a growing cancer is intestinal worms. Carcinosin can't be wrong! I've never had such an instantaneous reaction before - this nosode is surely guided.
5. Deworming is difficult – commercial dewormers barely work 3 months
6. Worms are heavily invested in cancer, so deworm with Carcinosin.
7. Parotidinum works on animals like Carcinosin. All our dogs suffer from a lowered immunity from exposure. They've grown up on the street and/or have been kidnapped from their mothers before their immunity fully develops. The glands around their neck are usually hardened. Cats with respiratory problems have the same hardened throat glands.

Pattern of healing: Carcinosin
Carcinosin (the main catalyst)

       |----> Apis ------> Sepia ----> Hyscamus, Belladonna, Hepar Sulph (brain remedies + inflammation?)
       |-----> Hekla Lava, Silicea (stony glands)
       |------> Arnica, Pulsatilla (circulation?)
followed by

Parotidinum ------>Thyroidinum ------>Seratonin,Melatonin (hormonal remedies)
       followed by
       |------> Cina, Santonin, Terebinth, Lyco, Merc, Teucr, Stannum (dewormers)
Strophanthus, Chelidonium (liver remedies)
       |-------->? (What Next)?