Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Characteristics across the periodic table

I'm assuming here ...

Calcs, Zinc Sulph and Cuprum Ace are all for eruptions suppressed. They probably all work on the brain and nervous system.That's probably why Chamomilla appears to be supporting so well.

Barytas, Cadmium Sulph and Argent nit probably all work on the digestive level, maybe the solar plexus.

Aurum, Merc, Plumb, Thallium by inference would work on the skeletal, bone and kidney level.

Mag Mur and higher across the periodic table would work on a cellular level?

Need to test this theory, but from it I infer that as we get closer to the full moon we should go down in the periodic table to be safe.

Safety being more important than cure always. I don't want to make life threatening mistakes if there's am aggravation. (Though how it would be better to have a kidney or bones inflamed instead of the brain is a puzzle. :)

Working better with the moon

New Moon Remedies
Ipecac seems suited to the new moon. I've given them 1m for 3 days now with no reaction.This is the time they usually vomit from worm fever or develop pleurisy or have gastric/amoebic/parasitic influx. They usually eat less around new (and full moon occasionally) probably trying to starve put the parasites.

I was afraid when Ipecac petered out that I wouldn't find the next remedy, but Aconite kicked in for a couple of days and Echinacea, which had never triggered for me before ever, fits in after new moon.

This is a time of the moon cycle that I've often felt helpless as I watch new inflammations take root - Aconite is so correct I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Echinacea follows it naturally being a blood purifier with some of the same anxiety.

Ipecac is the veg equivalent of Cuprum.
New Moon days 28-29:
Kenchu is always troubled by the New Moon time when his post-distemper symptoms seem accentuated. I was amazed at how all his chakras, especially his root chakra, sucked up the energy of Carduus Mar 10m.

Here are some of the characteristics that I think it helps:
- liver, spleen and gall bladder or portal congestion that you can spot in dogs when they itch at their solar plexus or on their sternums.
- dropsy with liver cirrhosis (hard, trasverse swelling) especially after surviving gastric forms of distemper (influenza and measles in humans).
- wrinkling of skin and blueness (or black skin)
- constipation with grey clayey or white hard stool or bright yellow pappy. Anything but brown.
- pain in hip-joint with difficulty rising.
- asthmatic respiration with a drippy nose and congestion.

Many of the remedies in homeopathy fit this description. I only narrowed it down because I knew from the last few moon cycles that Compositae remedies especially suit the new moon to first quarter moon period.

Full Moon Remedies
Starting with Phytolacca, then Mag Carb, then acids, then argent nit, aurum mur, then Mag Mur, again back to plant remedies like Echinacea and Tarax, chamomilla,finally reaching Merc sol. I may have put in some groundwork.

Leguminosae for Jan Full Moon
They're responding to Baptista, which I've tried by chance since I'm worried that the full moon approaches. And spring is around the corner! The group contains Indigo, Baptista, Physostigma, Melilotus, Copaiva and Lathyrus.

This month Cuprum was drawn around and after the full moon. Nat Mur and Nat Phos as well, but Mag Mur remains the principal remedy lowering in potency today. Two days after the full moon, the dogs have started drawing plant remedies - Sabina first, then Rhododendron, now Echinacea.

Vegetable Analogues work better
Ipecac instead of Cuprum.
Pulsatilla is the veg equivalent of Argent nit according to Clarke. Kali m. is Puls's chemical analogue. Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla in nearly all ailments.
Eucalyptus compares with Ant. crud in action on mucous membranes; Ant. t. in bronchorrhoea; bronchial asthma.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Distemper Prevention in Homeopathy

Pre and Recurring Distemper symptoms
I'm going to cover as many of the chronic signs that go with 'distemper' so that we can recognise and fix the problem before the acute attack.

* One of the signs is a kind of shoulder rheumatism, rash or eczema between the blades. As if there is an underlying heart problem.
* Another sign is a diseased or withered limb
* another sign is a 'railroad spine' the spine is sclerosed.
* eye glue - especially if it covers the eyeball in the morning, purulent or foggy.
* underdevelopment: those cute puppies that stay puppy-like long after they should have had a growth spurt. They will be cute until an organ fails.
* incessant itching that is impossible to help. Ringworm.
* Tapeworm. Stools crumbling at the anus with segments. Pappy stools.
* Reaction to the weather change. All these intensify 3 days or more before a rainstorm.
* grey dandruff
* trembling at night, worse, shuddering esp around 3 am.
* one ear itches and sloshes with a smelly fluid.
* intense restlessness and place changing.
* intense desire for meat and milk and sometimes biscuits.
* biting and tearing of bedclothes
* swollen hard liver
* an inability to focus or follow commands.
* The 'cute dumb' dog totally hairless and trembling that you see mocked on YouTube (could happily shoot the owner).

Many of these symptoms should be treated with argent nit 10m around full moon.
The rest require salt balancing that I haven't figured out yet. Mag carb is one, baryta carb and some acids. Phytolacca and Physostigma play a role too. I'm working on it.
More distemper remedies: for chorea of the eyes and head
So for the collapsing brain and drawing back of the eyes: Sabadilla, Calc carb, Cup ace, Argent nit and Aur mur in that order. But none of them work for long.:(
Since then I've thought Rhododendon would have prevented the problem entirely if given early enough. Squilla for the squishing ear. Taraxicum 10m for the railroad spine (which seems to be a liver problem). All the above are also worm symptoms.
  1. Distemper is so much like measles that homeopathic remedies for measles will help.
  2. Immunity is low so healing with that focus should do very well. 
  3. The third area is to help them deal with environmental stresses - weather patterns like wind, barometric pressure, temperature and rain, lightning, thunder; seasonal change esp spring and autumn; tides and early morning, late evening body sensitivity. Dogs react to all these esp when they have low immunity, blood poisoning, disease and debility

Prevention by treating blood poisoning, with bone marrow builders, dewormers and for acidity and nausea.

Blood poisoning
Of them, blood purifiers do best. The bones will leak out pus-filled blood from around the joints, the ears and throat.

Myristica and Borax/Boric acid seem best. The last two aborted the infection in my cats though it came back in one sneezy kitten during the seasonal change. Rhododendron might have helped it withstand this if I'd thought of it.

Gunpowder works best especially between new moon and full moon.

Bone marrow builders
Nausea: the nausea of distemper is from chorea in the eyes, middle ear balance disturbances and the bones of the ear, diaphragm disturbances and acidity. Ipecac in the new moon cycle and Cuprum acetate in the full moon cycle to help reduce it. If it is more severe, Pulsatilla? from full moon and Argent nit from the new moon should work.