Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The point in using the Moon and Tides in healing

... Other than the fact that they're there, of course.:)

The dream for me has always been to be able to heal a whole bunch of street dogs to the point where they can live long, be strong and and be well respected in their communities. In a way, I have found it happening slowly. (more here**)

But the slowness of healing has left out the sicker, more desperate cases. Those have died simply because they aren't getting healed as fast as they are breaking down.

My dream is to heal in a single moon cycle all the cases in one area and move on to the next. This is so tantalizingly close that I can almost taste it!

My newer dream is to heal dogs through the tidal charts and heal in a few days what would otherwise take longer than the time they have left. This way I can bring very sick dogs home and heal them and release them. Right now they stay until they die, poor things. Ancient is my first attempt at this kind of healing.

He's been with me 4 months and is definitely weaker (can't walk), but the fits have stopped, he's more responsive to affection and reacts less violently to storms and the moon cycle. I'm hoping I can build up his strength again and see him go back to thriving through the tidal charts.
**People are kind to well-behaved, patient, sweet and smart street dogs. That only comes with health and trust. Homeopathy in healing them and the regular feeding makes them very attractive to people on the street. And these beggars don't miss an opportunity!:p

My dogs really don't need my feeding so much anymore - they have dozens of food sources - college girls that they pander to, truck-drivers, morning walkers, Jain ritual feeders, construction workers, rag-pickers, a few softhearted pet owners and most especially cops.

Just 6 months ago a wild, crazed, hungry beast of a male showed up opposite the CM's office. I fed him but he was so used to acting the cavedog that he'd ignore me and forcibly take the food from all the dogs around. (Attacking these totally tame babies was so unnecessary - they pick at their food and would have given it away!:) This went on for about a week, and then he calmed down and put on some weight, losing that starved concave look. I yelled at him a few times and he paid attention, so I knew he could heal from whatever hell he'd come out of.

A month or so ago he stopped coming to eat regularly. I was worried and went looking for him. To my astonishment, that guy was in a tight relationship with the barracade cops - they feed him and he guards the barracade and patrols the area with them.:) Made me so happy to see him settled and appreciated! Now he comes by to eat occasionally, once or twice a week, but he's polite, waits for me to put the food for the others first and is all-slick and cool dudish.:D

I find my area's cops are the best animal lovers around, for the most part. The CM's office crowd (about 40+ at one entrance and 12 at the other) take care of 4 dogs, the Windsor Square cops take care of 1 dog, the traffic inspector alone takes care of 1 small dog. The Highgrounds police station has 2 dogs, the BWSSB circle cops have one white. The cops in Shivajinagar Broadway have over 6-10 dogs in their care, at each station. Those in Vasanthnagar and Palace orchards are all kind to these local, fellow guardians of the street.

I think they're all cops reborn! I must take pics of these really karmic cop-dogs for the blog.:)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Silicea inadvertently

 Silicea is a remedy I dread like so many other (mercurious, calc carb, etc.) but since Guillion swears by it, I tried it on Ancient. I had only 3x and 10m, relics of a time when I was more mineral-remedy confident.

He drew it very strongly in 10m. So I decided to give him reiki  with it instead of a dose (like, reiki might protect him from the aggravation. I hoped.:). Well, that dog moves around so much and yowls for help to turn that I accidentally spilled almost all of the bottle on his bed.:(

So far no adverse effects. But I know it is a slow acting remedy and I'm dreading the next few days. So many consider it a follow-up remedy to Thuja that it might do good. But I've seen a few dogs die from it high and have over-reactions to it low, that I would have avoided it if I could what's done is done.

Ancient actually began recovering from the day I gave him Bac 30 (2 days before the Quarter moon). I wish Id done it sooner, but his body dipped so low on life force during the New Moon that I didn't have the confidence to give a nosode then.

Nowadays everything I'm giving him I give thinking, "better to try than to regret waiting until he dies." His vitality is wavering so much.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Using minerals to heal

I've almost got it down to a T.:) The time to start using minerals is about 3 moon days after New Moon, between 2.7 and 3.7 in the moon cycle.

I've started with the two nitogen-based remedies - Nitric ac 6 and Ammonia mur 6. This appeared to be the exact combination that all the dogs needed, because they barely reacted at all and all of them were at peace.

But the very next day they weren't drawing those anymore. So I looked around for other remedies they might draw and settled on the metals. The dogs don't have enough alkalinity to start further up the periodic table. All dogs love the set with Cuprum Ace, Arg Nit (most of all!) and Aur met so I've given it to them in 6x - I could have gone higher but thought I'd stay on the safe side. I could have also done them one at a time starting with Arg nit, but I'm trying to speed up their healing, so took a risk. This set did bring up an aggravation (being less acidic) but it was shortish (about 20 mins). Maybe 4 moon days is too soon to switch from the more acidic to less. I put Ant crud in because ancient was drawing it.

Ancient is also drawing Acetic acid which is strange. Not sure why. Milder acid because he is weaker than the rest? Is it a nerve acid? Got to check that one out.

The big surprise is how he drew Teucrium m. 200 (I mistook it for Tellurium which I was checking in 3x, which he was drawing) at low tide. I read up on it and it is a tubercular remedy for tuberculosis of organs, glands and bone! So at low tide we can presumably still use plant remedies, but probably from the higher plant families.

I also checked out Silicea which he is drawing at 10m - I'm too afraid to give it to him. It is what Guollon recommends for scrofulous above all things. I'm just giving him reiki with it for now. That's the update.

Friday, December 26, 2014

A new system

I've just started a new system hoping to be able to locate remedies that I need faster. My earlier system was clunky, so this is a big improvement (though it doesn't cover my other problem of trying to locate the general plant family group - but one problem at a time).

I stopped posting the monthly moon cycle chart because it was clunky and really not much use to me as it was. This I hope will make a good reference even into the future. (I might even redo the last few months to fit it if it survives and thrives.:)

The advantage of this is that I have to put it in a form that connects it to chakra. And more, the front and back chakras, which is visually very quick to review.

I'm no longer going, "Now why did I give that??" I have a place for notes on the side but those are not all that useful from what I've seen in the past. I need to know which remedy connects  to the animal's disease and where it helps. There are very few remedies that work all over - Bach remedies do that, they're not very chakra related, and immunity remedies like Asterias come close - but the only ones that work all over are those that they're completely lacking in their system.

The other advantage is that I have room for 14 different remedies. I always felt it was excessive when I used the other system, but in this it might just make sense to use many remedies to cover/activate many chakras.

More on it later.
I've already seen a problem I'm creating - just putting remedies in without any checking on chakras. This happened today - the dogs were just drawing a bunch of remedies without even getting near the chakras, they were that hungry for elements. One thing I can do is just white out the background, remove the fill, for those remedies.

Dogs eating mud and Muddy dogs = Seratonin

I recently read in a gardener's book that playing in the dirt increases the Seratonin in the body. Bacteria in the soil produce it.

Seratonin is valuable to the gut for digestion and the brain for producing Melatonin, the sleep cicadian hormone.

So don't get into a shampooing craze when your dog rolls in dirt or eats dirt, it will try to use it to regulate it's intestines.

I always knew eating dirt was associated with worms, but didn't see the bacterial connection or the Seratonin angle.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ledum and Kalmia analysis (and Rhododendron, of course)

You know how crazy I got over Rhododendron for it's healing effect on dogs that reacted to windy conditions. And then got scared to use it after Kitpit had epiliform fits when I gave her Reiki with the remedy at 6x. I've avoided all Ericaceae since then, even when it seemed really desperately needed.

Around that initial honeymoon period I unsuccessfully tried Ledum and Kalmia (though in very limited potencies - I had only 1m in Ledum and 3x in Kalmia) and didn't get a strong enough reaction.

I tried the Ericaceaes only because the smallest breeze would set Ancient screaming, even when he was warmly wrapped and deep inside where there was no draft - his nerves were so attuned to the environment. Ancient devoured Ledum 1m through Reiki! He doesn't draw Rhod as much.

This is my thinking now:

Rhododendron for High and Midlevel Winds (I mean high as above the ground in in km weather terms - MLW:) and effects the brain and upper spine.
Ledum for Low Level Winds - shooting pains down the nerves and extremities
Kalmia for Low Level Winds - shooting pains upwards and centered around the heart (like angina)

In the moon cycle
This is just a premise about how it should be used (I still only have those few potencies!). I think Kalmia should be used in the cycle.
Rhod is safest used in high potency at the New Moon and at the bottom of the tide valley, because of its major influence on the brain;
Kalmia is to correct that as energy begins to work its way up towards the heart, so maybe better to give at the crest of a wave and at the Full moon in higher potencies or very low potencies in the rest of the time.
Ledum seems to work at high potencies at the New Moon because the "shooting down" period as passed by, even at the low tide

Street threats

I was feeding all the dogs down the road on the railway parallel road towards Cantonment this morning at about 5:30 am when the dog in the temple (Ram temple?) next to the playground was on the street. A priest had just thrown a bun at the dog when it ignored it completely and raced to take the two pieces of chicken heads that I threw in passing. He began by gently telling me not to throw meat near the temple, and when I said my usual inarticulate and defiant and inciteful, "nothing will happen if I throw this outside, surely crows shit nonveg into the temple", he grew increasingly abusive. Then I said those shastras were created centuries ago to prevent disease and that I was a brahmin too.

That earned me a bunch of threats from that priest for throwing meat outside the temple and he says that he'd get the "public" to beat me up! lol. I yelled back that he was mad and he had the job he did because he was so ignorant.:)

I seriously lack social pr skills ... but seriously, someone give these lugs a truth pill about their importance in the Universe.

I find that I get threatened with all kinds of male egos getting dented for street feeding - whatever their verbal justification of their imagined domination.:) I get threatened by muslims for feeding dogs outside their houses (their Allah doesn't allow them to be near dogs - so wrong!); by house-proud owners who want even the pavements on the street outside their home with no sign of dog occupation; by Jains for giving the street dogs they feed bread and biscuits, meat. I get threatened by Guttahalli rowdies for feeding dogs on the main road near their car (! haha!); I get threatened by Vasanthnagar rowdies (Raj or some such) if their dog runs up and tries to eat what I put!!

I get threatened almost 3 - 4 times a week ... though it's down from 3 - 4 times a day 5- 8 years ago. Gratitude to other dog feeders for that - I no longer appear unique.

Dogs eat what is tasty, what they've tasted before and feel better after. The homeopathy remedies in the food makes what I give unforgettable - especially as the lame dogs begin to walk on all fours again or those with cancer or respiratory disorder. These remedies reduce their suffering - that is indisputable.

The humans around who want to tell me how to do the things I do can go to hell. They won't do, but they won't let anyone else do for the dogs either. This is why I'll never heal humans - they really don't deserve it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Himalayan Pink (Sea) Salt

I've been adding a whole bunch of other things into their food and I keep thinking ... why not salt? I eat so much salt in my daily diet and I deprive them of it!

I've found out about the best salt there is for rehydration and health is the Himalayan one. Check it out here. Apparently it has all 84 minerals that are needed for health. I'm going out shopping for it today! Super solution to a problem that has bothered me for a long time - I've always felt it was unfair to keep salt out of their diet.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Why I love Clarke: what works for animals, works for all animals.

For a long time I was stuck with Boericke. Clarke's books (some 4 fat, tall and heavy books with small type) were hard to take to bed or read even in ordinary light - the type was small, the book heavy and the material very detailed.

Along came the mobile and Manohar's android app and it totally set me free to pick who I read! Much gratitude to inventors and app makers.:) I loved Clarke and Nash! Finally homeopathy came together as a science for me even though I'd been doggedly reading and learning every remedy for over 5 years.

But why I am repeatedly drawn to Clarke is because he mentions animals. And what's more, whenever he mentions animals, you can be sure the remedy is good for your dog or cat!

If it says "Ledum was given to animals who draw their leg up tight", then whether it is a cow, deer or horse, it will be a good remedy for when your dog draws it's leg up tight and hops around in pain. That's how great it is for veterinary purposes!:)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Scrofula again: a review of the book

 Let me do this right this time.:) The book is "Scrofulous affections and the advantages of their treatment according to the principles and experiences of homeopathy : described and demonstrated by numerous examples of successful cures" Goullon, H. (Heinrich), 1836-1906., Tietze, Emil.

(Gosh they really DID titles once upon a time! If I did that now for my blog posts, my readership will once again drop to 1 view a week.:)

The first and most important point of the book for me is that Scrofula is a Tubercular transformation (which I'd already noticed in the dogs).

I played around with the idea that it was connected to Syphilis (around the time Nuttu died), but the remedies for syphilis hardly ever get drawn while Tubercular and Sycotic remedies are drawn in abundance.

Bacillinum remains a major Reiki draw most of the year, with Psorinum taking up as winter comes along. Carcinosin is a major draw as well, but not year round. Syphilinum transformed a suffering, stunted puppy into a handsome tall guy once (but too tall, which is scrofulous as one author put it), but Psorinum does that transformation routinely and better. Medorrhinum I've never had success with to date, though dogs draw it on and off especially those whose kidneys are failing and are paraplegic - doesn't save them though.

This author vetos the idea that Scrofula is syphilitic, for which he has my respect, because despite the similarities in the attack-sites, the energy of the disease isn't syphilitic. It is repetitive and recurring destruction, virtually unstoppable. Aurum was what led me to follow up the syphilitic path, and he mentions it as a major distraction as well.

The second major point is that it is a product of the Lymphatic malfunction (which I'd already realised:). The root cause is a digestive malfunction - the body being unable to produce the right body elements in their natural perfection. This Count Mattei had already articulated in his electro homeopathic theory, which was why I was reading the book in the first place. He believed that the scrofulous and lymphatic are the only two states for electro-homeopaths to cure. I didn't understand either, so here I am.:)

What's new to me in the book is that both Cancer and Tuberculosis are alternate or developmental states of the same digestive malfunction - which makes so much sense!

Unfortunately for me, the book lists remedies that are heavily on the element and animal side, rather than plant. But some anti-scrofulous picks are wonderful - he chooses Carbo animalis over Carbo veg which is something I've noticed with Reiki too. Clematis over other Ranunculae. Cicuta for the nervous system. I find interesting connections to electro-homeopathy in Euphrasia, Dulcamara and Teucrinum. The Baryta mur instead of the Carb is my pick too, and Hepar out of all the Calcs. Aurum is another I love and It makes me realise that we each have a piece of the puzzle and unless we put them all together, we're never going to save lives.

The remedies I have trouble with are many as well. I haven't had much use for Silicea which he swears by. Calc carb too, the dogs don't draw (except in cm, which I'm afraid to give!).I haven't found Conium drawn at all, I would put Hydrocotyle in its place instead. Dulcamara is a remedy I'm afraid of since it brought up an aggravation that killed Lassie in 200x, and didn't cure the others.Lycopodium (moss) rarely gets drawn, the animals' energy prefers Bovista and Secale (both fungi that rot seeds).
Again, I see the mitochondrial connection in everything we do homeopathically. They are literally starved to death. Mitochondria are from the sea - they need sea elements. All his elements are sea remedies: Hepar (oyster shell), Spongia (sea sponge), the Chroms and Bichroms, Calc carb (sea shells?), the Kalis, the Nats, the Bromine and Iodine.

Scrofula must be like scurvy in reverse! lol.
I haven't read through enough of the case studies or the remedy-by-remedy analysis as yet, but he appears to use them in grain doses (gross medicine). Here are three lists (the same in 3 forms): first, the short list, then the general list  and last the case list of scrofulous remedies he uses.

Short List:
  • Plant: Lycopodium, Rhus, Teucrium, Viola tricolor, Conium, Dulcamara, Euphrasia,
  • Animal: Apis, Spongia,
  • Sea Element: Ferr iod, Acid nitr., Arsen,  Aurum, Baryta mur, Bromine, Calc carb, Carbo ani, Carbo veg, Ferr Iod, Hepar, Iodium, Kali bichrom, Kali chrom, Kali hydriod, Mercurius, Nat carb, Phos, Silicea, Sulphur,

General list:
  • SKIN    Calc carb, Dulcamara, Hep sulph, Ferr iod, Kali chrom, Lycopodium, Merc, Silicea, Sulphur, Viola tricolor
  • EYES    Acid nitr., Apis, Arsen, Baryta mur, Calc carb, Hepar, Merc, Rhus, Aurum, Euphrasia, Silicia, Sulphur
  • EARS    Calc carb, merc sol, sulph
  • NOSE    Aurum, Calc carb, Teucrium, Kali bichrom, Nat carb
  • MOUTH    Merc sol
  • GLANDS    Bromium, Conium, Hepar, Kali chrom, Lycopodium, Merc sol, Apis, Calc carb, Iodium, Kali hydriod, Carbo ani
  • BONES AND JOINTS    Calc carb, Carbo veg, Mercurius, Rhus, Silicea
  • LARYNX    Bromine, Hepar, Iodium, Kali chromicum, Phos, Spongia
  • CRANIAL (Hydrocephalus)    Ferr Iod
  • PECTORAL CAVITY    Carbo veg, Kali chrom, Phos
  • ABDOMINAL CAVITY    Arsen. Baryt. mur.
By disease name:
SKIN    Impetigo figurata     Cal. carb.
    . Pemphigus     Dulcamara.
    . Eczema capitis     Hep. sulph. cal.
    . Eczema rubruin     Ferrum jodat.
    . Eczema capitis et faciei     Kali chrom.
    . Verruce     Lycopodium.
    . Eczema impetiginodes     Mercur.
    . Eruption on the face     Silicea.
    . Impetigo capitis     Sulphur.
    . Impetigo larvata     Sulphur.
    . Crusta lactea     Viola tricolor.
    . Abscess on the lower leg     Silicea.
    . Abscess     Silicea.
EYES    . Blepharitis phlegmonosa     Acid. nitr.
    . Ophthalmia scrofulosa     Apis. Acid nitr, Arsen, Baryta mur, calc carb, Hepar, Merc, Rhus
    . Keratitis chronica     Aurum.
    . Ophthalm. rheumatico-scrof.     Aurum.
     . Blepharoblennorrhea     Cale. carb.
     Spots on the cornea,     Euphrasia
     Opacities of the cornea,     Euphrasia
    Ophthalm scroful     Hepar
     Ophthalm neonat    Sulphur, Hepar
     Ulcus cornesa perforans,     Silicea
     Cataract after suppressed tinea,     sulph
     Ophthalm scroful     Sulphur
EARS     Otorrhea,    Calc carb, merc sol, sulph
NOSE     Ozoena,    Aurum
     Polypus,    Calc carb, Teucrium
     Fibrous polypus,    Calc carb
     Coryza chronica,     Kali bichrom, Nat Carb
MOUTH     Aphthe,    Merc sol
GLANDS     Mesenterial glands,    Bromium
     Hypertrophical gland,    Conium
     Axillary gland,    Hep sulph
     Hypertrophia of the tonsil,    Kali Chrom
     Cervical glands,    Lycopodium
     Angina tonsillaris,    Merc sol
     Struma,    Apis, Calc carb, Iodium, Kali hydriod.
BONES AND JOINTS     Gonarthrocace,    Calc carb, Carbo veg
     Periostitis,     Mercurius
     Luxatio spontanea,     Rhus
     Caries of the right metatarsal bones,     Silicea
     Luxatio spontanea,     Silicea
LARYNX    XXI. Croup    ..... Bromium. Hep. sulph. calc.
    LXI. Asthma laryngeum    ... Iodium.
    LXII. Croup    ....Kali chromicum.Phosphorus. Spongia.
CRANIAL    LXIX. Hydrocephalus acutus    .. Ferrum jod.
PECTORAL CAVITY    XLIX. Broncho-Pneumonia    ... Carb. veg.
    LXXVI. Catarrh with hoarseness    .. Kal. chrom.
    XCI. Bronchitis capillaris    ... Phosphor.
ABDOMINAL CAVITY    XI. Atrophia infant.    .... Arsen. Baryt. mur.
    XIX. Atrophia     Calc. carb.
     " femoris,     Dulcamara
     Scarlatina scrof     Phosphor
     General scrofulosis,   
     Convulsions of scrof     Silicea
     General scrofulosis,     Sulphur

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Diet notes: A peculiar observation on super-feeding

I've had a strange but consistently strange experience with feeding my dogs.

The basic diet:
I've been adding a few drops of homeopathic liquid remedies (in alcohol) in the food that I cook - around 5 - 10 kgs chicken waste (heads, legs) and 3-5 kgs rice after in the soupy water. To this I add a little cooking oil and sometimes wheat grass powder, spirulina, biochem, calcium pills, epsom salts, tinctures, iodine, ayurvedic digestive meds, etc. Some days I add carrots, basil, spinach (basale), grass, whatever I can cut fresh. One thing a day, if I have it.

Dogs love it! (They gobble up the food with much gusto, wait all night to have a few morsels and, poor things, often go hungry as I don't have enough for the 100+ who wait all over. I go twice - once in the evening and once at night or in the early morning and that's all my limited energy can do. I wish I could do more, but hey, I'm only one and I'm glad when I see two or three others on the road doing the same but it's beyond me how to go further.)

Ok, so that's the setup. Now for the super-feeding bit.
The peculiar thing that I've noticed is that the dogs I feed last seem to heal fastest. This has always puzzled me - it's the same food, it's even less in quantity than I give the dogs at home and close to home. But I've noticed this for over 5 years and put it down to them being stronger to have survived on the streets for so long.

But this can't be true - some of them are visibly weaker than the dogs at home.

Now I have a new theory: perhaps the food, which decays somewhat by the time I reach the 3 am - 5 am set, is not the key, nor is it the remedies or tonics. I think maybe the bacteria that decay the food are altered by the remedies and nourish the food further. When THEY are consumed, they offer a kind of fermented super-processed product of the remedies. The remedies have altered these bacteria and are easier to absorb for the distant dogs, healing them faster than the ones who get the food first!

Just putting it out there.:) I need to try and resist feeding my dogs and cats at home first and keep them waiting until much later to test out this theory of healing!
Update 24/12:
It does seem to be more processed - either by the decay time or by time and bringing up less of a reaction in the dogs at home. I give them 2 pieces at the usual time but, and immediately dish out the rice and then feed them at 4:30-5 am just before I go out a second time to the street dogs.

I've thought of giving elements to the plants and then feeding dogs those plants for a similar processing in a previous post. This must be a non-veg version of the same.

Friday, December 19, 2014

More clarity from Scrofula: Wunderlich's description

I'm reading this and putting some of the fascinating and horrifying details of the theory of scrofula here from the same text as the previous. I've never really read a description like this before - I've never quite understood Gravogyl's types - most authors have just stuck to the superficial (blue eyes, etc.) and personality traits which are useless to me to heal animals.

It fits really well into the mitochondrial theory - that areas rich in mitochondria are the last to lose their function - so the brain and spine are the last to go, but the most devastating of all. Wunderlich has this terrifying step-by-step description of how the disease spreads:

" the processes upon the skin, then those of the mucous membrane, then those of the lymphatic glands; fourthly, the affections of the bones and joints; and, finally, those of the fatal termination of scrofula,-appearance of tubercles in the brain, the lungs, and other internal parts" 

This direction is so true for dogs that I'm astonished (yeah, like healing started with me, and no one else has eyes to see!:) So if we look at each step this disease deepens (in my words - they're all so articulate and unsuccinct, you can read the original there):
  • Skin: Starts from wounds healing defectively and slowly, skin loses hair, grows thick and especially smelly pus in the ears. This lasts till the end and is actually a safety valve.
  • Mucus membranes: eyes, nose have chronic mucus, stomach and intestinal catarrh (vomiting whitish bile) with semi-paralysis (paresis) of the intestinal musculature (constipation, whitish-greenish stools, little balls); bronchial catarrhs.
  • Lymphatic Glands: Most common; throat, neck, axillary and inguinal, bronchial and mesenterial glands have a hypertrophica thickening, and firm infiltrations with a diminution of their functional capacity. Even thyroid, kidneys, ovaries, testes, etc.
  • Joints: malignant development starts with swelling and pains.Frequent relapses become chronic and the synovial membrane becomes affected, and it may end in firm deposits beneath the latter, or in puriform exudations in the cavity of the joints. Fistulae, necrosis, and morbidity.
  • Brain and nerves: Tuberculosis may become general; or tuberculous deposits in the mesenterial glands take place; next in the brain and its membranes, in the bronchial glands and lungs. Finally, ulceration of the bone, congestive abscesses, morbus Brightii, and the development of stearosis, may occasion death. Even in case of a cure there is inclination to relapses.
At each of these stages, I know a dog today struggling with  scrofula. But what most breaks my heart is to hear that before the brain is affected, the mesenteric glands develop deposits. THIS was the swelling I felt in Kitpit's intestines -- not that the intestines were full! This is why she could barely move and she kept drawing Hydrocotyle and the Umbelliferae - to reduce the thickening, hardening and blocking of the lymphatic drainage!! I could feel the little veins.

Ahhh, how this knowledge hurts! And I took her to the vet and they anally violated her. How I hate the ignorance of veterinary medince - and for so many years I've depended on them to tell me tales!:((

I need to console myself that I couldn't have saved her anyway. And if she was made to suffer unnecessarily by the vet visit, it was done in a desperate bid to save her life, not to make her end painful.

Anyway, worth knowing these stages, so we can figure out how to prevent them or if not (like in the cases of my dogs) how to heal them back from here.

Connection between the Lymphatic and Scrofula constitutions

This has always been my problem with separating the parts into healable portions. As we heal the lymphatic elements, the scrofulous comes forth rapidly and takes over the case, leaving you with a dead animal.

Those struggling with distemper and it's manifestations (cholera, etc) will agree with me. That's why they say there are three forms of these diseases: respiratory, digestive, nervous and in dry (chronic) and wet (acute) forms.

Inflammations follow changes in the immune system which follow mucus membrane problems - and the other way around.

Good to see the connection more clearly. From here:
  • Enlarged glands (the maxillary glands, especially) are frequently considered as being identical with "scrofula." These turgescent glands serve, no doubt, as receptacles of the scrofulous elements and products which are directed against and inimical to the normal composition of the blood. 
  •  From this now results forthwith a localized, new, scrofulous inflammation, with all the terminations possible. 
  •  On account of the evident connection of scrofula with the lymphatic vessels ... The lymnphatic system is an appendix of the venous. The main trunks of the lymphatics run into venous trunks, and smaller lymphatics even are said to open out into veins. The structure of the larger lymphatics agrees with that of the veins in many points. 
  • The lymphatics originate in certain membranes (e.g., the serous [mucus]) from closed nets of a much larger diameter than that of the capillary nets of the bloodvessels; while in the connective tissue, on the contrary, they begin with free openings in the interstices of the tissue.
  • The lymphatic system, and especially the lymphatic glands, are the principal, and, as it seems, primary seat of the scrofula.
So we can't go with just healing one and not the other - the problem is to figure out which one is uppermost at any point.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

More discoveries about Electro-Homeopathy, Lymphatic and Scrofulous Constitutions

Ok, I came across this website and loved the whole point of view - and the way it adds more clarity to the theory. How I wish more electro homeos would write!! They seem to suffer from no writing skills at all and too much self-praise. I wonder if all of them are male.;D

The great charm of Homeopathy, Bach and Biochem is how inviting they are for every layperson to try them. I tried my first homeopathic remedy on a dog when I was 12 yrs old, maybe even younger, with my mother's help! AND she let me put the same in my mouth to see how it would feel!

Enter electro homeopathy and they're as secretive and dark and obscure as witchcraft! There's no invitation, just huge warning signs, "Do not try this without a qualified EH!!" while at the same time assuring us that all their remedies are safe, harmless and gentle. I'm like ... what? If it's safe, harmless and gentle why not let everyone try it on their own???!!

Still, a great deal more clarity from reading this (in my own words from the article):We are made of Lymph and Blood and the malfunction of either or both creates disease. They are altered (beginning in the child) as in miasms.

Ask two questions:
1st, is the presence of the disease in the lymph, or in the blood?
2nd, what organ does the disease affect? (not necessary to ask, since it would require tests:)

Blood diseases:
Scrofulous constitution.
The diseases springing from Psoric virus will be cured by S series (scrofulous), assisted if necessary, by A series (blood vessels), by the P series (respiratory) or by the C Series (for completely diseased - chronic, cancer).

Lymph diseases:
Lymphatic constitution.
(He doesn't elaborate further. The author gets distracted at this point with warnings to continue the remedies for a long time.:)

So I return to Hahnemann and his followers for the two types - Lymphatic and Scrofulous:
Pure Lymphatic – Re-activity of the lymphatic system (adenoid and tonsil irritations; splenitis; swollen lymph nodes; irritated appendix; catarrh with exudations; eczema; acne; flakey, dry skin; dandruff; asthma;coughs; bronchitis; sinusitis; diarrhoea; arthritis; vaginal discharge; eye irritations; fluid retention).

Healed with remedies like:  
  • The carbon group include Am-carb., Calc-carb., Carbo-v., Graphites, Kali carb., Natrum carb, etc.. 
  • The Natrums also have a tendency to phlegmatic states Nat-c., Nat-chlr, Nat-m., Nat-s. 
  • The Ammoniums, and Antimoniums also are similar as demonstrated by Am-c., Am-m., and Ant-c., Ant-t., Animal remedies include Asterias Rubens, Calcarea, Sepia (water creatures) and Apis. 
  • Many anti-sycotic remedies also are similar as there is a connection between phlegmatic states and sycosis : Agnus Cast., Thuja, Asterias rubens, Natrum sulph., Calc carb., etc.. 
  • Plant remedies include Aloe, Dulcamara, Pulsatilla, Cyclamen, Thuja, etc. 
 The Scrofulous from this article:
The scrofulous diathesis is a constitutional state favoring the development of inflammations of all kinds. He may develop tuberculosis of the lungs when construction favors it, and the eating and other habits develop the necessary toxin poisoning.
The cure is to build up lost resistance by rest, and to correct the sensuality.
It is obvious that the state of resistance--the state of enervation--must range from one nearly normal to one of almost no resistance at all. The question of cure, then, must be a question of determining to which class the patient belongs. If to that of lowest resistance, the possibilities of recovery are nil. A perfect treatment will secure the most comfort and the longest life possible, but no cure. Those with full resistance can be cured when in the first stages of almost any disease, by simply correcting their daily habits.
Scrofulous subjects should be in the open air and sunshine as much as possible; and, if they desire comfort and a reasonably long life, they must be moderate in all things.
From here: scrofulosis is that dyscrasia which always aims at the formation of purulent exudations.

More later, but interesting so far, yes?:)

Something new on healing Ancient

I just found this article connecting Rickets, Epilepsy and the Lymphatic constitution unfortunately not from homeopathy.

But this is so interesting because Ancient has a rickety frame, probably infantile rickets, and he has a kind of puffing breath at times which is apparently from a thymus enlargement according to the article. It's also supposed to be connected to an enlarged spleen. Epilepsy develops from a combination of the three.

I could try to do something with this knowledge. He's stagnated, with no strength to walk and falls at every attempt.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I got up this morning with this A-ha feeling that I was this close to finding the way to healing animals! I had the turning of the tides, the earth's movement around the sun (seasons), the moon's movements around the earth (moon cycle) all fitting into a cycle that made perfect sense in terms of our chakras and reactions to remedies.

I wrote it down fortunately because as the day wore on my sceptical side kicked in and doubts began to fade that utter confidence a bit.:)

It is almost as hard to write as anything, because it is simple and yet complex to describe. The seasons are related to the chakras in a larger cycle similar to the moon cycle and the tides are just a smaller version of the same. I only need to fix remedies or at least families of remedies to each and I'll be done.

By chakra and Reiki:
The front chakras are different from the back ones - this is where I've been making a mistake for a few years now.
The front chakras are all organ, fluid and tissue remedy related. 
The back chakras are all nervous, brain, spine and probably muscular related.

Here's another area I would constantly confuse - The higher chakras are healed best by the older plant families and the lower by the higher plant groups.
Higher potencies of the lower plant families at New Moon, and lower at FM, lower potencies of higher plant groups at the NM and higher potencies of the same at the FM.

By season
Another area that I didn't really get was what to focus on in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Those four roughly corrospond to the root, front solar plexus/heart?, crown and back solar plexus/heart?. We also should use the lower plant groups in the winter more than the upper ones, so there's a bias downwards in healing.

I guess it's all just a bit hazy now but a gif or two should clear it up for all of us. Soon, soon!:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Changing tracks

I've been distracted from Bach remedies by using Electro-homeopathy, but I like something about both. Both allow you to mix and match remedies which makes it much easier than Homeopathy's compatible, inimical and antidote schema.

In fact, the 'antidote' set is completely confusing from author to author with Boericke using it to denote antidotes to the remedy you're reading and Clarke emphasising the remedies you antidote with the remedy you're reading! Weird that - always made me feel butterflies inside trying to figure out what to use. If you ask me, when you read a remedy, you only want to know what to give if it doesn't suit the patient - that's what we look for in the literature. Who cares what else it can antidote if you have to seach in hundreds to find what will negate the aggravation in your patient after using some remedy? Bah. And nothing more gut-wrenching than to read it was 'inimical' to the previous after you give a remedy! It's enough to want to quit healing!

I'm much more comfortable with these methods that say all of them can be used with each other. How very supportive of a healer and her efforts!! Kudos to Bach and Mattaei and Schussler!

But changing tracks isn't really permanent for me - I'll get back to Bach when the weather changes settle. Bach simply isn't upto healing the violence of the effect of weather change on animals. It is great for healing along the moon cycle lines and that's what I'll use when I have a bit of a break from these constant temperature, pressure and seasonal fluctuations. This winter has been especially hard on the animals - it's been the warmest winter in over a hundred years, but windy, changeable and uncomfortable for the animals.

Monday, December 15, 2014

LQ or Changeable Weather?

This is the Last Quarter. I've found that Ancient is drawing the whole gamut of remedies from Thuja cm, Allium Sat 30 to Echinacea cm, Ascelepias 30 to Aesculus Hippo. 30. I only checked the category remedies from Electrohomeopathy, but I was surprised.

The reason I think this is so vast is because:
1. It's the balance of the Quarter Moons - the extremes of full and new moon don't offer such an opportunity.
2. They're each covering one category of the body's functioning: Metabolism, Lymph function, Constitution, Tissues and Elimination (Intestinal). Perhaps they'll always be drawn together so that the healing is wholistic.
3. It could just be pre-weather change is so taxing on the system that they needed all the remedies together. It's like all those times that I've been unable to heal because the dogs drew so many remedies I didn't know where to start or which ones to give (nowadays I believe we should give all the remedies that are drawn, not one at a time).

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mitochondrial diet for the Dying: dogs and cats

The most terrifying sign of dying for me is the 'sinking'. The skull gets more defined, you can feel the edges of the bones and the dog either loses memory and sticks to a few familiar habits or loses other capabilities (sight, hearing, consciousness, urinary control, muscular control, spasms, yowling, etc).

The progression is fast in distemper, and slow in old age but they're both related to mitochondrial death in the spine and the brain, the same as in multiple sclerosis (as explained by Terry Wohls - previous post).

I was very much hoping a 'mitochondrial diet' would be possible for the dogs, especially Ancient and Kenchu who've both lost brain-mass to disease. In Ancient's pic, I can easily show the 3 areas that are sunken - his pose is typical of those losing brain-matter and spine-matter.

The question is how we reverse this, or if it is even possible to reverse it with diet or homeopathy or Reiki.

The diet would be simple: Sulphur, Magnesium, Iodine, leafy greens, some veggies and a bit of sun (for vit Bs, Es and Ds, about 20 mins).

But the complexity is in the doing: getting them sunned is a nightmare of finding a safe place; they don't draw Sulphur all the time and Magnesium is very alkaline, Iodine they don't draw at all but instead draw the Murs (Chlorine) and Florides.

Dogs don't have all the veggies and cats even less - carrots they like and occasionally will eat cabbage and cucumber - but no onions, peppers, beans, peas, etc. I need to remember to buy them the veggies regularly as well.

The leafy veggies is the easiest for me - I can just pluck grasses and greens from our terrace garden. Many kinds of spinach, clover, etc are easily available there - just the weeds alone are all very edible and healthy since I make them into a massappu once in a while myself. Moreover, my mom has bought a whole lot of spirulina and wheat-grass powder a few years ago (so expired!) that I've taken to giving the dogs of late.

I've been putting a capsule of Spirulina in water in his bottle for Ancient for the last two days and he does seem better for it. He's remembering to lick-swallow correctly and to eat-chew after when I give him food. [Yes, he's as bad as that - he can't always recall how to do anything except yowl and scream in primordial terror of spasms].

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mitochondria and metabolism

Ok, more on this "cell-powerhouse". I remember being fascinated with it in my 5th std biology and then forgot about it.

There really is very little known except that they control the metabolic functioning of the cell and that stress shuts them down. To improve your metabolic rate seems to be key - with exercise, diet and suppliments like magnesium, zinc and iron, manganese and Vitamins A and C.

I think that homeopathic and biochemic suppliments of these are the right way to go long term.  

I think being careful and slow is key!!

As cautions about messing with metabolism I'm using two personal tragic examples:

1. Laxmi's example: She slept her way through her life after being paralyzed as a very young adult. I gave her Zinc sulph cm for her early onset of hard cataract. Her physical activity skyrocketed the next day with her jumping on tables after the cats, leaping from sofa to sofa, etc. Her mental activity also went off the charts with 3 sleepless days and nights of ceaseless motion that I couldn't attribute to anything but the zinc sulph cm. Then the decline set in and she began losing her balance, smashing into things until she was exhausted. By the 4th night she vanished (presumed dead - I searched everywhere for her for a week, couldn't locate the body). I'm assuming the zinc increased the brain activity or the body:brain

2.Peppy's example: Peppy was a plump tiny spitz mix who would huff and puff to walk, but was enthu for anything. She drew Magnesium mur 10m for a few weeks which I gave her once a day. She drew other potencies, but this was strongest, so I gave it to her. She lost weight rapidly to the point where she was a skeleton and died in a few weeks. Her metabolic activity increased to instability - I'm assuming that she needed some other stuff (I tried a lot of remedies, couldn't locate another) as well as Mag mur because she drew that until her dying breath.

I didn't know enough to save both of them, but just enough to regret giving those remedies. Now I kind of understand what went wrong, the remedies increased metabolism, but at that time I didn't. (Mag mur, was alkaline and should have been balanced with something more acidic, Zinc Sulph is too acidic and needed something like Mag or Kali to balance, both should have been given in low potency first!)

Mitochondria are essential to motor-neuron transmittors and play a vital role in the spinal functioning. Knowing how to increase, heal or improve their functioning can save many, many dog and cat lives. The thing is to do it carefully in sick animals - whether with mineral suppliments or with homeopathy and biochem salts.

The sea remedies might also be drawn so much because of the evolution of mitochondria from the ocean bacteria. The halogens, the sea animals and plants probably have the nutrient balance more correct than land animals.

Two sites, Mitochondria rejuvenation and Mike's Daily Apple give some terrific information about mitochondria. One on healing multiple sclerosis and the other on how it works. Dr. Terry Wahl has a lot of information since she's the one who cured herself of MS with a mitochondrial diet.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Nux vom evenings, Lycopodium mornings

During the Full Moon (for spasms, epiliform convulsions):

My Ancient has improved after I started giving him Nux Vom 200 in the evenings (worse, after sundown, full moon, muscular spasms drawing to the left) and Lycopodium 50m mornings (worse, daytime, full moon, muscular spasms drawing to the left). Since yesterday.

He's not yowling and sleeping well. He even ate on his own in the evening. Fingers crossed!

Another screwball theory :)

I've had the weirdest obsession with the e=mc2 formula for a couple of months now. I thought I'd write it down to get rid of it.:)

My mind keeps running around these phrases "energy is twice the matter/mass" and "I need to give the tincture so that the homeopathy has some matter to convert into energy" and on and on along those lines.

I know I like this combination of Reiki and Homeopathy because I believe the latter has a matter to energy connection that's missing in most healing systems, while Reiki has the most powerful means of discovering the right remedy and potency and delivering it (if I give it with hands-on healing).

My process is still tedious and primitive but it could radically improve if I stumble upon something. Something like the means of delivering the energy to the body in an efficient way. Or the material portion has some means to indicate when it is sufficient to change the energy bit.

Right now I am struggling with so many remedies (and ideas and systems) that I have only a faint notion of how to use them. I think of each of my posts as a singularity - a one-off separate entity. But when I have enough of these to create and understand a pattern, I should have a very powerful system to heal all my animals.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mitochondria and our Chi energy!

Brian Cox the same BBC program brought up something interesting - he said that the mitochondria in our cells were originally bacteria engulfed by archaea, primitive amoeba, which then protected it. This symbiotic relationship allowed the archaea to absorb the energy generated by the bacteria to replicate, creating the cells that make up most of the higher forms of life - plants, animals, reptiles, birds, etc.

I immediately thought, "Oh, so the mitochondria generate the Ki!" in Rei-ki (or Chi).That led me to thinking that we (the animals, or my dogs specifically :) are probably dying because their mitochondria aren't functioning right.

Well, guess what!

I was surprised to see a bunch of sites about it in plant and animal common ancestors and a research paper that postulate the same:

This one "Mitochondria as chi" states that "human diseases affecting a wide range of organs could result from systemic defects in energy metabolism and, second, hereditary human diseases could result from mutations in the non-Mendelian mtDNA. Consequently, mitochondrial biology and genetics become excellent candidates for expanding the anatomical and Mendelian paradigms to address the complexities of the age-related diseases, aging, and cancer."

"Yet every oxidative organism retains an mtDNA and virtually all organisms of the fungal–animal lineage retain the same mtDNA genes. Hence, the retention of these genes in the mtDNA must be importan."

So someone other than me seems to have seen the same possibility of mitochondria malfunctioning across generations to inherit what we call 'miasms' in homeopathy. He even discusses how stress produces mitochondrial malfunction and death - one of the things that's been on my mind for months (Kitpit and the other accident victims died long after the actual stress in a systemic failure of their body's functions).

He even sees what I see - that aging is related closely to stress, weather-season (Indians usually age at the end of the monsoon) and immunity. Something called 'vitagenes' go off.

This is something I really like!!

The other sites make this endosymbiosis a great deal more complicated by science, but is good to glance through anyway. The truth is that we're healing this "mitochondrial malfunction". If it is due to stress or shock, it isn't inherited in a faulty fashion. But the same stress or shock on a faulty mitochondria will just make the organism shut down and die.

I've always known that for seeds to grow, they need bacteria starters - the main reason to object to genetically-modified food, according to me. The seed kernel is home to a bunch of bacteria outside the cell's mitochondria. Somehow they get the cell multiplication going and the plant will only stop if there's shock, trauma or no resources to survive.

The inside of a coconut or a fig is literally thriving in chi - this is what we don't see as common to our own vitality.

Maybe that's why movement like in Tai chi is powerful - we're directing our focus internally and making our bodies move in stress-free, balanced rhythms that harmonizes mitochondrial activity. From what I know of bacteria, they're amazingly shy.:)
Haha, I mentioned this theory to my Mom and she's as smart as a whip. She said, "If archaea and bacteria existed the Ki/Chi (internal energy) should have already existed!" So I thought it through and said, "they were only made of Rei (cosmic energy)". But she's right. This theory has some huge holes - the main one being that the bacteria and archaea existed before and were living beings. So much for simplistic thinking.:)
But dying does seem to be the mitochondria calling out to other bacteria that 'this one is toast, come and feast'. The process takes a few years, the battle won a few times by antibiotics, but the war is lost.
More when I figure out more!:)

Scientific understanding

I was watching an interesting tv program about human development and Pf. Brian Cox said something very true: that Science is just asking simple questions and observing small regularities until we have a pattern, an intellectual framework by which we can answer the larger questions. That the 'how does it work' comes before the 'why does it work'.

I think that's where homeopathy is at - we still have to know how it works before we can build a model of why it works. We know that homeopathy changes us in regular ways - certain remedies in certain ways and others in other. The singularities of successful healing don't matter until we find the regular pattern that is common to both successful and unsuccessful attempts at healing with these potencies.

One pattern is the aggravation - I've never seen an energy medicine work without at least a few minutes to a half an hour of an absorbing or rejecting aggravation.
Another common pattern is the vibration - I can feel the pills vibrating on my tongue spreading through my body. I have seen very weak dogs bodies vibrate entirely with a high dose of Tuberculinum, especially when it is too much to absorb all at once (not the right way to heal).
 Another pattern is the change - it changes the being in some new direction, for better or worse.

Beyond this we need the materia medica to understand how the remedy works in a normal body as opposed to what it does in our particular instance of usage. More later.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psorinum again for the winter

I was holding out on giving Psorinum because of my previous experience with it even though I knew it was a good winter preparation remedy. I was hoping to help animals this winter without it. But Kitpit's sister with the terrible breathing has been missing since yesterday - I feel terrible about having not helped her more. I was trying out the respiratory remedies of Electrohomeopathy and she responded to Teucrinum 10m her breathing improved with distant Reiki itself on the night of the 30th of Nov, but disappeared on the 1st.

I added it to the food on the 1st and 2nd, but she didn't eat when I was looking. I feel guilty for not having tried enough before - I know I don't know enough yet to save lives, but it always seems to be too little, too late. I'm so frustrated.

I decided that I will go ahead and try the nosodes. I know they helped 2 years ago in a mixed blessing kind of way. But maybe the nosodes will save lives.

When I tested them on Ancient, I was surprised that he didn't draw Bacillinum. He drew a little Tuberculinum 30, but much more strongly he drew Psorinum 1m and 10m. I gave him a sniff of 1m first, but he wouldn't stop yowling, so a sniff of 10m followed in 10 mins. He's been a changed dog to a great extent for the half-hour since.:)

Kenchu and Icy and myself all drew Psorinum 1m, so tomorrow, that's what everyone is getting in the food. I should have liked to give Sulphur first, but I'll do that later if I find I need to activate it further - I remember Sepia, Carcinosin and others reduced the excesses of Psorinum the last time, so that's on the cards too for use.

I'm so sick of dogs and cats dying from me not trying enough often enough. I think the problem is that I'm too cautious, too intellectual and methodical for the bold kind of healing that needs to happen. Heal and be damned, to misquote the famous publisher's statement.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ancient's leg

This is Ancient, and his healed leg. I put his pic in the hope that he will get well and be a happy dog soon. He's not there yet - windy weather still takes a toll on his nervous system and skeletal system that I can't begin to describe, but I hope to heal him fully one day!

I let Kitpit and so many others down, but no more. I think the remedies for all these cases might be Gnaphalium and either Nux mos or Myristica. Among others.

I've got A Windy Set now that has fluor ac., Myristica, Rhododendron, Gnaphalium, Asterias, Ruta. If this is given as a storm brews, it prevents a lot of problems - nerve and lymph.

But one of more is wrong in that set, or the potency is, because they have a slightly long aggravation. It needs adjustment.

More soon.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Electro-homeopathy - Part 3: Categories contd

These are the main Constitutional remedies which are the equivalent of Miasmic remedies of Homeopathy:

I've used Thuja, Eucalyptus, Solanum and Clematis of the lot (the remedies I have at home are in bold).

None of them have saved lives yet, but now that I have this list, I will try longer.

I like that Solanum is in the list - it is drawn by animals much more than any other Solanaceae remedy yet so many think that Belladonna is the queen of that group. I don't. To me, Solanum is rules that family in healing animals.

The next set are the Metabolic remedies:
I haven't used many in this list - Hydrastis of course for Kenchu, and Berberis for Icy. The rest in bold I have but haven't really had a change to use them. Maybe this is my opportunity to give them all a try.

I like the distinction that puts Solanum into the constitutional remedies and Belladonna into the metabolic set!:)

This set has the Tissue remedies:
I haven't had much use of these either, but I see Phytolacca in this set and it was wonderful for Pummi. It is a specific for the liver and the connected glands according to e-h's system, and Pummi's disease seemed to have spread internally through her digestive system. That seems to be accurate.

Here's the next to last set, the Intestinal for those animals plagued by infestations of worms, microbes and other fauna:
I've had great use for a few in this lot, the ones I have at least. My dogs regularly draw Allium Sat and Ruta.

This last set is for application and consumption:
Not tried applying any of these but I did add Aloe to one meal not too long ago and the dogs loved it. I doubt if I'll ever use this set, but it's an FYI.

Electrohomeopathy - Part 2: Categories

This is a very good list to keep, even for homeopaths and Bach remedy folk. It connects the dominant body structure to the remedies that heal it.

These are the main Blood remedies:

The most interesting thing for me is that these remedies work really well during the Compositae and Ranunculae families are prominent in this set. I've found that animals draw from those two consistently.

Then the Respiratory remedies:
I have never had much success in completely healing animals, especially cats of their respiratory ailments. But Eucalyptus gave Pummi a great deal of relief from her upper respiratory snuffles. Boreland prominently mentions Ipecac in his list to cure pneumonia, so that's quite accurate too. I have to try Phellandrium and Allium Cepa (they've always drawn Allium Sativa over that).

The next are the Lymph remedies:
Echinacea has been Grey's favorite in the cm, and he's survived his nose and respiratory sufferings to reach adulthood. Though I've not used any of the others, I do plan to.

This Nerve set:
I like this nerve set a great deal, and I will combine it with the Lymph set at some point.
I've seen very nervous and high-strung dogs take beautifully to Aconite cm (Ruby) and Aesculus (Gunda). And during weather changes inside seasonal change, China seems to top the list with Aconite.

More in another post, just so that I don't cram it all.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Electrohomeopathy - Part 1: Electrals

[I am very grateful to this particular site for this understanding I now have of electrohomeopathy. It's a site by Dr. B. R. Dhingra - so many thanks to this individual for sharing virtually everything from what is a very secretive bunch of healers who use vague and general terms to enforce a general ignorance.]

Ok. Electro-homeopathy uses the same plants as Homeopathy and Bach, but made by a different secret process as I've mentioned before. While all that is irrelevant, what really interests me about it is
1. That it uses remedies in complex combinations or mixtures
2.  its system of classification
3. its emphasis on healing nerves with coloured 'electrals'

It has 8 groups and a ninth colour-coded group of 'electrals'. This group is so interesting in terms of energy:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bach flower remedies, Emotion and Memory

I might have understood a fine thing about healing with Bach remedies from Prof. Vishton in the series "Scientific Secrets for a Powerful Memory".

The processing of short term memory into long-term memory happens in the Hippocampus which is a part of the Limbic system - the seat of emotion. No wonder so many stressed dogs, esp after accidents and the development of disease (later effects of distemper), grow forgetful even of family and grow dependent on habit and routine to stay alive.

This must be the best part of Bach remedies - that we can help them reencode painful and negative memories that lead to miasmic disease into mild and less disruptive forms. What a fabulous tool in our hands to change an essential brain structure for the better! More later - I'm too sleepy now to recall what I was trying to say.;)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

An old homeopath agrees with me.:)

The cyclone died down, the wind died down, and we're all better. Amazing and frightening. How the hell does one treat conditions that actually begin thousands of miles away?

I was explaining this theory to my mother and she said that our old family homeopath, the late great Dr. Hanumanth Rao (who's been gone over 20 years now) used to tell my grandmother that her condition would ease "once the depression in the Bay of Bengal passed".

Imagine that! He was a fantastic healer, a passionate homeopath who used just one remedy for all cases that he kept secret until he died (I think it might have been a nerve remedy of a tubercular miasm). Then he left it to his wife and daughter who couldn't see the value in it.

He treated my grandmother for neuralgic migraines that incapacitated her for days. The only thing we knew of his healing system was that he'd give a very high potency, one dose a month in the mouth and he'd advice against bathing and coffee for 3 days after. A very traditional Hahnemannarian.

Well today the cyclone 1200 miles south of India has passed and so has my diarrhoea and the dogs' discomfort.

Some Storm preparation for animals

I'm currently having very severe dysentery with the cyclone in the Indian Ocean, so this post is ironical.:) Still, Ancient is better so I'm assuming I'm doing something right.

I realise that there are things we can do to prepare for distant storms and cyclones, especially when the winds are very painful for the nervous system of the animal which leads to immune malfunction.

The thing that shocked me is that the storms need not be even close. The current cyclone is stationary over the Indian Ocean, about a 1200 miles away! It's the whipwinds around it that are signal some approaching disaster to the immune system. If the immune system is compromised, then we have these issues of dogs going haywire physically and mentally.

The nerves:
The use of Hypericum is something I've recently come across for this problem. I've started to add it at 10m and it appears to help a few of the animals because it helps their nerves. Other nerve and spinal remedies can be tried - I used Aranea during the last of the monsoon rainstorms. Now its just dry cold winds so I think we should try Rhododendron (haven't yet). Asterias worked well during the storm over the Full Moon period now it doesn't trigger at all. The big surprise this time has been Agaricus - maybe because it's headed for the New Moon. Agaricus 3x is helping Ancient's nerves so much through this storm, he's sleeping peacefully everytime I give him Reiki with that remedy. Other nerve remedies might be useful too - I've yet to test them out.

The lymphatic system:
Hardened or swollen glands are a typical sign that the immune system is blocked up and too full of some toxins to behave normally. I check for the glands around the dog's collarbone. If it's swollen or non-existent, the animal will over-react to the weather. The next thing to go is the muscle and then the bone. The skin seems to be the last to go, maybe because it works with the kidneys rather than the intestines.

The remedies I've reached for in the last moon cycle have cleared the pus out of the system. Hepar Sulph, Acid Phos, Ars met and Aur met worked well in the NM to FM cycle; Myristica in the FM-NM cycle. I haven't found many yet for this, but I've found something in Electrohomeopathy that specifically addresses this problem. More on that soon.

The digestive system:
The best way for the pus to leave the system is through the intestines: Opium, Chelidonium, Clematis, and other intestinal cleansers should do that job. Liver remedies might also help since it washes out the blood of toxins.

Dewormers that I've always rushed to use are just too wrong for the job - the worms are helpful when your system is out of whack, so removing them just increases the load on the body. Just leaving them alone while the system clears out is a good idea. The same with maggots, fleas, mites and ticks. Leave them alone - they're doing a good job of cleansing!:)

The order of healing is very important, I realise. In the last cyclone-far-far-away, I had dizziness and vomiting. This distant cyclone, I have dysentery. I think of this as an improvement - the direction of healing is downwards which is healthier than it going up to the brain and spine. I guess we can only expect healing to be slow since the immune system moves slowly. But today as my skin prickles in the sun and I know it's better than the dizziness and stuffed ears I had last month!

Ancient has less dizziness this time too, no epileptic fits and his pus filled joints seem to be healing. The legs that were just a mass of wounds is coming around with pink new skin. He still limps and his muscular system seems to be collapsed and confused. He crashes into things and falls as if unable to hold himself upright - that may be from his nervous system having to do an aboutface and not knowing how to direct his body after being stressed for so long. I hope it all comes together and he walks a healthy walk one day - he's still got amblyopia in one eye and cataract in the other the poor thing.

His recovery thus far is extraordinary to me - a miracle. I couldn't see this day coming when I picked him up. Or when he had epileptic seizures with his arrested breathing. Or even when the maggots were deep in his foot and I could see the necrosis around the bone. I just stepped from one remedy to another with a kind of blind faith that Reiki was picking them right. The only different things I did was that I gave many, many more doses than Ive given at any time in the past. And I've given mixtures and combinations without guilt a la Bach!:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Intuitive craziness

I really hate the 'intuitive healer'. i.e., people like me.:) I know a lot of them, being in the healing tradition of both Reiki and spirituality. I run a mile from them, whenever possible.:p

First of all, they're undependable - since their knowledge has no strong foundation in either logic or repetition, it can be classified under 'whims and fancies'. This week they're 'into' gems, so they'll recommend gems to everyone, the next week colour therapy, and everyone around them needs red. They're annoying for their lack of memory and follow-up, the real butterflies of the spiritual new-agey socialites. They 'feel' this is right, and you're not allowed to question it.

Secondly, they're full of half-knowledge and a mish-mash of acquired wisdom. This guru said this, that book said that. Interesting enough for conversation - but really, can you heal with that? It's like how I'm so excited over every new remedy I read about, but the next remedy will inevitably come by to excite me anew.

Third, they're anecdotal. "She came to me with blah-blah and within 2 sessions all her blah-blah disappeared". Well, the problem is, it most likely won't happen again, ever, in her lifetime or yours. Much as I love homeopathy for it's precision and it's documentation, there's too much anecdotal recounting of the individualized treatment. In this, my intuitives and the homeopaths are the same. "I gave one dose of this and her problem cleared up within hours" ... is no guide to treating anyone but the 'her' in this case. The rest of the points apply to homeopathy too - half-knowledge applied, and unfounded basis for treatments (with the 'intuitive genius homeopath' myth).

The lack of success of healing, both in Homeopathy today and Reiki stem from these ingrained behaviour patterns which are almost meshed into it's history. You can pass down nothing but personality patterns that new homeopaths can mimic, pretend to, aggrandize themselves with.

Such a waste of time.

I'm crazy enough to be intuitive myself, have spiritual guides to work with, but as much as possible I try to keep my learning and sharing rational. I have dabbled in all these negative traits enough to know how bad they are for healing as a whole.

The way forward is to learn from across healing traditions and methods. Apply the best of each - but with some strong reasoning behind it. Something that can be verified or refuted, accepted or rejected by others who follow in the same path.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Rescue Equivalent in Homeopathy

I was curious about the closest equivalent in Homeopathy that we could make to the popular Rescue Remedy (from the remedies I have - I've deleted the remedies I don't have since I'm trying to cut down on my buying).

My findings validate a lot of what I've grown to love among the homeopathic remedies:
One combination would be Ranunculae (Aconite, Puls) + Rosaceae (Crategus)/Compositae (Arnica, Absinth)+ Ericaceae (Rhododendron) + Fagaceae (Kreosotum)/Coniferae (Thuja)/Liliaceae (Veratrum, Scilla). I've added Umbelliferae as a Rosace in the table, and there's no homeopathic equivalent of Impatiens though Ericaceae is closest to it.

All of these are plant groups that have been very powerful healers for homeopaths. No wonder Rescue has been one of the most successful remedies of all time.:)

I'm going to try this combo in various potencies, hopefully with some success. I've had a great deal of success with many in this individually, but think of how closely we can tailor this combination for disease! The greatest advantage seems to be in its capacity to cover the main chakras affected in trauma:

The Root/Crown connection in particular is so beautifully addressed by Cherry Plum and Rock Rose, in new and old plant families in the same chakra, so that it doesn't shock the system.

Clematis and Impatiens cover the Solar Plexus/Throat and Heart all at the upper chakra levels while only Star of Bethlehem goes lower.

Still, importantly and unusually, nothing is used to touch the areas violated by trauma - the usually torn solar plexus and the root chakras. This is peculiar, but makes sense: the upper chakras can heal these traumatized areas better than going directly to them and further disturbing their activity.

By controlling and stabilizing the waves of shock moving upward, you'll actually prevent the trauma from taking deeper hold on the living being, allowing the whole to heal it as a local event rather than a global one.

How very brilliant.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weather system woes

Far from scattering and breaking down, the clouds have regathered and very close to Bangalore! It expanded a few hours ago giving me hope that it would scatter, but it's collected itself up again.

Hmmm. 3 - 5 days of rain, wetness and misery for my animals.:(

11:00 pm
Well, the storm died down by 11 pm and all the animals at home slept except for one kitten who sounds like a bad drainpipe - can't do much except distant reiki because she's too scared. And Ancient is a bit uncomfortable still, again can't do much for him until it all lets up. I've given him Rescue a couple of times but otherwise left him alone.

By 6 am the whole thing was moving into the Arabian Sea. Slowly.
Ok, here's it is gathering to move back in, but by midmorning it has moved out to the sea and northward on the land. I've renamed it "weather system woes" because it didn't develop into a true cyclone. It broke up too many times to gather that kind of force.

13/Nov: Here it is today at noon. Broken up and moving west and then north. For all the trouble it creates in the living beings' immune systems, it was relatively harmless - never reaching a true cyclone in either speeds (except in the tailwinds) or force.

This is the system that hovered around the Bay of Bengal for almost three days in it's move towards Burma, turned around and made landfall on our coast.

What is it that makes these so hard for the body to handle?
  1. First it must be the disruption of the body's ion balance - all clouds carry ions that draw an answering charge from the earth.
  2. The change in direction probably made it an electrical being as well - winds and their direction are just a representation of the earth's rotation (the winds north and south of India rotate anti-clockwise because of the earth's spin) and around us we've got a counter spin (clockwise) in the winds because the winds in the tropics are slower. So there's friction between these fronts at the latitude we're on, creating our storms.
  3. When the earth tilts, the problem seems to get exacerbated. So autumn and spring are two periods we have storms, the autumn ones being slightly worse.

Storm Cyclone: 7 Guidelines for Healing

The build-up was so rapid in the last 6 hours I saved the images of when the animals were at a peak of weakness, in terms of the moving swirl of air currents. This was 5 hours ago but the worst for the animals was when was when we were in the tail winds.
At this point the animals were just sleeping. Ancient was in a state of exhaustion, but not as bad as in the past. He ate a half a bun and slept. It was beginning to drizzle lightly.

This is just now, 7 am. The worst of the storm energy is dissipated. Kenchu is still itchy and a little restless, but the rest seem to be trying to get past it by curling up and sleeping. The cats are also calm.

The rapidity of the development and breakdown was a bit shocking to me - I've never really followed the weather with much interest over the last decade. I've tried various weather sites for temperature changes, barometric pressure, moisture and humidity, wind speeds, etc. But the weather sites are usually silly and inconsistent (can't blame them really - that's how the weather is:).

Even when I knew the animals were affected, I was more interested in learning about the remedies to use rather than the weather itself. I could get nothing as clear as these satellite pics to observe and learn from. Anyway, now I can share these ideas. It's all basically about depressing hot air.:)

Here's a wonderful mobile app "India Satellite Weather" that shares images from the same satellite. I found it last evening, much gratitude to Shahul3D for it.

 So I'm going to conclude that:
1. The body just prepares for storms and cyclones with inflammations and exhaustion.
2. The nervous system is the first to react - when the high winds begin thousands of miles away. At 700 miles or so, I begin to notice the animals are behaving differently. (A little late ...;) But there are visible behavioural changes ranging from excitation to deep depression in their mental state.
3. Then the mucus membranes show malfunction. This is the immune system cranking up. The eyes will be itchy and the mucus greenish and pus-like, sometimes caked solid in kittens and old dogs.
4. The first organ to react is the tonsils. The throat area takes up the task of defense usually with itching and a soreness for those with a diminished immunity. This is the point that dogs start hawking up mucus in little puddles and cats frothy hairballs. Below 700 miles though it goes on until the storm breaks.
5. The liver follows within 12 hours producing excess bile for some unknown reason - probably clearing the alimentary canal - (I puked up sweetish bile after a coffee and had a night of dysentry on Sunday for this Thursday storm!) when the storm is still around 700 miles away.
6. As the storm approaches, sometimes rapidly, the immune reactions can vary from earache and dizziness to headaches and sinus trouble; and total, uncontrollable skin itch to bedwetting; constipation, diarrhoea and dysentry; and epileptic fits in the body.Below 500 miles away. The tail winds cause this reaction.
7. Tat about 300 miles, the wind speeds pick up and drop lower to the surface, pressure and temperature change can be felt on the skin. This is the point when entire systems collapse. So the endocrine system pitches in last - gearing up to function as a whole during a time of crisis. (Epilepsy is a malfunctioning endocrine thing I think from the way it responds to Hydrocot. This is also the point at which the most idjut cats and dogs are mating, fighting and caterwauling in a last-minute attempt to leave genetic material behind. lol, I've seen humans sex-up just before storms in pubs and dancefloors as well, so idiot-behaviour is universal:).
When the storm is breaking within 50 miles and other animals are getting better, this is when the under-developed, unready animal dies.

So now I have the seven preparation stages which kill sick animals, but are actually protective to the microcosm as the macro environment changes catastrophically (potentially life-threatening). More to think through later - esp how to use remedies in coordination with this phenomenon.

[I've made my guides very happy by putting all this down - they've been after me to put it "out there" all week.:]

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Better but weaker building up to the cyclone

A possible cyclone in the Bay has been growing since yesterday and the animals are reacting.

But Ancient is not yowling in pain. The improvement with the combination (Echin 1m, Chel 3, Myristica 12, Kreos 12, Opium 30) seems to be a trade-off - he's weaker but avoiding the excitation of nerves which leads to exhaustion, organ failure and death. Maybe the improvement will continue if he survives past the cyclone. He eagerly licks up the remedy, even given in it's alcoholic purity, poor chappie.

If I can keep them all clear of the nervous excesses, the immune system should heal and *fingers crossed* lives saved through the effects of the worst of the weather conditions in a Bangalore street dog's life. And really, this isn't the worst - we're only in the tail of the whip-winds of the seastorm!

BUT, success is success: so far ... no epileptic fits, no yowls, no excitation, no death ... so GOOD!:D

(The problem with cyclones in this region is that they're anticlockwise. They drain the entire region of energy and pour it into the ocean.:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Immunity for Animals from Storms, Cyclones

I'll start with the topic and then digress ... for a change!:)

Ancient is much better - not cured but able to stand up. The way to help animal through a cyclone or a storm, thunderstorm or severe weather condition that's driving it batty or into tragically weakened states of nervous, immunity-related collapse is to try the following mixtures keeping the moon cycle in mind:

New Moon to Full Moon: Gunpowder 3, Phos Acid 3, Ars Met 3, (Bismuth 30, Aur Met 200 not so freq.)
Full Moon to New Moon: Myristica 12, Chelidonium 3, Opium 30, Kreosotum 12, Echin 1m

The former helps the body flush out the pus or spent wbc from the wounds and heal them up, the latter helps flush what remains in the body out through the intestines and urinary organs. This cleanses the immune system.

When the immune system is clear, the nervous system gets a break and can relax. Or you can work it the other way and start with Rescue Remedy or some other stress-relieving Bach flower remedy and then use the flushes for the immune system. Either way should work, the first way is better closer to the storm.

Which brings me to how close a storm or cyclone has to be for our sensitive animals.

Recently I've been following the wonderful Insat 1B satellite images and the cyclone warning site to get an estimate of how far a cyclone should be for my animals to react. The last cyclone was in the Bay or Bengal over 700 miles away! But you could see the whipping trails of the clouds into the vortex as far into India as Bhopal and Arabian Sea over a 1000 miles away on the other side of Bangalore!!

My dogs were anxious, irritable, nervous, vomiting mucus, itchy, yowling, disobedient, hyper and aggressive depending on the dog. The cats were jumpy, over-excited, fighting, begging incessantly for food, limping and getting stuck on parapets, again, depending on the cat.
The crazy thing about animals is that they're so much more sensitive to earth changes than humans are. By that I mean that they know it's an earth-related change that's destroying them and we don't. All the animals that have died in the last year knew that I didn't have the remedies to heal them before their system broke down. I knew I didn't know enough to heal them, esp. the dogs and cats that died after Pummi (before that I always thought that if I found that one perfect remedy, that one 'personality' remedy, I'd be able to save them even at their last breath. And before that it was "if I only heal with my hands one more hour, s/he'll live" and I'd push myself to heal day and night to keep them alive.) It was only as recent as that that I realised that I should heal for the weather as the most dangerous of all the things breaking down their systems.

But all our bodies react the same way to the earth as the animals, even if we find a hundred different medical terms to describe it. For eg., two of my friends described the ailments in their resp. families/aquaintances during the same period of time, and they had the same reaction as Ancient or any other animal has to the weather:
1. One lady felt incredible pain in her back, went to the hospital and they found she had a slipped disc. She recovered enough to be able to sit up a few days later. (The period of her "slipped disc" and her recovery was the same as it was for Ancient who is also now able to sit up.)
2. Another girl took a pill and her whole body swelled up (got swollen?:) in an allergic reaction according to the doctors). She's in ICU now recovering. (The same time-frame as Ancient having edema around his ankles and feet).
3. A family member of a friend suddenly died after he collapsed. He had a stroke a few years ago. (Ancient was having tetanic/epileform spasms which arrested his breathing around the same time; he is weaker on one side of his body from the time I picked him up).

Each of these cases cost them lakhs of rupees in hospital stays, ambulances, treatments for just the same period of time that I was giving Ancient a packet of Good Life milk in spoonfuls with drops of Rescue and Gunpowder and Phos Acid.

They all recovered at the same time because the cyclonic storm/depression passed. The medicines just helped to get them through the period of inflammation, aggravation, necrosis or degeneration (disorganisation, if you will). There is no "cure" until the body system is "restored to order" (as Hahnemann or Kent would say!:)

The only way we'll know if it will recur is if there's another cyclone - to see if we have restored to order or at least reduced the disorder in the system that makes them react so violently. The set I've put together seems to restore order as we head towards the Last Qtr. I pity the poor animals and people who must once again resort to hospitals, doctors and financial stress for the next inevitable storm/cyclone as the monsoon retreats in it's usual turbulent style.