Monday, December 2, 2013

Borland's Pneumonias

Pneumonia is what we should dread more than the distemper, in what I read on the net. None if the Veterinary/Homeopathy sites treat this subject as well as Douglas Borland.

Homeopaths are organizational geniuses. Douglas Borland is one of them who had simplified the treatment of pneumonia for me (just picked up his book yesterday). I've lost my anxiety a bit in theory ... I might treat the next distemper case with more confidence thanks to his simplification.

He's divides the disease stages into 3 with the appropriate remedies in 1m or 10m, 4 hourly dose for 24 hours:

Initial stage: Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Ipecac.

Simple (frank) Pneumonia: Bryonia, Phosphorus, Veratrum Viride or Chelidonium.

Complicated Pneumonia: Baptista, Mercury, Rhus tox, Pyrogen, Hepar, Lachesis.

Creeping type or definite Broncho-pneumonia: Pulsatilla, Natrum Sulph, Senega, Lobelia.

Late Pneumonia: Ant tart, Carbo veg, Kali carb, Arsenic, Lycopodium, Sulphur.

Of these I'd like to put down what Roo responded to and didn't, just to remember:

She drew strongly for: Belladonna, Ipecac, Bryonia, Mercury, Pyrogen
Aconite, , Ferrum Phos, Natrum Sulph, Carbo veg, Arsenic, Sulphur

She didn't draw: Veratrum Viride or Baptista, , Rhus tox, , Hepar, Lachesis, , Kali carb

I didn't try: Phosphorus, Senega, Lobelia, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Ant tart

.Now with clearer guidelines on remedy, use, potency and stage, I hope to have the next dog survive. And you too. Wishing you luck!:)

Ipecac: Interpreting homeopathy for animal use

One of my regular problems with homeopathy before Reiki used to be trying to figure out sensations like 'burning' and esp stuff like 'nausea'.

Nausea would be a given if there's vomiting, but most dogs will not vomit - they'll just turn away from the food.
Or they'll eat a little and wag their tails and nudge the food away with their nose until the nausea subsides ... and eat it all after.

Let's take that as a sign for Ipecac here on, along with persistent periodic itching especially around the rib cage and higher, the armpit. They stop for a few minutes and start again. Sometimes with frustrated yelps and head tossing, whining, groaning and changing places.
Observations: Ipecac and others:
Trying out Borland's remedies in The Pneumonias

I've been trying out the set he recommended and come to some new understanding.

Ipecac high has been the greatest find for my street dogs, thanks to Borland.

I stopped Ergotin/Secale the minute I found Peppy reacted positively to Ipecac because I have a pregnant cat and didn't want to complicate her first birthing experience - ergot is an abortion method in Europe. I hope it will aid her instead in the dynamic form, but why take chances.

Better to tackle it later and concentrate on the pneumo-gastric now for all in their food.

The dogs aren't reacting to all the remedies he's recommended.
First stage remedies: Only Ipecac (all potencies) and Aconite 10m, 1m.
Second stage: Veratrum v 1m, Baptista a bit.
This stage: Merc 50m.

So I'll set this lot aside for true distemper-pneumonia cases. I know Roo drew both Ipecac and Belladonna so they must be important to the pneumonias.

Ipecac though had been a wonder drug this new moon. All the dogs look stronger than in any previous winter!