Thursday, November 21, 2013

Distemper urine and stools

The problem in healing distemper is the alternation of states.

On the 15th, the vet, Dr. Akshay, told me that Roo had had diarrhea for 2 days. The next day I saw she had a big black hard stool. The day after when I picked her up she was having a pappy stool for a day and then a hard stool the next and watery diarrhea for 2 days since.

This may be one of the reasons Tellurium is helping - it had this kind of alternating stools.

The other reason may be because it heals an excess of high colored urine. This probably leads to the dehydration of brain and body tissues - all the necessary salts leak out. Probably why they have malnutrition and chorea being unable to retain what their body needs.

I've read about the other reasons which i'll put down if I find them healing. She hasn't peed this morning but there's no telling when shell have another attack.

The Best Dewormer: Argent Nit 10m -cm

I've been trying out many deworm remedies. All of them are partially successful no doubt but none with the depth of argent nit.

Some are better than others - Filix mas, Stannum and Sabadilla are better than the others, but only helps in 3x, 30 and 1m respectively.
From various sources: Nat Phos, Cina, Santonine, Caladium, Teucrium, Spigelia, Ignatia, Indigo, Sabadilla, Sabina, Stannum, Calcarea, Cup oxy. nigr., Nux Vom, Chenopodium, Allium Sativa, Hydrastis,

Additionally rom Shaeffer's veterinary work
Felix Mas, Granatum, Kamala, Abrotinum,  Artemisia Mar. (Cina), Merc Corr, Coccidia nosode, Giardia nosode, Cryptosporidium nosode

From S. Swayanandan's book additionally, all in 3x or 6x:
Aconite, Agemone mex., Ars Alb., Baryta Mur, Belladonna, Bismuth, Calc carb, China Off., Ipecac, Lyco, Merc corr, merc viv, Sepia, Terebinth, Verat Alb.

**Strikethrough for those I don't have, bold those that really drew energy.

I'm surprised none of them mention Carcinosin! That is my wonder dewormer and probably the best kept secret, like Hekla Lava, in homeopathy.:)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moon and the Periodic Table

The change from full moon to new moon in the body seems to be a change across the periodic table in terms of elements.

At the quarter moon the need for the p block acidic balance seems to be greatest. On full moon day we start back through the d block of ampheteric metal oxides.

I'm guessing that at the last quarter moon we'd be using the basic oxides and for new moon we'd be back among the amphoteric.

This seems to be how the elements are used. The more acidic the body at full moon, the more prone it is to occilate violently, creating sickness. The healthy probably use the amphoeteric d block and less extreme acidic and basic oxides.

Distemper: a reaction to the weather?

Distemper isn't contagious at all, its a reaction to the weather. Electrical, barometric pressure, stress and immature immunity.
That's why it affects all the weak ones together. It mostly affects those who are underdeveloped because they aren't developing. A kind of weeding out by nature.
It's inherited syphilis, or one of the older sporic diseases, but the impression of an 'outbreak' is an illusion. I have often turned back from the edge of this very idea because it is so radical, frees humans if blame esp shelters, and for me the worst, makes death inevitable (but I know now how to help them develop so death is not an issue anymore).
The thing is to forget all that modern medicine has grilled into you - forget viruses, worms, maggots, bacteria. All of them are not the cause but the result of disease. them won't alter the fate our suffering of the poor animal.

[Rhododendron? Aconite, Ranunculus Bulb, Dulcamara, Cicuta ... the weather remedies like these might help. Sabadilla 200 increased the yanking but reduced the frequency in Roo.]

[Cicuta might have helped or Rhododendron]

Roo: head spasms

Distemper is a complex disease. Just when I thought the Argent nit might have healed her for good, another increasingly violent attack of the muscles jerking all over the head began along with 5 -6 very watery stools and great weakness. Her eyes were sinking into the head again. She started refusing water and food (probably can't control her tongue or jaws - this was how Raja died ... and so many others. So so common and so bloody hard to figure out and save them.)
I tried about 20 salts before Cup ace came to she's slightly better.
6 hours later - well, now she's drawing Sulphur. The jerking in the head resumed and now I'm giving Reiki with both Sulph and cup ace in hand. :/
I'm trying to find a pattern if any to the remedies she draws.
Poor thing is so thin and weak I'm ready to let her go if she needs to die.
This morning I thought I'd see if it would work down the sulphur group to heal as well as the copper group did. And yes! She responded strongly to Tellurium 6 then 12 and less so to Selenium.
What does all this mean? She's weaker than ever peeing and having diarrhoea every few hours (and not small quantities ... far more than the liquids she takes! How will she live?? I'm so scared and worried for her - dogs draw Reiki upto a few hours after they die. Is she just preparing to die. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mag Carb: for Distemper (Allen)

mag carb by Kent ... Thank the universe for this piece!
I would not speak of it but for the fact that it relates to a class of but for the fact that it relates to a class of cases so very important that you will not be able to get along without it. It is related to the older and deeper psoric sickness. [distemper is probably a very old evolutionary disease… unlike humans, dogs haven't developed new fangled ailments yet.]
It is deep acting and long acting and permeates the economy as thoroughly as Sulphur.
Amelioration from motion; desire for open air, yet very sensitive to cold air; wants to be for open air, yet very sensitive to cold air; wants to be covered during all stages of fever;symptoms recurring every twenty-one days. [like clockwork, distemper puppies will die in 21 days no matter what improvement put care they receive. Maybe this remedy will help them over that hump. Give it at the start and them before the 21st day.]
Like other Magnesias it has most violent neuralgic pains along the course of nerves, pains so violent that he cannot keep still, and he moves about violent that he cannot keep still, and he moves about and is relieved by motion. As soon as he stops moving the pain becomes very severe, shooting, tearing.
There is a kind of marasmus that you will puzzle over if you do not know this remedy. If we study the remedy in general, we will see that it produces a state of the body like that prior to tuberculosis.
He does not undergo, repair, he loses flesh, and the muscles become flabby as if some serious disease were coming. In children of tuberculous parents there is that tendency to go into marasmus. The child's muscles are flabby, the child will not thrive in spite of feeding and medicines.
Finally, it emaciates and the back of the head begins to sink in, as if from atrophy of the cerebellum. The to sink in, as if from atrophy of the cerebellum. The appetite increases for milk and meat and animal broths, and yet they are not digested, and when the milk is taken it continually passes the bowel in the form of white potter's clay, or like putty.
I have observed, especially among illegitimate infants,  they have a tendency to sinking in the back of the head. The occipital bone will sink in, and the parietal bones jut out over it, and there will be a depression. That is not an uncommon thing in children that go into marasmus.
I once had in charge an orphanage, where we had sixty to one hundred babies on hand all tho time. The puzzle of my life was to find remedies for the cases that were going into marasmus. A large number cases that were going into marasmus.
The whole year elapsed, and we were losing babies every week from this gradual decline,  until I saw the image of these babies in Magnesia carb, and after that many of them were cured. __
[if this isn't the very picture of distemper, I don't know what is!]
Probably why Mag carb is drawn by Roo…

Mag carb, nat sulph for Canine Distemper

Roo, is holding steady. I brought her on the 15th when all the disease was hidden except ravenous hunger and a desire to bite bedclothes (should have given verat a or v); the next day when the remedies first revealed a sniffle (gunpowder 30) then worms (Sabadilla 30) and then chorea which was her worst day.

But from the first day she's been drawing Physostigma 6, cm, Mag Carb 30 2 or 3 times a day (and an occasional Phytolacca 6) puzzling me.

The Physostigma works to return voluntary control of her muscles by will and her heart. The Phytolacca ... Worms?

I think Mag carb has worked deepest to pull the disease out from its base in the brain. I'll post the fantastic write up by Allen about it in the next post.

This morning she started drinking water and a bit of soy lactogen on her own after Nat sulph 30. So her brain and body have begun to function again. She had lost all recognition and volition from the 13th at the shelter. But now she seems to recognise me.

She still smells 'green', which is a sign of virulent disease to me. I wonder how her gut flora will return. She isn't eating anything. But holding together is good enough for me. She's drawing Serotonin 30, senega 1m, ars alb 30, Med 1m, Causticum 10m, filix 3, nitric acid 30 and esp nux vom 30 all of which might have helped her in the single doses or in Reiki hands on that I've given.

I'll only repeat them if she draws them again. I did buy melatonin and put it in her water this morning since it is available otc. I hope it helps in the brain healing and stops the sinking (see Allen's write up in the next post).