Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best remedies for animals so far:

This is what I'd use those for in this Darkening miasm. This is really tentative. I intend to have a template so I can begin to sharpen it.
Asterias - The bone-immunity connection. A little kitten dying showed clearly a lightning bolt of energy being strongly  drawn through the upper energy meridians (the bones from the neck, the shoulders, sternum to the front paws). Immunity rests in the thymus gland behind the sternum (breast bone). Upper respiratory disorders and mucus, coryza, gluey eyes and smelly ears would be the kind of thing it cures. Lately though my dogs are drawing it through lower chakras too.
Phytolacca - blackened and sore. I must be heading for breast cancer because this one remedy brought out a tiny, terribly painful ulcer on my breast and the soreness, the radiating, dull pain relieved by this remedy in cm potency is to be felt to be believed.
Physostigma - would prevent death by spasm. Gels will cover the spasms of the glottis etc in kernel cough and sneezing but Physostigma would help those muscles that are involuntary. Also helps rheumatism of the skin and scalp and exposure-induced acceleration of disease.
Mag carb - is for all the hardening especially of the liver, spleen and pancreas. Haven't found a better remedy for the period upto full moon.
Bacillinum, Carcinosin. Syphillinum are wonderful bringing up a very controlled, correct reaction in dogs and cats among the miasmic nosodes (Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum are more iffy and a risk). All of them though work at different times of the year and not so much the rest of the time. Bacillinum around September/Oct, Carcinosin around Feb, Syphilinum in May/June and more generally.
Gelsemium, Arnica, Borax, Apis, Causticum, Hepar sulph, Lachesis, Sepia, baryta work deeply; in the worm remedies Felix mas 3x is best followed by Graphites, Sabadilla, Stannum, etc as part of the list that has worked towards cure in my animals so far.
Perhaps if Psorinum, sulphur, calc carb, ars alb and lyco worked right I'd be glad to put them in the list but they're currently beyond me and my Reiki. More likely they aren't needed until the deeper issues are resolved.
I'm generalising here but all the animal and metallic remedies seem to work better in the waxing moon or towards the full moon amd the plants and salts towards the new moon or the waning cycle.
So remedies like Apis, Asteris, Sepia, Lachesis and the nosodes could work better in the waxing cycle; metals like Zinc, Copper, even elements like Sulphur do well between the new and full moon perhaps because it is an absorptive, building up cycle.
Phytolacca, Sarsaparilla, etc and salts like nat mur, Kali phos could do better on the waning cycle because it is eliminative and a breaking down cycle.
Though this is true, if the body needs a remedy a great deal, I think it's safer to start at the very opposite end and work our way to the correct cycle. So start it won't do much good and lead up to the right part of the cycle.
2/10 - Just wanted to record a thought that maybe roots and marshy plants work better towards new moon in the cycle; hardy, drought oriented plants towards the full moon.