Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dying dog remedies: Euthanasia

I believe in ahimsa and the right to live until your last breath. It became harder to watch the vets fumble over the killing, often causing pain and getting defensive over their lack of skill. Their methods and the chemicals they use aren't gentle enough for me, their explanations on causing final distress sound hollow.

Now do the euthanasia with homeopathy.
Ars Alb (abdominal forms) and Carbo veg (respiratory forms) - in a 'live or die' moment. Carbo veg 30 esp has led to very peaceful deaths when they were otherwise struggling to breathe.
I've recently begun to use Tarantula 30 (pain, struggle to die) given even 24 hours before which seems to make the end quiet and without a desperate struggle and pain in strong dogs.

 Healing for Dying with Reiki when they draw too many remedies:
Animals draws too many remedies when they won't heal, or are ready to die.
Give them everything they draw, as often as they draw it. As high as they draw it. Until they indicate they've taken enough - usually about a half hour before they die.

Some remedies will make them cry out and tense up - discard those even if they draw the energy - is too late to correct the life, so avoid the distress. Other remedies that will relax them and put then to sleep- use those more often.
Keep trying because it's aligning their energy to cross over. It's the greatest kindness you can do them.
Give them water, even if they only puke it out. My one regret is denying dogs free access to water in the end.

Dying dog remedy: Decline After Accidents

Rocky's injuries: Dislocated hip, broken femur, fractured spine.

The main remedies drawn by Rocky are: Arnica cm, Phytolacca cm, May carb cm, calc phos 12, calc flor 3 and a host of very mild energy drawing remedies - terebinth, hypericum, filix mas, causticum, boric acid, low potencies.
Dumi was hit by a vehicle on the main road some time in the night on the 7th. I saw her in the dirt at 9 the next morning - she'd dragged herself to where she'd be on my route out.
Her hind legs weren't working and her body had multiple abrasions. I put her in an auto and brought her home. I could clean her surface wounds as well as any  with Calendula and her paralysis would be beyond any vet.
I gave her two days of everything from Symphytum, Arnica, Ruta, Hypericum and Bellis per. but though they gave relief, that's not what she's dying from.
By day 2 she began vomiting everything including water and I knew the shock and injuries had affected her liver and kidneys. She'd bark a piercing yap yap yap night and day.
Causticum cm was best (probably for the shock) which stopped the yelps and helped her sleep. Actea s. and r. she drew well in her root chakra but it started a scary involuntary sideways spasm of her hips which ended in retching.
Then it struck me - what had dogs dying after accidents was not just the injuries, which are usually better after two days. It's the shock that shuts down organs and unfortunately miasms - preexisting weaknesses - that get set free which kill them.
Actea brought out the underlying gout, which so closely resembled the death throes in slow motion, the reverse peristalsis.
I tried a number of remedies - cactus, the snake poisons, gelsemium, all for circular muscles, like the diaphragm, intestinal and sphincters -but none helped.
Then found Berberis, Sulphur and Graphites drew the most. Graphites 50m from the potencies I had, Sulphur 200 and cm and Berberis 1m were the remedies she drew. I'm going to stick to those and Causticum for a while.
More if she survives.
She dropped just one piece of shit and it as full of thready worms. She drew Kresotum for worminess. ate some egg. Drinking water.
She vomited out egg after drinking a whole load of water. Then I gave her Ant crud 30 because I remembered that her first vomit was of some cream-rich dustbin plunder and even now she smells of it (like it lies undigested).
In cases like this, where they draw Reiki in many, many remedies I often tell others to give up and stick to two of three. But my heart is involved here so I just plod on. ignoring my own advice. :(
She's giving up though ... I can tell. Hang on, baby.
10th - She died this morning. I had just fallen asleep after being with her until 5:30 am when something woke me up and knew she died. She twitched and let our a gasp when I got there, but she had already gone free. Run like the wind somewhere, Dumi, chase all the cars you like. R.I.P.

Rocky's case - Parasitic decline after an accident
I was called on the 17th Oct by Vasanthnagar to an accident case. Rocky had been hit the night before by a car, was paralysed and couldn't walk.
On checking the dog I couldn't find any injuries except a surface skid mark and a forenail scraped off. It reminded me of so many paralyzed dogs including Putti at the shelter ..
was the accident really the cause of the paralysis?
For the last four days I've been going 3 times a day to check out remedies and all it draws are worm remedies: Arnica, tereb, calc phos, calc sulph, thuja, Ledum, gels, mag carb, mag phos, Phytolacca. The arnica, calc phos and ledum might point to some injury but it doesn't draw
My hypothesis that the lack if recovery is from the underlying chronic condition rather than the accident itself is probably true here.
The underlyimg weakness is preventing healing and is urgently drawing Reiki rather than the injury itself.

Potassium and Carbons High?

I wanted to note that rocky's body suddenly change from wanting to heal (which was slow and not so good) to wanting to die, with the carbon group (gunpowder) and Kali phos in high potency.

in low potency I couldn't feel that change and was writing my 'dream set' post. The minute bought it in high potencies, his body stopped drawing my dream set. It was such an abrupt change in hindsight.

I wonder if the two groups should be avoided in trauma cases our avoid giving them in high potency or give them early enough to let the body choose the line of least resistance?

I know with the Mags and Phytolacca the healing state might have persisted longer - he was still drawing Arnica with them. Food for thought. And caution, the next time.

He was older and in poor condition.

What I'd do differently

Rocky died this morning at 10:45 approx. He was having severe internal clutching spasms which made him vomit all the water he drank from 11pm last night.

The last two remedies he drew were carbo veg 30 and Phytolacca 3x (started down from 50m, 10m, 1m he would draw less and less within the space of 5 mins).

It was obvious to me yesterday at 2 pm when I gave him Reiki with gunpowder high that he was going to die - his breathing changed to stomach breaths the kind only the carbon group brings up.

I gave him ars alb 1m last night at 11 pm for euthanasia. It controlled the vomiting for a few hours by forcing total relaxation on him for a half hour. He didn't draw it again after and I didn't like forcing such prostration on him.

Carbo veg 30 this morning at 10:30 also as euthanasia, his breathing changed to deeper breaths and he died within 15 mins without drawing it again.

Could I have saved him by doing anything different? I think not. Even on the first day there seemed to be to much internal bleeding (no external wounds). And the way he was shaking and the enlarged liver gave me little hope. But he was free of the shuddering with homeopathy. But he ate just once of twice in the last 21 days. Maybe his insides were totally bruised and torn.

I'll try comfrey (sympytum) internally in tincture for intestinal bruising - it stinks so bad I didn't force him to have it but once. Calendula Q didn't save Dumi so I didn't try it.

Next time I'll stick to the lowest potencies until they draw them higher instead of starting high - maybe, only after they've starved a week and have grown too weak for higher potencies. Probably.

There's Apocynum and Strophanthus for kidneys, nitric acid for 'traumatic fever' that I didn't notice until 5 hrs before he died .. he drew Apocynum a lot.Wish I had given it to him early, also the Kali phos may have prevented maggot wounds if started early enough to save the nerve endings.

I should have tried strychnine, cicuta and ignatia to help him through the vomiting. But they've made me uncomfortable in the past so I didn't try, my bad. And Lachesis which he drew a bit in the early morning hours. Maybe it also acts as euthanasia at such a late stage, but it gave him a bit of relief.

Poor darling. All he wanted in the end for the last 6 hours was for me to sit and give him Reiki. He'd whine for me, but by then I could only sit a half hour at a time - my back hurt too much with his head on my lap or legs stretched out beside him after hours of Reiki all day. I had to go lie down, sleep or find some backrest.

Overall I did better than with the trauma cases before. He died with less pain. My strength held out till the end. So he died at my side. I couldn't save him which I regret but I didn't cling to him emotionally forcing him to stay alive. I'm maturing.:)

Wish I had the energy, fellow healers and resources to start a Reiki and Homeopathy trauma centre to try and save more such lives.

R.I.P., Rocky.

Exactly How Rocky Died

Cuprum Ace
Insensibility and weakness; stiffness of the limbs and weakness; stiffness of the body; paralysis of the limbs. Lying on the side, with anguish, intestinal evacuations, greenish and frothy; the animal is stretched out, almost without respiration, with inclination to vomit (speedily followed by death).

[ I wonder if it would have helped Rocky. I'd accepted that this was the way to go for dogs. I am astonished at how emotional I've been at each death that I've been paralysed from trying to relieve this agony. Next time, I promise.]


 Bowring boi: Accident - Sarsaparilla, Carbo veg 1m

Bowring boi was the picture of suffering two days ago but eating well and Sarsaparilla seems to be doing him a world of good.
I picked him up howling on the dispensary road, totally paralyzed in the hind legs and with his tongue lolling out of his mouth on the left. Meant to drop him off at the shelter but they were closed on Sunday. Now that he's home he's easier to treat so no motivation to send him. He's improving moreover, so I feel I can return him to his own area if the progress is steady. More later.
18/3- ah, it was too good to last he's been deteriorating since last night.
He died around 10:30 am. The Carbo veg 1m eased his suffering overnight, but since it's a euthanasia remedy, I probably knew he was not going to recover subconsciously. R.I.P., Bowring boi.
I think I made a mistake letting him eat well when he began walking around. The food was to rich for his digestion, and I did not recognise the source of his discomfort. Either way, he died fulfilling at least his desires, as they say on my language ... aase thirskondu hodha. I don't think I could have saved him, realistically, with his digestion and kidneys shutting down. But hope rests eternal and all that.


Roo: dying of distemper

This is Roo in April 2013.She died of CD (or a bone/gastro-intestinal/nerve miasm) by Nov. These were the remedies I tried:

  • Bacillinum was one remedy she responded to very well. There must be a similarity between tb and distemper.
  • Bacillinum and Pyrogen restored an almost normal shit smell to Roo after over a week of smelling green. It seemed to restore her appetite. She began drinking water and milk on her own.
  • Rhododendron cm supported by Cina 1m seemed to bring down the reaction to weather.
  • Ignatia cm is a remedy she's drawing a great deal of along with rhododendron. esp around the neck and heart chakra.
  • She's responding to my mother's gunpowder combo (gunpowder cm, silica 6x, drawing 200) and to crotalus. No longer to lachnanthes. She visibly deteriorates after 2 weeks.
  • Roo drew Borax 50m after Myristica 1m when she developed maggothole-like openings with pus from her joints (showing blood and bone infection/rot).
  • Roo seemed to get some relief from ipecac cm, 50m and 30, maybe from the jerking of eyes
  • Of the remedies, Cup ace, Argent nit and Sulphur, Tellurium gave the most relief initially; and Ipecac, Rhododendron, Tarantula, Secale gave me the most hope.
  • Tarantula, Ars Alb in the end to help euthanize.