Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Borax began it all

I really am revisiting the previous years in all these remedies!
Borax began it all in June or July of 2010. I had a dog that couldn't get rid of fleas, and I read on earthclinic's website a write-up by Ted of Bankok about the glorious of using borax. Fired up, I bought borax and, yes, the fleas feel off, but my dogs were highly uncomfortable with it in their skin. So I began to put it in the laundry instead of wiping then down with it. But I remember him mentioning to use it 'homeopathically' (meaning in very small amounts, not the 'like cures like'), but I was intrigued enough to pull up the homeopathy books of 5 years before and read up on borax.
I thought it covered every problem my dogs had (I usually think this for every remedy I read, unfortunately) and started giving them Borax 6x with their food daily for 2 weeks.
That's when Sonu got the tiny nub in her jaw that grew into a cricket ball-sized sclerosed tumor in her jaw and orbit. nothing I gave after healed it. It made me very bitterly angry, mostly with myself.
Today a kitten had swollen eyelids that drew neither Belladonna nor Baryta. Borax again was the only remedy that would fit. Fingers crossed.