Sunday, April 14, 2013

An experiment with Gelsemium cm

According to the distemper article I've previously posted, 90 per cent of dogs survive mild forms of distemper. That got me thinking. Maybe all the dogs with a problem are post-distemper cases in Bangalore.
So here is am idea I'm working on - can the same remedies we use for acute attacks be used in their chronic equivalents or even in higher potencies to counter the effects left behind?
I've had such good results using Chamomilla 200 and cm (especially Goonda's behavior to the others) that when I ran across Gelsemium suggested for the Stranded Kitty, I saw the possibilities for all the other animals.
Stranded had a sideways movement of its eyes, so out of control and filled with mucus that she could barely see. One dose of Gelsemium 50m followed by cm, and she found enough balance to jump off the balcony she'd been stuck in for weeks.
I've seen post-distemper kittens and cats get stuck or stranded on trees, balconies and roofs. It's a confusion, their visual and motor skills affected: as if their balance and coordination and confidence gradually vanish. Now I think Gelsemium might be the answer to these feline distemper issues, especially in very high potencies.
Perhaps canine paralysis, hemiplegic and spinal, and the very nervous kind like Putti's, can be brought under control, hopefully cured, with it.