Saturday, March 2, 2013

Distemper survivors

I'm beginning to look at all dogs and cats, all animals actually ... even rats and crows, as distemper survivors.
The area attacked by the virus ends up weakened.
And year after year, at the same time as distemper rages across the city, usually Spring and Autumn, those weakened areas suffer attacks that make it worse until the animal eventually dies from the hardening off the tissue and organs. Much like internal scar tissue, a reaction to the disease by the body, it is protective but soon gets too much.
With homeopathy, we probably have to work backwards - clear up the scar tissue during the rest of the year and get the body organs and tissues functioning again, then work on the root cause to strengthen against the Nuevo disease season. Probably what Hahnerman meant with his miasm theory and the hierarchy of how it should be used.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Distemper - An insight into street dog suffering

Reading that distemper article a couple of times made me realise that almost all the problems my street dogs suffer from could be attributed to distemper and reactions of their life-force to that dreadful disease.
As fanciful as it sounds, just think about it: chorea in Kenchu is post- distemper, the early cataract in Peppy and blindness of Laxmi is post-distemper, the mucus membranes malfunctioning in the appearance of blackened skin is post-distemper, the bone itching (dogs chewing off their legs, paralysis) all related to surviving the disease and joint problems (gout, pus in joints), the neuritis and abdominal wormy conditions, the inability to control their body temperature, ear and respiratory problems ... .all related to surviving the disease with the life-force twisted but intact.
I think when I gave them Psorinum the year before last, I brought out the disease which was contained and set it to new activity. Having no clue how to follow up with remedies that could straighten up the life energy, I ended up losing so many dogs. I could kill myself with guilt for my ignorance, but it won't help anybody
Up to Psorinum 30, their bodies were coping.Psorinum 200 was the level where the rising disease defeated the dogs immunity before recovery.
I can only hope to do everything better this time around. Here's a tentative list:
1. Thuja seems to be key to the hardened glands and paralysis,
2. hepar sulph to the pus formation, joint oozing and respiratory problems esp nose,
3. lachesis for the mucus membranes and chorea,
4. Ruta for the bone itching and lame joints,
5. carbon sulph for the obesity and temperature regulating problems,
6. Carbo veg for the digestive problems left behind.
7. Chamomilla for the nerves.
8. Calc carb, Lycopodium and Carsinosin for the abdominal weakness.
What I realise now it's that I have to study distemper more deeply to be able to heal the average dog problems on the street.
Like Hahnerman's miasm theory for humans, we need a Distemper miasm and its fallout for dogs.
That miasm would be the active causal agent, the existing situation is the life force reaction to it.
Fortunately many homeopaths have worked on this problem before me and gave suggested remedies.