Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hepar Sulph 10m, Medorrhinum for Paralysis in dogs

The overwhelming majority of the paralysed I have treated have been female. Right now 3 cases, all femme. (Strange but true, just as a majority of 'distemper'/chorea cases are male. Both must have some hormonal component lacking, which is specific to gender.)
The main remedies I've used are Medorrhinum cm and Thuja 30, 10m and 50m (for different dogs according to what they draw).
Repeated at least once a week, Medorrhinum shows marked improvement every 7 days (I got this interval from Hemanth's dog who improved dramatically with Hepar Sulph 10m ... She looked terrible for a week and then eating better and walking better). Thuja can be repeated more often ... I'm currently treating Sweetie with Thuja 30 twice a day; Putti with Thuja 10m once in 2 days.
The other remedies being drawn are Calc Phos 200, Hippoz 1m, Nat phos 1m and Hekla 1m.