Friday, December 13, 2013

Rhododendron and Ranunculus Bulb

Aconite and Rhododendron especially seem to span the two moon cycles. The storm that's building has them itching again and rhododendron helped the dogs, Aconite helped the 4 rats with the resp distress (too many, but at least none of the nasal bone- and tail- decay this year) and Echinacea helped Grey, the cat. Ranunculus Bulb seems to help at a different moon period from the Rhododendron.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ringworm and other worms in dogs

I've been reading up on ringworm which is a fungus. Along with thread worms, roundworms and hook worms.

Ringworm is common in distemper dogs, which is why I took an interest in it. All the hair falling of my dogs could be a result of them having extensive ringworm infestation our one of the effects. Bacillinum send to be the preferred remedy.

Hookworms seen to specialize in dogs and cats. Chenapodium is the specific homeopathy remedy for that. Anemia sand a kind of herpes seen to be the two problems they cause.

Such a scary thing, these worms. They spread easily, live hardily and long and live to procreate in the millions of eggs they produce everyday. A couple of drops of Chelone Q around full and new moon in their food seems to be helping them without much violence.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Borland's Pneumonias

Pneumonia is what we should dread more than the distemper, in what I read on the net. None if the Veterinary/Homeopathy sites treat this subject as well as Douglas Borland.

Homeopaths are organizational geniuses. Douglas Borland is one of them who had simplified the treatment of pneumonia for me (just picked up his book yesterday). I've lost my anxiety a bit in theory ... I might treat the next distemper case with more confidence thanks to his simplification.

He's divides the disease stages into 3 with the appropriate remedies in 1m or 10m, 4 hourly dose for 24 hours:

Initial stage: Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Ipecac.

Simple (frank) Pneumonia: Bryonia, Phosphorus, Veratrum Viride or Chelidonium.

Complicated Pneumonia: Baptista, Mercury, Rhus tox, Pyrogen, Hepar, Lachesis.

Creeping type or definite Broncho-pneumonia: Pulsatilla, Natrum Sulph, Senega, Lobelia.

Late Pneumonia: Ant tart, Carbo veg, Kali carb, Arsenic, Lycopodium, Sulphur.

Of these I'd like to put down what Roo responded to and didn't, just to remember:

She drew strongly for: Belladonna, Ipecac, Bryonia, Mercury, Pyrogen
Aconite, , Ferrum Phos, Natrum Sulph, Carbo veg, Arsenic, Sulphur

She didn't draw: Veratrum Viride or Baptista, , Rhus tox, , Hepar, Lachesis, , Kali carb

I didn't try: Phosphorus, Senega, Lobelia, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Ant tart

.Now with clearer guidelines on remedy, use, potency and stage, I hope to have the next dog survive. And you too. Wishing you luck!:)

Ipecac: Interpreting homeopathy for animal use

One of my regular problems with homeopathy before Reiki used to be trying to figure out sensations like 'burning' and esp stuff like 'nausea'.

Nausea would be a given if there's vomiting, but most dogs will not vomit - they'll just turn away from the food.
Or they'll eat a little and wag their tails and nudge the food away with their nose until the nausea subsides ... and eat it all after.

Let's take that as a sign for Ipecac here on, along with persistent periodic itching especially around the rib cage and higher, the armpit. They stop for a few minutes and start again. Sometimes with frustrated yelps and head tossing, whining, groaning and changing places.
Observations: Ipecac and others:
Trying out Borland's remedies in The Pneumonias

I've been trying out the set he recommended and come to some new understanding.

Ipecac high has been the greatest find for my street dogs, thanks to Borland.

I stopped Ergotin/Secale the minute I found Peppy reacted positively to Ipecac because I have a pregnant cat and didn't want to complicate her first birthing experience - ergot is an abortion method in Europe. I hope it will aid her instead in the dynamic form, but why take chances.

Better to tackle it later and concentrate on the pneumo-gastric now for all in their food.

The dogs aren't reacting to all the remedies he's recommended.
First stage remedies: Only Ipecac (all potencies) and Aconite 10m, 1m.
Second stage: Veratrum v 1m, Baptista a bit.
This stage: Merc 50m.

So I'll set this lot aside for true distemper-pneumonia cases. I know Roo drew both Ipecac and Belladonna so they must be important to the pneumonias.

Ipecac though had been a wonder drug this new moon. All the dogs look stronger than in any previous winter!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Distemper urine and stools

The problem in healing distemper is the alternation of states.

On the 15th, the vet, Dr. Akshay, told me that Roo had had diarrhea for 2 days. The next day I saw she had a big black hard stool. The day after when I picked her up she was having a pappy stool for a day and then a hard stool the next and watery diarrhea for 2 days since.

This may be one of the reasons Tellurium is helping - it had this kind of alternating stools.

The other reason may be because it heals an excess of high colored urine. This probably leads to the dehydration of brain and body tissues - all the necessary salts leak out. Probably why they have malnutrition and chorea being unable to retain what their body needs.

I've read about the other reasons which i'll put down if I find them healing. She hasn't peed this morning but there's no telling when shell have another attack.

The Best Dewormer: Argent Nit 10m -cm

I've been trying out many deworm remedies. All of them are partially successful no doubt but none with the depth of argent nit.

Some are better than others - Filix mas, Stannum and Sabadilla are better than the others, but only helps in 3x, 30 and 1m respectively.
From various sources: Nat Phos, Cina, Santonine, Caladium, Teucrium, Spigelia, Ignatia, Indigo, Sabadilla, Sabina, Stannum, Calcarea, Cup oxy. nigr., Nux Vom, Chenopodium, Allium Sativa, Hydrastis,

Additionally rom Shaeffer's veterinary work
Felix Mas, Granatum, Kamala, Abrotinum,  Artemisia Mar. (Cina), Merc Corr, Coccidia nosode, Giardia nosode, Cryptosporidium nosode

From S. Swayanandan's book additionally, all in 3x or 6x:
Aconite, Agemone mex., Ars Alb., Baryta Mur, Belladonna, Bismuth, Calc carb, China Off., Ipecac, Lyco, Merc corr, merc viv, Sepia, Terebinth, Verat Alb.

**Strikethrough for those I don't have, bold those that really drew energy.

I'm surprised none of them mention Carcinosin! That is my wonder dewormer and probably the best kept secret, like Hekla Lava, in homeopathy.:)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moon and the Periodic Table

The change from full moon to new moon in the body seems to be a change across the periodic table in terms of elements.

At the quarter moon the need for the p block acidic balance seems to be greatest. On full moon day we start back through the d block of ampheteric metal oxides.

I'm guessing that at the last quarter moon we'd be using the basic oxides and for new moon we'd be back among the amphoteric.

This seems to be how the elements are used. The more acidic the body at full moon, the more prone it is to occilate violently, creating sickness. The healthy probably use the amphoeteric d block and less extreme acidic and basic oxides.

Distemper: a reaction to the weather?

Distemper isn't contagious at all, its a reaction to the weather. Electrical, barometric pressure, stress and immature immunity.
That's why it affects all the weak ones together. It mostly affects those who are underdeveloped because they aren't developing. A kind of weeding out by nature.
It's inherited syphilis, or one of the older sporic diseases, but the impression of an 'outbreak' is an illusion. I have often turned back from the edge of this very idea because it is so radical, frees humans if blame esp shelters, and for me the worst, makes death inevitable (but I know now how to help them develop so death is not an issue anymore).
The thing is to forget all that modern medicine has grilled into you - forget viruses, worms, maggots, bacteria. All of them are not the cause but the result of disease. them won't alter the fate our suffering of the poor animal.

[Rhododendron? Aconite, Ranunculus Bulb, Dulcamara, Cicuta ... the weather remedies like these might help. Sabadilla 200 increased the yanking but reduced the frequency in Roo.]

[Cicuta might have helped or Rhododendron]

Roo: head spasms

Distemper is a complex disease. Just when I thought the Argent nit might have healed her for good, another increasingly violent attack of the muscles jerking all over the head began along with 5 -6 very watery stools and great weakness. Her eyes were sinking into the head again. She started refusing water and food (probably can't control her tongue or jaws - this was how Raja died ... and so many others. So so common and so bloody hard to figure out and save them.)
I tried about 20 salts before Cup ace came to she's slightly better.
6 hours later - well, now she's drawing Sulphur. The jerking in the head resumed and now I'm giving Reiki with both Sulph and cup ace in hand. :/
I'm trying to find a pattern if any to the remedies she draws.
Poor thing is so thin and weak I'm ready to let her go if she needs to die.
This morning I thought I'd see if it would work down the sulphur group to heal as well as the copper group did. And yes! She responded strongly to Tellurium 6 then 12 and less so to Selenium.
What does all this mean? She's weaker than ever peeing and having diarrhoea every few hours (and not small quantities ... far more than the liquids she takes! How will she live?? I'm so scared and worried for her - dogs draw Reiki upto a few hours after they die. Is she just preparing to die. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mag Carb: for Distemper (Allen)

mag carb by Kent ... Thank the universe for this piece!
I would not speak of it but for the fact that it relates to a class of but for the fact that it relates to a class of cases so very important that you will not be able to get along without it. It is related to the older and deeper psoric sickness. [distemper is probably a very old evolutionary disease… unlike humans, dogs haven't developed new fangled ailments yet.]
It is deep acting and long acting and permeates the economy as thoroughly as Sulphur.
Amelioration from motion; desire for open air, yet very sensitive to cold air; wants to be for open air, yet very sensitive to cold air; wants to be covered during all stages of fever;symptoms recurring every twenty-one days. [like clockwork, distemper puppies will die in 21 days no matter what improvement put care they receive. Maybe this remedy will help them over that hump. Give it at the start and them before the 21st day.]
Like other Magnesias it has most violent neuralgic pains along the course of nerves, pains so violent that he cannot keep still, and he moves about violent that he cannot keep still, and he moves about and is relieved by motion. As soon as he stops moving the pain becomes very severe, shooting, tearing.
There is a kind of marasmus that you will puzzle over if you do not know this remedy. If we study the remedy in general, we will see that it produces a state of the body like that prior to tuberculosis.
He does not undergo, repair, he loses flesh, and the muscles become flabby as if some serious disease were coming. In children of tuberculous parents there is that tendency to go into marasmus. The child's muscles are flabby, the child will not thrive in spite of feeding and medicines.
Finally, it emaciates and the back of the head begins to sink in, as if from atrophy of the cerebellum. The to sink in, as if from atrophy of the cerebellum. The appetite increases for milk and meat and animal broths, and yet they are not digested, and when the milk is taken it continually passes the bowel in the form of white potter's clay, or like putty.
I have observed, especially among illegitimate infants,  they have a tendency to sinking in the back of the head. The occipital bone will sink in, and the parietal bones jut out over it, and there will be a depression. That is not an uncommon thing in children that go into marasmus.
I once had in charge an orphanage, where we had sixty to one hundred babies on hand all tho time. The puzzle of my life was to find remedies for the cases that were going into marasmus. A large number cases that were going into marasmus.
The whole year elapsed, and we were losing babies every week from this gradual decline,  until I saw the image of these babies in Magnesia carb, and after that many of them were cured. __
[if this isn't the very picture of distemper, I don't know what is!]
Probably why Mag carb is drawn by Roo…

Mag carb, nat sulph for Canine Distemper

Roo, is holding steady. I brought her on the 15th when all the disease was hidden except ravenous hunger and a desire to bite bedclothes (should have given verat a or v); the next day when the remedies first revealed a sniffle (gunpowder 30) then worms (Sabadilla 30) and then chorea which was her worst day.

But from the first day she's been drawing Physostigma 6, cm, Mag Carb 30 2 or 3 times a day (and an occasional Phytolacca 6) puzzling me.

The Physostigma works to return voluntary control of her muscles by will and her heart. The Phytolacca ... Worms?

I think Mag carb has worked deepest to pull the disease out from its base in the brain. I'll post the fantastic write up by Allen about it in the next post.

This morning she started drinking water and a bit of soy lactogen on her own after Nat sulph 30. So her brain and body have begun to function again. She had lost all recognition and volition from the 13th at the shelter. But now she seems to recognise me.

She still smells 'green', which is a sign of virulent disease to me. I wonder how her gut flora will return. She isn't eating anything. But holding together is good enough for me. She's drawing Serotonin 30, senega 1m, ars alb 30, Med 1m, Causticum 10m, filix 3, nitric acid 30 and esp nux vom 30 all of which might have helped her in the single doses or in Reiki hands on that I've given.

I'll only repeat them if she draws them again. I did buy melatonin and put it in her water this morning since it is available otc. I hope it helps in the brain healing and stops the sinking (see Allen's write up in the next post).

Friday, November 15, 2013

Throat chakra remedies

Mag Mur 10m - throat, shoulderblades (200), ankles, hands and calves.

Mag mur works primarily on the throat chakra. I guess it's a thyroid or tonsil or parotid remedy first.
Then for Icy the 200 kicked in and it slid down to the shoulder-blades. Then the dog moved away which he usually does when he's had enough. I wonder how many chakras down the back its work will stop. Probably the solar plexus but when I gave Kenchu Reiki with it at the solar plexus I had twinges of drawing pain in my left ankle then the right calf. When I hold it over the heart chakra for Pummi, I have the same twinges on the back of my hands, both hands alternate, like I've overstrained them.

Laxmi seemed to improve with Nat Sulph. My mother says its an excellent remedy for the brain.

Natrums work with the Throat chakra and the Thyroid since that's where the body's water balance begins. Kenchu's drew both Nat Phos 12 and Nat Mur 12.

Interchangeable remedy combinations?

Mag mur instead of Mag carb + Mur acid?

Reiki and homeopathy appear to be quite indiscriminate in choosing vibrational elements. If the body needs magnesium and chlorine, it absorbs it in virtually any form and will even take a remedy with periodically similar properties.

That's why there's such a similar feel to baryta carb, calc carb and mag carb. They even read like each other.

If I haven't picked the right remedy, mag mur, but mag carb, the next remedy will be a chlorine one: Muriatic acid or some other.

I've noticed this tendency before.

While is frustrating to know how much I miss the mark in picking remedies, this could work to our advantage... if it's true.

1. We could pick remedies down a periodic block if we need more base or more acid with the same characteristics.

2. We could go across the periodic table quickly, find the general area from which to select a remedy before pinpointing both potency and type: element, acid, base or salt.

That is the hope.:)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Full moon acidity treatment

Starting the day after new moon to First Quarter, we should give the weak acids with ph between 7 to 3.8.

Here's the list:
closer to new moon
6.4 - (sodium) Natrum acetate
6.1 - nat sulphate
5.1 - hydrocyanic acid
4.6 - ammonium chloride
4.4 - nat phos
4.1 - boric acid
closer to first quarter

From first quarter to full moon, strong acids with between 3 and 0:

closer to first quarter
2.9 - acetic acid
2.1 - flouric acid
1.5 - phosphoric acid
1.5 - sulphurosum acid
1.2 - sulphuric acid
1.1 - hydrochloric acid
closer to full moon

How Sulphuric acid works - and Scurvy?

Sulphuric acid has a lot of elements that seem to cover the suffering of dogs with the Darkening disease:

* The hurried feeling - they move quickly as if there isn't time to do everything. They change places restlessly esp at high tide and halfway between tides. Even when they itch it isn't done patiently but as if they need to catch and kill it quickly.

* The internal trembling and chilliness - esp early morning hours 3 - 8 am. In fact when I see a trembling dog I know it had a deep bone and immunity disease - the weakness is generalized over the entire vital force.

* The weakness/debility or lack of vigor - Kenchu is typical. He will sometimes pee without raising a leg our barely. Today for the first time I saw him raise his leg the full extent - his hips coming into action.

* The hair falls off - even sulphur hasn't helped them among a hundred remedies to overcome this baring down to an itching peeling pale grey skin. It was pale grey and anemic to begin with, then the malnourished hair just drops off.

* Skin is black and blue - there are so many dogs on the street with that black rough oily skin that this must be am ideal remedy. Enough sulphur in it but still acid enough to heal from the bone and digestion up to the skin.

* Maybe they have scurvy - I've often wondered how street dogs and my dogs can avoid it.

They have a pure meat and rice diet but no greens since the native grass on the roadside and in the parks have been replaced by inedible ornamentals.

I've wondered if they gobble the grass for the chlorophyll or for the phosphorus, nitrogen or the vitamin c. They love Lantana too - fortunately all grow wild in India.

They hate vitamin c (ascorbic acid) tabs in food but maybe i should just begin to add it once a week? I'll make a reminder of it.
Or I could find or steal bulk grass runners from the golf course.

But how much better that I have found homeopathic doses for scurvy! I've often thought that perhaps that's the great benefit of giving tinctures of plants in gross doses - chlorophyll and anti scurvy in tandem.:)

So much worse for dogs or cats confined to home food (mine are on pure chicken waste and rice, with oil or milk added occasionally). The cats roam free and hopefully find grass, but I know my dogs' grass sources have dried up with urban clearings.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best remedies for animals so far:

This is what I'd use those for in this Darkening miasm. This is really tentative. I intend to have a template so I can begin to sharpen it.
Asterias - The bone-immunity connection. A little kitten dying showed clearly a lightning bolt of energy being strongly  drawn through the upper energy meridians (the bones from the neck, the shoulders, sternum to the front paws). Immunity rests in the thymus gland behind the sternum (breast bone). Upper respiratory disorders and mucus, coryza, gluey eyes and smelly ears would be the kind of thing it cures. Lately though my dogs are drawing it through lower chakras too.
Phytolacca - blackened and sore. I must be heading for breast cancer because this one remedy brought out a tiny, terribly painful ulcer on my breast and the soreness, the radiating, dull pain relieved by this remedy in cm potency is to be felt to be believed.
Physostigma - would prevent death by spasm. Gels will cover the spasms of the glottis etc in kernel cough and sneezing but Physostigma would help those muscles that are involuntary. Also helps rheumatism of the skin and scalp and exposure-induced acceleration of disease.
Mag carb - is for all the hardening especially of the liver, spleen and pancreas. Haven't found a better remedy for the period upto full moon.
Bacillinum, Carcinosin. Syphillinum are wonderful bringing up a very controlled, correct reaction in dogs and cats among the miasmic nosodes (Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum are more iffy and a risk). All of them though work at different times of the year and not so much the rest of the time. Bacillinum around September/Oct, Carcinosin around Feb, Syphilinum in May/June and more generally.
Gelsemium, Arnica, Borax, Apis, Causticum, Hepar sulph, Lachesis, Sepia, baryta work deeply; in the worm remedies Felix mas 3x is best followed by Graphites, Sabadilla, Stannum, etc as part of the list that has worked towards cure in my animals so far.
Perhaps if Psorinum, sulphur, calc carb, ars alb and lyco worked right I'd be glad to put them in the list but they're currently beyond me and my Reiki. More likely they aren't needed until the deeper issues are resolved.
I'm generalising here but all the animal and metallic remedies seem to work better in the waxing moon or towards the full moon amd the plants and salts towards the new moon or the waning cycle.
So remedies like Apis, Asteris, Sepia, Lachesis and the nosodes could work better in the waxing cycle; metals like Zinc, Copper, even elements like Sulphur do well between the new and full moon perhaps because it is an absorptive, building up cycle.
Phytolacca, Sarsaparilla, etc and salts like nat mur, Kali phos could do better on the waning cycle because it is eliminative and a breaking down cycle.
Though this is true, if the body needs a remedy a great deal, I think it's safer to start at the very opposite end and work our way to the correct cycle. So start it won't do much good and lead up to the right part of the cycle.
2/10 - Just wanted to record a thought that maybe roots and marshy plants work better towards new moon in the cycle; hardy, drought oriented plants towards the full moon.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Promise of Mag Carb

Mag carb,if it lives up to its proving, should solve the mysterious state before death in dogs where the back of the head and the sides above the eyes sink,as if the brain is shrinking.
According to Kent it is a symptom of one-sided cases of unexpressed tuberculosis and he calls it marasmus and a degeneration of the cerebellum.
I have seen it in dogs dying suddenly and in those that linger on for years appearing listless, grey and lean. They sleep away years before the fatal crisis if they're in undemanding environments. Some of the old dogs in Bangalore which live in peaceful cow sheds or temples, loved by gentle poor people live very long lives in this state.
If this remedy lives up to its promise, my darling Pummi can be saved. Her brain is already sinking and she sleeps all the time. Kenchu has the sunken look too. Maybe even Laxmi could have been saved. Fingers crossed for my surviving dogs. Let this work!
I've been meaning to write a tribute of thanks for Eli Jones' work on the cure of cancer for mentioning both Phytolacca and Mag sulph (Epsom salts). If only I had identified the lumps under the skin and the tubercles by the same words these homeopathic writers use!
(a 'lump' can be a 'swelling'in your mind and a tubercle could be 'hard pimples' 'growths' or 'dry warts' in your search and you'll never find what you need but a thousand others!) I wish someone would rationalize homeopathy so we can all use the same term for the same mental picture... it's too much like saying blue and thinking green or reading tree in devising a language for disease in the mind. Fortunately though between the writers they are consistent - astonishingly so.
Maybe that's what medical training does vs amateurs like myself. Still, I cure more dogs than any homeopath or vet that I know, so that's something to be said for a fresh and naive look at the world.
I'd read it numerous times when Sonu was dying but because he mentions physical gross doses, and she hated being touched or given medicine or Reiki, I didn't get to do much with the knowledge.
Now the idea of mag carb for her tumour makes me see how close he was to the solution I needed.
The guides to kept pointing it out - but taking me to the water when I won't drink it has always been the problem with guidance and me. I don't see what they're showing me until months or years too late.
A reason that magnesium salts work so well may be because street dogs live under so much nerve stress from traffic, human abuse and exposure.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dying dog remedies: Euthanasia

I believe in ahimsa and the right to live until your last breath. It became harder to watch the vets fumble over the killing, often causing pain and getting defensive over their lack of skill. Their methods and the chemicals they use aren't gentle enough for me, their explanations on causing final distress sound hollow.

Now do the euthanasia with homeopathy.
Ars Alb (abdominal forms) and Carbo veg (respiratory forms) - in a 'live or die' moment. Carbo veg 30 esp has led to very peaceful deaths when they were otherwise struggling to breathe.
I've recently begun to use Tarantula 30 (pain, struggle to die) given even 24 hours before which seems to make the end quiet and without a desperate struggle and pain in strong dogs.

 Healing for Dying with Reiki when they draw too many remedies:
Animals draws too many remedies when they won't heal, or are ready to die.
Give them everything they draw, as often as they draw it. As high as they draw it. Until they indicate they've taken enough - usually about a half hour before they die.

Some remedies will make them cry out and tense up - discard those even if they draw the energy - is too late to correct the life, so avoid the distress. Other remedies that will relax them and put then to sleep- use those more often.
Keep trying because it's aligning their energy to cross over. It's the greatest kindness you can do them.
Give them water, even if they only puke it out. My one regret is denying dogs free access to water in the end.

Dying dog remedy: Decline After Accidents

Rocky's injuries: Dislocated hip, broken femur, fractured spine.

The main remedies drawn by Rocky are: Arnica cm, Phytolacca cm, May carb cm, calc phos 12, calc flor 3 and a host of very mild energy drawing remedies - terebinth, hypericum, filix mas, causticum, boric acid, low potencies.
Dumi was hit by a vehicle on the main road some time in the night on the 7th. I saw her in the dirt at 9 the next morning - she'd dragged herself to where she'd be on my route out.
Her hind legs weren't working and her body had multiple abrasions. I put her in an auto and brought her home. I could clean her surface wounds as well as any  with Calendula and her paralysis would be beyond any vet.
I gave her two days of everything from Symphytum, Arnica, Ruta, Hypericum and Bellis per. but though they gave relief, that's not what she's dying from.
By day 2 she began vomiting everything including water and I knew the shock and injuries had affected her liver and kidneys. She'd bark a piercing yap yap yap night and day.
Causticum cm was best (probably for the shock) which stopped the yelps and helped her sleep. Actea s. and r. she drew well in her root chakra but it started a scary involuntary sideways spasm of her hips which ended in retching.
Then it struck me - what had dogs dying after accidents was not just the injuries, which are usually better after two days. It's the shock that shuts down organs and unfortunately miasms - preexisting weaknesses - that get set free which kill them.
Actea brought out the underlying gout, which so closely resembled the death throes in slow motion, the reverse peristalsis.
I tried a number of remedies - cactus, the snake poisons, gelsemium, all for circular muscles, like the diaphragm, intestinal and sphincters -but none helped.
Then found Berberis, Sulphur and Graphites drew the most. Graphites 50m from the potencies I had, Sulphur 200 and cm and Berberis 1m were the remedies she drew. I'm going to stick to those and Causticum for a while.
More if she survives.
She dropped just one piece of shit and it as full of thready worms. She drew Kresotum for worminess. ate some egg. Drinking water.
She vomited out egg after drinking a whole load of water. Then I gave her Ant crud 30 because I remembered that her first vomit was of some cream-rich dustbin plunder and even now she smells of it (like it lies undigested).
In cases like this, where they draw Reiki in many, many remedies I often tell others to give up and stick to two of three. But my heart is involved here so I just plod on. ignoring my own advice. :(
She's giving up though ... I can tell. Hang on, baby.
10th - She died this morning. I had just fallen asleep after being with her until 5:30 am when something woke me up and knew she died. She twitched and let our a gasp when I got there, but she had already gone free. Run like the wind somewhere, Dumi, chase all the cars you like. R.I.P.

Rocky's case - Parasitic decline after an accident
I was called on the 17th Oct by Vasanthnagar to an accident case. Rocky had been hit the night before by a car, was paralysed and couldn't walk.
On checking the dog I couldn't find any injuries except a surface skid mark and a forenail scraped off. It reminded me of so many paralyzed dogs including Putti at the shelter ..
was the accident really the cause of the paralysis?
For the last four days I've been going 3 times a day to check out remedies and all it draws are worm remedies: Arnica, tereb, calc phos, calc sulph, thuja, Ledum, gels, mag carb, mag phos, Phytolacca. The arnica, calc phos and ledum might point to some injury but it doesn't draw
My hypothesis that the lack if recovery is from the underlying chronic condition rather than the accident itself is probably true here.
The underlyimg weakness is preventing healing and is urgently drawing Reiki rather than the injury itself.

Potassium and Carbons High?

I wanted to note that rocky's body suddenly change from wanting to heal (which was slow and not so good) to wanting to die, with the carbon group (gunpowder) and Kali phos in high potency.

in low potency I couldn't feel that change and was writing my 'dream set' post. The minute bought it in high potencies, his body stopped drawing my dream set. It was such an abrupt change in hindsight.

I wonder if the two groups should be avoided in trauma cases our avoid giving them in high potency or give them early enough to let the body choose the line of least resistance?

I know with the Mags and Phytolacca the healing state might have persisted longer - he was still drawing Arnica with them. Food for thought. And caution, the next time.

He was older and in poor condition.

What I'd do differently

Rocky died this morning at 10:45 approx. He was having severe internal clutching spasms which made him vomit all the water he drank from 11pm last night.

The last two remedies he drew were carbo veg 30 and Phytolacca 3x (started down from 50m, 10m, 1m he would draw less and less within the space of 5 mins).

It was obvious to me yesterday at 2 pm when I gave him Reiki with gunpowder high that he was going to die - his breathing changed to stomach breaths the kind only the carbon group brings up.

I gave him ars alb 1m last night at 11 pm for euthanasia. It controlled the vomiting for a few hours by forcing total relaxation on him for a half hour. He didn't draw it again after and I didn't like forcing such prostration on him.

Carbo veg 30 this morning at 10:30 also as euthanasia, his breathing changed to deeper breaths and he died within 15 mins without drawing it again.

Could I have saved him by doing anything different? I think not. Even on the first day there seemed to be to much internal bleeding (no external wounds). And the way he was shaking and the enlarged liver gave me little hope. But he was free of the shuddering with homeopathy. But he ate just once of twice in the last 21 days. Maybe his insides were totally bruised and torn.

I'll try comfrey (sympytum) internally in tincture for intestinal bruising - it stinks so bad I didn't force him to have it but once. Calendula Q didn't save Dumi so I didn't try it.

Next time I'll stick to the lowest potencies until they draw them higher instead of starting high - maybe, only after they've starved a week and have grown too weak for higher potencies. Probably.

There's Apocynum and Strophanthus for kidneys, nitric acid for 'traumatic fever' that I didn't notice until 5 hrs before he died .. he drew Apocynum a lot.Wish I had given it to him early, also the Kali phos may have prevented maggot wounds if started early enough to save the nerve endings.

I should have tried strychnine, cicuta and ignatia to help him through the vomiting. But they've made me uncomfortable in the past so I didn't try, my bad. And Lachesis which he drew a bit in the early morning hours. Maybe it also acts as euthanasia at such a late stage, but it gave him a bit of relief.

Poor darling. All he wanted in the end for the last 6 hours was for me to sit and give him Reiki. He'd whine for me, but by then I could only sit a half hour at a time - my back hurt too much with his head on my lap or legs stretched out beside him after hours of Reiki all day. I had to go lie down, sleep or find some backrest.

Overall I did better than with the trauma cases before. He died with less pain. My strength held out till the end. So he died at my side. I couldn't save him which I regret but I didn't cling to him emotionally forcing him to stay alive. I'm maturing.:)

Wish I had the energy, fellow healers and resources to start a Reiki and Homeopathy trauma centre to try and save more such lives.

R.I.P., Rocky.

Exactly How Rocky Died

Cuprum Ace
Insensibility and weakness; stiffness of the limbs and weakness; stiffness of the body; paralysis of the limbs. Lying on the side, with anguish, intestinal evacuations, greenish and frothy; the animal is stretched out, almost without respiration, with inclination to vomit (speedily followed by death).

[ I wonder if it would have helped Rocky. I'd accepted that this was the way to go for dogs. I am astonished at how emotional I've been at each death that I've been paralysed from trying to relieve this agony. Next time, I promise.]


 Bowring boi: Accident - Sarsaparilla, Carbo veg 1m

Bowring boi was the picture of suffering two days ago but eating well and Sarsaparilla seems to be doing him a world of good.
I picked him up howling on the dispensary road, totally paralyzed in the hind legs and with his tongue lolling out of his mouth on the left. Meant to drop him off at the shelter but they were closed on Sunday. Now that he's home he's easier to treat so no motivation to send him. He's improving moreover, so I feel I can return him to his own area if the progress is steady. More later.
18/3- ah, it was too good to last he's been deteriorating since last night.
He died around 10:30 am. The Carbo veg 1m eased his suffering overnight, but since it's a euthanasia remedy, I probably knew he was not going to recover subconsciously. R.I.P., Bowring boi.
I think I made a mistake letting him eat well when he began walking around. The food was to rich for his digestion, and I did not recognise the source of his discomfort. Either way, he died fulfilling at least his desires, as they say on my language ... aase thirskondu hodha. I don't think I could have saved him, realistically, with his digestion and kidneys shutting down. But hope rests eternal and all that.


Roo: dying of distemper

This is Roo in April 2013.She died of CD (or a bone/gastro-intestinal/nerve miasm) by Nov. These were the remedies I tried:

  • Bacillinum was one remedy she responded to very well. There must be a similarity between tb and distemper.
  • Bacillinum and Pyrogen restored an almost normal shit smell to Roo after over a week of smelling green. It seemed to restore her appetite. She began drinking water and milk on her own.
  • Rhododendron cm supported by Cina 1m seemed to bring down the reaction to weather.
  • Ignatia cm is a remedy she's drawing a great deal of along with rhododendron. esp around the neck and heart chakra.
  • She's responding to my mother's gunpowder combo (gunpowder cm, silica 6x, drawing 200) and to crotalus. No longer to lachnanthes. She visibly deteriorates after 2 weeks.
  • Roo drew Borax 50m after Myristica 1m when she developed maggothole-like openings with pus from her joints (showing blood and bone infection/rot).
  • Roo seemed to get some relief from ipecac cm, 50m and 30, maybe from the jerking of eyes
  • Of the remedies, Cup ace, Argent nit and Sulphur, Tellurium gave the most relief initially; and Ipecac, Rhododendron, Tarantula, Secale gave me the most hope.
  • Tarantula, Ars Alb in the end to help euthanize.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Causticum 1m: Success! Feline Respiratory Post-Distemper

My first clear success in healing cats came a few days ago. I write now because I'm sure it has taken in all four cases!

The first to heal was Mr. Gray with Borax 10m, Gelsemium cm and Baryta carb 10m. I gave him Reiki for 4 or 5 days with the remedies and he improved rapidly. His body structure changed.
Then his brother,Gray jr., became sick and I despaired of healing him because the same remedies had little effect. Then 2 others, Blacky and Grey-white, developed the respiratory symptoms. Bac 30 got a mild response.

When Blacky fell into a standing tub of water and almost drowned (her lungs were so full of mucus she sank like a stone), I gave her Causticum 1m for shock. That was a lucky find since it quickly healed all three.
Following up with one dose each: Asterias 1m, Medorrhinum 200, Gels 200, Bac 30, Syphillinum 10m, Senega 30 and last Psorinum 1m. These seems to be the chief remedies with Lachesis, Borax and Baryta carb in 10m for healing teenage kittens.
Update: Blacky isn't doing too well, but the other three have recovered fully. Still trying to figure out how to get her to catch up.
Update 2: Blacky is doing better than all the others. Graphites 10m  was probably the only remedy I gave her that I didn't give the others (she had pus from one nostril).

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kali Permanganate for Solar Plexus

Last night Laxmi drew Kali Permanganate in 10m potency on the solar plexus (which was enhanced by holding Psorinum cm simultaneously) intensely for 15 minds. I gave her a mouth dose after.
Clarke says it's a disinfectant and for ulcers and warts. And for throat affectations, though it did nothing in those regions.
She never puts on weight and has bone growths on her foreleg and cataract - so maybe her ulcer is in her liver? Clueless as usual.:)
All I know is that she didn't draw Causticum 1m which I held at the same time.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Seasonal Remedies - Early Monsoon - Rhus, Bryonia, Gelsemium

Rhus tox and Bryonia improved 4 motherless puppies for a short time at the shelter (probably because they were wet and cold) before they died.

This storm season seems to respond to only this remedy and Borax. Could remedies be so seasonal?
The previous year I got good mileage out of a lot of remedies especially syphilis related ones.
Gelsemium works on the neck, somewhere around the cervical region for me.
Borax is doing great for all the dogs with infected ears and pouchy eyes this season.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Borax began it all

I really am revisiting the previous years in all these remedies!
Borax began it all in June or July of 2010. I had a dog that couldn't get rid of fleas, and I read on earthclinic's website a write-up by Ted of Bankok about the glorious of using borax. Fired up, I bought borax and, yes, the fleas feel off, but my dogs were highly uncomfortable with it in their skin. So I began to put it in the laundry instead of wiping then down with it. But I remember him mentioning to use it 'homeopathically' (meaning in very small amounts, not the 'like cures like'), but I was intrigued enough to pull up the homeopathy books of 5 years before and read up on borax.
I thought it covered every problem my dogs had (I usually think this for every remedy I read, unfortunately) and started giving them Borax 6x with their food daily for 2 weeks.
That's when Sonu got the tiny nub in her jaw that grew into a cricket ball-sized sclerosed tumor in her jaw and orbit. nothing I gave after healed it. It made me very bitterly angry, mostly with myself.
Today a kitten had swollen eyelids that drew neither Belladonna nor Baryta. Borax again was the only remedy that would fit. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

An experiment with Gelsemium cm

According to the distemper article I've previously posted, 90 per cent of dogs survive mild forms of distemper. That got me thinking. Maybe all the dogs with a problem are post-distemper cases in Bangalore.
So here is am idea I'm working on - can the same remedies we use for acute attacks be used in their chronic equivalents or even in higher potencies to counter the effects left behind?
I've had such good results using Chamomilla 200 and cm (especially Goonda's behavior to the others) that when I ran across Gelsemium suggested for the Stranded Kitty, I saw the possibilities for all the other animals.
Stranded had a sideways movement of its eyes, so out of control and filled with mucus that she could barely see. One dose of Gelsemium 50m followed by cm, and she found enough balance to jump off the balcony she'd been stuck in for weeks.
I've seen post-distemper kittens and cats get stuck or stranded on trees, balconies and roofs. It's a confusion, their visual and motor skills affected: as if their balance and coordination and confidence gradually vanish. Now I think Gelsemium might be the answer to these feline distemper issues, especially in very high potencies.
Perhaps canine paralysis, hemiplegic and spinal, and the very nervous kind like Putti's, can be brought under control, hopefully cured, with it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Distemper epidemic - 3Peg and Defiant's kittens

Distemper is raging through the city, especially in shelters and among ferals.
Another bunch of casualties are in the making this week, two kittens are dead already.
Three days ago, the mommy cat, Amma Puchi aka Defiant moved her kittens in a hurry from a storage cellar (herself a distemper survivor, I'm thinking with this new knowledge, since she can't mew).
All four kittens were dropped as she carried them down a tree, which makes me think she might have been sick herself, poor thing.
I kept picking up kittens and putting them back in the parapets, until this morning.
We later realised one kitten was already dead in the cellar, which explains the rapid evacuation.
Anyway, she kept dropping one particular kitten to the ground level, so I waited a night to see why and give her time to rescue it. At around 5 am I realized that she had no intention of taking the kitten back because it was dying of distemper, so I took it instead. Its body temperature was already sub-zero. Perhaps I shouldn't have waited that long, but I didn't know what ess the right thing to do.
It drew on a few remedies - iod 3, chamomilla 6, 1m, ferr phos 6, anth 30. But I had little hope it would survive - it was dehydrated and weak, with peritoneal swelling, gums pale, tending to grey.
It would drink fluids well, which worried me even more since its upper respiratory, eyes and nose were rattling with mucus and pus. It wouldn't take much for a little fluid to go down the wrong way.

She died the same night from the respiratory complications. But I started her siblings on Cham 6  and iod 3 immediately. I hope I'm on time. The Chamomilla settled their nerves somewhat, the cries were less frantic.
The mother has been carefully covering up something on the parapet - I dread to think that it might be another kitten. Another of her babies fell off twice. This listing balance is typical of the disease, as they get more and more dehydrated. I somehow doubt that it will survive.

Everything we do for distemper is too little or too much and always too late.

3Peg at the shelter has been sick for my last two visits, but my mind skittered away from the possibility of distemper. Now he appears to have the abdominal form with diarrhea and vomiting. I wasted 2 to 3 weeks which may cost us his life. I feel awful.  (But on the other hand, 3 weeks ago I wouldn't have thought to give him Lycopodium 10m and iodium 6 which gave him some relief last night.)
I've bought Lycopodium 50m and cm along with Iodium 200 and 1m and I'm going to dose all the animals hoping for their survival. I pray I'm doing right by them,  Goddess help them if they're too far gone and I'll be adding to their suffering.
An update: the 3 remaining kittens are still alive but 3peg at the shelter died this morning.
R.I.P., little one.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The remedies I'm afraid to use

There are several remedies I've grown to fear over the years, probably crippling my capacity as a healer. Each of them are emotionally connected to a death or disappearance of a dog in my mind. While I know nothing lives forever, I felt that these remedies hastened the end for those dogs.
  1. Bowring boi's death I attribute to the blanket use of Silicea 1m and Psorinum 10m I'd mixed in the general food that week. I'm not certain that they were factors, so take this with a pinch of salt ... sometimes death is a blessing, compared to living crippled by chronic disease. One oldie on the street had been missing too, this last week (near Corp bank atm).
  2. Silicea transforms scar tissue, reawakening walled-in disease - this is the official explanation in homeopathy books.
  3. Ars alb is another I use only sparingly, since in low potencies it is used for euthanasia. Carbo veg in high potencies is also used to ease the passing when there is a great deal of struggle to die, by the old homeopaths.
  4. Phosphorus is another remedy that's reputed to push the body to wasting. Calc carb in adult dogs, which I haven't used for years since Black Beauty (who had hind leg paralysis) on a single dose of 30 potency broke out in a rash that didn't let up until she wasted away. The rash didn't develop enough to relieve whatever disease resulted in the spinal wasting.
  5. Tuberculinum Bov paralysed Lassie with pain for days before she died suddenly.Or it could have been Dulcamara 200.
  6. Sonu's jaw-orbital tumor began when I have the dogs Borax 3x for 15 days in their food for worms. 3x! Not even a very high potency. Maybe a more experienced homeopath would have immediately seem an opportunity to heal a deep underlying bone cancer - I thought she had a tooth ache.

So these are the remedies I dread, and I'd advice cautious use  if you're an amateur at this too. All elemental remedies have plant equivalents that work better and safer. There are hardened glands we can't see that may burst, cancerous tissues, hidden suppuration ... so much that can go wrong. There aren't veterinary tests enough to know before we begin healing seemingly small problems with deep acting remedies and don't know where to go from there.
Inexplicable, the action of these remedies. My theory is this: We don't eat mud, though it contains all the elements for life - we need plants to process it before we can utilize it in higher, safer forms.

Maybe if I had more regular medical knowledge I wouldn't be so bewildered by the action. Or maybe I'd be more confused.:)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Remedies by moon cycle

If I were to heal only by the moon:
The way to give full moon remedies is to use higher potencies near new moon and lower potencies off the same at full moon.
So, say, calc carb 6x or calc phos 3x at full moon and 30, 200 and higher at New moon.
This way you can prevent or reduce aggravations in the animal you are treating.
As the body resolves the vibration and absorbs it making the necessary changes to the life force, you can give higher potencies.

Lachesis and Hepar sulph come up during the full moon.
Sarsaparilla and other weakness remedies as well.
I'd give Alumina and Silicea during the quarter moons, since they are both for aggravations during the zenith and nadir.
Belladonna and calc carb during the new moon, which would prevent lingering inflammations from settling in the body.
Chelidonium on the Last Quarter.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Maybe the Best Remedy for distemper and post-distemper weakness

More than any other remedy I've ever used, Sanicula seems to be good for distemper weakness. Muriatic acid I would class as a distant second to this amazing find.
First, sanicula is considered the chronic of Chamomilla. It has every wickedness and irritation of Chamomilla. For example, Bowring boi had taken to a repetitive two note bark at the loudest he can manage through a hoarse throat. Nothing short of murder will get him to stop esp after a meal (which he eats with great gusto but probably can't digest easily). He refuses to change sides from his right, but it probably hurts from being constantly under pressure, so I have to force him to turn which has him snapping and screaming. Once in the other side he sleeps well. All the stubborn, obstinate, brainlessness of Chamomilla behaviour is in this remedy. Loves to be touched and cossetted, but it jars him since his nerves are overwrought.
Maybe nervous problems left behind by distemper which were not dealt with during its acute stage (which is almost impossible in a street dog) can be healed later with this remedy.
I'm assuming straight off that it would be best used at full moon, not halfway between like I'm doing now, nor at New moon. The insanity of nerve irritation at full moon - the snarling, fighting, suspicious and angry nervous energy would be calmed. Itching and hot spots, And the other extreme of weaker dogs doing irritating things like whining, self-mutilating (like chewing off legs?), and repetitive behaviour might also be controlled by this remedy.
The main areas - respiratory and digestion, with a bone-deep weakness typical of the  ,mixed miasm, evolved diseases - are covered by this remedy.
The clenched jaw with spasms, colic and near collapse coma-like state. The weakness remaining after diarrhoea.
I've just bought Sanicula 50m and cm and I'm bursting with excitement. Just think, I could have saved 3Peg, Big boi and the white amputee in this last month with this remedy.
There was one dog, my little Vasanthi, whose whose weakness got so extreme, her eyeballs would bounce in the socket like marbles. Distemper puppies will have their eyeballs sunken deep into the socket just before they die - Sanicula might have saved all of them because this is a leading symptom.
Sanicula in 10m helped Bowring boi: he's isn't howling painfully anymore (Sarsaparilla), clenching his jaw so tight that his lip is caught and isn't collapsed between his paws without the strength to lift his own head either.
He still can't pee on his own and can barely push his clayey gray stool out (which was black with a sandy grit at first, then green, then reddish-brown, and now the typical sanicula gray). But I have hope now that the day will soon  come.
Hope for all distemper dogs and cats that they can live fully again.
A note of caution since the dog died. The improvement didn't last. I'll try it again before I get excited.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sarsaparilla for paralysis with renal colic

This has been my best find so far. All the street dogs with black edging their noses and fleas seem to have some renal insufficiency. And when they have spasms and tremors, trembling and paralysis (usually with one leg drawn up) Sarsaparilla can give incredible relief. Both Icy and Bowring boi are drawing it at cm potency. Bowring went in for s healing sleep for the first time since I picked him up with Sars cm and causticum 1pm given in the afternoon. Berberis ought to give the same relief except that I only have it on 3 or 6x potency from before.

Indigo as a preventative and Baptista

I read somewhere that wild indigo was reputed by herbalists to prevent distemper in cats, though unproven as yet. In homeopathy that is Baptista which is used in high fevers and works for a short duration.
Since I wasn't sure about the fever I didn't want to risk giving it as a blanket remedy so I replaced it with its milder cousin, Indigo tinctora 30, which doubles as a worm spasm preventative, since we're at the New moon and worms would be feeding and mating like crazy.
This immediately helped Icy and the new paralytic, Bowring boi. It probably helped the kittens too, from what I could see in one tragic case:
Unfortunately one of the kittens was killed last evening or night. When I saw the dogs playing with a dead body on the road, I checked to see if it was the distemper kitten. It was, but its eyes were clear of mucus and its body healthy. If it's siblings got the same benefit our of indigo, the set might survive.
Iodine after Full moon was probably primary in cutting off the disease. I used it as tincture about halfway to the first quarter moon. Indigo probably helped with some of the remaining abdominal weakness that leads to  or results from worms.
I'm speculating that Baptista would work as the acute febrifuge and indigo as the chronic to post-distemper suffering, though I've never tried either before.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Psorinum for Spring?

Terrified as I am of this remedy, I have decided to give it to all the dogs in food at 10m potency and risk it for 2 reasons:
1. For the last month, esp with the outbreak of distemper, I've been growing convinced that Psorinum would have prevented or successfully altered a number of those cases. An anti-sporic is after all anti microbial - whether viral or bacterial.
2. The virus attacks the rapidly growing cells - the bone marrow, the immune system and the stomach lining and skin ... what if these were stronger and renewed, couldn't the animal's body have resisted the disease better? Psorinum will push it out and limit it to the skin, theoretically.
3. I may be wrong completely, but I think Psorinum could be a good spring remedy, if not the best. Sulphur to is a spring remedy, when the body renews itself after winter. Psorinum is its chronic equivalent, so more so.
4. I read in connection to the Bowring paralyzed dog (which I picked up yesterday) that Psorinum and sulphur are two remedies for lymph glands. It is new moon in 2 days ago I'm hoping I've timed it right for some lymph cleansing.
I hope I only do good to them Fingers crossed that no animal gets harmed by this blanket medication in food. o that their bodies will only grow strong in immunity for the monsoon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dying dog remedies: Rhododendron 200, Chlorum 6, Carcinosin 10M: Vomiting bile during changing weather

 17/4/14 - My Blackie is still vomiting bile, it has turned greenish over the last two days. She's drawing Rhododendron 200. Started drinking glucose in water after Rhod 30 and Chlor 6. Still, after 5 days of starving and puking there's not much energy there to pick her up. Fingers crossed that she won't die.

8/3/'13 - There's a Big Boy at the shelter, an abandoned great dane, the sweetest fellow I've ever met who has been vomiting bile since the weather has changed. He's drawing Nux vom cm. I hope it helps. Every bone in his body sticks out.
He reminds me of the white dane I rescued from Shivajinagar who ran away every day until I couldn't find him. I couldn't help him either, his joints were pus-filled and leaking, but that was before I used homeopathy and Reiki in combination to improve my healing skill. I hope to do better with this boy.
He's a big favorite with Shital Kumar, one of the Sarvodaya team. [He died the same night. R.I.P.]
The rainy weather has such an incredible influence on personality. We now have the retreating monsoon with the usual cyclonic weather of the east coast.

My neighbours were quarreling noisily on the street, the dogs were fighting among themselves, the cats were stuck in high places. I had very uncharitable thoughts myself, viewing all things and people with suspicion.

All the animals are eating abnormally too -- some are eating overmuch, others are not eating at all. I'm feeling my addictions calling - currently potato chips and dosa - and alcoholics are lying on the roadsides and pavements dead drunk.

This is what I think the effect of weather should have been, what it was meant to be:
Our immune system gears up on feeling the barometric pressure drop. The lymphatic fluid moves to be ready to cope with possible invasion of micro-organisms and macro organisms that might threaten life from the weather protect us. And the whole nervous systembecomes acutely sensitive -- i.e., the senses are on a disaster alert. The digestive system adds its might by fasting (lightening the body for a flight response) or feasting (feeding up for a long confinement).

And so it should go in a normal healthy being. Unfortunately, neither us nor our beloved street dogs have a perfect state of health.

For animals its a fast-and-feast monsoon. They go off food, especially meat, a day or two before the rains and gorge like elephants after. Perhaps this is the worm cycle rather than theirs, but it is almost universal in street dogs and house dogs.
Two of my dogs allowed me to give them hands-on with Carcinosin 10M. I gave them about 5 mins on the lowest 2 chakras each before I fell asleep. The cats are better on it too.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New case of distemper - nervous form

At least, I think it's a revival of distemper ... this extremely sweet teen is losing control of her legs. The degeneration had been more severe in the last week, rapidly progressing until she can only move by using both hind legs together in a hopping motion.
One of her front legs has degenerated sometime in the past but the vets at the Sarvodaya shelter have let her keep the shortened leg.
The remedy she had responded to has been Nux vom and I only had it in 10m and 1m. I have her Ignatia 200 before that, since she appeared to draw it a little, but it was nothing like Nux.
I need to get it in higher potencies to give her. Hopefully I can arrest the progress of the disease. I'm terrified I'll end up spring it on like I did with Psorinum once before.:(

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Distemper survivors

I'm beginning to look at all dogs and cats, all animals actually ... even rats and crows, as distemper survivors.
The area attacked by the virus ends up weakened.
And year after year, at the same time as distemper rages across the city, usually Spring and Autumn, those weakened areas suffer attacks that make it worse until the animal eventually dies from the hardening off the tissue and organs. Much like internal scar tissue, a reaction to the disease by the body, it is protective but soon gets too much.
With homeopathy, we probably have to work backwards - clear up the scar tissue during the rest of the year and get the body organs and tissues functioning again, then work on the root cause to strengthen against the Nuevo disease season. Probably what Hahnerman meant with his miasm theory and the hierarchy of how it should be used.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Distemper - An insight into street dog suffering

Reading that distemper article a couple of times made me realise that almost all the problems my street dogs suffer from could be attributed to distemper and reactions of their life-force to that dreadful disease.
As fanciful as it sounds, just think about it: chorea in Kenchu is post- distemper, the early cataract in Peppy and blindness of Laxmi is post-distemper, the mucus membranes malfunctioning in the appearance of blackened skin is post-distemper, the bone itching (dogs chewing off their legs, paralysis) all related to surviving the disease and joint problems (gout, pus in joints), the neuritis and abdominal wormy conditions, the inability to control their body temperature, ear and respiratory problems ... .all related to surviving the disease with the life-force twisted but intact.
I think when I gave them Psorinum the year before last, I brought out the disease which was contained and set it to new activity. Having no clue how to follow up with remedies that could straighten up the life energy, I ended up losing so many dogs. I could kill myself with guilt for my ignorance, but it won't help anybody
Up to Psorinum 30, their bodies were coping.Psorinum 200 was the level where the rising disease defeated the dogs immunity before recovery.
I can only hope to do everything better this time around. Here's a tentative list:
1. Thuja seems to be key to the hardened glands and paralysis,
2. hepar sulph to the pus formation, joint oozing and respiratory problems esp nose,
3. lachesis for the mucus membranes and chorea,
4. Ruta for the bone itching and lame joints,
5. carbon sulph for the obesity and temperature regulating problems,
6. Carbo veg for the digestive problems left behind.
7. Chamomilla for the nerves.
8. Calc carb, Lycopodium and Carsinosin for the abdominal weakness.
What I realise now it's that I have to study distemper more deeply to be able to heal the average dog problems on the street.
Like Hahnerman's miasm theory for humans, we need a Distemper miasm and its fallout for dogs.
That miasm would be the active causal agent, the existing situation is the life force reaction to it.
Fortunately many homeopaths have worked on this problem before me and gave suggested remedies.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More about Distemper

There's so much confusion regarding distemper that I thought I'd run through a few articles again.  again. I need to get past my horror of it to treat it less emotionally.

Usually, like with this puppy, I have run around like a headless chicken for 3-20 days worrying about where to keep the dog, to take it home or not, euthanize or not, inject with antibiotics and put it on drips or use only homeopathy; and then running to get remedies after I've turned my dispensary upside down pulling out all I think might help.

It takes me days to recover from all the emotions of hope, patience, elation, disappointment and despair that I cycle through with each dog, each day, each remedy.

I've never saved a single puppy yet with homeopathy or allopathy, drips, antibiotics, vets, prayers or promises. I don't believe anyone who says they have either. Especially if the puppy has reached the twitch and stupor stage. I've never seen medicines or humans help a dog live, and those that survive do it on their own somewhere in a deep dark street gutter like my brave little Kenchu, but their life force is altered for the rest of their days.

Here's an article on Canine Distemper , especially the seasonal aspect, how it affects every single dog the world over, etc. Very realistic and not the usual net boasts of cure in this crazy war against viruses that our dogs are waging.

This is the distemper season, the spring, I've given all my street dogs sulphur 30 hoping it will act as a prophylactic.
In fact, I've subsequently followed up with high doses of lachesis cm and hepar sulph cm on Full Moon  to prevent repeated exposure to distemper. It seems to be helping all the animals including the rats, birds and cats.

Distemper Pup

For 3 nights now, I've been going over to V'ngr to take care of a teenage pup (the same one I refer to in 'stages of distemper'. I'm wondering if it was distemper at all out just a huge error of digestion).
He died this morning between 1 am and 3:45 am when I went back. rip, little one.

The violence of the attack was shocking to me. 3 nights ago he couldn't pick up the meat I'd given him, his jaw was so swollen. I gave him belladonna in distant healing (which I thought worked); by the afternoon he couldn't control his jaw or eyes or limbs. By nightfall he was mildly lethargic and paralyzed; by the next morning in a stupor. He stayed in it, with a paralysed tongue and throat with generalized twitching until he died by  that nightfall.

Only three things make me wonder if the whole thing could have been avoided by a prophylactic of Nux vom given every new moon. Treating it instead as a case of faulty digestion.

One, from the beginning he was clawing at his jaws like there was something stuck in his throat or gullet.
Two, he attempted to puke when I gave him Sanguinaria 30 and appeared relieved when he raised some foul-smelling gas. I think his digestion and the direction of  elimination were so poor that there was food putrifying in his body nor moving down as is normal.

The third was this long, dry half-digested piece of food or thickened bile that was a foot away from his face where he died. It is possible it was what he was trying to vomit out all along, it might have been stuck in his esophagus because there were no digestive juices on it at all. No bones in it just looked like a large piece of dried pus - the dehydration of not consuming water for 3 days had it smelling clean and slightly pinkish in colour but no bile or acid smell on it.

I have seen distemper pups who survive upto 20 days drinking down water automatically in a stupor but at the end oozing up a similar though more watery cream or pus up from their stomach or adenoids in a negative peristaltic movement. It could be a perverted form of bile. They seem to lack stomach acids for digestion entirely.

In human adenoiditis they give Pancreatin to get the digestive sphere functioning again since it regulates the thyroid. When I was a child I used to get these lumps of hard cheesy pus myself from around my adenoids. It would feel like something stuck in my throat for days until I could hawk it up. If it is that pus enlarged that he vomited, then it had blocked his esophagus. All the rest was just a consequence.

I am thinking that if I gave something prophylactically, it may prevent distemper in this area.

Or even more generally, some bile-enhancing remedy. I'm really going to work on finding this - distemper is knee of those diseases I'm terrified of.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stages of distemper? Possible remedies

I am just going to see a puppy that was handsome and glowing two days ago, reduced to a quivering mass off tremors in 48 hours.The violence and speed of the development of the disease is shocking. I'd this distemper, I wonder?
I've seen it develop in other dogs around the same age reducing then to jelly and unconsciousness in a few days. I just want to record the stages so that I and others can arrest the disease earlier. Our at least stem the fury of the tide.
The first stage that I've usually missed is theChamomilla stage, where they playfully take food and reject it. I mistake it for game while actually the dog is not suggesting it right, probably lacking Pancreatin (this puppy was drawing it), which connects to the thyroid.
The second stage is the swollen jaw which they can't close out throat. Parotidinum was a remedy that he drew prominently. Belladonna and aconite should suit this stage too, and Merc I flav.
Then is the convulsions where they lose control of their muscles.
I started with psorinum in the afternoon, changed to calc carb by evening and Lycopodium high (10m) when he drew it at 4am. I hope it isn't too much all at once. Sometimes I tend to try too much too soon.
I will try causticum this morning because his muscles are still twitching.
Remedies he drew prominently were nuv vom, chamomilla, lycopodium, Pancreatin, sanguinaria, carbo veg (helped the most in the end).
He died but appeared to have vomited out a hard piece of digested food or perverted thick bile stuck in his esophagus, which I'll explain in a new post.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Causticum for paralysis, cataract?

I've never had much use for Hahnerman's much-touted Causticum. The few times I've used it in the past, dogs have had skin breakouts which were puzzling. I now think perhaps there was a blocking miasm that I hadn't known about.
Anyway, the two paralysed dogs are both responding to Causticum and Calc Phos prompting me to get it in higher potencies for my shelter visit tomorrow.
Surprisingly Laxmi is responding to Causticum 30 as well making me wonder if it will heal her crooked joint and tail as well as her cataract. It is a syphilitic remedy and her primary miasmic remedy is Syphilinum. Fingers crossed in hope for all of them!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hepar Sulph 10m, Medorrhinum for Paralysis in dogs

The overwhelming majority of the paralysed I have treated have been female. Right now 3 cases, all femme. (Strange but true, just as a majority of 'distemper'/chorea cases are male. Both must have some hormonal component lacking, which is specific to gender.)
The main remedies I've used are Medorrhinum cm and Thuja 30, 10m and 50m (for different dogs according to what they draw).
Repeated at least once a week, Medorrhinum shows marked improvement every 7 days (I got this interval from Hemanth's dog who improved dramatically with Hepar Sulph 10m ... She looked terrible for a week and then eating better and walking better). Thuja can be repeated more often ... I'm currently treating Sweetie with Thuja 30 twice a day; Putti with Thuja 10m once in 2 days.
The other remedies being drawn are Calc Phos 200, Hippoz 1m, Nat phos 1m and Hekla 1m.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nat phos-LQ: towards New Moon

Nat phos seems to be especially effective at 10m potency to dogs whose ears are affected - first one ear then the other. And to limping dogs or those with repetitive motion related injuries. It is helping Laxmi and Peppy, though not Kenchu so much.
These cases of poor immunity from childhood diseases sem to need poisons like Parotidnum, Antharacinum to clear the clogged lymphatic system then Merc v, Thuja and Sulph probably to keep clearing out the rising tide of waste products.

Natrums: A note of caution

The natrums, nat phos and nat mur (the latter more likely worse) created a massive outbreak of fleas that I've been unable to bring down.
Of course, it makes sense: can't alter water balance in a body without consequences.
I think usong it on new moon has exascerbated the problem as well. I may try o give the nats again on full moon to see if the effect is less. If not, I'd suggest the Quarter Moons to be the best time for he nats. Perhaps even more specifically the Last Quarter.
Its been a week and I still don't know how to stem the tide (pun intended;). More whn I know how to prevent this from happening on the way to healing dogs. Maybe Gentian or Apis would counter the problem