Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nat phos-LQ: towards New Moon

Nat phos seems to be especially effective at 10m potency to dogs whose ears are affected - first one ear then the other. And to limping dogs or those with repetitive motion related injuries. It is helping Laxmi and Peppy, though not Kenchu so much.
These cases of poor immunity from childhood diseases sem to need poisons like Parotidnum, Antharacinum to clear the clogged lymphatic system then Merc v, Thuja and Sulph probably to keep clearing out the rising tide of waste products.

Natrums: A note of caution

The natrums, nat phos and nat mur (the latter more likely worse) created a massive outbreak of fleas that I've been unable to bring down.
Of course, it makes sense: can't alter water balance in a body without consequences.
I think usong it on new moon has exascerbated the problem as well. I may try o give the nats again on full moon to see if the effect is less. If not, I'd suggest the Quarter Moons to be the best time for he nats. Perhaps even more specifically the Last Quarter.
Its been a week and I still don't know how to stem the tide (pun intended;). More whn I know how to prevent this from happening on the way to healing dogs. Maybe Gentian or Apis would counter the problem