Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Moon Remedy Patterns

Just the observations of this last moon cycle:
Last Quarter - New Moon -- Hekla Lava and Syphilinum draw well; No energy drawn by Carcinosin;
New Moon - Baccilinum
First Quarter - Full Moon -- Thuja most used; Medorrhinum
Full Moon - Last Quarter -- Medorrhinum, Anthracinum, Psorinum (a little); Injury, Symphytum, Ruta, Calc Phos

Some remedies for relief in particular dog disease patterns:
Weakness, paralysis of hind legs seems to be helped by Medorrhinum 10M, Syphilinum 200 and Carc 1M
Blackened skin on the dogs back with scaly dandruff improves with Thuja 1M.

A Moon Pattern
There seems to be no use healing from New Moon day till about 3-5 days after. The energy flows sluggishly from me and even more slowly through the chakras -- its as if the chakras have stopped on New Moon day and are restarting after.

Its just 2 days ago that the dogs have again started responding to the remedies, and I can feel my energy flowing again. The 25th was the First Quarter, so that's when the energy began flowing again. And 31st is the Full Moon. The healing calendar by moon is just one of 3 working weeks.:)

Another thing I'm suspecting is that Carcinosin works better towards full moon and Syphilinum towards New Moon. And Hekla Lava seems to work towards new moon as well. But still to confirm it - it just seems that way right now, but the dogs are all so needy that for the last 5 months Carcinosin has worked across the moon phases.