Monday, October 8, 2012

Sets that have worked on my dogs so far

An Energy Materia Medica for:
  • Moon cycle
  • Weather changes
  • Disease adaptations

First Quarter to Full Moon
Cancer cases like Pummi may draw deeply of Carcinosin 10M, Hekla Lava 200 and Hippozaenum).
Syphilitic cases like Lxmi draw Syphilinum 10M, Antipyrene 6x, 30 and Colchicum, 3x, 30, 1M.
Tubercular cases like Icy draw Bacillinum 10m, Antipyrene 6x, Arnica 1m and Ruta 3x
Childhood disease adapted cases like Kenchu draw Bacillinum 10M, Antipyrene 6x and Gelsimium 3x, 30.

After Full Moon to the Last Quarter or thereabouts their chakras are still in full swing and they can be given a number of corrective remedies to re-attune their life force towards health and normalcy.

But it is also a time of hyperactivity in terms of energy and so we must be careful of fevers, inflammations, rashes and over-sensitive neuro-muscular activity. Best not to give Ferrum salts, etc. which bring out a fever component -- better to wait for New Moon for that.

Disease Adaptations:
Gelsemium opened up Kenchu's case (I wonder why and how?) bringing out a rash and a fever and now he draws all 4 miasmic remedies. But why? I don't understand why childhood disease recoverers stutter through the miasmic remedies they so desperately need yet improve on a general fever remedy at 3x potency. You can't heal on miasmics alone, especially the Disease Adapted cases.