Saturday, September 29, 2012

This morning Gelsemium, which in the past has given me so much grief, took off! I'm so happy because it is the recommended remedy for chorea, yet it never does any good in chorea dogs.

I think that is because until you remove the underlying miasms, the chorea dog can't be reached by superficial remedies.

At the same time I think just expecting the miasmatic remedies like Carcinosin and Bacillinum to do all the healing is unrealistic. Once they've done their work in opening up the chakras, we should look for specifics to help the individual dogs. Lets see how Gelsemium 3 and 30 works for Kenchu.:)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Antipyrene and Bacillinum

Last night an old friend of mine called about her old cat having trouble evacuating (the vet said it was a fistula) and I recommended Injury Pills, Arnica 200, Carcinosin 1M and 30. She gave it a night and morning session of 15 mins combined reiki-homeopathy.

This morning she says the cat is jumping around like a kitten again. It was probably just in pain, the poor thing.:) I warned her that Carcinosin takes absolutely months and not to expect too much too soon, but she was so happy I doubt if she listened.

I just read up on Antipyrine last night and I was surprised to discover it was a coal-tar derivative and worked on the tubercular miasm's blood affectations. It was only by chance I'd run across its recommendation in 'Select your Remedy' but since it stuck in my head I experimented with a vial I had from the past. I'm sure I mistook it for Pyrogen, which is for septic states!:)

It drew so much energy I got curious and checked. Here it is - Antipyrinum. I do have a dog with that Cheyne-Stokes respiration in wet weather, and two that are draw a lot of Bacillinum, so maybe that's how it draws so much energy.

I think the combination of Bacillinum-Antipyrinum works well for dogs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Disease and Parasites in the Moon Cycle

Parasites reproduce around the full moon, but they change their environment - the body's ph levels, etc. during the growth of the full moon phase.

Since immunity is lower during the new moon, newer and stronger parasites enter during this phase.

While Full Moons lead to inflammations and an excess of life force flowing, whether healthy or unhealthy, New Moons are the ones that I truly dread. I have lost many of my animals on or around the new moon. If I see a sick dog deteriorate towards the new moon or a thunderstorm, I give it very few weeks left on earth.

And new moon deaths are horrific. They're painful, since bodily fluids aren't retained usefully. If there's bloat it stagnates to a painful distress. If there's dehydration the cells starve to death. Since energy comes to a standstill, there's muscular stiffness and soreness especially for the bedridden dogs. Any organ or gland inflamed during the full moon will harden at the new moon. And mentally the dog is too depressed to struggle out of the cloud of sickness during the period.