Saturday, September 22, 2012

Observations on the Moon in Dog Health

My energy healing powers would end a little after the Last Quarter and diminish towards the New Moon in the past. I could not move my energy or perhaps the dogs couldn't use it. Either way, about a week before the New Moon the pulsing energy that separated useful remedies from those that didn't work stopped functioning. I couldn't distinguish the energy signature through the dampening effect of the moon. All the energy would slowly reappear after the First Quarter and increase until the Full Moon.
From the last few moon cycles, the energy has continued to flow until a few days after the New Moon. At about 3 days after, it falls away to a gentle cosmic ping or murmur with occasional gushes. This falling away of energy rises again by the First Quarter without coming to a complete halt like before. The energy flow is still higher and has more information than ever before.
I interpret this as positive, a sign that my healing has been effective. The influence of the Moon on disease is enormous. In fact, the downward disease spiral cannot sustain itself without linking up to the moon. Parasites rise and fall with the tides, their occupation, reproduction and conversion of the living tissue, the body environment depends wholly on the moon cycle.

More on this later.
Healing during a New Moon is very difficult. None of the remedies, not even Carcinosin is drawing very much energy.

These are possible reasons why:
  • The tides are at their lowest ebb.
  • Chakras are at their lowest spin.
  • Parasites abound.
  • The healer's energy is low.
  • The lower chakras aren't taking in new energy, the higher chakras are consolidating their energy; either way healing is at its weakest.
  • New Moon is the start of a new cycle for the body, so there is a slowing of energy intake.
  • It is also a time of the greatest cleansing - so what had to be thrown out has probably already left the body. 
  • Most hindu cultures have a fasting period during the new moon and don't start anything new on that day. 
  • Here's one description of what happens on that day from the net: "The earth broods on Amavasya; the life process is slowed down on the planet and it is a great opportunity because the integration of life happens much better on this day." 
It is rather sad that New Moon is so hard on the sick and the dying because that is one time that their bodies will not accept healing very well. Still, if they survive the next few days, there's still time to heal them.
So nothing much to do here. I'm taking a break from healing for the day. I'm just speculating here, but I'm wondering if all the inflammations of a Full Moon turn to mucus membrane reaction at the New Moon.

My success with Carcinosin might simply have been that I started using it after the First Quarter, through the Full Moon and up to the Last Quarter - the cycle of growth and inflammation and immune action. Maybe I need a different set of remedies for the Last Quarter-New Moon-First Quarter cycle - the time of decay, death and torpidity.

I found two references to the moon from the net. C. M. Boger's "Times of the Remedies and Moon Phases" being the most extensive research I can find.

The other is from a side-panel in a homeopathic research blog, short enough to reproduce here:

New moon to Fullmoon : Ars alb, Belladona, Calc Carb, Cup met, Ignatia, Silicea. 
Fullmoon to Newmoon: Iodium, Psorinum, Sulphur 
only during Last quarter: Apis, Bryonia, causticum, NV,RT,Staph etc 
Firstquater to Lastquarter: Gel, KB,MS,NM,NA,Phos
The above constitutions get aggravate during particular moon phage mentioned.