Friday, September 7, 2012

Hippozaenum: Swollen, Hardened Glands

Hippozaenum is such a wonderful glandular remedy, and I've used it in 10M, 1M and 200 in hands-on, lower potencies still haven't triggered.
Hippozaenum seems to be cleaning out my blocked glands of very long ago. I hope it does the same for the dogs with less shooting pains. I have noticed 2 dogs that keep drawing up their leg as if they've got shooting pains - Pummi and Icy. Maybe those shooting pains are a part of the lymphatic warning symptoms to indicate when immunity has been awakened, or when malfunctioning, that our auto-immune dysfunction is alive and well.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

10M for All

I have been noticing for the past few months that the potency that seems to work on all the dogs with Reiki is 10M - Carcinosin, Bacillinum, Hekla Lava, Hippozaenium ... I'm wondering if that's the potency that dogs prefer or if that's related to the place I live in and the sick, persecuting atmosphere that pervails in Bangalore regarding dogs.

Dog needs by breed (indian)

All tiger-stripped dogs need Thuja. All trembling dogs as well - there must be a connection between tremours and tumours.
All fluffy and hairy dogs need bacillinum.
Lean bright-reddish brown dogs need Syphillinum.
I have to conclude from my limitef experience to my limited inference that local preferences and human breeding attempts have locked disease into their systems.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bacillinum and the Back

Its remarkable how Bacillinum works when Tuberculinum has no effect or totally deranges the dog's health instead of helping it.

When I had given Tuberculinum Bov. to a previous set of dogs (and bitterly regretted it when several old ones died) I noticed two of my dogs had particular spinal pain and loss of control over their urine just before they died. The pain was so severe I couldn't move the dog at all in the end without it screaming. I've always regretted that despite symptoms being similar, the wrong remedy in Homeopathy is disasterous since the medicinal aggravation can kill the dog.

Since then I've never used the Tuberculinum. But just since the last New Moon, I'd tried Bacillinum along with other nosodes and had a fantastic drawing of energy, inexplicable really unless it is a good compliment of Syphilinum.Particularly Bacillinum 10M has been drawing an amazing amount of Reiki -- maybe its a monsoon remedy - I'll know over a few years I'm sure. I tried Tuberculinum just to be sure I'd not passed it over for no reason at all, and rightly enough, it doesn't draw any energy at all.

Anyway, I've been trying a proxy-healing with Bacillinum and it draws acutely in the Root Chakra, and especially works on the lumbar region (the small of the back). I completely understand now why 5 yrs ago Lassie would scream if moved as she lay on her side after a single dose of Tuberculinum - it must have brought up an aggravation in her in the small of her back, poor darling. But Bacillinum seems to work where Tuberculinum only brought up an aggravation.

It also curiously has worked in a similar way to Carcinosin and Hekla Lava -- up the spine. Syphilinum hasn't done the same, so maybe it compliments the top down action of Syphilinum by working bottom up. Just wondering.

Here's a comparison that I can't really agree with at all -- all the differences they've come up with between Tuberculinum vs. Bacillinum sound just fake and superficial, hardly helpful to the practitioner. I would rather begin by saying it helps the spine in a radiating manner in the small of the back just before the monsoon rains and wait for other indications for its use through my own experience to share with others who have dogs suffering the same problems. Let me note here what I found useful in it with bold and what wasn't with a strikethrough: Sometimes these homeopaths put the most useless information out there for a practitioner, and then they're surprised that we don't get the 'rubric' right? Right.:)

I used Tuberculinum for dogs before with disasterous results, so I'd advise everyone against it. In fact, I'm beginning to believe any psoric oriented remedy is just wrong for dogs.

      1. A chilly patient - most of my dogs have been chilly as they get sicker.

      2. More acute in nature - the disease did seem to progress more rapidly after the Psorinum, like I'd pushed it into hyperdrive.
      3. Transudative, rather dryness is more marked.
- not true for dogs though it is true for my skin
      4. Patients sweat negligible - not true for dogs. The animals have a sweat-like exudation of smelly oil.
      5. Less expectoration 
- not helpful in the case of dogs
      6. Patient may be toxic like Baptisia and Pyrogen - very useful because the dogs are infectious, i.e., very toxic to other dogs and people they come in contact with especially in the skin stage.
      7. Purulence more, marked, bronchial secretion threatening to occlude the lungs (Dr.Cartier)
      8. More suffocation
      9. There is mixed infection. - True, the scabs, itch, purple skin or the ear, throat, lung cases are all with mixed infections.
      10.No wasting so far been observed.
      11.Good looking & backward in nature, frightened particularly by dogs (Dr.J.H.Clarke) A case of insanity with pityriasis yielded rapidly to the remedy (Dr.J.H.Clarke) - this 'insanity' in dogs can be like a hysteria associated with humans. Pretty much the reverse of people frightened by dogs, a tit for tat.:)
      12.Non allergic, herpetic eruption may be cancerous one. Ring worm particularly over the scalp is suggestive. - very true. The eruptions are either pointing to a cancer within or without, but the late development of immunity seems to be a guide to the cancerous state developing.
      13.Preferably used in children, adult in few cases may be helpful - not useful, my dogs are all ages from 1 to 10 yrs of age and I couldn't say that it worked better on one than another.
      14. Worse in wet weather mostly. - true. All these dogs overreact to getting wet and wet weather developing, like monsoons. They react almost 3 days to a week before probably because of barometric changes that they feel in their glands or bones.
      15. Mainly sycotic miasm in the back-ground.
- I don't find this particularly clear unless it points to using more sycotic remedies like Medorrhinum, Thuja, Sepia, etc in follow-up, which is what I hope they mean for us to do.
      16. Pre-tubercular diathesis. - very useful this because one can arrest the development of this dangerous disease so prevalent in India. Whether tuberculosis is common among dogs I'm not sure.

      TUBERCULINUM (I won't cover any of these because none of the dogs have responded to Tub yet either in distant or proxy.)

      1. A hot patient
      2. More chronic in nature
      3. Exudative in character.

      4. Patient is sweaty one
      5. More expectoration
      6. Patient is non toxic like Sulph Psorinum, Rhus Tox etc.
      7. No such
      8. No such

      9. There are many infections like carcinosin
      10.Wasting is the key note (Abrot iod.)
      11.Patient is blond(Phos, Puls) intelligent, sharp, aggressive, irritable fretful. Malicious, selfish, prefers any artistic activity like classical and melodious music drawing, painting, drama etc. cosmopolitan i.e. wants to travel (Calc. P, Merc.S)
      12.Allergic, erythematous and eczematous eruption, plica polonica.
      13.Mostly used in adult but in some cases children get help from it.
      14.Worse in dry or wet weather.
      15.Mainly Psora-sycotic miasm back-ground
      16.Tubercular diathesis.