Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guides to Syphilinum-Hekla Lava

I remember why I could never learn languages. There's a particular kind of mental serenity required to concentrate on curved letters and especially new symbols that I didn't have as a child from around the age of 6 or 7 or an adult. Until now that is. A few days ago, after the extreme irritability of Syphilinum faded, I bought a couple of Kannada books to start learning it, as in better late than never, and I'm surprised that I'm actually enjoying the process. I don't have the hardened nervous feeling, almost excitement, in my solar plexus region that prevented me from concentrating before. I've great hopes that in my old age, I might actually manage to learn to read and write in my mother tongue.:)

Before Syphilinum (maybe even Carcinosin) I had a real problem concentrating on anything new - my mind was always in a hurry and I couldn't slow down to learn something new. It would feel like irritability. The sensation of irritability that overcame me with the use of Psorinum, once 5 yrs ago and again last year, I thought was a result of using Psorinum - a pull out. Now I believe it was a direct pointer to Syphilinum - that I should immediately have followed up with Syphilinum and not waited expecting the Psorinum to cure me.
Now I think that was more true for the dogs than even for me. I should have seen the Syphilitic characteristics in their impatience, their inability to understand me, jumping to conclusions and unable to concentrate. Now that I know what it feels like - and hindsight is really 20-20 :)- I think I should be able to recognise the symptoms earlier in dogs.

So in the extreme, the mental picture is of a poor student, unable to concentrate long enough to learn something new, while they may be brilliant at what they've learnt before they reached the age of 6 or 7. They have no trouble coping with what habit has scoured deep into the mind, say things that have been learnt by rote. This would be my mental profile for Syphilinum. In dogs I'd look for a dog that shows repetitive behaviour, positive or negative, who can't understand the difference between what you want it to do and what its doing. Often guilty without cause and offended by punishments it can't understand. Especially street dogs that can't distinguish between those who intend to do good to them and those who would harm them. They can't focus long enough to figure out those intentions and can't learn it anew in their older minds. If they've been abused as puppies, it brings up a consistent fear response to humans, and if treated kindly, they may end up consistently abused since they can't understand how to differentiate between good and bad people. The result is consistent terror for those with both early experiences, unfortunately, since most humans are inconsistently kind.

The physical features would be a constant skin inflammation and hard nodules - and eventually a blackened thick skin which is bald. And in dogs esp I've noticed simultaneous bone growths and a breathing difficulty that makes them struggle to breathe for a few minutes, sucking in air through their nose repeatedly like an asthma. If these two signs aren't there, ear affectations - hardened and swollen inner ear convolutions and hematomas in outer ears, smelly ears - are always a good guide.
Just on a side note: I noticed at a very young age that my mother couldn't focus long enough to be patient as a teacher to us kids either - perhaps partly why we didn't learn language well. There was always an emotional distance that comes from having a nervous, edgy mother who can be easily upset, insulted and cutting when threatened. I have no doubt at all that the Syphilitic miasm is inherited and exacerbated by parents. I wonder how many poor students are suffering shame and self-disgust because of this disease. Weath buffered the effect of the disease by giving me resources that could compensate and cover for my inadequacies. So many poorer students don't have the same, the poor things.
Syphilinum, Hekla Lava, the ears, spine and thyroid:

Syphilinum is the key to heal dogs, cats and other animals that have ear, eye (cataract) and bone problems. Perhaps even fleas. I've just begun using it when I saw what a sodden mess Lil Girlie's ears were, and with three nights of 15 mins hands on healing at the base of her spine, her ears are less smelly and drying up.

Lil Girlie has suffered so long with all these issues - her joints are so stiff that her tail is crooked and a foot is angled wrong; she's blind with cataract over the last 4 months and now has smelly ears to boot indicating she can't even hear well.:( She's itchy without showing more than bluish patches along her spine and a few red dots on her abdomen.

Since I picked her up after an accident, I thought her twisted leg was just a result of the accident. I didn't consider arthritic problems. Maybe the arthritis developed as a result of the accident. She's been drawing Syphilinum 30, 200 strongly and less strongly, 10M, every night for the last 3 days.
The other healing detail I have to share is the really good vibrational combination of Hekla Lava CM and Syphilinum 10M on the thyroid gland for Dummi. As she was drawing the energy in, my teeth were vibrating with the force of it passing through my body - perhaps I needed it too.:)