Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't start with Psorinum 200

The last 5 years I had found a measure of peace by setting aside all energy medicine. Then a dog with scabies adopted me. Within days, my dogs and I were itching along with the newbie, so I thought, "Aha, a dose of Psorinum will cure this." Not! I opened a can of worms with Psorinum 200. All appearance of health vanished with the hidden disease rising in me and my dogs.

One of them developed cancer of the jaw, another died of a heart attack and a third of urinary problems. The newbie died as well of a genital cancer. All the dogs lost their fur and were hypersensitive to weather. I was a mess as well - insomnia, herpetic eruptions and a nervous wreck.

All this from a single dose in July 2011 and the reverberations are still with me today (May 2012). This may sound like a criticism of homeopathy, but it is actually my tribute to its unbelievable power.

Do NOT use Psorinum casually for skin problems. Start with the more benign Sea plant remedies that match the case, then the sea animal and mineral remedies. These heal beautifully without aggravating deeper miasms.

Move on to the plant remedies that match the case and then the animal remedies like Apis before you experiment with nosodes and isodes.

The reasoning:
1.Giving the wrong remedy is the first part of the problem. Either inexperience or ignorance on my part was responsible for this. Psorinum should NEVER be the first remedy given - it is a nosode. Psora is the underlying miasm for all disease. I now recognise this as the primary cause for the healing to go wrong. No matter how many sites on the internet advise you to use Psorinum for scabies-like eruptions, itching, mites and mange - resist the temptation!
2. Giving the wrong potency is the second part of the problem. Though nosodes should be given high, it will lead to aggravations. I have repeatedly observed that high potencies, especially of a miasmatic remedy, has had unforeseeable results in animals. Aggravations are not just unpleasant, they're fatal, especially if there are hidden weaknesses in the animal's system.