Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Mercs

Kenchu is one of two dogs responding to merc at present (Silly boi is the other - after he had that frightful breakout of sores all over his body following Carc 200 - he probably needed a different potency ...higher I'm guessing. Too afraid to try though, as yet!).
The merc v 1m is softening his blackened thick skin. I can't yet pinpoint the exact visual symptoms that would help me prescribe to a street dog as yet.
Blackened thick eczema-like skin around the ruff or shoulder-blades, bald patches, itching dryness. These might be a good place to start.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hekla lava again!

There seems to be a cyclical tendency for remedies around the change of season. Or perhaps moon cycle plus change of season. Carc was drawing a week ago qnd still hasn't stopped. Now hekla is drawing in all potencies as well.
For a while there I was flailing about trying to figure out how many remedies it would spin off into - but Syphillinum, Bacillinum,Merc v, Nat mur and Thuja met the needs of most of the dogs.
So it appears that these 7 remedies are the dream set so far. Still not very sure of potencies but I hope they'll clarify themselves out soon.
Why hekla lava? I think the mineral soup in volcanic lava might have something for immunity from our bones up ... Esp if immunity is compromised to the point of attacking and hardening glands.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carcinosin cm triggers close to New Moon

Carcinosin has begun to draw Reiki and so are the dogs big time .... and I'm super-thrilled because it has happened this time on the day after New Moon! A sure sign of healing all around.:)

For the girl with the tumors and cancer, Pummi, the change probably began with Hekla Lava 1m that I gave a few days ago. I've lost my fear of dosing with high potencies ... I only hope this newfound boldness accompanies many more healthy street dogs.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Moon Remedy Patterns

Just the observations of this last moon cycle:
Last Quarter - New Moon -- Hekla Lava and Syphilinum draw well; No energy drawn by Carcinosin;
New Moon - Baccilinum
First Quarter - Full Moon -- Thuja most used; Medorrhinum
Full Moon - Last Quarter -- Medorrhinum, Anthracinum, Psorinum (a little); Injury, Symphytum, Ruta, Calc Phos

Some remedies for relief in particular dog disease patterns:
Weakness, paralysis of hind legs seems to be helped by Medorrhinum 10M, Syphilinum 200 and Carc 1M
Blackened skin on the dogs back with scaly dandruff improves with Thuja 1M.

A Moon Pattern
There seems to be no use healing from New Moon day till about 3-5 days after. The energy flows sluggishly from me and even more slowly through the chakras -- its as if the chakras have stopped on New Moon day and are restarting after.

Its just 2 days ago that the dogs have again started responding to the remedies, and I can feel my energy flowing again. The 25th was the First Quarter, so that's when the energy began flowing again. And 31st is the Full Moon. The healing calendar by moon is just one of 3 working weeks.:)

Another thing I'm suspecting is that Carcinosin works better towards full moon and Syphilinum towards New Moon. And Hekla Lava seems to work towards new moon as well. But still to confirm it - it just seems that way right now, but the dogs are all so needy that for the last 5 months Carcinosin has worked across the moon phases.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sets that have worked on my dogs so far

An Energy Materia Medica for:
  • Moon cycle
  • Weather changes
  • Disease adaptations

First Quarter to Full Moon
Cancer cases like Pummi may draw deeply of Carcinosin 10M, Hekla Lava 200 and Hippozaenum).
Syphilitic cases like Lxmi draw Syphilinum 10M, Antipyrene 6x, 30 and Colchicum, 3x, 30, 1M.
Tubercular cases like Icy draw Bacillinum 10m, Antipyrene 6x, Arnica 1m and Ruta 3x
Childhood disease adapted cases like Kenchu draw Bacillinum 10M, Antipyrene 6x and Gelsimium 3x, 30.

After Full Moon to the Last Quarter or thereabouts their chakras are still in full swing and they can be given a number of corrective remedies to re-attune their life force towards health and normalcy.

But it is also a time of hyperactivity in terms of energy and so we must be careful of fevers, inflammations, rashes and over-sensitive neuro-muscular activity. Best not to give Ferrum salts, etc. which bring out a fever component -- better to wait for New Moon for that.

Disease Adaptations:
Gelsemium opened up Kenchu's case (I wonder why and how?) bringing out a rash and a fever and now he draws all 4 miasmic remedies. But why? I don't understand why childhood disease recoverers stutter through the miasmic remedies they so desperately need yet improve on a general fever remedy at 3x potency. You can't heal on miasmics alone, especially the Disease Adapted cases.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

This morning Gelsemium, which in the past has given me so much grief, took off! I'm so happy because it is the recommended remedy for chorea, yet it never does any good in chorea dogs.

I think that is because until you remove the underlying miasms, the chorea dog can't be reached by superficial remedies.

At the same time I think just expecting the miasmatic remedies like Carcinosin and Bacillinum to do all the healing is unrealistic. Once they've done their work in opening up the chakras, we should look for specifics to help the individual dogs. Lets see how Gelsemium 3 and 30 works for Kenchu.:)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Antipyrene and Bacillinum

Last night an old friend of mine called about her old cat having trouble evacuating (the vet said it was a fistula) and I recommended Injury Pills, Arnica 200, Carcinosin 1M and 30. She gave it a night and morning session of 15 mins combined reiki-homeopathy.

This morning she says the cat is jumping around like a kitten again. It was probably just in pain, the poor thing.:) I warned her that Carcinosin takes absolutely months and not to expect too much too soon, but she was so happy I doubt if she listened.

I just read up on Antipyrine last night and I was surprised to discover it was a coal-tar derivative and worked on the tubercular miasm's blood affectations. It was only by chance I'd run across its recommendation in 'Select your Remedy' but since it stuck in my head I experimented with a vial I had from the past. I'm sure I mistook it for Pyrogen, which is for septic states!:)

It drew so much energy I got curious and checked. Here it is - Antipyrinum. I do have a dog with that Cheyne-Stokes respiration in wet weather, and two that are draw a lot of Bacillinum, so maybe that's how it draws so much energy.

I think the combination of Bacillinum-Antipyrinum works well for dogs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Disease and Parasites in the Moon Cycle

Parasites reproduce around the full moon, but they change their environment - the body's ph levels, etc. during the growth of the full moon phase.

Since immunity is lower during the new moon, newer and stronger parasites enter during this phase.

While Full Moons lead to inflammations and an excess of life force flowing, whether healthy or unhealthy, New Moons are the ones that I truly dread. I have lost many of my animals on or around the new moon. If I see a sick dog deteriorate towards the new moon or a thunderstorm, I give it very few weeks left on earth.

And new moon deaths are horrific. They're painful, since bodily fluids aren't retained usefully. If there's bloat it stagnates to a painful distress. If there's dehydration the cells starve to death. Since energy comes to a standstill, there's muscular stiffness and soreness especially for the bedridden dogs. Any organ or gland inflamed during the full moon will harden at the new moon. And mentally the dog is too depressed to struggle out of the cloud of sickness during the period.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Observations on the Moon in Dog Health

My energy healing powers would end a little after the Last Quarter and diminish towards the New Moon in the past. I could not move my energy or perhaps the dogs couldn't use it. Either way, about a week before the New Moon the pulsing energy that separated useful remedies from those that didn't work stopped functioning. I couldn't distinguish the energy signature through the dampening effect of the moon. All the energy would slowly reappear after the First Quarter and increase until the Full Moon.
From the last few moon cycles, the energy has continued to flow until a few days after the New Moon. At about 3 days after, it falls away to a gentle cosmic ping or murmur with occasional gushes. This falling away of energy rises again by the First Quarter without coming to a complete halt like before. The energy flow is still higher and has more information than ever before.
I interpret this as positive, a sign that my healing has been effective. The influence of the Moon on disease is enormous. In fact, the downward disease spiral cannot sustain itself without linking up to the moon. Parasites rise and fall with the tides, their occupation, reproduction and conversion of the living tissue, the body environment depends wholly on the moon cycle.

More on this later.
Healing during a New Moon is very difficult. None of the remedies, not even Carcinosin is drawing very much energy.

These are possible reasons why:
  • The tides are at their lowest ebb.
  • Chakras are at their lowest spin.
  • Parasites abound.
  • The healer's energy is low.
  • The lower chakras aren't taking in new energy, the higher chakras are consolidating their energy; either way healing is at its weakest.
  • New Moon is the start of a new cycle for the body, so there is a slowing of energy intake.
  • It is also a time of the greatest cleansing - so what had to be thrown out has probably already left the body. 
  • Most hindu cultures have a fasting period during the new moon and don't start anything new on that day. 
  • Here's one description of what happens on that day from the net: "The earth broods on Amavasya; the life process is slowed down on the planet and it is a great opportunity because the integration of life happens much better on this day." 
It is rather sad that New Moon is so hard on the sick and the dying because that is one time that their bodies will not accept healing very well. Still, if they survive the next few days, there's still time to heal them.
So nothing much to do here. I'm taking a break from healing for the day. I'm just speculating here, but I'm wondering if all the inflammations of a Full Moon turn to mucus membrane reaction at the New Moon.

My success with Carcinosin might simply have been that I started using it after the First Quarter, through the Full Moon and up to the Last Quarter - the cycle of growth and inflammation and immune action. Maybe I need a different set of remedies for the Last Quarter-New Moon-First Quarter cycle - the time of decay, death and torpidity.

I found two references to the moon from the net. C. M. Boger's "Times of the Remedies and Moon Phases" being the most extensive research I can find.

The other is from a side-panel in a homeopathic research blog, short enough to reproduce here:

New moon to Fullmoon : Ars alb, Belladona, Calc Carb, Cup met, Ignatia, Silicea. 
Fullmoon to Newmoon: Iodium, Psorinum, Sulphur 
only during Last quarter: Apis, Bryonia, causticum, NV,RT,Staph etc 
Firstquater to Lastquarter: Gel, KB,MS,NM,NA,Phos
The above constitutions get aggravate during particular moon phage mentioned.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hippozaenum: Swollen, Hardened Glands

Hippozaenum is such a wonderful glandular remedy, and I've used it in 10M, 1M and 200 in hands-on, lower potencies still haven't triggered.
Hippozaenum seems to be cleaning out my blocked glands of very long ago. I hope it does the same for the dogs with less shooting pains. I have noticed 2 dogs that keep drawing up their leg as if they've got shooting pains - Pummi and Icy. Maybe those shooting pains are a part of the lymphatic warning symptoms to indicate when immunity has been awakened, or when malfunctioning, that our auto-immune dysfunction is alive and well.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

10M for All

I have been noticing for the past few months that the potency that seems to work on all the dogs with Reiki is 10M - Carcinosin, Bacillinum, Hekla Lava, Hippozaenium ... I'm wondering if that's the potency that dogs prefer or if that's related to the place I live in and the sick, persecuting atmosphere that pervails in Bangalore regarding dogs.

Dog needs by breed (indian)

All tiger-stripped dogs need Thuja. All trembling dogs as well - there must be a connection between tremours and tumours.
All fluffy and hairy dogs need bacillinum.
Lean bright-reddish brown dogs need Syphillinum.
I have to conclude from my limitef experience to my limited inference that local preferences and human breeding attempts have locked disease into their systems.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bacillinum and the Back

Its remarkable how Bacillinum works when Tuberculinum has no effect or totally deranges the dog's health instead of helping it.

When I had given Tuberculinum Bov. to a previous set of dogs (and bitterly regretted it when several old ones died) I noticed two of my dogs had particular spinal pain and loss of control over their urine just before they died. The pain was so severe I couldn't move the dog at all in the end without it screaming. I've always regretted that despite symptoms being similar, the wrong remedy in Homeopathy is disasterous since the medicinal aggravation can kill the dog.

Since then I've never used the Tuberculinum. But just since the last New Moon, I'd tried Bacillinum along with other nosodes and had a fantastic drawing of energy, inexplicable really unless it is a good compliment of Syphilinum.Particularly Bacillinum 10M has been drawing an amazing amount of Reiki -- maybe its a monsoon remedy - I'll know over a few years I'm sure. I tried Tuberculinum just to be sure I'd not passed it over for no reason at all, and rightly enough, it doesn't draw any energy at all.

Anyway, I've been trying a proxy-healing with Bacillinum and it draws acutely in the Root Chakra, and especially works on the lumbar region (the small of the back). I completely understand now why 5 yrs ago Lassie would scream if moved as she lay on her side after a single dose of Tuberculinum - it must have brought up an aggravation in her in the small of her back, poor darling. But Bacillinum seems to work where Tuberculinum only brought up an aggravation.

It also curiously has worked in a similar way to Carcinosin and Hekla Lava -- up the spine. Syphilinum hasn't done the same, so maybe it compliments the top down action of Syphilinum by working bottom up. Just wondering.

Here's a comparison that I can't really agree with at all -- all the differences they've come up with between Tuberculinum vs. Bacillinum sound just fake and superficial, hardly helpful to the practitioner. I would rather begin by saying it helps the spine in a radiating manner in the small of the back just before the monsoon rains and wait for other indications for its use through my own experience to share with others who have dogs suffering the same problems. Let me note here what I found useful in it with bold and what wasn't with a strikethrough: Sometimes these homeopaths put the most useless information out there for a practitioner, and then they're surprised that we don't get the 'rubric' right? Right.:)

I used Tuberculinum for dogs before with disasterous results, so I'd advise everyone against it. In fact, I'm beginning to believe any psoric oriented remedy is just wrong for dogs.

      1. A chilly patient - most of my dogs have been chilly as they get sicker.

      2. More acute in nature - the disease did seem to progress more rapidly after the Psorinum, like I'd pushed it into hyperdrive.
      3. Transudative, rather dryness is more marked.
- not true for dogs though it is true for my skin
      4. Patients sweat negligible - not true for dogs. The animals have a sweat-like exudation of smelly oil.
      5. Less expectoration 
- not helpful in the case of dogs
      6. Patient may be toxic like Baptisia and Pyrogen - very useful because the dogs are infectious, i.e., very toxic to other dogs and people they come in contact with especially in the skin stage.
      7. Purulence more, marked, bronchial secretion threatening to occlude the lungs (Dr.Cartier)
      8. More suffocation
      9. There is mixed infection. - True, the scabs, itch, purple skin or the ear, throat, lung cases are all with mixed infections.
      10.No wasting so far been observed.
      11.Good looking & backward in nature, frightened particularly by dogs (Dr.J.H.Clarke) A case of insanity with pityriasis yielded rapidly to the remedy (Dr.J.H.Clarke) - this 'insanity' in dogs can be like a hysteria associated with humans. Pretty much the reverse of people frightened by dogs, a tit for tat.:)
      12.Non allergic, herpetic eruption may be cancerous one. Ring worm particularly over the scalp is suggestive. - very true. The eruptions are either pointing to a cancer within or without, but the late development of immunity seems to be a guide to the cancerous state developing.
      13.Preferably used in children, adult in few cases may be helpful - not useful, my dogs are all ages from 1 to 10 yrs of age and I couldn't say that it worked better on one than another.
      14. Worse in wet weather mostly. - true. All these dogs overreact to getting wet and wet weather developing, like monsoons. They react almost 3 days to a week before probably because of barometric changes that they feel in their glands or bones.
      15. Mainly sycotic miasm in the back-ground.
- I don't find this particularly clear unless it points to using more sycotic remedies like Medorrhinum, Thuja, Sepia, etc in follow-up, which is what I hope they mean for us to do.
      16. Pre-tubercular diathesis. - very useful this because one can arrest the development of this dangerous disease so prevalent in India. Whether tuberculosis is common among dogs I'm not sure.

      TUBERCULINUM (I won't cover any of these because none of the dogs have responded to Tub yet either in distant or proxy.)

      1. A hot patient
      2. More chronic in nature
      3. Exudative in character.

      4. Patient is sweaty one
      5. More expectoration
      6. Patient is non toxic like Sulph Psorinum, Rhus Tox etc.
      7. No such
      8. No such

      9. There are many infections like carcinosin
      10.Wasting is the key note (Abrot iod.)
      11.Patient is blond(Phos, Puls) intelligent, sharp, aggressive, irritable fretful. Malicious, selfish, prefers any artistic activity like classical and melodious music drawing, painting, drama etc. cosmopolitan i.e. wants to travel (Calc. P, Merc.S)
      12.Allergic, erythematous and eczematous eruption, plica polonica.
      13.Mostly used in adult but in some cases children get help from it.
      14.Worse in dry or wet weather.
      15.Mainly Psora-sycotic miasm back-ground
      16.Tubercular diathesis.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guides to Syphilinum-Hekla Lava

I remember why I could never learn languages. There's a particular kind of mental serenity required to concentrate on curved letters and especially new symbols that I didn't have as a child from around the age of 6 or 7 or an adult. Until now that is. A few days ago, after the extreme irritability of Syphilinum faded, I bought a couple of Kannada books to start learning it, as in better late than never, and I'm surprised that I'm actually enjoying the process. I don't have the hardened nervous feeling, almost excitement, in my solar plexus region that prevented me from concentrating before. I've great hopes that in my old age, I might actually manage to learn to read and write in my mother tongue.:)

Before Syphilinum (maybe even Carcinosin) I had a real problem concentrating on anything new - my mind was always in a hurry and I couldn't slow down to learn something new. It would feel like irritability. The sensation of irritability that overcame me with the use of Psorinum, once 5 yrs ago and again last year, I thought was a result of using Psorinum - a pull out. Now I believe it was a direct pointer to Syphilinum - that I should immediately have followed up with Syphilinum and not waited expecting the Psorinum to cure me.
Now I think that was more true for the dogs than even for me. I should have seen the Syphilitic characteristics in their impatience, their inability to understand me, jumping to conclusions and unable to concentrate. Now that I know what it feels like - and hindsight is really 20-20 :)- I think I should be able to recognise the symptoms earlier in dogs.

So in the extreme, the mental picture is of a poor student, unable to concentrate long enough to learn something new, while they may be brilliant at what they've learnt before they reached the age of 6 or 7. They have no trouble coping with what habit has scoured deep into the mind, say things that have been learnt by rote. This would be my mental profile for Syphilinum. In dogs I'd look for a dog that shows repetitive behaviour, positive or negative, who can't understand the difference between what you want it to do and what its doing. Often guilty without cause and offended by punishments it can't understand. Especially street dogs that can't distinguish between those who intend to do good to them and those who would harm them. They can't focus long enough to figure out those intentions and can't learn it anew in their older minds. If they've been abused as puppies, it brings up a consistent fear response to humans, and if treated kindly, they may end up consistently abused since they can't understand how to differentiate between good and bad people. The result is consistent terror for those with both early experiences, unfortunately, since most humans are inconsistently kind.

The physical features would be a constant skin inflammation and hard nodules - and eventually a blackened thick skin which is bald. And in dogs esp I've noticed simultaneous bone growths and a breathing difficulty that makes them struggle to breathe for a few minutes, sucking in air through their nose repeatedly like an asthma. If these two signs aren't there, ear affectations - hardened and swollen inner ear convolutions and hematomas in outer ears, smelly ears - are always a good guide.
Just on a side note: I noticed at a very young age that my mother couldn't focus long enough to be patient as a teacher to us kids either - perhaps partly why we didn't learn language well. There was always an emotional distance that comes from having a nervous, edgy mother who can be easily upset, insulted and cutting when threatened. I have no doubt at all that the Syphilitic miasm is inherited and exacerbated by parents. I wonder how many poor students are suffering shame and self-disgust because of this disease. Weath buffered the effect of the disease by giving me resources that could compensate and cover for my inadequacies. So many poorer students don't have the same, the poor things.
Syphilinum, Hekla Lava, the ears, spine and thyroid:

Syphilinum is the key to heal dogs, cats and other animals that have ear, eye (cataract) and bone problems. Perhaps even fleas. I've just begun using it when I saw what a sodden mess Lil Girlie's ears were, and with three nights of 15 mins hands on healing at the base of her spine, her ears are less smelly and drying up.

Lil Girlie has suffered so long with all these issues - her joints are so stiff that her tail is crooked and a foot is angled wrong; she's blind with cataract over the last 4 months and now has smelly ears to boot indicating she can't even hear well.:( She's itchy without showing more than bluish patches along her spine and a few red dots on her abdomen.

Since I picked her up after an accident, I thought her twisted leg was just a result of the accident. I didn't consider arthritic problems. Maybe the arthritis developed as a result of the accident. She's been drawing Syphilinum 30, 200 strongly and less strongly, 10M, every night for the last 3 days.
The other healing detail I have to share is the really good vibrational combination of Hekla Lava CM and Syphilinum 10M on the thyroid gland for Dummi. As she was drawing the energy in, my teeth were vibrating with the force of it passing through my body - perhaps I needed it too.:)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Carcinosin: A Pattern in Healing

Carcinosin has been a catalyst for a series of remedies. Those remedies have been glandular. Hormones balance from these glands to restore health. Those hormones are responsible for Immunity for the most part.
Carcinosin triggers off the action of glandular remedies like Sepia, Chelidonium, Apis, Strophantus, Hekla Lava, Thuja (to a less extent). Maybe many others - these are the glandular ones I've checked out. And it triggers the action of hormonal remedies like Parotidinum, Thyroidinum, Seratonin and Melatonin. It even helps along worm remedies to clear the bowels.

In the same way, Psorinum must be a trigger of some sort for particular remedies, and other nosodes may trigger off some other set.
I've had no dog heal with either Psorinum or Tuberculinum so I'm leaving them alone for the present.
Syphilinum and Medorrhinum do respond, but not enough that I know where to go with them - I should give them a shot again soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chelidonium 200: Chorea

The chorea dog took in a lot of hands-on Chelidonium 200 this morning. I've read before that distemper sufferers were affected in the liver but its never worked for him before. He'd run away if I tried Reiki and scream and yowl if I gave homeopathy.

Perhaps he needed Parotid and Thyroid support first before I could help his liver.

The energy drawn by his Forehead/Agnya Chakra was heavy, but over his liver was heaviest. I felt like my arm was weighed down - the draw was so strong. I quit quickly because I'd hate for it to end up as an aggravation for him. I'll try again in the evening.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hekla Lava-Carcinosin combo and Immunity

I just read about a dog who had bone cancer and was surviving 2 yrs with a Sulphur-Hekla Lava-Carcinosin combo. How I wish I had used this combo 2 yrs ago.

You don't even need to know the dog has cancer to use Carcinosin. You can just use it as a good dewormer, imo. I don't know much about bones, and if you feel the same, here's a good site to read about them.

For that matter, I don't know much about cancer either, so this is a good veterinary article here by Joe Demers to brush up on a protocol to treat it with homeopathy (he sensibly recommends Car 200 with Hekla Lava 200, nothing else - Arnica for trauma and Phosphorus for bleeding) in LM (liquid doses) alternating weekly. He discusses, as I believe, that it is a systemic disease,'an immune system disease,' and appears to be a very enlightened vet with several holistic suggestions including Reiki.

I'll keep adding to this as I read more about immunity, Hekla-Carcin combo.

Dying dog remedies: Seratonin: Sun effects and Slow down

Sun effects
You know how on cloudy days the sun shines bright and gets covered by cloud, and then shines bright again? For some reason, probably the Seratonin in the gut, this affects dogs very much, especially the chorea and digestion-affected dogs and of course the dying (who really suffer when this happens). The variation of the light intensity drives them crazy with itching. When I was weak with Scabies, I felt the sun effect like a dying dog - like the life was leaving me out of my root chakra or tail bone. How much worse it must be for them, poor things!

Assuming it would help to use Seratonin 30, I  gave Reiki to it, and the itching for my chorea dog Kenchu decreased and went away. He stopped yowling. Maybe this is the solution to the Sun's incredible effects on the sick and dying. I could never stand the last few days to a dog's death because of the agony they go through in partially-cloudy weather.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Moon: Immunity in Dogs and Cancer

These remedies helped the dogs: Apis 6x, Carcinosin 10M, Hekla Lava CM, Parotidinum 6x, Thyroidinum 6x, Sepia 10M, Seratonin 30, Melatonin 30, Arnica 30, Pulsatilla 30.

This is the only explanation I can find why they worked:

  • Parotidinum, Thyroidinum, Sepia, Seratonin and Melatonin are all remedies that work on glands responsible for immunity.
  • Apis works on inflammation and hardening of glands. 
  • Hekla lava is for stony hard glands and sudden eruption of suppressed miasm.
  • Carcinosin is a combination of all 4 miasms and a dewormer.
  • Arnica and Pulsatilla for circulation.
The glands of immunity grow hardened over time, because of the repeated attacks and just taking hormones without doing something about the inflammation and the calcification process is why so many approaches fail.
To reduce inflammations, which I presume happen before a thunderstorm or around a Full Moon, one would need a soup of healthy hormones. The hardened glands can't produce that. In allopathic (gross/pills) doses the amount of hormones needed would increase to dangerous toxic levels - it is hopeless unless its homeopathic.

Around a New Moon and after thunderstorms, rains or monsoons, the inflammation dies down leaving calcification or hardening tissue and poor circulation for the body to deal with. This is the process of disease.

I think Cancer especially is just this process of repeated inflammation and hardening. The other ways to die are through atrophy of important organs and tissues, but Cancer has a dynamic characteristic all of its own.
April Adams puts together a list of Canine Cancer symptoms that you can look for (with my remedies for it in brackets):

  • Respiratory Problems- Chronic coughing, sneezing, gagging, hacking. (scilla mar, rhod)
  • Unwillingness to Exercise- Lameness, fatigue, lethargy. (bellis per, arn)
  • Decreased Appetite- Not eating things they used to love. (tarax, hydras)
  • Weight Loss- Unexplained weight loss. (?)
  • Skin Discolorations- Any unusual marks or masses on the skin. (?)
  • Lumps or Swelling- In lymph nodes, testicles, abdomen or other areas. (?)
  • Sores- Unusually long healing time. (?)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dewey's and Choudhury's Anti-cancer Remedies

I want to go through a bunch of homeopathic remedies to look for those that may be useful to dogs. My current obsessions are with worms, cancer, (worms + cancer ;), spine and bone remedies.

I have a good reason, personally, for this focus - Carcinosin and Hekla Lava. Both of them react along the spine, the chronic backache that I'd been unconscious of for over 20 yrs (imagine that - we carry a threshold of pain as normal!) has vanished. I've been shedding worms like never before and I've got a tendency to cancer - both diabetes and tuberculosis - in my family history. For the dogs, though I'm hoping they'll drop their worms more visibly, the blackened skin indicates cancer and they're all better since Carcinosin and Hekla Lava (in the last two days especially).

I'm keeping both these lists I found in Merrilyn's Blog, because each only mentions one of my two favorites. I'm going to work with eliminating the rest so I'll have a smaller handful to work with. Some of them I don't have and they go out on a strikethrough now. The eliminated I'll grey out (distance-healing).

Recommendations in ‘Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics”, by W.A.Dewey:
Arsenicum, Calcarea fluor., Carbo an., Conium, and Hydrastis.
However, he also includes Baryta carb., Baryta iod., Bromine, Carbo veg., Carbolic acid, Cicuta, Cedron, Cundurango, Cuprum, Hekla lava, Iodine, Kali sulph., Lapis alb., Morphine, Phosphorous, Phytolacca, Plumbum, Radium, Silicea, and Thuja.

A Grade Anti Cancer Homeopathics which Dr Harimohan Choudhury lists are:  Argentum. n., Arsenicum. alb., Arsenicum. iod., Asafoetida., Aurum. met., Aurum. mur. nat., Bismuth., Bromine., Calc. ars., Carb.ac., Carbo. an., Carcinosin, Card. m., Carb. sulph., Carb. veg., Chelidonium.,  Cholesterinum, Cinnamonium, Condu., Conium., Echinacea, Hoang-n., Hydrastis, Iodine, Iscador, Kreosote, Lachesis, Lapis alb., Lycopodium, Mag. m., Medo, Mercurius. s., Nitric . acid  Ornithog., Phosphorous., Phytolacca.,  Rad. br., Scirrhinum., Sempervinum, Secale. c., Silicea, Stron. c., Syph., Tarentula Hisp.,., Thuja., Thapsi., Visc. alb., X-Ray
The B Grade Anti Cancer are:  Aconite r., Alumn., Apis., Ambra, Anthrac, Ant. chlorid, Arg. m., Aster. Aur. ars., Aur. mur., Bufo., Cadmium., Calcarea. carb., Calc. s., China.., Cist. c., Cleam., Crot.h., fuligo lign., Galium., Geran. m., Graphites., Hammamelis., Ignatia., Iris. v., Kali c., Kali. ars., Kali. bi., Kali. iod., Kali. chl., Kali. cy., Kali. p., Kali. s., Morph., Murex, Muri ac., Merc, iod. fl., Mat.c., Mat. cacodylate., Nat. m., Plumbum. iod., Psorin., Rab.b., Rubi., Ruta., Scrofularia., Sepia, Spongia., Staphisagria., Sulphur., Zincum.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't start with Psorinum 200

The last 5 years I had found a measure of peace by setting aside all energy medicine. Then a dog with scabies adopted me. Within days, my dogs and I were itching along with the newbie, so I thought, "Aha, a dose of Psorinum will cure this." Not! I opened a can of worms with Psorinum 200. All appearance of health vanished with the hidden disease rising in me and my dogs.

One of them developed cancer of the jaw, another died of a heart attack and a third of urinary problems. The newbie died as well of a genital cancer. All the dogs lost their fur and were hypersensitive to weather. I was a mess as well - insomnia, herpetic eruptions and a nervous wreck.

All this from a single dose in July 2011 and the reverberations are still with me today (May 2012). This may sound like a criticism of homeopathy, but it is actually my tribute to its unbelievable power.

Do NOT use Psorinum casually for skin problems. Start with the more benign Sea plant remedies that match the case, then the sea animal and mineral remedies. These heal beautifully without aggravating deeper miasms.

Move on to the plant remedies that match the case and then the animal remedies like Apis before you experiment with nosodes and isodes.

The reasoning:
1.Giving the wrong remedy is the first part of the problem. Either inexperience or ignorance on my part was responsible for this. Psorinum should NEVER be the first remedy given - it is a nosode. Psora is the underlying miasm for all disease. I now recognise this as the primary cause for the healing to go wrong. No matter how many sites on the internet advise you to use Psorinum for scabies-like eruptions, itching, mites and mange - resist the temptation!
2. Giving the wrong potency is the second part of the problem. Though nosodes should be given high, it will lead to aggravations. I have repeatedly observed that high potencies, especially of a miasmatic remedy, has had unforeseeable results in animals. Aggravations are not just unpleasant, they're fatal, especially if there are hidden weaknesses in the animal's system.