Monday, February 20, 2017

Cold energy should go up the spine

So what the guides said for Kenchu remains true for all the animals - cold energy is healing to the spine+body in the first half of the solar month.

Hot energy down the front during the second half.

How I do this is beyond me.

3 kittens missing, 1 dead last solar storm

3 kittens went missing out of 4, very mysteriously, from the lawyer's terrace (I could hear one in the distance until 3 days ago) & 2 out of 3 in his office died. His grief knows no bounds - I know because he rants and raves when his emotions are high.

But this last solar storm was extremely strong. Even I felt weak and fuzzy from it.

Some good news though! A little teen from Meow's set, two of three that went missing months ago found me again yesterday. At least, I think he's the same. Either way he's oat the distemper age so I hope he'll last.:) Maybe those three will find their way back too - the mother seems unconcerned.

Lil Foxy is dead

In a freak accident she got run over by the water tanker she was sleeping under at 3:30am. RIP, love. I'm going to miss your smiling eyes.

Kenchu's guide

Today I saw Kenchu's guide on the prana-breathing guide's lap for the first time!

At first I didn't recognise the animal, just that it was licking his face in a dog-like manner. Turns out it was a seal.

It makes sense. The seal said she was protecting Kenchu with the black skin and he needed cold energy to flow up the spine not hot. Sweetly apt when you think of the oily shiny black of the seal skin and the barking which is so dog-like!:)

They live on ice and I've been wrapping him up warm which must be wrong. I've been reading up on implosion and how cool/cold preserves and heals while warmth putrifies. I'll stop the swaddling.

She even had this enthusiastic yes that rotated her entire neck and head.

There was this white landscape that I assume was Siberia or some snowy, icy place that they showed me that I didn't completely get - heal the endocrinal issues using white light maybe?

That was all the message was from the healing guides regarding healing my acromegalous friend.

I told her to take care of the seals (images of seal babies clubbed and circus-sea world performing seals kept flashing in my mind, destroying my concentration) and she said she would.

More power to them!

Acromegaly in breeding Great Danes

There's a fine cruelty in breeding acromegaly in Great Danes, isn't there? Everyone knows they die in 6 years often horribly.

I wouldn't be surprised if even this was practiced on humans first, like slavery is now animal bondage and cannibalism now carnistism.

The guided

Guides I realise don't repeat themselves. This is the most annoying part about them (as if it isn't bad enough to question whether this whole phenom is a phantom of the mind consuming itself, or an ego-superego thing or a parent voice inside ones own psyche:).

They'll flash an idea, complete in itself and then vanish.

Very sick rats

12/Feb A very sick rat has been chasing me all over for a healing. The problem is that  the kittens and pup have the same idea. So while I've got a dozen distractions to take care of first (I know, lousy maternal material), I'm tripping over all these weirdly desperate creatures during solar storms. I'm low in energy myself, with poor attention span, distracted and stressed, not a calm healer.

Anyway he began to convulse at my feet. I finally picked him up and did the prana breathing until he stabilized. At that point he began to push his way out of my hands (this happens with ars alb too - I don't know what it means) so I put him down on a cardboard sheet, swathed to keep him warm. He was dead in the morning.

I mention this because I haven't saved any rat lives to date with the prana, only eased the end in two. I'm not sure why. Either I'm only able to work up the courage to pick them up when they're at the very last stage (they're shy, fearful things and I'm afraid of their big incisors); or their diseases are fearful (this one had lost all the flesh below it's lower incisors - healing but slowly) - what could possibly have led to that? Acromegaly is all I can think of); or I take their lives lightly (I do prioritize dogs and cats over rats, birds and wild animals).

In the morning i saw another rat had died too in the garden. She had very thick pus oozing from her intestines. What in the world is happening??

This last solar storm has been terrible but there's one due the day after tomorrow. If rats living underground show so many solar radiation effects, how much worse for overground animals.

What Gunda suffered from

Finally I can have peace of mind. Gunda I think had acromegaly and diabetes from it. That's why he was so hard to cure and control.:(

Thyreoidinum, pitu-gl, Baryta carb, Carcinosin

Ergot derivatives in allopathy apparently. No wonder K, Kenchu and Gunda healed around the time I used Secale!! I thought I'd taken care of some kind of anemia - it must have been acromegaly.

The other remedy I didn't use enough of, sadly, that helped Gunda repeatedly (and he loved it and I should have but kept putting it off or forgetting) is Hydrocotyle. It's a remedy for thickened skin and leprosy. Leprosy must be a pituitary malfunction too.

My first question about the hardened sceps was right but off-center: is it the pineal gland or the pituitary that was blocked? It's the pituitary but I should have asked if it was over-functioning too (to compensate for the blocked, calcified pineal gland).

That's why they sound like they're children. Much of their chat is teenage and their values and reasons for attacking others is juvenile. I never would have seen this without the Zamora piece about acromegaly causing diabetes!

Sceps (esp the diabetic ones) laugh and poke fun at the most childish things: appearances (a woman with a large butt like K), inappropriately & out of sync (Maaji giggling gleefully when she's wrong about something), pointing out differences in wealth (Trump), education-shaming (the entire ttcot scep gang).

They're simply unable to tolerate variety and complexity like they're of much lower intellects than their education/social status should place them. The pituitary, which should give up control to the pineal, probably doesn't. This leaves no room for higher, wider thinking.

I don't know how many times I've heard them talk down ppl who've dedicated their lives to a task like charity, like Mother Teresa, incapable of comprehending the light of love shining through every action every minute of every day.

Closer to home I have a few who have seen the work done day and night in the care of animals - yet still can call it "fake" or attention-seeking. How is it possible to be so blind, deaf and positively *dumb* on so many levels??

Their own paltry 'spontaneous' gofundme for the least deserving people to do the least important things, like take holidays, give them a teen glow and halo. There's one here who will 'take the family to Italy for a holiday' when they don't have enough to eat the rest of the year! It's amazing and touchingly amusing - like fumbling kids or puppies! I've seen men like this in real life - hateful at home to those deserving of respect but full of bon homie and generosity to the stranger. Recruiting they so is a show. Narcissism doesn't cover the multifaceted mystery!! It must be a pituitary foul-up of epic proportions to be in such large numbers.:)

What's more, I think it has to do with the sun. Some fungi related thing.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Little hotel lion

The little fighter kitten in the hotel is dead. Dogs caught her and she ran onto the road to escape them and got run over by a bus. RIP, lion.:(

The first feeling

He's always had some reflex action in his legs, even when I got him. He'd push against my hand and tremblingly it would fall away. Or he'd ghost-scratch when I rubbed his neck. That went away entirely with the gangrene. He had little or no movement at all for almost a month of the approx two.

It's come back now that's all.

I don't want to hope too much.

The wasted muscles have come back post-gangrene pink and healthy. He's able to turn himself side to side while lying down now (he couldn't move at all laterally before), he's dragging himself under the furniture now and then (couldn't do before), today. He's ghost-scratching with both legs. Sitting up straighter.

Though there's a pinhole with ichor dripping between the two joints of his right hip, it's small.

The two months time limit the guides gave is up and I think he'll live, as the guides said a couple of weeks later. This changing of their mind has happened before two kittens - it looks though like I have to exert *my* willpower to get past that. I have to say no and increase the prana I share though I'm still not sure how it happens. Strange.

13/2- He kicked off the floor on one leg!! Not long before some strength returns. maybe.:)

He's also turning himself over easier and flexing his back when I pick him up. He and Julie the pup have a real hate relationship going. She teases him barking all around him. He hates her.;/

Direction of cure in paralysis?

This removing of paralysis is a long drawn-out thing.

The energy seems to heal the legs on the first few days of the solar month. Root chakra.

Then it rises, lifting up the energy of the whole animal so that it's stronger until the middle of the month when it reaches the head chakras.

Then the problems begin! It seems to get stuck there not finding the neural/energy pathway back down the front.

The first problem seems to be fevers - brain fever and neuroimmune fevers.

If that isn't solved then a kind of madness - irritability, grumpiness, desire to fight. Forehead chakra probably. The legs fire all wrong at this point.

Then when it hits the throat chakra wrong, digestion goes for a whack.

The heart chakra wrong means anxiety and fear and demands for attention. Whining, mournful howls.

Then it usually dissipates at the solar plexus into real desires, assimilated, or gets accumulated in a disaster for the spleen and liver. So bloating and all kinds of perverted bile and fluids.

By the sacral chakra it's usually already totally wasted and this level is worm and parasite hell.

When we're back to the root for a new start.

if this process repeats with slight changes to the highest chakras, the paralysis slowly improves for the better at the front chakras, which means the toxins are clearing out.

It's all upside down and sun-related. Every setback is from high level winds or solar storm a few days *before* the wind hits earth.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bumpy for Burp

Not sure that reversing paralysis is such a good idea. His body is protesting the new nerve tissue so much. Esp during high solar winds.

Nat mur, Pilocarpus, Cina

Instead of Nat mur, we can use Pilocarpus 50m or Jaborandi to clear shock during the cleansing of the front chakras. Especially for older dogs.

In paralysis: Cina for the cramp-like drawing in the left thigh, inner thigh high near the crotch, and bicep. A lot of women have this pain during an orgasm. Cina! Fancy that!:)

I guess the pain is similar to the one from damage to the nerves by toxins of intestinal worms.


New puppy, chocolate with a black nose. Julie. Found her trotting on a busy road (they always discard the females far from home ... But why busy roads??!) and a passing lady begged me to drop her off near a hotel or bakery. I couldn't do it. She'll just die.

I see her as a gift, life itself is a gift and I'm overly blessed.:)

Yay reversing paralysis!

The paralysis is slowly but surely reversing. Both legs have movement now but unevenly.

I didn't realise how painful the process was. All the muscles are firing wrong. He's flexing when he wants to straighten and if he starts the motion, it repeats involuntarily a few more times. Even he looks at it surprised!

The shitting and peeing too are connected to movement in his legs! If I rub his back, nothing. If I help him flex his legs a few times, the motion is eased! No wonder exercise is so good for you.

It really has something to do with the pns & sns nervous system not the brain. Those two might be located in the solar plexus. There is a brain stem connection though but the healing must be between the shoulder blades, ...
Damn it went wrong again. At the solar plexus. Back on the spine. The energy which should rise up and clean out the spine was somehow dissipated. His spine is slightly stronger and more flexible but that's all.

It ended up as anxiety, ulcers on his thighs and tremors this solar storm. Didn't remove the paralysis as I thought it would.


I forgot to mention I've been adding a cinnamon stick in the animals food until I argued about cinnamon replacing insulin with a scep.

Obviously I can't go around adding insulin in so many animals diet, and the guides don't want me to go the homeopathic insulin route (only once in the last cycle, out of 8 months!)  ), but they're cool about cinnamon.

Surprisingly all the animals are cool with it too.

I will you life

One true historical story that touched me deeply is that of Emperor Jahangir's mother. When he fell ill and was close to dying, she prayed as went around his bed three times willing him to live and offering her life in exchange. In the next few days he recovered while she fell ill and died.

So many of us have said this to save a beloved animal! Me to the guides, Rama to her God ... all mothers do probably ...but except once when a very intelligent distemper puppy was in a coma dying, I have not felt my life force drafting

Thursday, February 2, 2017

2 street cats missing

Street cats are as punctual as dogs. These two I've known and fed for 6 yrs and 4 yrs approx. Both missing in this long solar hole. One's been sighted by someone this morning. Hopefully the other will return too.

Chilli powder

Stopped bleeding in Burp. In the wound over his joint that oozes when it moves (bloody pus still). Looks much better healed 25 hours later. From Suzie Dixon's post. Amazing.


Tried  dmso for the first time after much screwing up of my courage. I'd bought it long ago, last August, but my courage ran out with the slew of gangrene-paralysis-paresis cases in the street. All thoughts of micronutrients flew out of my head and only fixing the cause through either the moon cycle or the weather remained.

I applied it on my hands and arms first then after a little while licked it from the bottle nozzle and then a little on two dogs, Kenchu and Burp. Now an hour later we're all still fine. Bare hands.